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The Myrmidon [FPS game, now on Maya!]

Discussion in 'FanFic' started by xagroth, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. xagroth

    xagroth Mournful Echo

    Nov 23, 2017
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    Now coming to you all, Maya is proud to present the official launch of the first O-12 sponsored VR game!!!

    The Myrmidon is an FPS game whose Beta has been around for more than a year, during which time it has grow with an enormous player base. This is more than good, since not only you can play online with and against your friends, in unique group and single combat scenarios, but the game also contains a level designer, a campaign assembler, and thousands of media packages that will allow you to place the right audio for almost any dialog you write!

    The game ships with a full complement of base skins, with a single player tutorial where you can play as a Thorakite recruit under the direct orders of famous subofficers like Nesaie Alké and Thrasímedes, for a total of five hours of fully interactive gameplay where you will learn to use the full complement of weapons! We give you our word, you won't get bored of it (Disclaimer: this assessment is limited to the first five runs, after which the enemies' LAI is predictable enough to have shown all of its predesigned moves for the tutorial).
    After the tutorial, you will be "promoted" to a Myrmidon with a Combi rifle, and sent to the main campaign, where you can unlock, just by playing and managing certain achievements (some of them hidden in such a way it will change between playthroughts!) all the complement of gear a Myrmidon can have access to! You will also meet with such legendary figures as Machaon "don't you dar die on me or I'll hit you", the most famous medic of the Phalanx, or "Follow my lead" Phoenix, the most veteran Myrmidon in service!

    Among the first DLC you will find "Atalanta's nest" and "Diomedes' calling", both totally free DLC's you will receive access to after you finish the main campaign, allowing you to access the Agema and the Ekdromoi skins and gear loadouts! (Disclaimer: full unlock of all the gear is subjected to the finish of the DLC campaigns with a minimum success rate).

    But there is more! The mutliplayer aspect of the game lets you play with any of the unlocked skins, either by yourself or in a tightly knitted team of companions! And you can face against other Mymidon players in the Training Grounds, or the fearsome Combined Army, which composes the majority of the enemies during the single player campaigns!

    Because indeed, the tutorial and main campaigns run on the lush jungles of Paradiso, where the Myrmidon army gallantly faces against the alien forces of the Combined Army! During the tutorial you will face mostly automated troops like Unidrons, Drones of different specialization, and the insidious Shasvastii's Shrouded, Malignos and Gwailos! Once you reach the main campaign you will be forced to fend off assaults by the merciless Morat, culminating with a face to face with their towering TAG, the mighty Raicho!

    This will prepare you to face with your friends the Multiplayer-only campaign, where your band of brothers will have to conquer all the nasty tricks our programmers were able to think when it comes to send fully unleashed CA troops, culminating with an epic battle against the most evil, fearsome and difficult of all the enemies the CA can throw at you, the Avatar! Not only that, but performing exceedingly well here will unlock the most coveted skin one can dream of! Yes! The mighty! The proud! The inimitable! ACHILLES HIMSELF!!!

    And it gets even better! You can go choose to fight in the Multiplayer Vs mode, where a team of gallant Myrmidons will face off against another team of Combined soldiers! All of this official multiplayer battles will also give you credits, depending on your performance, that will let you unlock more skins and gear loadouts, like the beautiful Pentesilea, the trustworthy Dactils, the calculating Hector, or the sinister Umbra Legates!

    Can all of this get better? Just the tutorial will provide between five and twenty hours of intense and variable fights, and the main campaign, plus the free DLC, will give you more than a hundred before you will feel like you are getting used to all the options. But... the answer is YES! IT GETS BETTER!

    The mission and campaign creator lets you unlock even more skins and loadouts depending on how much time, and how skillfully, you play Community-endorsed packs, and the best of those packs can be officially sanctioned! That will make you, the creator of such marvel of human ingenuity, eligible for Beta Testing of new DLC and packs, plus getting more official content for free!

    Right now, the first Community Pack has been announced coming soon to your Comlogs! This time, our proud Yu Jing partners have prepared, for all of us, a fierce war of independence... or treason! Of heroes... or villains! Step into the boots of Imperial Service troops while they find out traitors among the proud Japanese Service Army, doing their best to protect the beloved Japanese culture from being appropriated by shameless and misguided warriors who swore the Yu Jing ideals, yet they break their word!
    Presenting! The collaboration of the face of Yu Jing's military prowess! The one and only Sun Tze himself!
    With the greatest achievement of Yu Jing's science for the first time available for you all, this DLC will allow the player to remotely pilot an emulation of the incredible Su Jian Inmediate Action Unit! (Disclaimer: all technological and military data has been masked in the game's source code, so you will experience no change in the control system regardless of what unit you are piloting).
    And with the acquisition of this DLC, you will get a Strategic Control Lhost System! This will allow you to switch your direct control between units of different type, regardless of their position, specialty or capabilities, also allowing you to give Tactical and Strategical commands for the rest of the units in each mission!
    Succesfully performing this will allow you access to some Yu Jing's skins for Multiplayer games, introducing a whole new faction and new map possibilities with 1 Vs 1 Vs 1 games! Again, performing well here will unlock more and more skins!

    Finally, we are proud to announce we are working in a mercenary campaign, with the collaboration of the StarCo mercenary company! They will let us face some of the most unsavory types of criminals, and other mercenary units like the highly professional Druze Bayrham, or the focused Ikari Company! You will have access to a new "company management" campaign mode, with tons of missions that will be selected semi-randomly, so you won't find yourself running the same missions all the time!

    Subscribe now to the newsletter, and remember! Only in Maya you can play online!
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  2. stargorger

    stargorger Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2017
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    lol. Uh huh.
  3. stevenart74

    stevenart74 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2018
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    Funny and amusing. . .

    While the too unthusiastic "Pitch Salesman" kind of over-eager wording (humorously balanced by many "Disclaimers". . . !!) seems to Me a not-so-veiled satyre of Developer Companies releasing every incomplete Projects (with more "Bugs" than a Caskuda's Hive !!) far in advance of completion time, because "Release Time of Rivals" (such as the darned last Final Fantasy, that took 1 frickin YEAR of "DLC Rain" to be whole and completed, or the DISGUSTING "Mass Effect: Andromeda" of PS4 that, for Me and other many Old Timer Fan, was FAR WORSE than "Mass Effect 3" for PS3 !!!) this is very believable. . .

    And who know, maybe if Corvus Belli will gain enough "Momentum" (to borrow a Term from the Official R.P.G. licensed to Modiphius of London) then a solid "First Five" amongst potential backgrounds of a C.B.-sponsored Video-Game would be quite a good representation of the S.S.S. of A.L.E.P.H. for something good. . .

    Re-Skinning / Re-Using frames from other existing F.P.S. could be indeed possible; the first of many potentials that I think could be useful could be "Crysys" as it YET have Powered Armour "Elite Troopers" that use a slew of weapons (both Realistic and totally Weird Sci-Fi) and could choose between "Stealth Camo" versus "Forcefield Extra Armour" and shoot both Humanoid equivalents and strangely shaped "Alien Robo-Bugs". . .
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  4. xagroth

    xagroth Mournful Echo

    Nov 23, 2017
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    The idea was to go for a kinda teleshopping vibe... and it grew when I was writing XD.

    There does exist an alpha demo of Infinity as a PC game, but it was never developed. Even so, a FPS could be made, while other genres could go by just with skin mods ^^
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  5. Danger Rose

    Danger Rose Sand Cats Tactical Security LLC

    Nov 23, 2017
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    Apple Pie looked at Doc Starlight and Obliterette with a raised eyebrow. "It's a waste of money." she says flatly.

    "Come on! You can be a Myrmidon!" replied Obliterette in exasperation.

    "It's clearly a Pay-to-Win scam." returned Apple Pie crossing her arms.

    "You're a Sheik's wife!" countered Doc Starlight. "Money is not a problem for you!"

    "Because I don't waste it in Video Games. I'm not a Nerd like you two."

    Obliterette muffled Doc Starlight's mouth. "It's ok, an Atek would never survive five minutes in that game anyway."

    Doc Starlight took Obliterette's hand off her mouth, eyes wide in realization and smiling sadistically.

    Apple Pie's eyes became slits. With a violent hand wave, she made the payment through the open site and started the download.

    Doc Starlight and Obliterette jumped like schoolgirls, to Battle Charmer's disapproving gaze.
  6. DaRedOne

    DaRedOne Morat Warrior Philosopher

    Nov 23, 2017
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    "What the fuck is that?" Ren'ehk raised an eyebrow as she watched her sister intently smashing buttons and glare at a screen where some kind of battle simulation took place.

    "Human video game. Got it from Hoshyat" Oyat huffed, not taking her eyes off the screen as what looked to be a poorly rendered version of a Hemat Industries rifle shot at some human troops.

    "Why am I not surprised? Is it at least good?" The oznat sat down, watching the screen with growing curiosity.

    "Nah, the Raizot handles poorly, the guns don't feel very real, and it keeps asking me to purchase some sort of... Season Pass? I have no idea what that is. Oh, and it butchers our language so badly I'm pretty sure the officer is telling me to go give the fishes a backrub."

    "Okay, that's hilarious. How do I join?" Ren'ehk scooted next to her sister to get a better look at the screen.

    "Here." Oyat tossed a smooth black object on her sister's lap, some sort of controlling device with too many buttons, sticks and blinking lights "Press this button, then choose a class. They're all the same, really. Except the Umbra, but I don't have human money to buy it."

    By the end of the evening, Ren'ehk had found out some interesting things about humans:
    - They liked to entertain themselves with odd, yet strangely compelling games
    - They spent a lot of money in those games
    - and maybe she needed one of those game consoles.

    (In other words: I loved this little thing :D)
  7. eych

    eych Member

    Jan 11, 2018
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    When I started reading it, I thought it would be just a writing simulating a generic commercial, I didn't really the point. But that punch at the end was really good, it sure changed my mind quickly.
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