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Fireteam Changes for JSA

Discussion in 'Japanese Secessionist Army' started by Knauf, Mar 25, 2022.

  1. Mahtamori

    Mahtamori Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2017
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    This is the real meta shift right here. Generally speaking it has also gotten harder to get the firepower up to the point where attacking the Kamau/Bolt sniper go from being a bad idea to being a calculated gamble, for the same reason why we'll see fewer Grenzer MSV snipers in pure cores, but fact is that basic Kamau and basic Bolts are not actually that expensive and a pure bonus got a tiny bit more resilient to losses.
    So the meta meta is that the value for Bolt or Kamau sniper-focused Core has probably gone up and not down, which, if PanOcians start reasoning like this is going to create Interesting Times for factions without the specific counters to those kinds of units.


    And on that note; Aragoto Haris might well be a trap. Aragoto are large and difficult to deploy and can't Cybermask while in a team, so this season Aragoto KHD has the qualities to simply rush past these snipers (speed and marker state) that an Aragoto Haris lacks.
  2. Savnock

    Savnock Nerfherder

    Nov 25, 2017
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    Aragoto Haris with a normal HD is still viable, if you’re going full-on Speed Cult (which is rarely a good tactical choice, but always entertaining).
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  3. AkiPL

    AkiPL Active Member

    Nov 23, 2017
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    I can get rid of feeling that some keywords are missing here... (especially if you look on Morats for example)

    Karakuri Haris is almost no impact at all (even now a bit more appealing as there is less so stron core links that were threatening them).

    Kinda shame Kuroshi don't get Aragoto keyword.Would really that +3 to Discover was so huge buff for them?

    As I can somehow understand that giving Tanko a "Domaru" keyword or creating something like "samurai" team to trat DoTanko as pure would be too much, that I'm sad that Daiyokai don't get it as well. I know it can be quite strong unit but also quite big and "slow" one. So not a perfect "fit" for Domarus.
    I don't have idea how to use this core right now. To get it pure it is very expensive and not so powerful (something around 120 points for core with 1 Spitfire and 4 "basic" Domarus).

    Maybe I will try playing Tanko Haris focused on defense with ML and Flamenspeers?

    Or maybe I should dig out from the Keisotsus from bottom of my bags and start playing defensive core with them? But Keisotsu are so weak and with 15 troops limit, using 5 slots seems to be huge investment.

    I'm still confused and I'm still hoping some correction will be made soon and some new keywords or link options will be added.
  4. Abrilete

    Abrilete Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2017
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    You can use them, for example, to feed just the opposite type of troop: the O-Yoroi is the most expensive troop but just uses one slot.
    Even after getting a Keisotsu Core Fireteam with a CoC Kempei and a couple of special weapons you still have half of you points allowance to expend on a HI Haris, some Ninja or Ryuuken or some bots.
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