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The Wrecking Belles

Discussion in 'FanFic' started by Danger Rose, Nov 24, 2017.

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    Wrecking Belles: Concilium Capers
    001: Recruitment

    Apple Pie’s office looked more like a palace’s garden than an office. A central pond with a fountain simulating a creek dominated the entrance. Beautiful Japanese Koi fish were the local residents. Potted ornamental plants adorned the sides and a stone bridge allowed to cross to the office’s main area. The level of ostentation was beyond the USAriadnan wildest dreams, but the office, as well as her Penthouse apartment were furnished to her ex-husband’s preferences, and Haqqislamite Sheiks loved to live in luxury.

    The office proper had an antechamber with a huge round marble coffee table and lots of incredibly comfortable cushions for guests to sit. Apple Pie favored the antechamber over her desk area, because it allowed her to work side by side with the rest of the Wrecking Belles. For the last week the four women had been going over Stargem Shipping’s Security Personnel. The plan was to assemble a Corporate Security Task Force comprised of a small group of reliable units, without compromising the company’s safety.

    When Apple Pie’s Geist, Laiqa, had told them that Stargem Shipping was nowhere near as big as the top ten shipping companies, they had thought it was a really small company. As it turned out, the company had a small fleet of freighters, escort ships and a very large Security Detail that could rival Mercenary Companies or the army of a small country. So, even though Laiqa had reduced the number of candidates to a few hundred, it still took them a week to finally find what they were looking for.

    “This says Dumar all over the place.” said Apple Pie referring to her ex-husband. “Ex-Military, Paramilitaries, former gang members, even former Ikari Company thugs!”

    “Well, they all work for you now.” replied Obliterette equally horrified of the firepower at their disposal.

    “No wonder Saladin was so interested in recruiting you.” said Battle Charmer happily.

    Doc Starlight gasped so loudly, the other three Odalisques jumped on their seats. “We have Maghies!”

    The Maghariba Guards were Haqqislam’s Tactical Armored Gear, big, but aesthetically pleasing, and powerful. With the release of the XPR-5 Scorpion model, lots of the XPR-1 Beetle found their way into Mercenary and Civilian markets.

    “What the hell do we need Maghariba Guards for?” asked Apple Pie in astonishment. “Is this a Shipping Company or a Supervillain’s private army?”

    “Even in the best of times, Qapu Khalqi can’t be everywhere.” Replied Battle Charmer in her dulcet tone. “Space Pirates, Crime Syndicates, Hostile Competitors, the Human Sphere is in Code Infinity for a reason.”

    “I’m ready.” said Obliterette uploading three pictures in a holoprojection hovering over the coffee table.

    “This is Ri Yun-Ji” she said maximizing the picture of a young Asian woman with half her hair dyed purple and the other half dyed green. “Codename Countess Calamity- “

    “Countess Calamity?”

    “Yes, Apple Pie” replied Obliterette emphasizing her friend’s equally ridiculous codename.

    “Korean Hacker, very good in Cyber-Security. She works with a trio of former Terra-Cotta Soldiers who served with her in Paradiso. Cui Cihui, Mao Wanran and Hao Huimin. They are very disciplined and highly recommended. Their biggest advantage is that they are posted in Concilium, so we won’t have to relocate them.”

    “Any recommendations to sweeten the deal for them?”

    “Definitely get them Zúyông armors. With their training it would be a crime not to make the effort.”

    “Will do.” replied Apple Pie taking notes the old-fashioned way. “Anything else?”

    “If you could get them a Rui Shi…”

    Obliterette didn’t need to say anything else. The Wrecking Belles have had their share of deadly encounters with those mechanical monstrosities and Apple Pie was well aware of their capabilities.

    “I suppose I’m next?” chirped Battle Charmer while loading her set of pictures on the holoprojector.

    “Captain Zanetta Angelo, from Neoterra.” she said expanding the picture of another young-looking woman, this one, a redhead that could pass for an Odalisque in her sleep. “She’s a former Swimsuit Model and commands a fireteam of Brawlers.”

    “Why is her Modeling background important?” asked Apple Pie honestly curious and without a hint of malice.

    “She’s very popular and has an extremely active Social Life.” replied Battle Charmer opening Zanetta’s Instafeed Page full of provocative Selfies and Sensory Feeds. “This could be a liability, especially in assignments where discretion is advice.”

    “For crying out loud Aurora! That’s every single mission we’re going to recruit her for!” retorted Doc Starlight dumbfounded. “Why such a hot mess? No pun intended.”

    “Because, A: We’re not exactly the most discreet bunch anyway.” replied Battle Charmer melodiously. “Or have you forgotten that people call us the Wrecking Belles?”

    “Touché.” sand Doc Starlight mock-pouting. “And B?”

    “She’s an extremely efficient Operative and an excellent team player. Her record is so good, we can take the risk.”

    “I trust your judgement.” said Apple Pie. “I’ll request her transfer first thing tomorrow.”

    Battle Charmer smiled and nodded at her boss. “The two other candidates are not on our payroll, but they have worked with the company before and their track records are amazing.” she said bringing the pictures of a severe looking middle-aged man and a much younger, and rather handsome one.

    “Who’s the hunk?” inquired Apple Pie perking up in her cushion. Obliterette and Doc Starlight both looked equally interested and the three exchanged an ‘I saw him first’ look.

    “Professor Conan O’Cannon,” said Battle Charmer enhancing the middle-aged man’s picture. “Is an Archeologyst who found his true calling as an Authorized Bounty Hunter.”

    “You did that on purpose.” Interrupted Doc Starlight pointing an accusatory finger.

    “His knowledge of Submundo is vast, especially in the smuggling business.” continued Battle Charmer clearly ignoring her friend. “This is an asset we can’t pass on.”

    “What’s the catch?” inquired Apple Pie noticing the slight change in Battle Charmer’s tone.

    “We need to get him out of jail in Novvi Bangkok. Some trouble about a diamond and some ashes.” finished Battle Charmer with a shrug.

    “I’ll call ‘The Weasel’ tomorrow.” sighed Apple Pie. Carlos De Anderxia, also known as The Weasel, was a very resourceful Nomad Lawyer who could work miracles if you had the money to pay his exorbitant fees.

    “Armand Arsenaud,” began Battle Charmer once again, this time enlarging the picture of the tall, muscular, Auburn-haired man in his early twenties. “He was an amazing Troubleshooter. His record working for the company was impeccable. Unfortunately, he was laid off because he withheld vital information in his work application.”

    “What sort of vital information?” inquired Obliterette with a raised eyebrow.

    “He’s Merovingian.” replied Battle Charmer.

    “He was laid off for being an Atek?” asked Obliterette astounded.

    “He’s a Dogface.” replied Apple Pie referring to the term Ariadnans give to their werewolves.

    “He kept it hidden for quite some time. Until a truck had a brake fluid leak and was about to run over lots of pedestrians. Armand turned into a werewolf and stopped the truck.”

    “Allah be merciful. He was laid off for being heroic?” said Obliterette in disbelief.

    “An injustice I’d love to amend.”

    Apple Pie sat with her arms and legs crossed. It was no secret to any of her friends that she was terrified of Dog Warriors. But she knew how motherly Battle Charmer could get; specially with lost cases, like a young Atek woman alone and overwhelmed by the Haqqislamite Culture.

    “I know I’m going to regret this…” sighed Apple Pie.

    “Thank you.”

    “Well, now that my loins are dry again,” said Doc Starlight to a collective groan form her friends. “Yeah, yeah. Like it didn’t happen to you too.” she said uploading the picture of a mountain of a man. “This is Behnam Mostofi, an Al Fasid who got kicked out for showing his face in uniform. One thousand Dinars that he stepped on somebody’s toes.”

    “Typical.” said Apple Pie well aware of the reputation of the Al Fasid. “Hire him, and promise him as much equipment as he sees fit.”

    Doc Starlight then posted one picture everyone recognized immediately. The grey-haired man had been one of the first Operatives to work with them under Sireen Barakat’s leadership. His name was Jaasir Hasan, but the Wrecking Belles knew him as…

    “Rock Viper!” cried Apple Pie, Battle Charmer and Obliterette in unison. The Hunzakut was an amazing infiltrator who was forced to retire due to a spine injury.

    “He’s fully recovered and looking for some action.”

    “Perfectly understandable.” Said Apple Pie nodding sagely. “You have my blessing.”


    Apple Pie then uploaded the picture of a teenage-looking Japanese woman with jet black hair and pink bangs.

    “Wait, why are you presenting someone?” inquired Doc Starlight. “If you want to hire her, do so. You’re the boss!”

    “And you are my family.” replied Apple Pie candidly, eliciting a collective ‘Aww…’ from her friends. “So, your opinions matter a lot to me.”

    “Who’s the child?” asked Obliterette curiously.

    “Her name is Kyoko Konno, and she’s a Ninja.” replied Apple Pie silently smiling at the dumbfounded expression of her friends.

    “How did you find a Ninja?” asked Obliterette once she picked her jaw from the floor.

    “During the Japanese uprising, Stargem Shipping helped in the relocation of refugees from Yu Jing controlled areas.” replied Apple Pie happy that her Geist had been as compassionate as she would have been if she had been in charge at the time. “She’s the last of her Clan, but she wants to repay our kindness to her people.”

    “And she didn’t take your ‘Think nothing of it’ as an acceptable answer.”

    “Pretty much. Is it ok if I…?”

    “Of course!”

    “What kind of question is that?”

    “We have a Ninja!”

    “Anything else before we go to lunch?” asked Apple Pie happy with their response.

    “Nah, we can discuss your battle armor when we come back.” said Obliterette standing up and stretching.

    “My what now?” replied Apple Pie sensing she wasn’t going to like the answer.

    “Your Power Armor, dear.” replied Battle Charmer as if that explained everything.

    “For crying out loud, she doesn’t know!” interjected Doc Starlight figuring Apple Pie’s confused expression. “Look, even though your Geist has been running the show, you are the ‘face’ of the company. If you die, Laiqa has no legal power to do anything.”

    “Yeah, but- “

    “So, if you’re going to jump off rooftops like we always do, the Board of Directors had made a clause that you should wear armor.”

    “Since when?”

    “Since you got ‘Officially Resurrected’ during the Wotan incident.”


    Apple Pie had died and been resurrected several times, illegally most of the times, but during the Wotan crisis, she was resurrected by order of Haqqislam High Command, which made that death and resurrection ‘Official’ and recorded as such. That particular event had had dire personal repercussions for her, including the straining of her now ended marital relationship.

    “They couldn’t uphold the clause while you worked for Haqqislam.” said Battle Charmer predicting Apple Pie’s next question. “But since you made planetfall in Concilium, they have been pestering all of us with it.”

    “Why wasn’t I told?”

    “We were waiting for the right time.”

    “Do I have a choice on the matter?”

    “You could sit it out like Sireen does and let us do the work…” replied Obliterette with a roguish smile.

    “What type of armor?”

    “A Combat Heels model of course; lightweight and highly mobile. We can go do the fitting after lunch.”

    “But what about our costumes?” Apple Pie asked remembering they had just ordered specially-tailored tactical costumes a few days ago.

    “We’re getting uniforms in your company colors instead.” replied Battle Charmer uploading Odalisques uniform in white with orange trims.

    “Aww, those look amazing! How come I don’t get to wear one?”

    “Because you’re the boss, Boss.” finished Doc Starlight leading the friends out of the office.
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    Nov 23, 2017
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    Wrecking Belles: Concilium Capers

    002: Shadow of Wotan

    With the devastating incursion of the Combined Army into Concilium Prima, and the now increasing need for secure shipment to and from the planet, Stargem Shipping Company’s business was booming. This meant, however, that the Wrecking Belles were bereft of any support from their Security Teams. Furthermore, with O12’s sight distracted by the Shasvastii infiltration of their infrastructure; they had become Lieutenant Leone’s only backup in her investigation over Crime Boss Ereshkigal and the Novvi Granada Smuggling Ring.

    “Wrecking Belles!” said a holoprojection of Lt. Leone that appeared without warning in the middle of Regina Berger’s luxurious office.

    “How can we be of service, Lieutenant?” replied Regina calmly, only a small twitch of her eye betraying her annoyance at Lt. Leone’s use of their nickname instead of the official ‘Team Foxglove.’

    “An informant just sent me the location where Ereshkigal’s men are moving a kidnapped HVT.” Lt. Leone’s holo-image was clearly behind cover and taking direct fire. “I’m transmitting the coordinates and all the info I have.”

    “How do you want us to do this?” inquired Regina.

    “Discretely.” finished Lt Leone with a warning glare before her image disappeared.

    Regina pressed her palm into a bio-metric scanner in her desk, and four columns opened hidden doors revealing four colorful uniforms, weapons and gear.

    “My kind of assignment.” said Helena Slater turning off her Holomask, her mousy brown hair turning purple immediately.

    “The Lieutenant seemed to be in a bit of a bind.” said Aurora Numina turning off her Holomask as well, her jet-black hair turning silver.

    “She can take care of herself.” replied Regina with confidence. Lt. Petra Leone had proven to be as resilient, resourceful and driven as Regina and her partners, earning the Amazonian brunette’s respect and admiration in the seven months they’ve been working together.

    “Rania, Miss Berger needs the Air Taxi ready to discretely depart in ten minutes.” said Theresa Maxwell on her comlog as the four women began changing into their Tactical Suits.

    “Rooftop. Five minutes. Discrete.” came the ever-efficient reply of Regina’s Personal Assistant.

    In less than ten minutes, the Wrecking Belles had boarded the requested City Hopper VTOL craft; and were flying over Novvi Granada in the direction of South Point Harbor.

    “The HVT is Dr. Jennifer Sullivan.” said Battle Charmer reading the data pack Lt Leone had sent them. “She’s a Biotech…” she paused to silently reread what she had just read, her eyebrows arching up in a display of dread uncommon on the silver haired woman.

    “What is it?” Inquired Apple Pie quick on the uptake.

    “She’s a Biotech Engineer, specialized in Biotechvore Weapons.”

    “Son of a camel!” said Obliterette in a higher pitch than intended. Biotechvore plagues have never been used in a positive way, and the amount of mayhem one of them could cause in a major city in Concilium Prima could prove catastrophic.

    “So,” began Doc Starlight with a big smile. “Little Ereshkigal is moving up.” she finished adjusting her new Multispectral Visor.

    “It’s not funny.” replied Obliterette reproachfully.

    “We’re going to stop him.” said Doc Starlight with a shrug.

    “You betcha.” replied Apple Pie loading her Spitfire. While she had always favored the submachine gun and Contender combo, when Obliterette returned from her Nahab training, she returned favoring the Boarding Shotgun and a retractable Viral Wristblade; so, Apple Pie took on the mid-range spot that Obliterette had left.

    The overhead lights turned red, signaling that they were on deploying distance.

    “It suits you.” said Obliterette beaming at her best friend. And before Apple Pie had a chance to say anything, she opened the flyer’s passenger door and jumped off the flying vehicle.

    Obliterette free-fell for two seconds, then activated the retractable Ribbon-Chute installed on the back of her jacket; a rather expensive custom design, but one that suited Obliterette’s Nahab parachuting skill. She silently glided to the roof of the compound where Dr Sullivan was being held. Upon landing, she counted two guards, neither of which had noticed her arrival. She silently closed the distance to the first one drawing her viral wristblade. With near-Hassassin precision, she dug her blade into the man’s back, while muffling his mouth with her other hand.

    “i-Lhost?” said Obliterette taken aback by the crumpling form of the unconscious guard. Product of their unusually vast experience with LHosts during their decade undercover on the Desert Duchess, the Wrecking Belles had become quite adept in identifying types of Lhosts. The one Obliterette had just taken down was a model reserved for Aleph, or the exorbitantly rich.

    A faint sound alerted Obliterette to the second guard, who was training his Combi-Rifle at her. With preternatural swiftness, Obliterette dashed towards the guard and kicked his weapon upward and jammed her wristblade in his chest.

    “Clear.” she said to her comlog; and a few seconds later the City Hopper was hovering over the compound just long enough for Apple Pie, Doc Starlight and Battle Charmer to drop on the rooftop.

    “What have we got here?” inquired Doc Starlight lifting her Multispectral Visor and looking curiously at the two downed guards. She too had noticed the subtle lines that marked the bodies as i-Lhosts. “Aleph?”

    “If we’re lucky.” replied Apple Pie quick on the uptake. If this was one of the AI’s secret operations, then they were sure to get an earful in the near future, probably even jail time. But if it wasn’t Aleph, then things could get complicated. Svengali, the Rogue AI Kingpin had proven to be impossible to capture or eradicate, even with the full might of Aleph’s Special Situations Subsection AND Bureau Noir. Just the thought of dealing with such a nightmare of an opponent made Apple Pie shiver.

    Battle Charmer dashed towards the rooftop access door and deftly picked the electronic lock with a swish of her palm. Unlike the Sand Cat’s Al Hawwa Hacker, Turret Spider, who favored a Smartphone Hacking Device; Battle Charmer’s Hacking device had been integrated to her face mask. It had taken less than five seconds to link to the building’s mainframe. Battle Charmer never asked Apple Pie how much she had spent on the team’s customized equipment, but she expected it to be a lot of Dinars.

    A pop-up holoscreen on her left eye’s field of vision brought her out of her musings. “The building is on alert.” she said in a surprised dulcet tone. “They know something’s up but are requesting reports.”

    “Do you know where they’re keeping Dr Sullivan?” asked Apple Pie taking the lead.

    “Two floors down.” replied Battle Charmer looking at the building’s security system. “The stairs are clear; they’re going from bottom to top.”

    Apple Pie dashed ahead, Obliterette right behind her, keeping up with Apple Pie’s preternatural speed. “Good thing Teri isn’t here.” she said thinking about their friend Agent Valentine, who unlike them, was not enhanced; and would have undoubtedly slowed them down.

    “Don’t say that.” replied Apple Pie with a pang of longing. She missed her Husam Spec-Op friend and her stone-faced coolness in adversity. “Teri is extremely fit.”

    “Yeah,” replied Obliterette. “But we’re not exactly Odalisques anymore.”

    Apple Pie entered the penultimate floor and moved quickly through a long corridor. Two more guards were posted near a console. Apple Pie opened fire on the closest one, downing him with ease. The second one shot at her with his Combi-Rifle hitting her on the shoulder and her abdomen. Apple Pie winced. While neither bullet penetrated her skin, the lingering pain where the projectiles hit was quite considerable.

    “See what I mean?” said Obliterette as she ran towards the second guard, wristblade drawn, and ready to pounce. A swift breeze that lifted her hair, and the head of the second guard spraying grey matter and blood all over the back wall, signaled her that someone had stolen her kill.

    “Aw, please.” grinned Doc Starlight raising her Red Fury rifle, and ignoring Obliterette’s death glare. She’s been tanking Heavy Rockets since long before our accident.” she finished poking where the bullet had hit Apple Pie’s mid-section, making Apple Pie’s eyes to water.

    “That hurts!” said Apple Pie pulling one of Doc Starlight’s pigtails, forcing a satisfying squeak from the purple-haired woman with no sense of personal space.

    “Girls, please!” admonished Battle Charmer stepping between Apple Pie and Doc Starlight; and grabbing Obliterette by the arm and taking her to the console. “Please, cover me.” she told Obliterette as she began to use the console. “Two guard on the far end of the next room.” she said opening a holo-image of the floor plans “Two more guarding the lab to the left. Target’s inside.”

    “Anything else?” inquired Apple Pie noticing the worried expression in Battle Charmer’s face.

    “Reinforcements are coming.” replied Battle Charmer. “Including a heavily armored unit designated ‘Phantom,’ and I don’t want to know why.”

    “We need extraction.” continued Apple Pie studying the floor plans. “The window will do.” she said pointing at the window at the end of the main room, where the two guards were stationed. “Blit, with me. Doc, support Charm.”

    The security doors opened to Battle Charmer’s command. Obliterette closed the distance to the guards near the window, while Apple Pie provided her cover fire. Two more guards appeared from a secret door to the right of the main room, forcing Apple Pie and Obliterette to engage in a two-to-one disadvantage.

    Doc Starlight and Battle Charmer downed the two guards coming out of the lab. Battle Charmer went in, while Do Starlight waited at the door, trying to take out a few of Apple Pie’s assailants without hitting her friend.

    Battle Charmer was horrified by the familiar scene she was witnessing. Dr. Sullivan was unconscious and completely naked, floating inside a containment pod. A breathing mask was attached to her face and tendrils bore into her neck, where her cube resided. Next to hers, was a second pod containing an equally nude, female i-Lhost.

    “Doc!” she cried while desperately trying to stop what she knew was a Cube cloning process.

    Dos Starlight rushed in and cursed like a sailor when she saw what was going on. Without hesitation, she unloaded the Red Fury on the i-Lhost’s pod, breaking it and filling the synthetic humanoid with bullets.

    Alarms blared, while both women opened the pod containing Dr Sullivan. Doc Starlight cut the tendrils connected to Dr Sullivan’s Cube; knowing full well there was no time to disconnect her properly.

    “Isn’t that dangerous?” asked Battle Charmer in an unusually frightened tone.

    “Not if we get her out of here fast!” replied the petite Doc Starlight hauling a much larger Dr Sullivan.

    Battle Charmer helped Doc Starlight carry Dr. Sullivan out of the lab. The floor was rocked as a D-Charge was detonated inside the main room. Doc Starlight and Battle Charmer carried the unconscious doctor through a cloud of smoke, dust and debris.

    At the hole where there was once a windowed wall, hovered the City Hopper VTOL vehicle. As they were getting closer, Battle Charmer let out a painful yell and dropped on the floor. Two more synthetic guards appeared, both with holo-discs on their right hand and pointing at Battle Charmer.

    Obliterette helped Doc Starlight take Dr Sullivan into the vehicle, while Apple Pie lifted Battle Charmer and opened fire on the attacking Hackers; wounding them, but not taking them out. At that moment, the Heavy Armored ‘Phantom’ entered the room; followed by a grey skinned, blonde woman with the same height and body frame as Apple Pie, dressed in a violet and pink version of Aleph’s Asuras bodysuits. Apple Pie’s eyes widened in horror, and the name escaped her lips before she could even register.

    “Revving Rose!”

    During the Wotan Gate crisis, The Wrecking Belles had been ambushed by an Aleph Aspect calling herself Revving Rose and the units under her command. Apple Pie was captured and her Cube had been cloned before the Sand Cats rescued her. From then on, their investigation into the Cube Smuggling Ring of Sireen Barakat’s father became extremely difficult; since one of their clients had all of Apple Pie’s memories.

    “Give me back my doctor, Regina.” replied Revving Rose with a smile. “Or I’ll be forced to-

    Apple Pie unloaded her Spitfire machinegun on Revving Rose and Phantom, not making a dent on either. Revving Rose shot back at Regina with a similar weapon, injuring her in her left thigh and left arm; but before she could close the distance, Apple Pie hauled Battle Charmer into the City Hopper. The vehicle cruised over the Industrial District as Doc Starlight patched up Apple Pie.

    “That was nasty…” said Battle Charmer removing her mask and wiping blood from her eyes and nose.

    “Where to Ma’am?” asked Leo, the pilot.

    “Grand Garden Hospital.” replied Doc Starlight from the back. “We need to take her to a Haqqislamite facility.” she said pointing at the unconscious Dr. Sullivan, answering the questioning looks of both Apple Pie and Obliterette. “We can’t keep her safe, not on our own.”

    “You’re right.” said Apple Pie resting her head on the City Hopper’s door. “Who’s our Ramah Task Force contact in Maeda Basha?”

    “The tall, dark haired, baby-faced one with green eyes.” replied Obliterette, unable to recall the name of the Kawarij.

    “Latif,” said Battle Charmer a bit more composed. “Latif Tahan.”

    “We better give him a call, fast.” said Apple Pie as Doc Starlight finished patching-up he wounds.

    “What about Lt. Leone?” asked Obliterette almost sure of the answer.

    “We will notify her once Dr. Sullivan is safe.” answered Apple Pie. “Precinct 21 should be considered fully compromised. They have Deva Functionaries working with them; and the enemy is a Rogue Aspect of Aleph.”

    And with that terrifying thought, Apple Pie closed her eyes, mentally exhausted.
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    Wrecking Belles: Concilium Capers
    003: Asylum

    “You’ll have a slight headache, that’s normal” said a girlish, yet confident voice.

    Jennifer Sullivan opened her eyes and saw a young woman, almost teenage-like, with purple hair. She was sporting pigtails, which accentuate her youthful look, and was wearing an orange-trimmed yellow hooded coat.

    “Whuh…” uttered Jennifer still groggy and noticing she was no longer naked, but her hands were cuffed.

    The continuous sound of engines and the vibrations of the compact area told her she was, told her that she was inside a flying vehicle of some sort.

    “You are not under arrest.” said a shapely brunette sitting opposite the purple-haired young woman. She was dressed in a skin-tight red and white tactical suit with blue sleeves and leggings, complimented by long gloves and thigh high boots in the same red color as the suit.

    “The cuffs were a precaution.” said the pigtailed teen.

    “In case I turned violent when I woke up.” finished Jennifer understanding her situation. “Who do I have to thank for my rescue?” she said as the pigtailed teen released her from the cuffs.

    Apart from the purple-haired woman and the brunette, there was a round faced blonde with piercing blue eyes; sporting a blue jacket with orange trims over a skin-tight navy blue tactical suit. There was also a silver haired woman in an hooded orange and black dress that accentuated her curves. All four looked more like Mayanet Models than soldiers.

    “Haqqislam.” replied the brunette taking Jennifer out of her musing. “We’re Ramah Taskforce and we’re escorting you to a secure location.”

    “As long as you’re not turning me to O12, it’s fine by me.”

    The four women looked at each other. A worried expression shared in their faces.

    “I request Asylum.” said Jennifer with a hint of panic. “O12 is compromised, they were the ones who kidnapped me!”

    “We suspected as much.” said the brunette in a soothing tone. “That’s why we’re taking you to Haqqislam’s jurisdiction.”

    Jennifer sighed in relief. Ever since she became a Bioweapons Engineer, she knew her life was not going to be easy. The pay was good, but not worth all the running away from people who wanted to pick her brain apart, sometimes literally. With Haqqislam’s reputation for Humanism, she felt she had hit the jackpot among the factions of the Human Sphere.

    Fortunately for the Wrecking Belles, Dr. Jennifer Sullivan had no knowledge of the methods and capabilities of Haqqislam’s Intelligence Agency, Hassassin Barham.

    “We have a problem.” came the voice of the pilot. “There’s a BOLO for City Hoppers matching our description.”

    “Great.” said the blonde woman in an annoyed tone.

    “Land us at the nearest available drop point and then head straight back to base.” said the brunette, who seemed to be in charge.

    The City Hopper had to land five blocks away from Grand Garden Hospital to avoid several checkpoints. The four women led Jennifer out into the busy streets of the city of Edda. Jennifer noticed the women were very alert, and used to working in unison. They flanked her like bodyguards and that’s when the penny dropped; the magazine-style hairs, the porcelain skins, the regal poise; these were Odalisques.

    “Varangian, on our six.” said the silver-haired woman.

    “That didn’t take long.” replied the brunette taking up the rear.

    The blonde lead the group through an alleyway. Jennifer looked back and noticed a muscular redheaded woman, a head taller than the brunette and imposing, had quickened her step to catch up.

    “Hand over the Doctor and there will be no trouble.” said the redhead in a thick accent that told Jennifer she was a Caledonian.

    “Ah recon we’re gonna have trouble. The Doc’s under Haqqislam’s protection now.” replied the brunette in a USAriadnan accent that took both the Varangian and Jennifer by surprise.

    As the rest of the women ushered Jennifer to the next street, the muscular redhead lunged for the brunette, wielding an axe. The brunette expertly dodged out of the axe’s path and landed a spinning kick on the back of the Varangian Guard.

    Turning around the corner, the remaining women were confronted by three Kappa Units armed with stun-batons. The blonde dashed forward bringing out a bladed weapon from her forearm, and taking out one of the Officers with a superficial cut. Jennifer recognized the effects of a Viral Weapon with expertise. The two other landed terrible blows on the blonde woman, as the remaining two escorts dragged Jennifer further down the street.

    “What about your friend?” she asked with concern.

    “She can take care of herself.” said the petite purple-haired woman with a grin.

    “Besides, she’s not alone.” said the silver-haired woman in a melodious tone.

    Jennifer looked back and saw that the brunette had joined the blonde and were dispatching the two remaining Kappa Units with ease.

    “At least they’re not shooting at us.” said the sliver-haired in a dulcet tone that clashed with the gravity of the situation in Jennifer’s opinion.

    Two Beta Troopers jumped from a nearby rooftop, one of them slamming the pigtailed woman against the concrete wall of a nearby building.

    “Go!” said the woman holding on to the Beta Trooper’s mechanical arm. She then pointed her free wrist at the Beta Trooper’s chest area and released a cloud of green gas that engulfed the Remote.

    The Beta Trooper let go of the pigtailed youth and thrashed as the gaps between the armor lit up in green.

    “That’s a Nanopulser!” said Jennifer with a child-like thrill. Since Nanopulsers were banned by the Concilium Convention, she had never actually seen one used on a live target.

    “Yes, it is.” Replied the silver-haired woman dragging Jennifer by the arm.

    The second Beta Trooper raised its arm and responded in kind to the pigtailed youth, engulfing her in a green cloud of nanobots. But, unlike the Beta Trooper that laid sprawled on the floor, the pigtailed girl just coughed a few times and kicked the Remote in the chest as retaliation.

    Jennifer’s Quantronic implants were fired up and sending her brain all the information she had concerning Odalisques. Subdermal Armor made them tougher than average, and they allegedly had special training that made them shrug off otherwise deadly wounds; however, to the best of Jennifer’s knowledge, they had no sort of Bio-Technological Shield to protect them from a Nanopulser blast to the face. Then again, according to her data, Odalisques were not recruited by Ramah Taskforce.

    Jennifer bumped into the back of the silver-haired Odalisque; her attention abruptly brought back to her immediate surroundings. It didn’t take her long to figure what made her escort stop dead on her tracks. An opal armored behemoth, wielding a heavy machine gun had dropped from the sky and wrecked a parked car on the other side of the street.

    “Phantom!” said Jennifer recognizing the robotic bodyguard of the rogue Asura Revving Rose.

    “Oh, you know him?” inquired the silver-haired Odalisque cheerfully.

    “Revving Rose is a chatterbox.” replied Jennifer not taking her eyes off the mechanical brute.

    With inhuman speed, the blonde Odalisque rushed towards Phantom and dug her wristblade between its armor plates. With uncanny speed, the metal warrior dropped the heavy machine gun and whipped out a Breaker Pistol shooting the blonde Odalisque in the abdomen three times.

    Jennifer recoiled as the electrical discharges singed holes in the woman’s tactical suit, bursting and arcing to the nearest structures, tensing the blonde’s every muscle and forcing a painful scream out of her throat.

    Phantom attempted to move forward, but was stopped by the tense, smoking arm of the blonde Odalisque, jamming the wristblade further inside its mechanical body.

    “I’m not… done with you…” said the blonde Odalisque in a gravely tone.

    As she pushed the metallic giant back to dislodge her blade, the brunette joined her, aiming her heavy pistol at the Remote’s head and blowing its Quantronic brain to bits.

    The purple haired youth rushed to give the blonde woman some support as she stumbled into the main gate of the fortified compound they called ‘a hospital’.

    Jennifer saw three more Kappa Units armed with stun batons rushing towards them.

    “This is Haqqislam Territory,” said the brunette Odalisque raising her arms. “Dr. Sullivan is under our portec-

    A stun baton nearly missed the brunette’s jaw. She side-stepped a second blow from another Kappa aiming to crack her skull open. A third Kappa swung his paralyzing weapon at the woman in red, but found his strike parried by an extendable E/M stick. While not nearly as powerful as the paralyzing stun batons the Kappas were wielding; in the hands of the Amazonian brunette, the electromagnetic close combat weapon found its mark on all three Kappa Units, dropping them almost in unison.

    Five heavily armed Ghulams stood at the gate, beckoning Jennifer to go in; but she was too enthralled with the women that had rescued her.

    She studied her four escorts as they walked into the main building of Grand Garden Hospital. The purple-haired youth smiling and joking, when she should have been dead from the Nanobot cloud she inhaled. The blonde killing machine with a hidden viral blade, who by right shouldn’t even be standing after taking three Breaker rounds point-blank. The green-eyed brunette who masked her USAriadnan accent most of the time. And the silver-haired woman, whose peaceful demeanor in such a stressful situation simply terrified Jennifer.

    “Just who are you?” she asked when the four women stood in front of her at the hospital’s entrance hall.

    “The Wrecking Belles!” replied a jovial male voice from behind the four women. The way they all bristled at the name told Jennifer they did not enjoy being called that.

    “A Lieutenant Leone requests you to communicate with her as soon as possible.” said a tall young looking man with dark green hair and green eyes. He was dressed in a Kawarij uniform, and Jennifer could kill for a blood sample from him.

    “Latif, this is Dr. Jennifer Sullivan, Bioweapons Engineer, requesting Asylum.” said the tall brunette with composure. “She had been kidnapped by a Rogue Aleph Aspect working with an O12 Division under investigation by Saladin.”

    “Oh, so she’s the reason you razed an entire industrial complex at Novvi Granada’s Harbor!”

    “What? We didn’t…”

    But as Apple Pie and the Wrecking Belles started to protest, Latif opened a holoscreen with a clip from OXID News Network describing the explosion and subsequent fire that raged over the industrial complex they had just come from.

    OXID: While the current hypothesis is a chemical spill, several sources mentioned gun fire a few minutes before the detonation, so Industrial Sabotage and Terrorism have not been ruled out. An Anonymous source claims the infamous Qapu Khalqi Unit Foxglove, better known as ‘The Wrecking Belles’ for their violent methods and trails of destruction, had been seen operating in Novvi Granada. We tried contacting Qapu Khalqi for a statement, but so far we have received no answer.
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