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Vanilla haqqislam list building tips

Discussion in 'Haqqislam' started by Challenger, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. oldGregg

    oldGregg Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2018
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    idk if you're looking for Ramah-specific advice, but ...
    Holo-echoes are pure gold for clearing mines. WE have tons of them in Haqq, so the choice of which to use really comes down to how you build the rest of your list.

    Within RTF, we actually have access to a lot of nasmats, which can be thrown at mines for virtually no cost. (AVA 4 + 2 Hakim w/nasmat). On that same note, fanous can work when your in a tight spot to just tank the mines.

    Finally, our super soldiers are great at dodging. Namurr, Khawarij, and Nahab are all decent, with the namurr being an absolute ace. Remember climbing + and super-jump, not to mention all the high-speed units we have, really make Haqq adept at avoiding mines entirely.
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  2. Sojourne

    Sojourne Irregular

    Jan 5, 2018
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    If vanilla Haqq, Ghazis mainly do mine clearance for me. There's holoechoes and nasmats and I use them too for the same job when available, but usually for me the dream is to run in with a hopefully already dogged Ghazi, lay down a template on any enemy troop in range, and clear a couple of mines in the meantime.

    Another good habit to incorporate against minelaying troops (actually applies against all enemy troops well too), is when possible, to move in and then back out of LOF of the enemy, declaring that you shoot along the way. This hopefully clears you of a mine's trigger area too if that's dropped. This is so even if the enemy drops a mine, you don't trigger it immediately on your next order. Granted this doesn't exactly deal with the mine itself, but it gives you more options. Works best when you have to round a corner to shoot an enemy on the other side.
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  3. jsuso

    jsuso Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2018
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    Your best friend for dealing with minelayers is the Ayyar, you blow those mines/koalas/etc with the echoes, then go for the kill with your viral guns, extremely lethal for the standar minelayer.
    Besides, as other said, use your expendable troops, especially if they are already going to die: Muttas, Kum, Daylamis exposed... Even a warcor can do the job if the mine is close to your deployment, and you wont lose much point and regular orders.
    One riskier option is trying to tank the mine with IPs, Maghie, or the Mukthar and Numarr who can ignore the shock and keep fighting.

    Also, remember when dealing with mines and camos in general, that you can try an intuitive attack with a Jammer on your ZoC, and let any good shooter finish the job from far. almost nobody is going to take the risk of getting his troop isolated against a 15 Will roll.
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  4. TheRedZealot

    TheRedZealot Well-Known Member

    Feb 22, 2017
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    Another good anti minefield tool (all REM armies can do this) is units with Sensor and potentially some sniffer support. If a Minelayer has put down his mine and not moved during the game its often possible to get in close behind a nearby wall or corner and sensor 2+ models at once. Particularly when there are dense minefields with 2-3 Minelayers and some other supporting camo.

    With the +6 you get to Sensor its a very reliable way to clear camo markers and your order efficiency will go up the more units you can catch in the sensor. Its also cheap, a Fanous and a Rafiq is 24pts and gets you: 2 orders, a Good ARO Tool, a fast Specialist, Sensor and Sniffers to clear the midfield and Satlock for emergency ODD/TO Sniper clearing.
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