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Steel Phalanx Tactica on N4?

Discussion in 'ALEPH' started by Kortz, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. Kortz

    Kortz Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2018
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    The Question
    Fellow aspects should we as part of ALEPH make a breakdown and analysis of Steel Phalanx (SP) just like there is one for OSS for N4 even if SP is one of the latest sectorial to be discontinued?

    I know that not all has radically changed and there is insight about this on a couple of threads on some posts if one has the time to read and search but maybe having a Sticky Thread with a defined intent could help gather that knowledge.

    To consider... maybe
    Right now the only SP units still being sold are six but who knows maybe someday (hopefully on this decade) will see new sculpts.

    Andromeda (Also on O12 Armies)

    Hector (Also on O12 Armies)

    Achilles V2 Multi Rifle (Faction Staple)

    Myrmidons box (Sectorial Core unit)

    Penthesilea Special Edition

  2. Tourniquet

    Tourniquet TJC Tech Support

    Feb 18, 2018
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    You forgot hippolyta, also in O-12 (found in the O-12 booster and in an Aristeia expansion).

    From the games of N4 I have played with SP, you very quickly rack up an intense loathing for the edition's change to shotguns, and making too many visor equipped units wildcard into cheap fireteams, as both end up invaliding the majority of the faction defining and defensive tools.

    You also get a great understanding of why plasma is probably best ammo type in the game, with high damage through put.
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  3. bkromray

    bkromray Active Member

    Jan 28, 2021
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    As above, but I would also like to add that not much has changed. SP plays almost exactly the way it did in N3. It is damn near impossible to be excited or have aleph discussions because so much is just old hat.
  4. xagroth

    xagroth Mournful Echo

    Nov 23, 2017
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    Feel free to lift anything useful for the spanish guides/analysis I wrote in september/november last year:

    Profiles (all Aleph)

    Fireteams (ASS only)

    The profile analysis needs another review, since those have changed (Thamyris is now NWI, for example, and I'm not sure the Pitcher was there when I wrote the changelog).

    From N3 to N4:

    Pros: better Achilles differences between v1 & V2; better Mix & Match with Wildcards and Enomotarchos Wildcards allows for tactical adaptability of fireteams on deployment (specifically: Acmon, Thrasynedes. Hector remains unchanged from N3 here), more Enomotarchos for Thorakitai, more options for Alke, better differenciation for Hyppolita Vs Eudoros. Atalanta Total Reaction, Marksmanship and Shock ammo. Several 1W+NWI models have gone to 2W (Patroclus HI, Acmon LI...) and some have gained NWI (Thamyris...)

    Indirect buffs: Penthesilea's I-khol now universal (she's now a proper Big Game Hunter... let the Jotums tremble!), Andromeda's from Guardian makes her nearly a "must have" in all lists (she's essentially an unmasked mimetic ZoC Fiday). Netrods are now Veterans!!!

    Cons: Scylla is no longer a delivery system for two flamethrowers (not a nerf, but a side move, she now combines with Thrasymedes for Infowar superiority) and ASS has no KHD (Scylla keeps access to an improved Trinity, and has ECM hacking which combines with Firewall); Teucer's Triangulated Fire (useful only for Discover and K1 sniper rifle. But all K1 is now +1 DMG, so it now is equal or better than a combi in all situations. Also gains Shock to all BS attacks).
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