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Tank, Defenders, Supports and ...

Discussion in 'News' started by anaris, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. knlghth00d

    knlghth00d KNlGHTH00D
    Aristeia! Warcor

    Feb 15, 2018
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    Nice break down Numa! Yeah your tactics are extremely effective the way you synergize pairs in your team!
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  2. SmaggTheSmug

    SmaggTheSmug Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2018
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    People should really stop looking at Aristeia as a MOBA game and look towards what it actually resembles: hero shooters like TF2 and Overwatch. Especially since those usually have a "scoring zone" that needs to be taken and held and have classes like Scout and Tracer whose main point is moving between them. That's what Gata is.
    MOBA games don't have those and they usually focus on taking down structures and AI-controlled units, neither of which feature in Aristeia.
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  3. Numazokola

    Numazokola Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2018
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    Everyone will relate with the background they have. People comming from MTG will love deck building and tactics game, im comming from D&D and I relate everything with tactical grids, somebody can come from MoH and will relate Aristeia! to a fps hahaha maybe movies, or chess, or sports. Who knows.

    The thing is everybody is right as much as you enjoy the game. Its just part of the fun trying to classify Aristos.

    If you like focusing your team on aesthetics go for it! AND PLAY ARISTEIA!
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  4. bearyweary

    bearyweary New Member

    Mar 12, 2019
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    Hi everyone, I have been analyzing Aristeia! and I have been looking at a lot of replies in this thread. I view the Aristos in different roles that are discussed by Corvus Belli and their analysis on the various Aristos on their blog. Here I have two lists: a list of the roles and their descriptions and another list on the Aristos’ roles by the set they’re from.

    Aristos Roles

    Tank - Aristos with the ability to absorb damage and offer frontline CC (crowd control).

    Off-Tank - Aristos who can take low to mid damage but can also deal solid damage and offer possible CC.

    Killer - an Aristos who deals high damage in melee (adjacent). I refer to this as DPA (damage per activation).

    Support - an Aristos who has utility to offer strong CC, healing, buffing, debuffing, etc.

    Shooter - an Aristos who has strong ranged damage. I refer to this as ranged DPA (damage per activation)

    Scorer - an Aristos with high maneuverability and ability to consistently scorer VP’s.

    Controller - an Aristos with the ability to move and interact with other Aristos (allies and enemies) outside their activations via abilities and/or tactics cards.

    Aristos Roles - keep in mind that many Aristos can fulfill multiple roles. This depends on how you wish to use that said Aristos and what your play style is (my opinion).

    Core Set Roles
    Maximus - Tank
    8-Ball - Tank/Scorer
    Hexxer - Controller/Support
    Gata - Scorer
    Major Lunah - Shooter
    Wild Bill - Shooter
    Miyamoto Mushashi - Killer/Scorer
    Pravati - Support/Shooter

    Soldiers of Fortune Aristos Roles
    Valkyrie - Off-Tank
    Señor Massacre - Killer/Off-Tank
    Laxmee - Support
    Hanibal - Controller

    Smoke and Mirrors Aristos Roles
    Kozmo - Off-Tank/Support
    Murtair - Killer/Tank
    Padre Inquisitor Mendoza - Support/Off-Tank
    Táowù - Controller/Support

    Human Fate Aristos Roles
    Prysm - Tank
    Bixie - Scorer
    Eclypse - Controller/Support
    Dart - Shooter/Scorer

    Legendary Bahadurs Aristos Roles
    Oberon - Support
    Shona Carano - Killer
    Koorie Queen - Shooter/Scorer
    Final Boss - Off-Tank/Shooter

    This is of course my opinion everyone so feel free to comment and correct me on anything you disagree with. That way we can better help each other to break this game even more.

    Here is some basic terminology that I also use when playing the game very similar to a MOBA and Hero Shooter’s terminology:
    DPA -Damage per Activations
    Melee - an Aristos who deals most damage when adjacent to an enemy
    Ranged - an Aristos who deals most damage when far away from an enemy
    DOA - Damage over activations (associated with burning and poison states)
    CC - crowd control
    Lockdown - a team that has a lot of CC
    Squishy - referred to an Aristos with low HP
    Peel - referred to an Aristos (mostly Tanks and Off-Tanks) who can force engagements allowing for allies to move away from enemies safely.
    Steal - changing the amount of Aristos in a scoring zone in order to decrease your opponent’s possible VP amount or to gain more VP’s than your opponent in the Objectives Phase.
    Misdirection - to disguise or hide an Aristos’s movement from its real take while moving and activating that Aristos.
    Frontline - an Aristos who is mostly affective while adjacent to 2 or Aristos.
    Clean Up - an Aristos with high damage that can kill low HP Aristos
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  5. rag1n

    rag1n Well-Known Member
    Aristeia! Warcor

    Apr 26, 2018
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    @bearyweary it seems to me like everyone classifies Aristos a bit differently, which is totally fine if you ask me!

    Personally I classify characters a bit more generically.

    Tank - anyone designed to take large damage with a good defense roll (Max)
    Utility Tank - anyone designed to take a decent amount of damage, a good defense roll but not focused on taking damage. You'll bring a utility tank for their other abilities (e.g. 8-ball, kozmo)
    Damage - anyone designed to frag (e..g Wild Bill, Mushashi)
    Utility Damage - Similar to utility tank but in the damage category (like Lunah, Valkyrie)
    Support - Any character without an attack (at this point in time - but seems pretty consistent in design)
    Utility Support - These characters tend to have attacks but you bring them for supporting skills like healing, buffing and debuffing (e.g. Parvati, Hannibal, Mendoza)
  6. bearyweary

    bearyweary New Member

    Mar 12, 2019
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    I do like your classifications because they’re very simple, yet straight to the point. I use my system because I am very used to playing MOBAs such as LoL HoTS and Smite. I am also tying Overwatch as a template as some Aristos remind a lot like some Overwatch heroes (i.e. Gata = Tracer, Kozmo = D.Va, Max = Reinheart, 8-Ball = Winston [sort of].).

    My question for you is how would you classify a Scorer in your terminology? Scorers I feel like are so essential to the game hence why the goal is to get your Aristos in to the scoring zones.

    Also, where do you put the new Chemical Bros Bachmann and Hammerhead.

    For me Bachmann is a Controller/Support and Hammerhead is a Tank/Killer
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  7. rag1n

    rag1n Well-Known Member
    Aristeia! Warcor

    Apr 26, 2018
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    EDIT: I use overwatch as a template as well which is why I use 6 classes!

    Whilst scoring is a key part of the game to me it's not a key consideration. I see team building as a balance between scoring VP's and fragging and once you figure out what part of this that spectrum your team is on you can determine who's going to tend to score from there.

    Bachmann is a full support but if you were going to give him a sub-class it would be states control. I really love the design of supports so far as they all have their clear control space. Hexxer being positioning, Laxmee being dice, Gata being VP's, Taowu being Tactics and Oberon being skills.

    Hammerhead was announced as a damage dealer/scorer. With 5 health and a standard green blue defense roll I would normally classify him as an utility tank as it puts him at a similar stat line to 8-ball
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  8. bearyweary

    bearyweary New Member

    Mar 12, 2019
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    I feel like a good team comp with Hammerhead and Bachmann would be Dart for additonal Posion damage and I would definitely tech in Hanibal for some crazy interaction and recyclability with tactics and extra activations for the entire team but also giving Bachmann more chances to activate multiple times in a round.
    Also i think placing a support like Mendoza with Hammerhead will ensure some crazy frontlining and crazy DPA from Hammerhead and also use Señor Massacre for further CC and solid Off-Tanking with Mendoza who can also heal everyone with Bachmann causing damage and CC with states transferring.

    So Bachmann can take advantage of these Valkrie and Gata managers who use them a lot and turn Dazzling and Imoblizing on their head. However, a major counter to this team would be Oberon for his silence on Bachmann as well as his strong tactic to prevent tactics from being activated. I think Koorie Queen and Mushasi are crazy counters to Bachmann especially comboed with Hexxer Displace Mushashi and Koorie Queen toward him.
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