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The Minotaurs Brigade: Mercenary Teseum Wardens. . .

Discussion in 'RPG' started by stevenart74, May 13, 2018.

  1. Beodren

    Beodren Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2017
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    Alistair kept low to the ground within the ruined builing to the west, and when the robot was tuned towards him, and the antipode, he even held his breath to avoid any motion. Anitpode remained right beside the scote, not making a smallest move as the guard patrolling by the East wall, moved closer and then, began to walk away.

    [Roll for stealth D:0 ]
    [Two successes without the cloak benefit, since I forgot to roll it. Momentum:2]

    Once the guard was turned back to Alistair dig face looked at the antipode bonded to him and let out a simple low grunt, sound cold enough to have a clear meaning to anyone preset. It was a command to kill, and Antipode obeyed his master, launching right at the sentry, moving with inhumane grace before attempting to take down the unaware sentry, attacking it just as it was hidden from snipers by the wall it was patrolling, around while Alistair pushed forward.

    [Roll for Attack, burning one point of momentum (Momentum: 1)]
    [I think Surprise attack was a hit, right? and with all the dice being successful, We gain one more momentum (Momentum:2)]

    Anitpode found the target and began to tear off the head of the droid before it could process the damage, teseum claws digging in fiercely into the machine, cutting it as if it was a made from paper. Anyone seeing this would quickly realize, why people of Ariadna were so wary and afraid of those beasts, and Iron Masked Wolf, was made even more dangerous by the wicked experiments.

    [Roll for damage. Teseum claws have 1+3d Piercing 2, Vicious 2. No momentum burnt
    Due to Antipode bonus 4 physical damage, I think poor sentry is dead, with two points of armor ignored and seven damage received? Also +1 momentum I believe]

    The sentry was dead, it's head torn in moments, hopefully, before any alert could be raised, and swiftly enough to avoid making unnecessary noise.While Iron Masked Wolf finished off it's prey, Alistair kept moving silently, keeping as low profile as possible and slowly preparing the charge as he passed through the breach in the wall and slowly approached the tower and did his best to avoid detection. Thankfully, with sentry out of the way, Scot felt some place, and made a mental note to Galahad, to inform his allies of successful entry, while he made sure to duck under the searchlight, and get to northern turret as soon as it was possible.

    [Roll for Alistair Stealthy approach to first turret. 2d20 base plus one for the Camo Cloak

    Three successes for the Scot, which adds two further momentum.(Momentum:4)]

    Now he was by the turret and soon, he began to place the charge while Galahad kept watch through the eyes of the Antipode, making sure, the other sniper would not cause any trouble, until the time was right. Now, it felt almost like old times when the retired Scot Guard almost mechanically connected the detonator and set the timer, trying to make sure he remembered the procedure and rules right.

    [Roll for awareness to place the demo charge, burning one momentum.

    One success! Phew, still enough to make it work, right? (Momentum:3)]

    Scot was done with setting up the charge, and what remained was one final tower for him to prepare, before pushing onward. Still, he was aware of the guard that was just behind the crates, patrolling back and forth, so Ariadnan made sure to make the move when the drone was walking away, doing his best to reach the southern side of the other tower before sweep of the sentry would finish, antipode, following him closely.

    [Final stealth roll! D1 Burning one momentum.

    Two successes nail it, no momentum gained.(Momentum:2)]

    Hidden between the tower and the wall, Scot Guard placed the second charge as swiftly as he could, feeling far from comfortable in vincinity of two guards, constantly moving almost next to him. After all he wanted to get to the gear in the middle of the base as soon as it was possible, since without weapons, clearing the complex would likely end up quite the difficult task.

    [Second demo charge roll D1 Burning one momentum
    Godlike roll, three successes! +1 momentum(Momentum:2)]

    Second charge came easy, muscle memory coming back to the Caledonian as this time he had the device ready and i weak point of the tower before he truly guard took more than six steps. And now both sniper nests to the North East were ready to blow at press of the button. There was just matter of getting to the main warehouse and acquiring the gear. To achieve that, he waited just a moment, before looking at the antipode. The sentry that was just next to the entrance, moving by northern wall to the building was secretly observe from the darkness, and then, both Dog Face and Anitpode jumped the drone, aiming to sever power supply to main processor.

    [Attack of Antipode and Dog Face, 2d20 For Alistair and burning one momentum will turn it into 4d20! and other 1d20 coming from Antipode since he helps with task. Mighty 5d20!
    Three successes, but I believe only one momentum is gained here. Still, Damage!(Momentum:2)]

    There was no hesitation or mercy as noble and his "pet" fell upon the sentry, only to realize it was already struck and damaged. Caledonian made sure to strike at remaining exposed spots, before dragging the wreck out of sight of sentries into the darkness of the warehouse.

    [Damage time. Burning one momentum, Alistair uses the combat knife:
    Talk about less than ideal roll, Sentry will receive Five damage before Antipode claws come in. Should be enough to disable it, and drag it into the warehouse, right?]

    Machine was struck again and while attack was successful, the damage was minimal, there was a low risk of the alert, so Caledonian noble did his best to drag the likely ruined remote deep into the warehouse, out of sight of any unnecessary witnesses. Hopefully, with help of his newfound companion, the remote simulacrum of patrolmen, would be dealt with, before the charges were set off.
    Then with a gentle smile, he reached for detonator, and pressed the button, following the detonation of the Morat, and making sure, North part of the base was currently crumbling and ablaze.

    [Okay, I hopefully caught up on all the rolls, and got the infiltration covered, if anything is wrong, I am more than happy to edit and adapt the post.]
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  2. Golem2God

    Golem2God Just a Kooky Kumotail serving others.

    Nov 25, 2017
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    Just as Uja was about to move a mechanical noise came from the other side of the crates.
    Vorpella: "Enemy at 3 o'clock." The geist called out. This wasn't right. How could a drone be patrolling this area at this time? Uja realized that the reason way the drone was near his current position was due to his burst of speed from earlier. He wasn't behind his path's scheduled time but actually ahead of it. That was just as bad as being behind schedule due to enemies being out of place.

    As he was about to draw a weapon to take the drone out a realization hit the Morat. One of the reasons he was going through with this scenario was to test the "hunting tool" that Wopk gave him. Down near his feet the critter stood looking away from the noise that was coming closer to their position. Uja tapped the reptile's skull causing the creature to jolt it's head in the direction of it's alpha. The Morat then proceeded to point over the crates & in the direction of the noise the drone made. Realizing what it was being asked to do the beast began to shuffle away from the designated area where it was beckoned to go. Uja wasn't having any of this. What was this creature's problem that made it so skiddish all of a sudden? It certainly didn't act like that in front of Ayrrn until recently.
    [Successful Athletic roll (16).]
    Taking the Snakewolf by the neck Uja stepped forward remaining covered by the crate and threw Knucker violently into the drone.
    The reptile landed on the drone's head and began to slash, claw & bite wildly. If the target had been flesh & blood then death would be the most likely outcome or a torn up face at the very least. However, since the drone wasn't made of organic matter Knucker's thrashing didn't do as much damage. After a few seconds pasted of the occupied drone trying to remove the Snakewolf, Uja took matters into his own hands.
    [Successful CC roll (17).]
    With the machine heavily distracted it was easy for the Morat to close the gap and dispatch the drone with ease. One swing from the Vorpal Blade was all it took to end the unit's functioning. Now that the problem was taken care off Uja was free to focus on using some D-Charges to access the second target on the holo-map.

    Uja wasn't in the dark when it came to demolitions. His parents being part of his species' engineer guilds had benefits to the dat's practical education. Still that didn't make this upcoming task any more easier considering those tenants his parents taught him was back in his childhood. He could hear his older sister scoff at him now. About how he not only left his family but also forgot their heritage besides. She was right on that account. Uja did forget most of what he had learned form his parents focusing on the violent ways instead of continuing the family's tradition.

    Uja'rak: "Now is not the time to be worrying about this." He told himself. The fact that he was worrying was a new experience for the Morat. Until now he didn't care about those things nor ever had a reason to. Nevertheless, some high pitched, fast paced combat would help clear his head but first these walls needed to come tumbling down before that could happen.

    While placing the charges carefully on the wall Uja wondered if he had used enough to break through into the large box shown on the holo-map. Looking down at his remaining 2 charges he realized it would have to do. Besides this wall was thicker anyway compare to the final one guarding the homestretch.

    When he reached a safe distance from the charges Knucker was found rolled up in a makeshift ball with it's venom quills jutted out. Uja could have sworn that he heard the critter whimpering. A feeling of guilt washed over Uja. The reason Knucker was acting like this was because of him. He felt infuriated at the creature's seemingly cowardliness in the face of fighting instead of treating it reasonably. Pushing that thought aside, he hit the detonation button hoping that the little bit of information he remembered was correct.
    [Success on both Tech rolls. One for each Charge (8, 4). Uja's memory has served him well. Goes to shows that listening to what your parents are trying to teach you pays off in the end.]

    Uja used one too many as the explosion was bigger than what he originally thought. Still it produced the desired effect of creating an open path to the large box. Looking inside Uja found some ammunition or his shooting weapons. It was an interesting choice to separate the ammo from the gun by placing it behind a wall. Guess someone in charge of the simulation was making things a bit more difficult. Perhaps a test of sorts? Whatever it was it wasn't a problem nor a concern for the Morat.

    As he walked out Uja took some time to kneel down and pet the distraught Knucker. It didn't take long for the dragon to be coaxed out of it's ball and back to it's normal self. Tagging behind the Morat as Uja closed the gap to his destination. The wall separating the final leg of the selected path wasn't as thick as the previous one. It shouldn't be a problem considering how the last detonation went off. After placing the D-Charges carefully and far enough apart Uja fell back to safety near the crates he had been before. Double checking his work and feeling good about the results, his large hand grasped the detonator pressing the button on the top.

    [One success & one failure. Tech rolls (4, 20). Well you can't win them all.]

    It seemed that the so-called beginners luck had begun to fade from Uja's exploits. While the fact of one of the detonations failing spectactually didn't faze the Morat's resolve it reminded him of his need to learn the art of demolishing. The other charge thankfully punched through the wall leaving a hole that Uja could climb through to the other side. Knucker was curiously eyeing the hole that suddenly appeared after the loud noise erupted. Just as the Morat was about to pick up the beast some far off noise similar to D-Charges going off. It reminded Uja that he wasn't alone in this simulation. He should focus on finishin...
    Vorpella: "Look Out!!"
  3. inane.imp

    inane.imp Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2018
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    OOC: I'm going to assume that since things have gotten noisey with Uja detonating the charges that we're going to do the scene on a combat round basis. So I'm going to go up to the end of Tony's first activation. I'm probably going to burn a lot of momentum doing this... but I'm working on the theory of going hard early, so that I can get clear of the water and in close where I can let loose with my Combis.

    In the TAG hanger prior to insertion Tony goes through his mission prep routine, time may be pressing but he is thorough. He loads his left GL with Smoke rounds and his right with Explosive Grenades: this in combination with his Panzerfausts, Chain-colt and AP rounds for his combi leaves him with a weapon choice to cover every conceivable threat. He also takes the opportunity to check his TAG's seals and apply additional grease to any servos or joints that will be exposed to the ocean, Betty - as ever - is a quiet voice in his ear and assists him by running through the TAG's diagnostic data for any issues.

    During the long ride to the insertion site, Tony sits down near his TAG in what appears to be meditation. Something that appears to be odd to his compatriots. In reality he's not communing with any soul but rather the datasphere of his TAG's firewall, running patching software and checking for anything out of place.

    OOC: Hacking test (assisted by Betty) to reinforce his Firewall. I'll use the Momentum generated to create turn the TAG's internal network into a Secured Zone (giving Tony additional defence if someone tries to fry his brain through his neural implants). Securing the TAG. Hacking TN(FOC): 12(1) + Bety 10(0): 3#1d20 12 5 11] So, 2 Successes. Which means Tony is inside a Secured Zone of +4 Firewall when he's in his TAG (for this Mission).


    Tony wades slowly under the shallow waters near the 'smuggler's' base, moving carefully so as not to disturb the surface. The sensation was odd, a combination of weightlessness similar to Zero-G but with an unfamiliar resistance from the water: together it contributed to slowing him down, but he got used to it.

    OOC: I'm going to apply negative terrain effects to my speed until I clear the water. So I'm assuming Tony is Hindered and needs to pass a Pilot test to Move within / out of the zone. This means Tony's speed is effectively 1 zone until he clears the water.

    He stops just short of the breakers, the low swell keeping the wave heights managable. He sits, hidden waiting. It reminds him of sitting in an ambush position on the dark side of an asteroid, keeping minimum emissions and waiting, interminable waiting. He's calm, his twitches and worries forgotten for a while: this is what he does, it's simple comparative to the politics of a new organisation, the existenial and personnnel threat from the Shasvasti. Wait for explosions and then push forward shooting. He sighs into his mask. Why isn't everything this simple?

    OOC: I'm assuming I'm at Medium range from the Shore.

    Stealth roll to stay hidden. Because Tony is piloting his TAG, I'll do this as a Co-ordination + Stealth test and spend 2 Momentum, because it will be well awkward if I'm detected. Hiding in the water. Stealth TN(FOC):11(0) + 2 Additional Dice: 4#1d20 9 8 3 16]. So 3 successes. Assuming that it's a D2 test I'll save +1 Momentum. So -1 Momentum overall.

    His TAG's antennae sit just above the swell, allowing him to passively monitor the smugglers network. Between them Tony and Betty attempt to locate and track the smugglers around the base. Even most Ariadnan's have commlogs which - if you're not very careful - will leak stray RF emissions that can be localised and monitored. It won't catch everything but will likely give them an edge in the first few critical seconds, particularly with Betty's assistance conducting traffic analysis on the network.

    OOC: Exploit roll with Hacking to build momentum, assisted by Betty. Exploit (Network Analysis) TN(FOC): 12(1) + Betty's Analysis TN(FOC): 12(1): 3#1d20 10 13 12. So 2 successes. That's +1 Momentum.

    The sounds of explosions roar over the sounds of waves slapping against the shore. Tony smiles cruelly behind his mask: "Moving!", he transmits over the combat net. He starts running forward, as his shoulders break clear of the water he pauses. He draws a bead on the nearest guard tower and fires his first Panzerfaust, it streaks from his shoulder and slams into the western guard tower.Almost simultaneously he raises his right combi and lobs an explosive grenade into the second tower.

    OOC: Free Action: Speak. Minor action: Move forward 1 zone, so Tony is now Close to the shore. Standard Action (1.): Shoot Panzerfaust at westerly tower, I spend 1 Momentum on additional dice. I spend 2 Momentum on a Swift Action (2.) to lob grenade into the near tower, I spend 1 Momentum on an additional dice. Momentum: -4.

    Betty speaks in his ear. "Unengaged sniper, East. Unengaged sentry, North." Both targets are cued onto Tony's tactical display, but he won't be able to engage them before they can act.

    OOC: Betty, Exploit roll using Observation TN(FOC):10(0): 2#1d20 18 13. No successes.

    Assuming Tony gets shot at, my plan will be to perform a Evasive Action as a Reaction vs any incoming sniper fire or anything AP/T2, as below (TN(FOC): 15(3) + Palm Circuitry (+1 Momentum) + Born to the Wheel (-1 Difficulty)).

    Anticipating incoming fire he jinks sideways shouldering into an oncoming wave, his bulk throwing up a spray as he crashes into it. He grins: he's all suited up and enjoying the deadly dance.

    Internal Gecko network is a Secured Zone with +4 Firewall.
    Panzerfaust is -1 Munition. 1 remaining.
    Right GL is -1 Munition. 5 remaining.
    West Tower (1.) took 3 hits. Dam 11, ignores 6 Soak. Dam 7. Dam 7, ignores 4 Soak.
    Near Tower (2.) took 1 Indiscriminate (Close) Hit. Dam 7, ignores 2 Soak.
    Total Momentum spend: -2. 0 remaining.

    Edit: I modified my momentum spend after the fact on my Panzerfaust and Grenade rolls. I spent momentum on +DAM on both of them, but I reread the rules and realised that I should have rolled first and then spent on +DAM/+Piercing. Given that the DAM was high enough that I didn't really need to push it higher, I changed the momentum spend as above.
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