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We are cheap rotten scoundrels, but we could be cheaper

Discussion in 'Druze Bayram Security' started by Errhile, Jan 16, 2023.

  1. Ariwch

    Ariwch Tournament benthotic lurker

    Mar 5, 2018
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    DBS has not, QK has after the change of Azrails.
  2. AmPm

    AmPm Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2019
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    QK is in an interesting spot. Azra'il hit things that don't have vis mods really well. They fall down against anything that can mod it out. Djan are really the biggest threat for a lot of targets in QK. QKs biggest issue is that it's links are all fucked up. Let the MB link. Make Odalisques and Sekban count as (Qapu Khalqi) so they can mix together.

    Anway, yea, DBS could use a good gunfighter. If Arslan got Shock Immunity and an X Visor tacked on he could be pretty neat, though a real gun wouldn't hurt either.
  3. holycannoli

    holycannoli Dancing to Kazak Kalinka

    Mar 22, 2018
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    I kind of agree with the sentiments here. More and more I'm maining druze as several friends have gotten into the game with Ariadna, meanwhile Druze are my awkward duckling, my special snowflakes. No one else in my area is insane enough to play them. I love being the factions dirtbags, the badguys. But I really do feel that Druze are 1 starter box/action pack away from being a fully fledged faction. Come on CB! We're primed for an army pack a la Morats!

    Granted, we've come a long way in 4e. Over the years the grab bag of mercs and characters have helped round out the faction to make it feel less like you're playing the game with half an army list's worth of options. But I'm stubborn and try and run DBS with a DBS fireteam. When they work they work, FAT1+xvisor+Shock marksman is still a nasty combo for their price.

    But I feel like we're right there, just short of the promised land. I mean the druze themselves are excellent sculpts, but they're a swc pack. We need combi rifle boys. An action pack can give us those sculpts (usually 3 line troopers) and you can also toss in a few exclusively druze unit options to push the faction into a fully fledged entity in the game. It's been my dream to see Druze become a JSA level sectoral. Especially since they're so prominent in the fiction. Hell they're the main antagonist in the first manga! While I'm extremely thankful for the updates that gave us the more options, specifically options that make the list significantly more playable, I agree that DBS feels more like an insane grab bag of misfits, especially when meta chasing. Let starco/Ikari be the misfits, we're supposed to be blackwater.
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