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Thoughts on the last campaign

Discussion in 'OOC' started by andre61, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. Skoll

    Skoll Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2017
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    Not if like we saw in this campaign a lot of veteran players disillusioned with the situation didnt participate at all
  2. Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2018
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    There’s some interesting theory to be crafted around player size as it relates to skill or raw wins. Assuming that factions were balanced and choice was due to preference of style. A larger player base should mean that you’re more likely to draw a more experienced player who will generate more wins due to Pareto distribution. However, infinity is a dynamic game where options and tactical choices open up with faction selection. This can draw players towards certain factions that present more complex interactions. This can in turn lead to a greater edge over players who don’t understand the interactions and are uninterested in finding out how they work leading to a faction having an inherent edge in wins due to skill requirements pushing new players away and giving edge to more experienced players. Alternatively brute force may result in wins. A certain piece may be overwhelmingly good that it carries the faction when it does well. Or perhaps the faction capitalizes on a certain rule that gives it an edge in some fashion.

    I think several of these factors are at play in Infinity and draw higher skilled players to factions at different rates. Generally speaking, most experienced players of games tend to prefer more tactical kits as it allows them to use a broad range of knowledge and application to give them advantage rather than raw numbers.
  3. psychoticstorm

    psychoticstorm Aleph's rogue child

    Mar 4, 2017
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    As I said we caught most (if not all) of the cheating and looking to improve the next campaign, I move this thread to Kurage OOC discussion for now.
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  4. Cabaray

    Cabaray Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2017
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    Bostria said it in earlier campaigns and I think it checks out: the modus operandi of most players without leadership saying otherwise, will defend their base first and foremost. Attacks need the most coordination to get going. And to attack is important, cause defense gets boring fast. Instigation is what makes PvP work. With that in mind and knowing this campaign would be four weeks only, orders had to be "go big or go home" right from the start. 2 weeks per phase is just two strong weekends to get an attack going. That is why the attack on Pano phase 1 was already decided on by vote on facebook by Ariadna players. Cause we wanted to take the crown from the two time campaign winner and IC we analyzed that Pano always winning, means the hyperpower is taking the upperhand in every situation, weakening the other factions. They would be the worst after the combined to have a prominent base on Dawn. We decided this without knowing the actual size of the Pano player base (expecting it to be big as always, so we expected a challenge) and that NA-2 and Tohaa would come for our bases. We thought that the Nomads would come, believing the Bromad Propaganda. So we made a bit on priority to defend the B-huts. the Nomad Dong memes would go through the roof if they would take it only for 5 minutes.

    So we came into a 3 front war Phase-1, and I think that has helped to get Ariadna-players to the fight. Cause we got into the situation that every battle mattered to either take the Pano-base or keep both our areas controlled. From a strategical point is was bloody risky (although we could always give the order to go for 2 fronts instead and give up on one), but from a player perspective you had something to fight for.

    Phase 2 was more of a stalemate for most factions, and I think because most took a defensive stance (unless you had no base and can only attack). Expecting attacks that probably would never come (I dare to bet that no High Command from any faction would have considered attacking Haq Islam). Then its just bringing battles to a pile, which is less motivating then having battles on a knives edge. I have seen a lot of complains that people find their battles do not matter. I think High Command of a faction can make sure they matter. By deciding on daring plans and motivate accordingly.

    to spill the beans a bit to make the next campaign more fun and exiting for all. I unveil some Ariadna strategies: So if you want to motivate your playerbase, I would say decide on a target and charge in for at least a weekend. Find a good reason to attack and just get going from the get go. Dare to change the plan if it is not giving the result you wanted. Cause remember: Defense will be done mostly automatically. So attack and make sure that you come into a knives edge situation to get every battle counting. And where this topic started with, after that weekend, see who of your commanders are motivated and give quality battles....and put them in a special forces group. then you have a strike team to send out on special missions. Do things like: main army on the attack, but special forces will keep an eye on defense. Or already begin attacking the next target in secret while your briefing room is blaring that your still going for a base you are attacking last weekend. That is why a select group of Ariadnans were delivering so many battles, cause they were extra motivated on being special forces.

    So bring your faction into a situation where every battle counts and it will make people to bring in more. Worst case you have to run back to defend/retake your base at the end of the phase or decide ot go scorched earth and give up on your base. Which can be fun to.
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  5. andre61

    andre61 Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2017
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    Thanks! I'm not sure if anyone is paying attention in PanOville, now that the topic has been moved. Everything you said here is spot on, the things you said here is what I was trying to do with the combat teams. Kinda like the special forces team you guys had.
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