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The Minotaurs Brigade: Mercenary Teseum Wardens. . .

Discussion in 'RPG' started by stevenart74, May 13, 2018.

  1. inane.imp

    inane.imp Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2018
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    [OOC: I'm going to assume a Hacking test for Betty's research. Acharon Blockade Research, TN10 FOC0: 4#1d20 13 16 18 5. Well not much joy then, only a single success.

    Sorry for the delay. I've been getting smashed at work and didn't really have much in the way of brain space.]

    ... Dios. Tony, is quiet for a moment taking in what Moondriver had relayed. Combat operations were one thing, but this was bizarre and frightening. If what Moondriver said was accurate, and it was a big if, then one of the boogeymen of the sphere was tracking him. Not to mention the news that apparently Svengali was working with the EI or at the very least helping Shasvasti infiltration. This was a conspiracy almost as large as the whole B4CKDOOR crisis.

    Have you passed this up to Nomad High Command?

    Tony was feeling overwhelmed and in well over his head: he'd be much happier dealing with a TAG that had a seized ankle acuator and was leaking O2 from a pinhole no-one could find. He could fight a threat that was in front of him, but this -a potential Shasvasti incursion with elements of it gunning for him personally - was hardly creditable let alone something he could affect.

    He shrugs fatalistically, grabs a bottle and necks it. There's not much he can do about it, and you have to go out some way. Just a pity it's on a backwater planet like Ariada.

    Betty stays quiet, without any actionable information there's not much she can say and Tony needs some time to get to grips with this revelation.
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  2. stevenart74

    stevenart74 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2018
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    @inane.imp . . .

    "Nah, Maan. . . . .Connected the dots JUST some hours ago, after the weird Quantronic Sweep covered by Svengali's Drone Attack was filtered !!"

    "Aaaaaalso, TECHNICALLY, after Mother Superior Kitsune of the Observanzah, I MYSELF, Your humble Moonriser, is ONE of the LOCAL TOP-NOTCH Black Hand "Local Assetts". . .BUT the problem is that I have to go through a LOT of Double-Code Checks through the Corregidoran-Dedicated darknet spots of Arachne. . . . .Instead the Right-Hand Assistant of thah Mutha Observanzah, Sistah Lacryma, that weird Custodier with the Bluddah' Tears mask, is the one to have DIRECT QUANTRONIC LINK with their own Black Hand Command, in Bakunin, with specific "Red Alert" codes. . ."

    "WE NOW DECIDE in a proper Corregidoran Fashion, and then, I think is wise to connect with Your squad, drop down a Plan of Action AND THEN inform the High Overseers of the Black Hand. . ."

    ". . . . ."

    "There is a thingah important there ! It is ONLY rumors, but IT SEEM that all that whole Minotaurs Thingah started a handful of Years ago when a sort of Spekkulaz-styled Operation FAILED spectacularly ! What is sure is that one of mine "Mousy Spy Drones" had seen what were SUSPICIOUSLY Dissected Frogface Corpses in a Morgue Vault Cryo-Crypt, far, Far, FAR under the surface, right between the Haqqislamite Bubble Compound and the Stealth Bioship of the Tohaa parked in the Submarine Docks. . .!!"

    ". . . . .!!!"

    "Waddah looking at Mah so ? Ah, Yezzah, I failed to mention previously that Minotaurs have a FULLY FUNCTIONAL Tohaa Biomechanoid Stealth Dropship under the Island Shoreline. . .!!"

    "Weird Buncha, those ! They seem to be considered Radical Nutjob Crackheads by their OWN Culture ! But they get along VERRAH WELL with the Haqqislamite Genengineers, the Chimera-Makers of Bakunin and the small Krewe of Fish-Men Rebels from Panokkah's Own Waterworld. . . . .Waddah they are called. . .??"

    "Ah, Yezzah ! Thah "Libertos Freedom Fighters" of Varuna !!!"

    . . . . .

    Now the black faced Native of Old Sol System, from Tycho crater in Luna, the only moon satellite of Old Earth (in the ONLY succesful place that is a Nomads Cultural Enclave ON A PSEUDO-PLANETARY SURFACE), grinned a shitty grin. . .

    It was CLEARLY a show-off, what Tony could know is that Moonriser was a crafty bastard, with a Heart of Lead JUST thinly plated in Gold, but that cared FEROCIOUSLY for His own. . .

    In fact was the bloodthirsty retaliations against who harmed His Nomads Contacts that gained Him the O12 "Dangerous Terrorist-For-Hire" label, but EQUALLY to be hailed as a "Folk Hero" by the often stranded Corregidoran Orbital Workers exploited by wily Hyperpowers Corporations. . .

    There was ALSO a subtle undercurrent of wary respect in the "Litany of Accomplishments" that the Black Faced Mobile Brigada Officer launched ! Previously His interactions with Tony were like those between a "Doting Uncle" and a "Cherished Upcoming Nephew" but now was treating the Gecko Mechanic roughly as an "Equal Partner". . .

    Obviously the Smuggling Contacts Ring that Tony had successfully served by securing what the Ariadnan Bikers + Kum Gangers wanted had garnered much "Honour Points" in the mindset of the dangerous, but VERY useful, Criminal Mercenary Cyborg. . .

    . . . . .

    EVEN if the Masai-Scarfaced Caribbean STILL was callously thinking in terms of "Chess Pieces Value On The Board" the "Rank" of Tony had increased overmuch, from a simple "Pawn of the Human Sphere" as "Rook", "Bishop" or even "All-Ranging Queen" (with OBVIOUSLY Moonriser Himself as the "King" on the Chessboard !!). . .

    . . . . .

    If was STILL thinking in the Hunter-Stalker Mindset of His African Ancestors was MUCH LIKE the Elder Tribal Huntmaster that proudly saw the cherished Youngster Protege as volunteering to act as "Bait" to lure, trap and kill the dangerous Maneater Lion. . .!!

    . . . . .

    Moonriser was NOT so stupid to NOT acknowledge the DIRE proportions of the "Allieance, Even of Convenience" between the Rogue Artificial Intelligence Mobster and the MOST Insidious of the Xeno Warrior Races serving under the Combined Army. . . . . but STILL it smelled for Him of ALL manners of "Monetizing Opportunities". . .!!

    Seemed ALSO that the Afro-Caribbean Heavy Infantry Officer was far, Far, FAR more optimist about Tony's Skills and Effectiveness than the prudent, almost-paranoid, Mechanic & Pilot was HIMSELF. . . . .!!!
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  3. stevenart74

    stevenart74 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2018
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    @Golem2God . . .

    There were three Humanoid Drones of H.I.V.E.M.I.N.D. that respectfully and slowly entered the premises of Lord Alistair's Bungalow, and that retrieved the "Motherboard Core" prize, still dripping loathsome greenish-goo droplets; apparently if they heard Uja's dire proclamations the aknowledged it with JUST a pico-second long "Half Freezing" of a couple of secondary hydraulic joints. . .

    To someone of the Human Sphere that was NOT privy to working alongside a LOT of A.I.-Controlled Drone Soldiers would have been ALMOST invisible, but to the Daturazi Krakot, in the past often charging towards Enemy Lines alongside relentless Staldrons Infantrybots and towering Artillery Support Overdrons, that "Pseudo-Glitch" was clear as a Humanoid yelp of unwanted surprise. . .

    Was that the cause that made the Drone, JUST now exiting from a Low-Level "Holomasking Camo" that just blurred the details of the Frame Chassis (Uja knew that, as a matter of facts, very often A.I.-Controlled Drones exited from Holo-Stealth and depowered Armements as a "Courtesy Nod" towards respected Organic Fellow Soldiers) clapping shut with a TAD too much haste the oversized lid of the "I.P.I. Safebox" (also the Combined Army employed "Inert Plumbum Isothope" neomaterials obtained by alloying simple lead with the rare, precious Nessium and Teseum, to TOTALLY shield Quantronic Interferences, but the Voodootech Versions were faar smaller, and thin-walled that the cumbersome "Mini-Safe" that was held in the Humandroid Robot left manipulator). . .

    . . . . .

    The two Tohaa Elite Commandos (with the typical Patchwork "Piecemeal Wargear" of Biotech mixed with Plastimetal Hardware, often seen in Special Force Officers) instead, stiffly froze in mid-action to a formal bow towards the Human-Returned Dogface Officer welcoming then. . .

    They seemed as to stop in mid motion, as if hearing some whispered words that ONLY they could hear; Uja'Rak'Se'Ok reasoned that as Tohaas ALWAYS worked in Three-Numbered Triads (except for rare "Kamikaze Solos" who were considered dangerous, nigh-suicidal crazed lunatics) and there were ONLY two evident, VERY PROBABLY a camouflaged, hidden and distant Long-Range Operative (maybe one of those crafty and dangerous Viral Heavy Snipergun Sharpshooters, so similar to His lethal, adorable Human Wife !!) was following them and communicating with some of their weird "Artichoke Head Pheromones". . .

    . . . . .

    In fact Uja as a Morat Veteran who often fought in the past AGAINST Tohaa Infantry (peculiarly the Makaul Spear-Dancers that were so upped on Biotech Combat Drugs to be a PASSABLE worthy opponent of Daturazi Warriors !!) and ALONGSIDE the Sygmaa (the "Freed Tohaas" under the "Doting Protection" of the Ur Evolved Intelligence) had started to comprehend a Basic understanding of Pheromone Communication Codes (especially now that PROPERLY managing that dangerous Ariadnan "Combat Pet", Knucker the Snakewolf, needed a Control through a Com-Log Emitter !!). . .

    Usually when "Artichoke Heads" of whatever Allegiance communicated between them they had an "Overperfumed Smell" that was too thick, syrupy and cloying on the nostrils (and Daturazis, fighting Helmetless, employed A LOT their Sense of Smell, to properly fight in a Galactic-Sized Battlefield !!) but when alerted they started to have a sour undersmell, much like Vinegar burnt on a Censer !!!

    When they started to emit that "Danger Odour" the biggest of them, a Male with an almost-unplated Symbiotic "Second Layer" of Biotech Muscles covered by a weird Mimetic Cloak looked at Uja directly in the eyes (weird, Tohaas USUALLY avoided direct eye contacts, as they often seemed shifty and duplicitous). . .

    That muscular, large one (albeit STILL a Head smaller than the burly, taller Warrior-Monk Renegade) had two weird Blade-Like "Curved Daggers" with a too long shaft sheated on the back (to a Martial Art Master like Uja it was clearly evident that those two small weapons would combine in the single double-headed spear-like "Warstaff" so beloved by Tohaa Meleeists) and a single "Pseudo Revolver" oversized Pistol, of clear Ariadnan "Vintage Primitive" style, that instead of normal Brass Cased Ammo had Shotgun-Like "Slugs" transparent and filled with what seemed a brightly fluorescent blue-white fluid. . .

    And then, surprise amongst surprises, that Tohaa Elite spoke fluently in a PERFECT Morat Language, WITHOUT any trace of External Translator-Chip and free of weird Accents:

    "Sumi Na Rat ! Rut No Mat Wa THEKALASHU KOOTAIL De !! Wa Kau Kusitaka Za'Z'Va'Sta'Vah Teh'Kah ROTOK ?? Wa Ka Pa Sumi U Ni Be Wa, Pa Ka Nek !! UDO MO !!!!! "

    . . . . .


    Roughly translated by using the small Morat Vocabulary on N2 Human Sphere Manual, intersped with what small I know of Japanese Grammar AND Klingon Battlecant (based on Ancient Edo Samurai War Rallies !!). . .

    "Sumi Na Rat ! (I salute a Morat Warrior !)

    Rut No Mat Wa THEKALASHU KOOTAIL De !! (My name is "Kootail" -Military Rank- "Thekalashu" - Proper Name- !!)

    Wa Kau Kusitaka Za'Z'Va'Sta'Vah Teh'Kah ROTOK ?? (If I understand correctly THAT Shaasvastii Voodootech ??)

    Wa Ka Pa Sumi U Ni Be Wa, (I do not understand well, excuse My worries,)

    Pa Ka Nek !! ("This Is Not Right !!" - Is a worrysome thing -)

    UDO MO !!!!! ("Quite Lefty" - Very Sinister Discovery) ]
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  4. Golem2God

    Golem2God Just a Kooky Kumotail serving others.

    Nov 25, 2017
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    Uja's eyes displayed shock upon hearing a Tohaa speak his native tongue.
    Uja'rak: "What madness is this?!" He mentally uttered in partial disbelieve at what he just heard. The Morat didn't know which was worse. The contents of the message or the fact that a Tohaa was speaking his race's language and fluently at that.
    Uja'rak: "Who the hell are you?" Uttered Uja in a deep guttural voice that did little to hide the distaste or venom that was building up in him. Teetering on the verge of showing how dominate his left hand was.
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  5. stevenart74

    stevenart74 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2018
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    Far Later in the Night, when Early Morning start to shine on that Sector of Planet Dawn. . .

    . . . . .

    A couple of Drones of H.I.V.E.M.I.N.D. entered the old "Commission Room" (inherited from when the Old Miner Settlers of New Knossos Island went Here to discuss opening new Mine-Heads or have Syndacate Discussions about Workers Union Rights !!) and took away the Drab Olive Tarpaulins from the Wall-Screens and the big, antiquated "Video-Box 3D Holo-Table" sitting in the middle. . .

    After quickly folding the cumbersome covers they started to warm-up the old, vintage stuff (mainly for the commodity of Ariadnan Observers and Spectators as ANY of the "Involved Parties" would have employed their own Augmented Reality and Sync-Comlogs) and even sweep the mineral dust from the floor. . .

    . . . . .

    Soon anyone would reach the Briefing Room to start to plan the "Stealth Incursion"; while GREATLY reduced in Number (what in fact WAS "Squad Alpha" IS now BARELY "Fireteam Alpha" !!!) by Resignations, Litigations and Wounds from the Airport Battle STILL they showed a lot of promise. . .

    The VERY reason of the existance of H.I.V.E.M.I.N.D. was to counter the "Existential Threat" of Svengali, the Rogue Criminal A.I. that risked to suborn the "Spirit of the Nomads Nation"; while the Humandroid Drones worked mechanically and precisely, the Artificial Intelligence controlling them allowed Itself the Simulated Organic Emotion of "Eager Anticipation". . .

    These THREE Hyper-Elite Veteran Soldiers could as well become the VERY "Attack Spearheads". . .the VERY "Crest of the Minotaurs' Horns" to start the Offensive against the hated Svengali. . .

    . . . . .

    The vile, cowardish Aerial-Scuba Drone Attack at the Old Airport of New Knossos Island was REALLY the "Last Straw That Broke The Camel's Back" as the Haqqislamite Personnell cited often. . . . .Now the High Command Officers of the Mercenary Company were incensed and angry. . . . .NOW A RECKONING WAS DUE !!!!!
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  6. Golem2God

    Golem2God Just a Kooky Kumotail serving others.

    Nov 25, 2017
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    Uja didn't get any answers he was hoping for. The Tohaa in question was preoccupied and eventually needed somewhere else. Perhaps it wasn't important for the Morat to know. Maybe he would eventually find an answer at a later date. After a few more minutes the couple made the trek home to their family size quarters but not without first politely excusing themselves from the gathered group. Whatever was being talked about could wait until morning or whenever the group would convene next. Right now rest and sleep is all that mattered.

    Early Next Morning:

    Arabelle: "Boys! Up and at 'em!!" A groggy voice was uttered from one of the beds.
    Ayrrn: "Five more minutes. Please.."
    Jun: "What time is it?" The asian lad spoke in a similar manner to his roommate.
    Arabelle: "6:30. You've overslept as it is.."
    Jun: "Are you serious?"
    Ayrrn: "Five more minutes. Please.."
    Arabelle: "If you both don't remove yourselves from your cots I'll come in and pull you out myself."
    Jun: "Whoa, wait a minute.."
    Ayrrn: "Dad!!" From the other room another groggy voice spoke back.
    Uja'rak: "What is it?"
    Ayrrn: "Mom is forcing us to get out of bed.."
    Arabelle: "The day has already begun and we are late as it is!"
    Uja'rak: "Bella..the sun has barely touched the horizon by now.."
    Arabelle: "What is with you people?! Daylight is burning and we need to get.."
    Ayrrn: "She is usurping your role as head of the house!"
    Arabelle: "Excuse me you little.."
    Uja'rak: "He is right.."
    Arabelle: "Mon Dieu."
    Uja'rak: "I am the head of this house! As was my father & his father & their fathers before them. I will not allow such backwards.." Upon hearing Uja beginning to rant about the greatness of his species and their way of life, Bella started to move her hand mimicking the motion of a mouth talking. She then began to mouth the words..
    Arabelle: "Look at me, the mighty paragon of masculinity. My pedigree is unmatched by all. No one can compare to.." Jun tried to hide the smile starting to form on his lips.
    Uja'rak: "And I so dictate that you two shall..listen to your mother." Ayrrn plops his face into the pillow signaling defeat. Bella seems shocked but pleased at the outcome.
    Jun: "That was all for nothing?"
    Arabelle: "You heard him.." The Garou wore a smirk on her face. "Up & at 'em." After a couple of seconds of silence Ayrrn chimed in.
    Ayrrn: "Five more minutes."
    Arabelle: "That's it! No more games!" She marched over and pulled the Indian boy from his bed unto the floor. But Ayrrn didn't give up. He resisted the evil Ariadnan witch who would dare prevent him from engaging in beauty sleep. He simply didn't budge at all. Forcing Bella to drag him into the restroom. But before she could reach there the doorbell rang which caused all four members of the house hold to turn their faces towards it's direction.
    Jun: "We are not the only ones up?"
    Arabelle: "Of course not." Bella huffed at the ludicrous statement. She then left Ayrrn on the floor and headed towards the main door of their large quarters. Looking through the eyehole she spied Zander, the Snow Leopard Chimera that worked with Wopk & Sanjiv, motioning for her to let him in. After taking a couple of seconds to consider Bella opened the door with some reluctance. The Chimera barged into the living room cradling someone in his arms. Bella immediately was on edge thinking that this person was injured. What she got instead was the sight of a pretty boy of Hispanic heritage gaged & bound in ropes. Thrashing about in a desperate attempt to break free. The Garou looked at the face of the Leopard-man with her mouth open while he grinned back at her.
    Zander: "I found one of your boys sneaking around. It looked like he was stealing some items during his late night escapades." He spoke with a continual growling in his voice. "I didn't want him to get off on the islanders' bad sides so I captured him and brought him back home. No one will ever know." He finished with a wink as Bella stared at him.
    It was at this moment Uja, Ayrrn & Jun peaked there heads out of their respective rooms. When the two Catamites saw the boy in question their eyes grew large in shock.
    Ayrrn: "Ricky?!" The Hispanic boy stopped struggling and turned towards the voice he just heard. His eyes growing large after recognizing the two boys. While this happened Uja walked over and removed the gag from the boy's mouth. After a few coughs, the lad used his new found voice to utter these words.
    Ricardo Rodriguez: "Fuck my life."

    To Be Continued...
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  7. stevenart74

    stevenart74 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2018
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    In the briefing room soon the Humandroids Frames were joined by a few of the Minotaurs High Command, along with their strict entourages. . .

    First to arrive was the couple that was the "Heart & Soul" of the Mercenary Company Officers Corp; Lord Grey Graywulf and his wife, the Dogwarrior Stavka Veteran, Katya Volkova. . .

    The Caledonian Noble, one of the most influential, if controversial Mormaer Dukes of the Highlanders, was a very striking figure; high and broad shouldered, muscular and tattoed with "Pictish-Celt Woads" bluish whorls, half-spirals and triskelions, had a flowing mane of hair, mixing fiery Gaelic Red with grayish streaks, and a bushy beard of Steel-Gray colour; but what was TRULY striking was that the WHOLE Left Half of his face (handsome, masculine and beautifully virile notwithstanding the hidden scarring !!) was covered by a 100% Pure Teseum half-facemask, into which a antiquated, vintage Cybernetic Eye glared blood-red like the baleful blazing gaze of the mythic Balor, the God-King of the legendary "Demons of the Sea" of ancient Scottish Legends. . .

    Also the left arm, and shoulder, were covered by Articulated Plates of the same extra-expensive Neomaterial, but was clear to anyone that was even barely proficient in Cybernetics that these were NOT Artificial Bodyparts, but rather mere Body-Fitting Armorplates that were affixed to the ruined Organic Tissue underneath. . .!!

    Just the minimum acceptable Galwegian Officer Uniform was worn, for the rest was almost as if Sir Grey was prepared for a Celtic Renaissance Fair, with the long Dirk Dagger at the belt and a Battleaxe on the back, made with weirdly, irregular and sharp-angled Teseum Blades. . .!!

    . . . . .

    At the side of the Husband, beautifully cold and splendidly aloof, much like a "Tsarina Sculpted in Blonde Ice" was the Stavka Senioritat Rezident ; apparently was lightly dressed in a Office Summer Uniform of the Kazak Army Female Corps, well-tailored and perfectly pressed as if it was a sort of "Fashion Model Presentation". . . . .but many knew that was a matter of moments and the lovely, well-tanned visage would morph into a snarling "Engine-Of-Death" Bestial Snout with white-snow fur and merciless, bloodthirsty Eyes as blue as the lethal frozen northern wastes of Planet Dawn. . .

    She appeared unarmed, but many knew that as a Former Assassin Operative of the Stavka G.R.U. very probably Major Volkova had AT LEAST three small throwing blades and a couple of light pistols secreted on Her shapely, gorgeous body. . .

    . . . . .

    The same "Discreet" approach at Arms and Armour was NOT shared by the almost identical twin daughters following suit their parents in the Conference Room; TOTALLY ignoring the disapproving look of the Sensorial Apparatus of the H.I.V.E.M.I.N.D. Drones these two Wulvers were toting a true Arsenal, and they also eschewed the classy outfits of their parents, clad in the simple Military Fatigues of the Minotaurs. . .

    The slightly taller and more muscular one, Siobhan Greywulf-Volkova, (but whose main demarkation of difference from the Twin Sister were the Emerald Green Eyes, like the Father, and a more deep "Blood Red" Hair, Mane and Body-Fur) had a big, large Teseum Claymore shaped like a serrated, saw-bladed Medieval "Cleft" Broadsword put on the back, and shoulder-crossed with an Ariadnan Spitfire, whose Ammo Belts were also criss-crossing many of the Half-Lupine feral beauty; at the hip belts there were sheated a couple of Americolt Combi-Revolvers, a big Throwing Knife and some Frag Grenades. . .

    The other, slightly more feminine and demurely, shyily beautiful (that had some more striking resemblances with the Mother, especially in the deep Icy Blue eyes, along with a more "Sandy Blonde" under-hues of the otherwise Reddish Mane) wore on the back a thinner, longer Two Handed Blade, whose general shape was far more "Highlander Scottish Claymore" than the relative's blade; while it was clear that the % of Teseum was quite high on both "Zweinhanders" it was CLEARLY alloyed with other Rare Earths and Hard Metals. . .

    To complete the Arsenal that other one, Shaunèè Greywulf-Volkova, had a long and narrow Ariadnan Heavy Machinegun, of the the general shape of the Compact Models preferred by the Paratroopers of Planet Dawn; there were a fewer ammo-belts criss-crossed on Her body, as the Caliber of the H.M.G. was heavier than the one of the Sister's Spitfire, comparable to the one employed by the powerful Assault Rifles ubiquitouse everywhere on the Militarized Frontiers of Dawn; also She had a single, smaller Pistol, with the elongated Clip that showed it a refurbished Americolt Assault Pistol, no grenades, but there were A LOT of Smaller Knives, Throwing Daggers and weird Launch Blades, comprising a strangely shaped "Star" that seemed to be fashioned, crudely and in a primitive manner, with outward facing Antipode Claws covered in Fused Teseum, arranged in a "Spiral Glaive" pattern. . .

    But the long, curved Talons were of a shape, and size, quite uncommon in the "Dark Forest" Tribal Specimen found ALMOST everywhere on Planet Dawn. . .

    . . . . .

    And then, with a pit-patter clinking sound of Metal Nails on Perma-Concrete the origin of that savagely looking "Throwing Multi-Blade" was made apparent, as the LAST "Family Member" of the weird Ariadnan Homestead entered the premises. . .

    Far larger and taller at the shoulder than a "Normal Antipode" there was the infamous, lethal "Grand-Father Winter-Coat", the ONLY known specimen of the "Frozen Wastes Arctic Natives" that had survived captivity on its own (the ACTUAL small percentile of Artic Antipodes in the Kennels of the Minotaurs where ITS half-blooded Offsprings !!) ; it was one of the OLDEST Antipodes knwon to be alive, and it was postulated that like the Terran Predators known as Sharks or Crocodiles, those peculiar "Primitive Throwbacks" NEVER ceased to grow, until Death. . .

    It was as if one of the LARGEST Dogwarriors, with Bulging Biceps and a Olympic Athlete Muscular Frame, was walking a little stooped on all fours; the dazzling whitey mane covered jagged scarrings (some CLEARLY Self-Inflicted as a form of PECULIARLY "Barbaric Tattoo Brandings") and the peculiar "Armorscar Growths" that Elder Chieftains showed when mixing their Bloody Open Wounds with Ash and Soot, and that approached Human-Made Kevlar2 in efficiency of Ballistic Protection. . .

    The Taloned Claws showed the tipical glint of having MULTIPLE times being dipped in Molten Teseum (a Ritualistic Fashion of creating Elite Brave Weapons of devastating Armor-Piercing Sharpness !!) and EVEN the Fangs had a sort of translucent hue that belied their lethal effectiveness. . .

    But was the Look of the Lupine Eyes, so startly identical to the ones of Katya Volkova (whose Mother was bitten, while pregnant, by the very Antipode Elder Alpha Chieftain, signaling that Katya and Grandfather Wintercoat were GENETICALLY related) to be weird and strange; USUALLY "Single Lone Wolves" of the Antipodes, deprived of the "Shared Mind-Link" of a Tri-Pack, reverted to simple Animalistic Savagery. . .

    But was rumored, in the darkest recesses of the Stavka Intellighentsya Komitat that the White-Maned Antipode Apex Predator has been subjected to all manner of weird, proscribed, HIGHLY illegal, Mind-Altering Drugs imported from the very first contacts between the fledgling Ariadnan Nations and the Nomads. . .

    There was a cruel glint of devious intelligence, of a sadistic smartness in those Bluish Orbs of Ice; it was savage and brutal, but seemed peculiarly aimed to imagine all manners of dismembering an Organic Prey. . . . .or dismantling an Inorganic Target, such as the Humandroid Frames of the Minotaurs Servic A.I. to which a throaty growling was directed. . .!!

    It was AS IF the bass rumbling, almost ultrasonic reverberating, howl was somehow simulating the Human words of "Uuunnnnwwwrrrrtthhhy Ppprrryyy". . . . .!!!
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  8. Beodren

    Beodren Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2017
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    Most people when awoken in the middle of the night with a surprise call, will react with anger and frustration. Alistair couldn't have felt any better, or more alive, when he received the call. Admittedly, he realized that for a change he may be late, act that he thoroughly despised as he quickly gathered his things and head back to his apartment, sharing one last, tad too long kiss before leaving. It was hard to describe how alive once more complete Caledonian felt, when he dashed right back to his quarters.

    Alistair reported in the tactical room in less than one hour from the call, it took him likely longer than usually, but Scot would be damned if he didn't do his best to come as soon as possible, wearing full combat gear consisting of his armor, simple rifle on his back, lacking the butt for ease of use, and the automatic shotgun hanging by his side on a strap. His hand immediately shifted to the weapon when he noticed the presence of the antipode, mostly out of natural reflex when i presence of such hulking and dangerous beast. Slowly McElliot would take his place by the side of his liege, ready to act the moment something would go wrong.

    Galahad sensing Alistair good and amused mood simply chuckled, as he stood right behind him.
    "Talk about terrifying inlaw"
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  9. stevenart74

    stevenart74 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2018
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    "Goooood Morrrrniiiiing, Sir Alistaiiiiir !!!"

    . . . . .

    The twin daughters of the Graywulfs, Siobhan and Shaunèè, made again that annoyingly "Scottish High Schooler" synchronized pranky tone, even if their glinting, slightly feral eyes were clearly happy to see the Highlander Lieutenant. . .

    They looked appraisingly at the Mormaer Ducal Scion, even with some difference, Shaunèè, the most demure of the two, clearly was admiring the Mastercraft Handiwork of the Mac Elliott clan Heritage Sword, reforged from a Human-Sized Claymore to a monstrous "Anti-Exoframe" Blade when Alistair's Father was born a Dogface (and, sadly, left to take dust and accrue loathspell in the Clan's Armoury, from Grandfather McElliott, as was a little unbearable by a Dogbowl Star Champion's "Tool" !!) and the other weapons. . .

    . . . . .

    "Wow! The new, improved Novy Kalashnikov A.K.R. Micro-Saiga, chambered in Cal.20 Submunitions Shells !! I have seen used as a proper Roomsweeper Rifle by a couple of those Mad-Head Nomads with the Jungle Cat Tattooed Skins, but I daresay that seems BARELY a Big Shotgun-Pistol for You, Lord Mc Elliott !!"

    "And have You tried that interesting Americolt Combirevolver, the one with 5 Cal.20 Slugs in the Ammo Wheel and a Underbarrell Tube for a single Cal.10 Shot-Shell. . .?? I fancy more something smaller, but with more shots, but My Sis ABSOLUTELY LOVE those Beasts! Let Sir Alistair see Yours, Siobhan !!"

    . . . . .

    The called had Her eyes glued to the parts of anathomy of the Caledonian Werewolf where the Tattoed Skin was visible, COINCIDENTALLY where the rippling muscles of the Torso ended and started the Myomar-Like Fibers that provided the Anchoring Points of the State-Of-The-Art Cyberlimb, affixed firmly to the reinforced ribcage of the Dogface (that, EVEN more than the PERFECTLY functioning Cyborg Arm of Alistair was TRULY a Masterwork Level of Bioengineering as the VERY Dogwarriors BONES swelled dramatically in size, mass and lenght when entering the Battleform, and was needed some kind of "Smart Memory Metal" of Alloyed Teseum to be able to cope with those Physics-Defying morphing). . .

    . . . . .

    "Uh! Sure, Sis !! Lord Alistair could Take M. . .My Guns when He wants !!!"

    . . . . .

    Almost transfixed still to the ample broad-shouldered chest of the Highlander Riflemen Officer, with an intensity bordering on "Impropriety" extracted one of those quite large U.S.Ariadnan Combipistols and offered it to Alistair (who started to wonder if some Pheromones of His nightly Paramour had latched on Him, or maybe were DOGFACE Scents to have inconsciously aroused the Wulver Girl, as Dogwarriors and their Genetic Offsprings, even of RADICALLY distant Heritage shared a complex "Pheromonal Intermixing Balance"). . .

    . . . . .

    "Girls ! Back Off !! I have started from Your Birth to Train You both to behave as good, proper women, and Soldier Women !!"

    "Mmmh! I have ANYWAY to say, Lord Alistair that You seems POSITIVELY Radiant and Beaming this very early morning !! Have You slept well ? I daresay VERY Well ??"

    . . . . .

    An uncharacteristic smile graced the usually otherwise thin-lipped mouth of Katya Volkova, who addressed Who she rightly thought at Her husband more faithful, steady and reliable Vassal; Her graceful nose's nostrils inhaled inconsciously and so Alistair KNEW. . .!!

    Katya Volkova was a VETERAN Dogwarrior, and trained in the merciless "G.R.U. Stavka" school of Political Assassination and Espionage; it was a well known "Secret" that Her most DEVASTATING technique of Elimination had Her heavily made-up, with hair tinctures and eye lens of different colour, to parade as a vapid, brainless "Bratya-Vory Escort Babe" and enter the premises of a Criminal Hideout under the pretense of being a Drug-Addled Prostitute; even if thoroughly frisked (some of those PARANOID Russian Mobsters had Paramedic Nurses that checked EVEN intimate parts of "Evening Joygirls" JUST to be sures). . .

    Then when the Criminals were LITERALLY with their Pants Down; Katya will bite deeply her lips, or lightly wound Herself (as a "Berserk Drug Dispenser" like the one employed by Alistair to morph in Battleform even if unharmed, would have been PRIMARILY suspect) and transform in a White-Maned Deathdealer, slaughtering the intended target and all intervening bodyguards. . .!!

    As a Consumate Seductress Dogface Female the MERE scent of arousal still wafting around Alistair (EVEN after a thorough Hot Shower !!) of the ENORMOUS quantity of Adrenalin and Serotonin still flooding His bloodstream was tell-tale. . .!!

    There was a little puzzled expression anyway; for THEIR PERSONAL REASONS that Alistair DID NOT WANT to explore, the "Musk" of LaTigre Balam (often claiming when VERY drunk to be PECULIARLY intimate with ALL the Graywulfs Family ! One of Her Jaguar Sidekick Lieutenant sniped that, when TOTALLY stoned, She has tried to fuck EVEN Grandfather Wintercoat !!!) was VERY knew to Katya; the fact that the "Perfumed Smell" of a DIFFERENT Woman cloyed a little Alistair's Pheromones clearly intrigued Her. . . . .!!!

    . . . . .

    "Alistair! My Lad !! You try to steal Mah Women ALL THREE TOGETHER !!! I should be MORE worried You wanted My Throne, rather than Mah Missus and Mah Little Girls !!!"

    Laughing boisterously Lord Grey approached the lumbering Dogface, clapping HIS Teseum-Prosthesis on Alisair ones (and the 100% Pure Teseum-On-Teseum clanged quite reverberating in the relatively small conference room !!). . .

    The Graywulfs had for GENERATIONS (even on Old Earth Middle-Age, when Scotland was an INDEPENDENT Kingdoms) counted on the FEALTY of the Mac Elliotts; whatever was the truths or suspicions of Lord Grey it clearly CARED ZERO if compared to the one that EVEN on a pitched devastating battlefield could be counted to be "Tru Bydand" (a "Truly Steadfast Retainer" in Ancient Gaelic) . . . .

    "You ready for the Scrum, My Boyo ? I'm not so KEEN on those SIMULATED Battles, as I prefer far more LIVE AMMO !! But is NOT EASY AT ALL, to be able to make work TOGETHER a Caledonian Dogwarrior Elite, a Alien Renegade Assault Specialist and a Nomad Exoframe Pilot !!!"

    "Speaking of whom, they SHOULD be there anyway! Oh, I see the Corregidoran AMBASSADOR of the Company, but not His Protegè. . . . . .!!"

    . . . . .

    Lord Grey was referring to Moonriser, the Cybernetic-Enhanced Mobile Brigada Officer, that entered the premises with in tow the usual entourage ("Lady Mirrorshades" the Tunguskan Interventor and the Bakunin Chem-Grenade Warfare Specialist with an impossibly weird Hair-Mane). . .

    The USUALLY Jovial ebony faced Native of Old Earth Satellite was NOT His usual gregarious and happy faced presence! Scrunching a little, looked in any nook & cranny of the Room, not finding what / who He searched. . .

    Then sighed and made His Hacker Sidekick open an Encrypted Hypersecure Channell and compose a Wake-Up Call. . .

    . . . . .

    "TOOOONY ! Maaaan !! Wakey-wakey !!! You risk missing the Prebriefing of the Simulated Mission, maaan !!!! Dress quick and come quicker, the Top Bananas of the Company will be there to check Your new Band performances !!!"

    "And where is Da Alien Gorillaz ???"
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    Dog warrior did his best to suppress keep up professional appearance standing proud and offering a gentle welcoming smile to both daughters of his liege. He had to admit, that for a while, when he came to the Island, damaged and broken, that he was shipped off to be properly highborn husband to one of the young duchesses,a trophy for more influential clan.
    Truth be told, he was more terrified when he realized how lax the personnel regulations were here, and simply settled his goals upon making sure, soon any rascal making a pass at his liege daughters would be found utterly traumatized by one handed giant Scot, hopefully cutting down on any unpleasant and dishonorable rumors, and those willing to dare.

    Still Scot was indeed in a good mood, so as he herd both wulvers he offered them a gentle smiled.
    "Lady Siobhan, Lady Shaunèè it is good seeing you." He double checked his weapon upon comment made by Shaunèè and with a nod of his head confirmed.
    "Mission stated close quarters combat, so this weapon felt like perfect choice. My Molotok would be cumbersome." As for the revolver he said simply.
    "Back in Scots Guard I was trained to shoot first, and make my shots matter. This is why I like higher caliber." Then as he was offered a weapon of the less daring daughter he was quick to inspect the weapon, making sure it was safe and handing it back.
    "It is very reliable weapon, and a good choice." He said politely, returning to his professional demeanor, as he was approached by Katya.

    Alistair ever since he came here, was a stern, gruff person. Often ;looking to enforce discipline and behavior he considered proper, thus keeping great relation with Loup Graous and General people, having respect of S.B.S. ad other special forces. It was also well know rumor that he refuted every single Balam (making him likely one of the very few) and Pasyfae attempt, and always remained a good proper soldier, so he understood, why duchess might have been curious. There were rumors on high stakes bet about his willpower...

    "Duchess, I assure you, I would be at your service regardless of hour and time of the year." he realized he might have left that line slightly too open, so he followed up with. "My oath to your house is to be upheld, regardless of how well I slept." Galahad chuckled in the background, as powerful Scot did his best not to blush. Balam boast were the very reason veteran Scot Guard despised the woman. no her attitude, that he actually felt sorrowful abut, finding her psyche broken. He hated she dared to insult the very people she was serving.
    Thus every time he spare her after such statement was made, he made sure to pin her don, just trapping her with as little pain as possible. Simply leaving her trapped, just to truly deny her any fun. Anyone else daring to make such claims, was far less fortunate upon meeting the wrath of faithful servant of Duke Grey.

    As he was approached by his liege he bowed his head.
    "I wouldn't dare Mormaer. I will serve you faithfully, as my Ancestors did." He turned to face his liege, still wary of the beast behind him.
    "I am ready for anything." He turned to face Moonrider, man that he considered to be his polar opposite.
    "I wouldn't worry too much Nomad, I have a lot of combined arms experience under my belt. It helps when you prioritize reducing casualties, over maximizing damage." He couldn't help but jab at the now infamous botched job that led to plethora of civilian deaths.

    OOC: [Colors shall follow soon! And colors are here!]
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    Ayrrn: "Your alive!" He screamed as he happily rushed over to hug the still tied up Hispanic. "I can't believe you are actually alive!"
    Ricardo: "I won't be if I remain in these fibrous chains."
    Ayrrn: "Oh sorry. Hey dad can you untie him? He's got to be uncomfortable in this position."
    Jun: "In more ways than one." Jun chimed in from the back of the group. Ricky grunted at the Asian boy's jab at his current predicament.
    Ricardo: "I thought you were the quite one Jun?" He rubbed his hands as they were released from their bonds.
    Arabelle: "I thought it was just you two close friends.." She spoke to Ayrrn & Jun. "You never told us about him." Tilting her head in the direction of Ricky.
    Uja'rak: "The fact you seemed overjoyed at him "surviving" is another mystery we would like to be expounded on immediately."
    Ricardo: "Never mentioned me huh?" The lad scoffed at the catamites.
    Ayrrn: "We're sorry. It's just.."
    Jun: "We didn't think we'd see him again after he tried to escape."
    Arabelle: "Escape?!" Zander took some time to sit down on a nearby piece of furniture. This looked to be the start of a long explanation. "What did you escape from?" Ricky looked at the female with discernment to see if he could trust her. After a couple of seconds he apparently made his decision.
    Ricardo: "In order to save time and unnecessary details I'll summarize. My mother was a Tomcat, seen by many children on Corregidor as heroes, when she gave birth to me. However, not even a year went by before she dumped me into the streets and went on with her life. She was still a Tomcat when I searched her out years later living a comfortable life socially and mentally. Perfectly fine with herself leaving her child behind." That struck a cord with Bella. Family and sticking together meet alot to her. So when hearing of people who would or threw away the chance to have or retain a family it ticked her off. "The other reason I knew what she did was from the street gang that raised me. They could have just left me to die but their leader..he took pity on me when he couldn't afford it but that didn't stop him from raising me unlike my mother. The rest of the gang were like my aunts & uncles grooming me to survive on the mothership. However, pappy, for lack of a better term, wanted a better life for me so he tried to encourage me to leave the slums and make my own way in the galaxy. One day Corregidorian officials offered to take me under their wing as an apprentice. Thinking this was my chance to break out we both agreed and I went them. As it turned out, I ended up being handed over to some Reverend Morias and knocked out."
    Ayrrn: "And that is where I came in." Everyone's attention turned towards the Indian lad as he interjected. "I had recently under gone the "process" that all N.E.M.E.S.I.S. catamites go through. Just starting out and suddenly I get transferred to different living quarters. I open up the door and inside there was a handsome.."
    Ricardo: "I'll continue on from here."
    Ayrrn: "Hey! What's with the interruption?"
    Uja'rak: "Is there something that you rather not let us know?"
    Ricardo: "It's just that Ayrrn's explanations get.."
    Jun: "Ricky & Ayrrn were a couple and had intercourse." The whole room went silent. Ricardo's angry face went bright red as he stared at Jun.
    Ayrrn: "I was going to get to that eventually." Ayrrn spoke in a nervous tone. Uja decided the best course of action to break the tension in the room was to ask an invasive question.
    Uja'rak: "Who was the female?" Bella's mouth dropped open.
    Arabelle: "That is the first thing that comes out of your mouth?! After..after..something like this is revealed?!"
    Uja'rak: "Yes." Bella rubbed her eyes while moaning in frustration.
    Arabelle: "First the bed confrontation and now this?!"
    Jun: "Ayrrn was the bottom one."
    Ayrrn: "J..Jun!!"
    Ricardo: "Why don't you just tell them everything Korean flower boy!"
    Jun: "I can?" Ayrrn & Ricardo could swear that they heard some excitement in the long-haired boy's tone.
    Ayrrn: "Um..sure?"
    Jun: "Well I can't say much for what happened before I arrived but these two.." pointing at Ayrrn & Ricky. "Were close with each other during my time with them. Then one day Ricky spoke in a hushed whisper about escaping and wanted Ayrrn to come with him."
    Ricardo: "And the pamper loving peacock couldn't find it in himself to jump at the chance."
    Ayrrn: "Wait a minute!! That's not right. What you suggested was suicide!"
    Ricardo: "I survived!"
    Ayrrn: "You are not like everyone!! The chances of you making it out were slim at best!"
    Jun: "This is how it was like that night. These two got in an argument that eventually split them apart. Ricky went off to mak ehis daring escape attempt while Ayrrn stayed behind with me."
    Uja'rak: "Thus both of your surprised reactions when he showed up here alive."
    Jun: "Which reminds me, Ricky, how did you end up here?" The Hispanic male stopped arguing with Ayrrn long enough to answer the question posed to him.
    Ricardo: "Once I made it outside I headed towards a shipyard and then began an interstellar ship hoping incursion across the Sphere. How I ended up here on this backwater planet."
    Arabelle: "What is with off-worlders calling Dawn backwater?! It's so infuriating! Always putting us Ariadnans down in some way, shape or form."
    Ricardo: "Well it is. You've got to know that by now after seeing the tech gap.."
    Arabelle: "Tech smeck. Who gives a damn about technological advancement when your cultures are brainfucked by hacking."
    Uja'rak: "We are getting off track here."
    Zander: "I agree with your statement." This time everyone turned their attention to the Snow Leopard sitting quietly in the room. "Though I do want to point out that the boy's.." nodding towards Ricardo. "Kidnapping follows a rumor floating around Bukunin where I used to work. He seems to be one of many male teenagers who was last seen with nuns, female monks, Odalisques, Observance nuns or other females before their disappearances. Guess this is more evidence to that rumor actually being true."
    Arabelle: "You mean there been more reports of this? Why didn't the police or somebody look into this?"
    Zander: "Not enough evidence is my guess. At least that was the excuse when I was a Moderator on Bakunin." Being a Policewoman herself Bella took pride in her work as an officer of the law & the duty to keep the peace with said power. She had seen her fair share of good and bad cops but she was irked when the Police could have done something but were held back by red tape, cooperate, political or just plain old corruption in the force.
    Arabelle: "I didn't know you used to be an officer."
    Zander: "You never asked. Of course the reason I became a Chimera was for an undercover job but the force didn't get me out in time. I managed to save a couple of people though. Some of them were the Greywulfs. Those parents are determined to allow their girls the chance to have children of their own. Even if it meant going to the seedy illegal parts of Bakunin. Because of my condition from a drug overdose they took me in as one of their own. Balam the Tigress got the same treatment for being their guide and helping to get them out alive."
    Uja'rak: "This is..interesting but we need to get back to the matter at hand. What are we going to do about him?" Pointing his thumb at Ricky while speaking.
    Zander: "Raise him I guess. You got anyone else who would take their time to help the boy." Ricky spit on the ground upon hearing himself being referred to as boy.
    Ricardo: "I'm an adult! Over 18 years! I lived and survived Corregidor! I'm anything but a boy!"
    Arabelle: "Watch yourself! Next thing you know he'll start uttering curse words like no tomorrow."
    Ricardo: "In Spanish and you won't know which words are cusses." That decided it for Bella. She didn't like this boy one bit.
    Arabelle: "We'll have to figure out what to do with him when I get back from work. Until then he will have to accompany Ayrrn to his class with Jun there to keep them company."
    Jun: "But I don't want to go to Ayrrn's Odalisque class." Ricky's eyes showed surprise at what he just heard.
    Ricardo: "Odalisque?! Wow! You really are going "full time" with this "career" aren't you pretty boy." He cooed in a mocking tone which got Ayrrn visibly angry.
    Ayrrn: "Mistress Jasmine is a kind instructor and she.."
    Ricardo: "Mistress?!" The Hispanic uttered surprised. "Seems you haven't changed one bit. A loyal bitch until the end for the customer right Ayrrn?"
    Ayrrn: "You..!" It looked as if Ayrrn would physically jump onto Ricardo and violently wrestle him but Jun played mediator and got inbetween them.
    Jun: "I'll make sure today goes peacefully." He spoke to Uja and Bella while starign at Ricky & Ayrrn. "Go ahead with your day. We will be fine." Uja simply rubbed his brow at this turn of events.
    Uja'rak: "Fine lets get this day over with and deal with this new problem."
    Arabelle: "Can this day get any more "exciting' than it already is?"
    Zander: "We could have another attack like yesterday." That wasn't funny.
    Arabelle: "Thank you Zander for..trying to help us. We'll fidn someway to deal with the young man." Careful not to get the boy riled up again.
    Zander: "Very well.." He uttered in a growling voice. "If you need anything just call. This old cop has got some spunk still left in him." And with that he went out the door.
    Arabelle: "Thank Dieu." She mumbled. "Boys! Head to the kitchen and eat breakfast then get to Ayrrn's class. I need to hurry up and get dress for work." She shouted orders as she entered the bathroom. As the 3 catamites headed into the kitchen to feed themselves Uja began thinking. Two human males was enough as it was but now three? Why was this happening to him? He should be meeting up with Lafcadio Boone for further lesson's to make himself seem more "human" or at least a heavily modified Bukuninite. This Ricardo posed a problem to the social balance to the household as evidenced by his verbal attacks & mocking towards Ayrrn. There had to be something that he could place the lad into so that energy would be used constructively. It was a process that he and other Morat went through as they grew up. Now he has to apply it to this young problem child.
    Uja'rak: "But who, if anyone, would be willing to.." Then someone appeared in his mind. On any other given days he would have swatted the idea away and moved on but today wasn't an ordinary day. "Fine Balam. I'll give you a chance. One chance." After grabbing something to eat and obtaining his Vorpal Blade Uja headed out in the attire he had wore for most of his tour of duty on Paradiso. Combat boots, combat pants & thats pretty much it. He headed out the door shirtless uncaring what bystanders might think. He was focused solely on the task at hand. "Wael, I'll be a little late for our practice session with the syemobites?"
    Wanda Wael: "Symboites. You were close that time."
    Uja'rak: "Regardless, something came up and I need to take care of it. I hope we can get together as soon as possible today."
    Wael: "It is early in the morning so I don't see any problems with that. Looking forward to sparing with you." The C breasted Tohaa smiled back at him. "You put on a good show last time we matched." Uja smiled back at her.
    Uja'rak: "Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. See you soon."
    Wael: "Bye."
    Vorpella: "Well.." The feminine Umbra butterfly of death fluttered her holographic wings next to the Morat's ear. "She was satisfactory. Looks like you found two females to your liking in such a short time. I believe congratulations are in order Ugee."
    Uja'rak: "I don't have time witch. My mind is occupied on a more pressing matter."
    Vorpella: "Yes, yes. The new child of strife that has invaded your life & abode. You must be desperate or at least clueless at how to handle the invader."
    Uja'rak: "I know exactly what I'm doing."
    Vorpella: "And what if she says no?"
    Uja'rak: "She wont say no. This is right up her alley."
    Vorpella: "You know full well she would rather you enter her "alley" if it pleased you."
    Uja'rak: "Balam is a looker as Boone puts it but I'm not convinced of her personality yet."
    Vorpella: "Speaking of the father have you been keepign up your reading regiment?"
    Uja'rak: "No but I intend to rectify that."
    Vorpella: "You better. You know he will test you in each subject. Especially that religious book of his."
    Uja'rak: "He gave me his own..Bible. Hope I'm pronouncing that right?"
    Vorpella: "You are."
    Uja'rak: "Of course I'll read it like he taught me. It was a gift special to him. I won't dishonor him after all the confidence he placed in me and the time he spent to coach me so I could fit into his society."
    Vorpella: "With the act you managed to pull off on Arabelle.."
    Uja'rak: "That wasn't an act.."
    Vorpella: "We'll pray together every night.." She spoke in a way to fem-mimic his voice. "How has that been going for you?"
    Uja'rak: "We have been busy.."
    Vorpella: "See? It's already falling apart. Down go the house of cards."
    Uja'rak: "I thought geists were supposed to help their masters."
    Vorpella: "I am helping you Ugee."
    Uja'rak: "You're an image of a creature that I hate and.."
    Vorpella: "Fear?"
    Uja'rak: "I fear..!!"
    Vorpella: "Me."
    Uja'rak: "Quiet!! I fear Umbras not you!!"
    Vorpella: "I thought I was an Umbra? An Umbra that embodies both your fears and desires. Especially those "fleshly" ones you try to keep hidden."
    Uja'rak: "Enough! I refuse to talk about this any further."
    Vorpella: "Fine by me. It doesn't bother me none. Besides Uja if you ever are in doubt just ask what would Jesus do?" The Morat remained silent not answering the geist's question. "Well you better wipe off that foul mood your in because we'll be at our destination soon with your quickening pace."
    Uja'rak: "I'll be fine. I haven't spent years of training in behavior control for nothing."
    Vorpella: "Isn't that lovely?" The geist mockingly beamed. "I can't wait to see it in action." Uja ignored her mental jabber. He had more important things to focus on than her.
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    For fuck's sake. Tony wakes badly. His head pounding and still blurry.


    @Betty: what the FUCK! is fucking Moon-brain on about? FUCK!

    Betty@Tony: Whole new team has been called to a briefing, somethings up. Minotaur command has shown up. I don't have any details yet. Apparently you're late. I've let Moonriser know you're on your way. I've also let his geist know that scheduling apps are a thing and where to download them.

    Betty is perturbed, usually she's on the ball and getting blindsided like this is insulting.

    Tony grunts back in response. He's still largely non-verbal. A life-time of experience gets him moving, grabbing a handful of pills - a mix of mild-stimulants, vitamins and his acclimatisation medicine - he briskly completes his ablutions.

    He tasks Betty to remote into his TAG and start diagnostics: it should be fine from yesterday, but he hasn't seen where it was hangar'd and wanted to make certain nobody had messed with it.

    He arrives at the briefing dressed in his pilot suit, his helmet slung over his shoulder in it's bag. He's armed only with his personal pistol in a simple holster on his hip. He's professional, but clearly not amused.

    He nods to the bosses, and grabs a the first available seat. He leans back waiting for the show to start.

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    At Uja and Arabelle homestead bungalow when the Early Morning activities were underwent, soon there will be a polite rapping of knuckles to the door, made of aged Ariadnan Oak, a wood stronger than some metals. . .

    Whoever of the "Enlarged Family" will reach to open (or peek from the armoured Low % Teseum Alloy door-slit) will see a very peculiar figure. . .

    High but lithe, muscular but supple, could have been a minute Human Male OR a particular brawny Female. . .

    Was impossible to discern, as the figure was clad in a long flowing Mantle with Cloak, along with a Full-Facemask with Rebreather and Armoured Optic Lenses; under that a Reinforced Desert Suit of clearly Haqqislamite design further confused the issue. . .

    Was form-fitting and quite bodshaped, but with so many Tactical Pouches, Belts, Riggings and Paramilitary Garb Jewgaws to be mudding extremely who was the wearer and what sex it had. . .

    And, even more, the Voice who spoke was HEAVILY synthetized digitally, with a Reverberator that joined together VARIOUS different voice tones, both Males and Females. . .

    . . . . .

    "Maaasah-lah-ayy Salaam Aleykum!

    Is perchance the honourable Uja'Rak'Se'Ok Effendi there still in the House. . .??

    I would GLADLY speak with Him, about Matters both Theologically Spiritual and Mundane. . .

    I'm Shaikh Kindjal Shylat, Ambassador of the Hashashin Bahram here on New Knossos Island . . .and PERSONAL Envoy of the Old-Man-Of-The-Mountain of Sacred Alamut Himself !!!"
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    Arabelle answered the door and didn't take kindly to the fact that the stranger in front of her was trying to hide their identity. She had a thing against liars and those who felt the need to without certain type of info like their true personality from others. So she decided to choose a "certain" course of action.
    Arabelle: "Boys!! Grab your guns!! We got an intruder to deal with!!" Ayrrn & Jun were uneasy about what would happen but Ricardo quickly began looking for a firearm. Something of this nature seemed to be right up his alley due to gang life on Corregidor. Meanwhile Bella herself was prepared to act on any sudden movements the opponent made. Including slam the door on it's arm if necessary.
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    @inane.imp ; @Beodren . . .

    At the CLEAR undertone of suffering condescension of Alistair (but STILL politely, VERY Politely delivered. . .as befitting a High Noble of Caledonia and a Scottish Gentleman !!) the mountainous Nomads-Of-The-Lunar-Colony shrugged nonchalantly; what incensed many Operatives (or FORMER Operatives, like the Highlander Officer) about the casual disregard of Citizens Civilian Lives of Moonriser, was the fact that the Mercenary Bandit and Criminal-For-Hire had NO QUALMS whatsoever in His retrospective of actions. . .

    When addressed by His "Lesser Shieldbrother" Sir Grey beamed positively, and Alistair felt that Katya somewhat, under an "Icy Surface of Cool Aloofness" that was probably drilled by Merciless Stavka Instructors from early age, was VERY pleased to be addressed as "Duchess". . . . .While exteriorly She was the poster-image of Composure, from Dogwarrior to Dogwarrior there where subtle facial hints (Brows and Tips of the Ears far more animated and expressive than in Normal "Baseline" Humans) and pheromonal cues that showed a certain degree of proud accomplishement. . .

    While many of the Kazaks of Matr affected a sort of "Soviet / Post-Soviet" attitude, calling anyone "Comrade" and blabber-mouthing of "Communal Distribution of Needed Resources", "Quinquennial Plannings" and "Abolitions of Classes" they were AT HEART the very, Very, VERY Proud People of the Steppes of Kazakhstan and Syberia, wool-hatted, sabre-wielding warriors and horsemen that were amongst the MOST feared Praetorians of the Tzars Feudal System. . .

    There where some Kazaks (especially the ones that had STRONG ties with the Braty-Vory Mobsters, and their DISTANT relatives from Mothership Tunguska) that affected some sort of "Neo-Tzar Aristocracy" and HONESTLY had Genetic Ties with the almost-extinguished Princes and Princesses of the Belarus and Ukrainan old families (or even more exotic nobility relationships, such as Pre-Islamic Tchechen "Shamanistic Paynims" Priest-Kings or the Warrior Khans of the Tagiks, Ughyurs and Mongols !!!). . .

    Being accustomed to be called Major from Stavka peers, and "Werewolf Bitch" from MANY detractors, being addressed as Nobility of Royal Lineage (as ALL the Mormaer High Clan Lords of Caledonia CLAIMED "Direct Peerage" from "Bonne Prince Charlie" and "Queen Anne" of the Scotland Crown !!!) was surely an accomplishment; while there was an undercurrent of "Humanist Racism" towards ALL Dogfaces and Wulvers, for AT LEAST the Highlanders of Planet Dawn NOBLE BLOOD IS NOBLE BLOOD, even if it is ONLY % partly Homo Sapiens. . .!!!

    . . . . .

    When Tony entered the premises, IMMEDIATLY the dark-faced Moonriser beamed a 64-teeth smile (ALL of whom Ivory-White and Perfect. . . and ALL of whom TOTALLY Artificial, after a particularly nasty incident with a Panoceanian Security discharging a Light Shotgun at the head, at pont-blank range !!) and zeroed on Him, latching on the (luckily) Armoured Limb of the Suit with a vise-like grip of His EXCESSIVELY powerful one (NOT ONLY had the USUAL Myomar Fibermuscles of a Mobile Brigada Heavy Infantry, but being MORE than 75% Cybernetically Rebuilt had Industrial Servomotors in ALL of his limbs !!). . .

    . . . . .

    "Toooony ! Jambo maaan !! Nice of You to come !!!"

    "We are prepping a small conference but can give You the gist of it in a pinch as I fell You a little groggy !"

    "By the way, Bakunite Hair-Do, PPPLEEAASE make one of those Praxicoffee Mugs of Yours, and fetch some of the Space Cake Muffins FROM MY PERSONAL STASH, I feel that an Early Breakfast is needed by our valorous Gecko Mecha-Pilot there. . .!!"

    "Lady Mirrorshades, babe, pleas Help Him! Chop, chop Boyz-N-Gals !! Hurry Hop !!!"

    . . . . . .

    Then, profiting from the little diversion of his two cronies capturing a nearby table and setting a IMPROMPTU breakfast post (SERIOUSLY ONLY Nomads will bring to a Paramilitary Mission Briefing two sturdy armoured cases that opened up to reveal a Self-Heating Coffee Pot Machine, with Styrofoams Cup dispenser and a micro-oven optimized for all manner of SUSPICIOUS glazed donuts !!) whispering a little in Tony's hear. . .

    "Maan ! There is a GOLDMINE opportunity there !! Artificial Intelligence claimed to ALL High Command that, EVEN reduced to mere THREE Members, the Fireteam of You and Your pals, Da Homo-Homini-Lupus and Da Klingon-Monkey, with the RIGHT Gear, could be an Early Response Team that could be Deployed EXTRA QUICK in a pinch WHEREVER on this Teseum-Rich-Mudball. . .!!"

    "Lady Mirrorshades is busy cracking Periferal Servos, but from what She yet inferred the Drone-Hydra-Heads is setting a sort of "Treasure Hunt" Simulation for Your Squadmates to enter stealthily (never thought of the Space-Ape Boyos to be silent; fancied were their Monkey-Babes to be ALL stealthy killing !!) while You provide Tactical Support with Your Gecko hidden nearby !!"

    "His Drone-Puppets will SIMULATE being Cateran Highwaymen Bandits, Irmandhinos Smugglers and Rogue Wulver-Thugs, with all bell and whistles, and You will CRUSH them with Live Ammo, while they will fire Tazer-Blanks, just to be sure"

    "The place is NOT an ezact replica, but rather an EXTRAPOLATION of all the Bases and Dupe Personnell, the Local Assetts so to speak of that Bastard Svengali that FINALLY revealed His True Colours ! "Incarnated Spirit of the Social Energy" , My Cybernetic-Black-Ass !! That Inhuman Bastard plan to SELL US ALL to Da Combinedz !!!"

    "If You perform well as a Assault Fireteam (have heard WEIRD rumors of OUR I.A. calculating how to deploy AIRBORNE even Your Exoframe Suit !!) then You will "Spearhead" ALL of the most serious attacks of Minotaurs !!"

    ". . . . .!!"

    "Maaan ! I have NOT to tell You that this is PRIME GOLDMINE Occasion for US ALL of the Cyber-Network !! Svengali traffick in Stolen Teseum giving High Tech Baubles to petty criminals of Ariadna !!!"

    "We CRUSH the Opposite Concurrents AND . . . . .WE ARE PAID FOR IT BY THE GRATEFUL ARIADNANS !!"

    "Maaan! You will have BIDS as First-On-The-Scene to all that pretty, Pretty, PRETTY Teseum Bullets and Raw Ore Ingots. . . . . and their counterprice in Alien Voodootech. . . . .and Illegal Artificial Intelligence Ware. . . . .and whatever the fuck they pay for that !!!"

    "Oh man ! OH Maaaan!! OH MAAAAAAANNN !!! Think of It, Tony. . .!!"

    "You could retire SO FILTHY RICH to become, if You want, AS INFLUENTIAL, OR EVEN MORE, than Old Man Sarmiento himself ! Could go back to Corregidor as DA TURF BOZZ !!!"

    . . . . .

    @Golem2God . . .

    "Oh Allah The Merciful ! An Intruder ?? Here and Where ???"

    "I wonder if is a Straggler of the Drone Attack ! DO NOT FEAR, Merovingienne Mademoiselle !! I will HELP You take care of the Intrusion !!!"

    Arabelle could easily understand the mocking tone PRACTICALLY bleeding from the smurky tone of the weird Haqqislamite Hashashin. . .

    While Ricardo scrambled to one of the MANY Weapon Cabinets sparse on the house, Arryn seemed AS IF frozen, but Jo Un ran to the kitchen and, almost unconsciously grabbed a Meat Cleaver, of the kind that the Loup Garou expert eye immediatly knew ENOUGH heavy to be good in Melee, but also balanced ENOUGH to be thrown, hatchet style, at Close Ranges. . .!!

    EVEN the hideous, poisonous Predator Beast "Pet", the Snakewolf named "Knucker" felt the alarm and anger in the "Alpha Female" voice and scuttled on the rooftop, in a manner reminiscent of a Fictional Monster that Arabelle has seen in one of Her Hentai Animes (something about a "Lesbian Couple of Earth Colonial Marines" facing down some horrible things called "Zenomorphs ?" or was "Csenomorphs ??"). . .

    But the beast, with Senses that Metros G.I.G.N. Tactical Reports said were EVEN SHARPER than Antipodes, froze on the roof tiles; on His (Her ? Arabelle has NOT dared to check! Was Uja's Beast after all !!!) reptilian snout in a puzzled, almost humane expression. . .

    While extracting Her trusty Fabrique Nationale Sidearm, AND the High % Teseum-Alloy Combat Knife in a crossed hands position She looked at the "Foreign Interloper" and was baffled to see Him (Her ? It ??) quickly "Disappear" in thin air. . .

    Merovingians were NOT foreign to Camouflage Techniques often, as ANY proud Ariadnan was meant to be, declaring Mimetic Cloaks and Face Paints, as SUPERIOR to the Foreign Invaders fancy, Hi-Tech "Thermographic Holo-Camo". . .

    But this, this was something totally absurd ! It was "Plain Magic Invisibility Trick" in SIGHT !! What the Fuck !!!

    . . . . .

    And to make matters even WORSE, the "Mockingjay" tone of the Haqqislamite now reverberated from ALL directions, as if bouncing from invisible echo walls; EVEN Knucker sniffed the air with a frantic beastiality, was the Hashashin even Smell-Cloaked ???

    "DO NOT FEAR MAMZELLE! I Daresay that NO INTRUDER will dare enter the premises, while I, the Humble Gumia Knife of Allah-The-Wise, is present !!"

    . . . . .

    Then, suddendly. . .

    "KINDJAL ! CUT THE CRAP, for Allah-The-Merciful sake !! ALWAYS proud of Your Hashashin Ninja Tricks as USUAL !!!"

    "I swear to Azrael, the Angel of Death ! If the Old Man of the Mountain would be a King, then You are the Jester Fool of His Court !!"

    . . . . .

    Arabelle saw that the angry voice was arriving from a Woman, garb in the Haqqislamite Uniform of the Kawarjis, the "Red Turbans" that were BOTH "Imams" Theologian Masters of Haqqislam, and ALSO amongst the MOST lethal successful results of their "Runihura Genengineered Supersoldiers" Program. . .

    She had staid at a respectable distance from the premises of the Family Bungalow, near an Ariadnan Humvee, and had removed the Facemask of Her Uniform; under was the face of a Middle-Eastern Woman of a certain age, but whose beauty was unmarried by the vagaries of time, and the harshness of the Sands of Bourak's Deserts. . .

    What was peculair was that ALL VISIBLE EXPOSED SKIN of the Face, was Tattooed in Henna Colours with small, intricate Glyphs of Arabian Alphabet; Arabelle was never too interested in Old Earth Faiths, but seemed to be Verses from the Qu'Ran, painstakingly copied on the tanned skin of the beautiful, athletic woman. . .

    . . . . .

    "For the Piety of Allah! Kindjal Shilat, go away, back skulking in Your Dark Corridors, sharing Viral Toxines with Your Artichoke Headed Pals !! I believed that Allah-The-Watcher had CLEARLY instructed Tarik Mansuri to be the ABSOLUTE Fool trying the Faith and Temperance of the Faithfuls, but I was mistaken !!"

    "You are ALMOST like the Shaitan Djinns that Heaven sent to try the Righteousness of Prophet Muhammad in His Desert Hejira Years, to ascertain HE was Pure of Hearth and Steely of Willpower!! GO BACK I SAY!!!"

    "Hrrmm! I beg Your Pardon, Miss Archer !! But I and INVISIBLE JOKER Here, were sent by High Command to fetch Your Husband !!!"

    "He is requested to follow us for an Important Pre-Mission Briefing !!!"
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    Bella didn't like these two one bit. Maybe it was the actions of the first one that brought this uneasiness around them but all she wanted was them gone, through the means of a bullet preferably.
    Arabelle: "Ricardo! Get Uja! These women(?) wish to take him to.."
    Ricardo: "I think he's gone?"
    Kawarji: "What?! That can't be! We are supposed to take him to be.."
    Ayrrn: "He's gone?!" The Indian boy suddenly found his legs again after hearing that Uja was missing. "Where is he?!"
    Jun: "Maybe we should search the house?"
    Kawarji: "This is not good! What are we going to tell Sir Greywulf?"
    Kindjal: "That it wasn't my fault." The Kawarji gave the stink eye towards Kindjal after hearing her comment.

    Meanwhile at Balam's Quarters:

    Uja'rak: "Balam!! Balam!!!"
    Vorpella: "You should stop now. I think after 5 minutes of banging on the front door she would have answered."
    Uja'rak: "Where could that woman be at this hour? Sleeping with someone?"
    Vorpella: "That is a possibility considering her attitude."
    Uja'rak: "Maybe she is with Greywulf? He or she could know of her whereabouts. Perhaps Wayah is there as well? I wouldn't mind seeing her again."
    Vorpella: "Tall, strong, and with great potential for motherly instincts. Another excellent choice."
    Uja'rak: "Not now witch! I need to find that infernal chimera!" And with that the Morat began to run in the direction towards the living quarters of the Greywulf family.
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    Alistair observed the display, while his Geist "walked" around the room, trying to get a good hold of the map and the ground they were about to tackle. Compound was not overly spread which would make infiltration difficult, especially silent one, unless there would be enough noise to distract most guards.

    "Tony, how thick is the armor on your gecko? Do you think you could withstand around... forty five seconds of frontal assault?" Alistair knew now that enemy density would be high but at the same time, they were supposed to mimic Ariadnan tactics.
    "Also, how about your sensors, are you able to switch to multispectral vision?" He gave the sleepy nomad few moments to think before starting to pain his idea of attack on the map.

    "Tony will hit from South, main gate, and best approach for TAG, I will move from West, Uja will attack from North. Stage one, I plant charges on west side, detonate them near the gate, scramble their defenses and shift their attention, Stage Two, Tony moves in as they investigate explosions, with good long line of sight, you should be able to take out a lot of targets, trying to find me. This will likely force snipers. to turn their attention back to you" Alistair looked at the map one more time.
    "I should be able to take out the western sniper tower with D-charges during stage one, then , during Stage three I will remove second one, while Uja should be able to take care of the rest. With those out of the way, you should have clear way Tony. Me and Uja will keep removing any remaining anti armor, should it pop up, while moving towards main objective." Scot did his best to suppress his accent as he spoke.
    "Any further ideas or notions lad?" He turned his head towards Tony, looking for input from the TAG pilot. Alistair then nodded at his Geist and commanded him mentally.
    "Send Morat message that he is needed here right this moment."
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    "HEEEEEY! Uja!! My Hombre MUY piloso!! Que pasa. . . . .Where YOU searching for Me, Hermano-Gorillòõn ???"

    Just when the Morat was searching for the Hyper-Obnoxious LaTigre Balam, the "Too Expansive" Jaguar Chica-Loca, atop one of the monstruous Hybrid Bikes of the Minotaurs Gangers (terryfying crossbreeds between High % Teseum-Alloy "Desperado Harley Outriders" and the far more Hitech "Kum Aminedis Mk3", so called from mythic Sand Demons of the Arab Desert) that was GARISHLY painted in Jaguar-like spots. . .

    The expression of the Corregidoran Chimera was, as usual, flirty and vain, but looking better at the Ex-Daturazi yellowish eyes, then She immediatly sensed the seriousness of its looks and stopped abruptly Her usual blabbermouthing. . .

    Just at the moment the "Summoning Call" by Squad (now, sadly, JUST a Small Fireteam !!) Encrypted Comms resounded with Lieutenant Alistair Data-Signature. . .!!
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    "Light TAG, designed for close in work. The trick is not getting hit at range. Ideally I want more cover to work with than the oversized pieces of junk you'll have seen on Paradiso.

    Those sniper putas will need to go down pronto, yeah?

    But if I get you right, you want a distraction? Sound and fury, forcing them to react? Could work."

    Tony thinks for a moment, then starts again. Betty seemlessly translates what he says into a tactical graphical AR overlay on the map.

    "Blow the main gate at the same time as the first tower goes down, suppress/destroy* the second and assault the gate. That should give me good firing lines into the compound.

    The risk is a counter assault. But, so long as the second sniper goes, I have a decent option to pull back to where I started the attack from.

    From your point of view though, that's ideal. Anything they throw at me is something you and the monkey can hit from behind.

    My concerns:
    No reserve.
    No over watch.

    Both of these mean that if we hit something we don't expect then our cojanes are getting squeezed."

    OOC: would a Panzerfaust on be sufficient to destroy the tower? If I need to do a test, then I'll do it as a teamwork test with Tony's Ballistic Skill (+Int, so TN12 FOC2) or Tech (TN13 FOC2) with Betty doing Analysis.
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    Uja'rak: "Where were you?! I've been looking everywhere for you!"
    Balam: "Hold it! You can't expect me to be at your beck and call whenever you need me. I got a life chico! Same as you!"
    Uja'rak: "Balam..I need to ask you something."
    Balam: "That was apparent from your eyes. So what is it."
    Uja'rak: "Can you train one of my boys?"
    Balam: "Which one? The quiet one or the flirtatious one?"
    Uja'rak: "A new one."
    Balam: "A new one?"
    Uja'rak: "You know of that chimera that works with Wopk & Sanjiv?"
    Balam: "Oh Zander! I know him more than anyone here. Well..except for Wayah.."
    Uja'rak: "He brought us another "boy" earlier this morning.."
    Balam: "What time?"
    Uja'rak: "6:30."
    Balam: "That must have been a rude wake up call. What is this kid like? Any signs of his attitude?"
    Uja'rak: "What little I could gather is that he's very..disgusted with what he experienced in his past."
    Balam: "What kind of past was that?"
    Uja'rak: "Sexual nature. I believe the Human term would be prostitute?" Balam's face became serious upon hearing this.
    Balam: "You may or may not know this but I grew up similar situation. Though my pimp wasn't as bad as most. Don't get me wrong he still was a pimp but he gave you two choices. You could be a bouncer or a companion. Not many choices but most kids, teens or young adults don't get any choice whatsoever."
    Uja'rak: "Children?"
    Balam: "Yep. I was one of them.." She paused before continuing. "Bring me this boy of yours and I'll make him a man without rutting him. Well unless he asks for it. Can't blame him there." Waving her hand over her body in a showcasing fashion.
    Uja'rak: "Fine. I need to head off somewhere. I got an appointment for training & sparing."
    Balam: "Um, no you're not."
    Uja'rak: "What?!"
    Balam: "Looks like there is a party and your invited."
    Uja'rak: "Tell them I decline."
    Balam: "It doesn't work that way.."
    Uja'rak: "Nothing in this damn universe ever does!"
    Balam: "Something wrong big guy?"
    Uja'rak: "I think I'm just tired. Perhaps..." He stared off into the distance. "Nothing more."
    Balam: "Fine." The tigress sighed. "I'll let you figure that out on your own. However, you still need to get your ass over to Greywulf pronto. According to the message he had already sent two people to your residence to bring you with them. But they couldn't find you."
    Uja'rak: "Who was sent?"
    Balam: "Didn't say. You'll have to ask Bella and the boys about that." She walked over to her bike and sat in the drivers seat. "Now are you going to hop on or will I have to drag from behind?" Uja snorted at what was to him a statement of absurdity. He simply climbed on the bike's second seat right behind Balam. "Thanks for coming peacefully." And with that she revved up the engine and sped off.
    Balam: "Before we get there I forgot to ask you what this new boy of yours looks like."
    Uja'rak: "I believe the term Bella used was Hispanic?" Balam's eyes widened a bit upon hearing that.
    Balam: "Hispanic?!" She said with surprise. "We're practically familia if that is the case. Thought like familia we don't agree from time to time." Uja just huffed in response showcasing his desire to not be heading to their current destination."
    Balam: "You know..going out dressed like this is going to grab you alot of attention.."
    Uja'rak: "Everyone stares at something new."
    Balam: "True but I'm thinking more along the lines of Katty, opps, Katya & the girls."
    Uja'rak: "Who?" Balam resisted to urge to face-palm due to her driving the bike.
    Balam: "Mrs. Greywulf & her daughters! Siobhan & Shaunee!" The Morat stared at her. "Any of this ringing any bells?!"
    Uja'rak: "Why give them such strange names?"
    Balam: "I asked myself the same thing a couple of times. Well we're here!" She shouted happily hiding her recent thoughts with her attitude.
    Uja'rak: "Thank you Balam. Remember about the boy.."
    Balam: "Ah yes, Alfonso."
    Uja'rak: "Ricardo. Also called Ricky."
    Balam: "Ric-car-doooo." She slowed down her voice until it sounded like a consistent purring. "Oh! That sends chills down my spine!"
    Uja'rak: "I'm glad it does." He spoke in a dull tone as he looked towards the front doors of the building. Balam placed a hand on his shoulder.
    Balam: "Get some rest & have some fun."
    Uja'rak: "I was going to have fun until this.." Pointing directly at the building, "Happened."
    Balam: "Yes, it's such a chore. Now come." She began walking towards the door.
    Uja'rak: "What are you doing?"
    Balam: "I'm going to introduce you and stay for a short while.."
    Uja'rak: "You want to see how everyone reacts to my naked form."
    Balam: "Exactly!!" The Latino's tail and ears showed how exciting the prospect was to her.
    Uja'rak: "Very well. Lead the way.."
    Balam: "After you." She purred.
    Uja'rak: "How are you going to introduce me if you're behind me? Staring at my buttcheeks."
    Balam: "I slip in front of you at the last possible second."
    Uja'rak: "Just lead." After a couple of seconds of deadpan staring form the Morat, in which he didn't blink once, Balam sighed.
    Balam: "Come on, they've probably waited long enough as it is." For the first time in their conversation Uja smiled as she walked ahead of him as he followed her. "They are going to love you Mr. Grumpy." Uja's smile turned upside-down.
    Vorpella: "And the happy feeling is gone just like that." Balam stopped in her tracks. Uja's demeanor changed to slight worry now that the geist had revealed iself.
    Balam: "You have a geist?!" She spoke in surprise as she began to turn around. "Why haven't you introduced her.." The Lantino chimera's eyes went wide at what she saw.
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