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TAK buying advice

Discussion in 'Ariadna' started by MattyG2787, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. MattyG2787

    MattyG2787 Member

    Feb 9, 2019
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    Hey everyone. I’ve ordered the cold front Black Friday box but now I’m working out where to go next.
    I know I need tank hunters, streloks (both bsg and k9 versions)
    What else should I be buying first?
  2. Hecaton

    Hecaton EI Anger Translator

    Nov 23, 2017
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    For your early games, I'd suggest the line kazaks box, and also every vet kazak sculpt you can buy.
  3. cazboab

    cazboab Member (phrasing)

    Nov 30, 2017
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    The 112 and Dozer are pretty good bets, you might not use them as often as say the veteran kazak, but they're good utility profiles and you'll have them on standby for vanilla and other sectorials.

    Frontoviks and line kazaks will let you put support behind a Veteran Kazak for your link team.

    TAK is one of the sectorials where there are few if any junk models that won't see use. Voronin is the closest thing, and even then his sensor profile is occasionally useful for dealing with ODD, and since he screams 'Lieutenant' he's pretty good for some chain of comand shenanigans, or even just baiting an alpha strike into multiple AROs.
  4. nakar

    nakar New Member

    Jul 26, 2018
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    I started some time ago with TAK and the most useful things I bought after the both Coldfront Boxes are:

    Line Kazak Box
    Veteran Kazak with HMG
    Kazak Spetsnaz Box (actually I just use the HMG one so far)
  5. McKaptain

    McKaptain Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2018
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    The boarding shotgun Spetsnaz can be used as a strelok BS/minelayer proxy.
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  6. barakiel

    barakiel Echo Bravo Master Sergeant

    May 5, 2017
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    Good input so far.

    I don't know how much about your list preferences, but I immediately went out and got a 4 Line Kazak. You can can always proxy a 4th one, but I find that having ~4 rifles works well with my listbuilding.

    Eventually you'll want Antipodes. They're a big chunk of cash for a mere 25 point unit, but I think they'll find a home in all your lists.
  7. holycannoli

    holycannoli Dancing to Kazak Kalinka

    Mar 22, 2018
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    I didn't start with just coldfront, having the rushkies before we were a sectoral. So I peiced together an army. But breaking down what I use and what I come in. The frontivik or beyond coldfront is a great box to buy. If you can find an APHMG septznaz blister get that, or the Vet Kazak blister. These are the units that have become my TAK bread and butter. I'll explain what they do, and why, and hopefully make sure you get some enjoyment out of your hard earned cash.

    Frontiviks can fill out points that your dirt cheap line kazaks just can't. On top of that is for those extra points you get a considerable upgrade. Memetism, T2, humble vs the vet or the spetznaz but they can really do work and can seem humble until someone gets red pasted. These guys feel like badasses compared to your dull as dishwater line kazak. That and their loadouts of the MSV sniper or the HRL are fantastic. That or run the engie profile for a specialist. Their link options are fantastic and the vet/frontivik link is a wonderful core for a list to run around if you like offensive core links.

    I'd also put beyond coldfront here if you have someone to split it with. I've found myself using all 3 of the minis frequently. Strelok: cheap in pts and super useful (especially to bulk out the camo tokens we put on the table) Vasili, wonderful for hitting power, camo presence, and utlilty, and hey look a frontovik a midtier, mid point problem solver. If you absolutely most WYSIWYG then you have a 2nd rifle frontivik to bulk out your links and lists.

    Vets... oh the vets. I've ranted in plenty of threads how I love vets. Cold Front has the rifle, but the APHMG vet is the Chad of the army. The APHMG vet feels like an absolute monster. You can't surprise him, you can't smoke+MSV him, you must fight him and fighting him head on is not for the feint of heart. In suppressible or active he is an absolute menace and makes it into most of my lists. If you feel comfortable going big and bold with a LT. the APHMG LT has made a mess of people during the 3rd turn all or nothing brawl. As a benefit, learn what vet level 2 means and you pretty much know his gimmick. He's a direct gunfighter and a great one at that, his strengths aren't only his rock solid statline but the fact that he removes tricks from your opponet rather then having too many himself. Easy to learn, yet great mileage. This guy is TAK in beast mode and makes the other sectoral's HI choices red with envy. This absolute unit is what Minutemen, Moblots, and other sectoral's HI wish they could be. So to say he's worth a blister is an understatement. It also lets you paint your coldfront vet as a Medic with a white helmet or shoulderpad. Two incredible loadouts, I bought multiple copies to convert I love them that much.

    APHMG Spetznaz. I say the blister because if you're really stretching your TAK roubles, and you had to pick 1 spetznaz, go with the APHMG. This was the Kamaru before the Kamaru, the camo token that spells death and despair to the enemies of TAK. In more tight knight communities this miniature will teach your opponents to fear the camo token. As you can probably tell him and the vet are two heavy hitters that come in a blister. These guys can rack up a lot of meat and are some of the people that really do work. If you're not absolutely stretching your dollar then go for the box, while the sniper may collect dust the shotgun spetznaz is the reason I started TAK specifically even before the sectoral. He's an absolute riot to run as for not too many points you'll annihilate line infantry link teams and cause havoc. Yet again in tighter knit communities you'll find your opponents counting your orders, and watching the sides of the map... Ivan is lurking.

    Shout out to the doggos too. Antipode assault pack, Dog warrior. Both are expensive but they're very interesting units. The assault pack is difficult to decode the rules for. But once you do you'll have a wonderful fur covered missile to launch at your poppet. 25 points for a regular order, irregular order, smoke launcher and a single use melee mauling. They show up in many lists besides Limited Insertions because 25 pts eats up 2 of my 10 orders. Dog warriors are also a very fun unit. Expensive box, but you'll find him the bully of the field, a real thorn in your opponent's side.

    Have fun Comrade.
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  8. Tanan

    Tanan Member

    Mar 2, 2019
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    Another vote for the antipode pack. I own two and I rarely make a list both aren’t included. Even in limited insertion lists.

    They are a tricky unit to master, but will win games if used properly.