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VIRD: first games, early lists

Discussion in 'PanOceania' started by barakiel, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Cartographer

    Cartographer Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2017
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    I'm struggling to see what your Haris was in that list?

    Personally, I'd have dropped the Orc HMG to a Kamau HMG and run that with the Machinist and Patsy while the fusilier + Clipper + Kamau MSR core was on ARO duty.
    I'd drop a Helot SMR and use the points saved to grab a Croc Man hacker for group 2 so you have something to do with the orders, outside of setting up a sensor net, as well as an anti-warband tool with the mines and both HI/TAG defence and a specialist in one (you could also go more aggressive and bring a Echo-Bravo instead, and use the extra points for another Helot LRL).
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  2. Ayadan

    Ayadan Knight of the TAG Order

    Nov 25, 2017
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    @barakiel The group 2 was just here to die, refill group 1 in orders and slow down my opponent while I could do the scenario with the group 1. I was playing against OSS and I knew Arkille was going to go straight to my throat if I was giving him the opportunity. And the durability of the ORCs is all you have against mines, Proxy Mk2 and a FT of Dakinis and Devas upgraded by an Apsara. My troops failed all their discover rolls against Dart, which gave him the opportunity to kill straight my ZC, lay a mine and then stay camouflaged in the area just to be a pain in my foot while not costing more orders for him. The Mk2 just waited to see all my core move and my Kamau try a shot against his Naga to put a fusilier Unconscious and then soak more orders before diying and cost nothing to my opponent. I made mistakes but this list gave me at least enough to counter what my brother love to do. But the table really diminshed the reactive power of the list with Saturation and low visibility zones everywhere.

    @Cartographer No, definitely, the Kamau HMG would just have cost me more orders to do less. The core was Bipandra + Fusilier Hacker + Fusilier + Fusilier and the Haris was Clipper + Patsy + Machinist until my first turn. I then made the Core by switching the Lieutnant with the ORC HMG who was my Datatracker. Kamau wasn't there for ARO, not against OSS and on a table full of Jungle terrain (with the visibility and saturation zones that come with) so I needed her against nearly anything my opponent was playing.
    We were playing Unmasking and I was against OSS, no need to protect me against warbands and I would have payed a Croc Man for nothing except TO. But a Croc Man Sniper may have been a good call though.
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