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Turn Two - Full Infirmary

Discussion in 'Game Reports' started by sololobo, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. sololobo

    sololobo Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2018
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    Hey guys, I have another battle report to drop.

    - Musashi: Tsuchi-Do & Mizu-Do
    - Bill: Hearts & Diamonds
    - Hannibal: Blitz & Timeout
    - Oberon: Despair & Desire

    - Prism
    - Kozmo
    - Dart
    - Carano

    SCENARIO: Assault

    DEPLOYMENT: I was on Zone 1 and my buddy was on Zone 4.

    ROUND ONE: Kozmo moves forward and launches several smoke tokens blocking all line of sight from my side of the dome to the central scoring zone. Oberon activates moving behind two locked zones for total frontal cover. He cast his support spell allowing me to dig for a "Stick to the Plan." I cast the draw two tactic and stick to the plan to seek out the tactic "No." I am left with a large hand. Hannibal, being hindered by the smoke to boost my future attackers is forced to move near the scoring zone, but not into due to Prism's pending movement. Dart slinks to the left and launches a bolt at Hannibal almost killing him while educing a poison state. Prism moves up taking center stage. Bill, moves off to the left annoyed he cannot draw line of sight to Prism. Frustrated, he decides to move into base to base with Dart. Carano runs over Dart's aid and ends her activation. Musashi runs to the center scoring zone to contest Prism.

    - ME: 1VP//0F
    - OPP: 1VP//0F

    ROUND TWO: Zone 3 is the new scoring zone since most of my opponent’s team members are hovering in that area. Prism activates attacking Musashi attempting to kill him, but she fails to inflict any damage. Musashi responds in kind; however, seeing that Musashi is rolling a R,B,O,O,O,Y Kozmo jumps in the way to save Prism. Musashi blanks three of the six dice, but activates his switch again. Interestingly enough, Kozmo inflicts two wounds on Musashi. Musashi loads back upon dice and cuts Kozmo in half and moves to Dart. Dart, unable to defend herself is slain. Musashi moves next to Carano to test her steel, but finds that she is outmatched. Musahi then moves to Prism, his first opponent who excepted death, and ends her last. Bill activates and moves into Zone 3. Hannibal activates and moves into the Center Zone, but dies shortly after due to being poisoned. And, Oberon activates fetching a tactic last moving to the Center Zone waiting to react to the next scoring zone.

    - ME: 4VP//4F
    - OPP: 1VP//1F

    ROUND THREE: Zone 5 is designated as the new scoring zone as most of my team members are too far away to reach Zone 5. From this point onward, it gets rather fuzzy for me. What I do recall is that I played “Timeout” and draw a ton of cards all over again. My team members set up near the center to react to my opponents new scoring zone selection.

    - ME: 4VP//4F
    - OPP: 4VP//1F

    ROUND FOUR: Zone 6 is the new scoring zone. Kozmo, in the prior turn, set up a smoke screen blocking all line of sight to Zone 5 causing Bill fits of rage. Prism activates moving near Musashi and Bill causing a wound on each team member. Musashi is sent to the Infirmary. Bill activates and crosses into Zone 5’s smoke screen targeting Carano. Carano is blown to bits as Bill reloads and targets Kozmo. Kozmo attempts to stay alive, but is unable to fend off the barrage of lead. Bill reloads again, but is unable to kill Dart due to her hidden state. Note, Bill may have been able to kill Prism; however, we forgot to remove the smoke after his death. Dart had already activated; however, I forgot what had happened. This left Oberon unchallenged as he walked into Zone 6.

    - ME: 7VP//6F
    - OPP: 4VP//2F

    ROUND FIVE: My buddy had to call it due to personal obligations reasons.

    - ME: 7VP//6F
    - OPP: 4VP//2F

    Musashi and Bill are two men you need to be afraid of when packing the right support. Knowing order of activation is important. Oberon, Hannibal, Bill, and Musashi activate in that order in round one. In round two, you flip that order. Many times I was rolling 6 to 9 dice with both of them. Even if my roll was bad I always got the switch to reload up on dice and attack again. Hannibal never fired a shot. Oberon was a monster! In turn one my hand went from four to seven cards and I was able to seek out “No” immediately. I never used Oberon’s Y die ability simply because I was throwing so many dice. I drew my deck twice and was setting up for a third reset of the deck due to “Timeout.” Bottomline, the team worked very well…almost too well. But, of course, like all skew lists it can be dealt with once you know what to go for.
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  2. treiral

    treiral Midnight poster

    May 17, 2018
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    Looks like a solid list. Musashi is bonkers. If he already could regularly repeat his attacks, the addition of Hannibal's :,: just elevates his status from Lord of Battle to God of Blades. I snapped a picture of him in action:

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  3. Damiel

    Damiel Domaru sexytorizado :3

    Feb 21, 2017
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    Nice report, man! Just two things, though...

    You know, both of these are to be used at the beginning of a Char's activation (Catch your breath) or even at the beginning of one of your Char's activation (Stick to the plan), not at every time you want.

    Not sure of this, but just in case... Timeout goes out of the game after you use it, so no recycling more than one time, sorry.

    Apart from that, good team and good strategy!

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  4. Roadrunner7431

    Roadrunner7431 Well-Known Member

    Dec 24, 2017
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    @solobo Yours may be the first battle report to show the effectiveness of Oberon. Having 3 characters with initiative of 6 is very interesting. Of course your narrative was from your point of view but it seems that your opponent was always reacting to your moves, which is ideal.
  5. sololobo

    sololobo Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2018
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    You are correct! And, that super sucks for me! But, still 36 cards by turn 4 is bonkers.


    I never thought of that actually! I really like this list. Next time I’ll be trying out: Musashi, Carano, 8Ball, Hexxer. :)
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