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[Satellite] OMW 2019 (Open Masters Warsaw)

Discussion in 'Events & Tournaments' started by uzumakin, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. uzumakin

    uzumakin New Member

    Oct 12, 2019
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    Otwarte Mistrzostwa Warszawy 2019
    1. Venue and the date of the event:
    Klub “Dragon”, Al. Krakowska 110/114 lub Groteka, ul. Otwocka 14
    Dates: 09-10.11.2019.

    2. Tournament rules:
    At the event each players will have an opportunity to battle in six missions at 300 points with Spec-ops extra (12 EXP). Each player can come with 2 lists from the same generic Army or its sectorial..

    The tournament will be soon registered in ITS
    <link will be uploaded here>

    3. Fee and registration:
    To play at tournamnet each player need to pay registration fee of 65 zł (20 €). The paid fee will not be paid back (special cases will be resolved privately). Deciding steps to have a place a tournament – first officially register on FB page or DS event, then pay the fee and register in Aronauts. Prepaids are to be paid until 07.10. After this deadline or on event day price is 75 zł (25 €).
    There will be tournament T-Shirt – 50 zł (12 € extra – paid only as prepaid).
    Max. Participants - 60.

    Account number for prepaids:
    Michał Reszka
    Bank Millenium: 67 1160 2202 0000 0003 1360 3120
    Title: OMW 2019, nick, its pin, (yes/no – T-Shirt, if yes provide shirt size).
    For international players - I am setting up paypal - information on event page on facebook.

    4. The Schedule:
    If there will be new ITS season and new mission booklet, then the proposed scenarios can change.
    09.11- Saturday:
    08:30 - 9:30 – Registration of players / preparing the tables from, outside Warsaw, players
    09:45- 11.45 – First Mission - Transmisssion Matrix
    12:00 - 14.00 – Second Mission - Countermeasures
    14:00 - 15:00 – Lunch Break & preparing miniatures for painting contest
    15:15 - 17:15 – Third Mission - Power Pack
    17:30 - 19:30 – Fourth Mission - Annihilation (Mid Tier)
    20+ - Afterparty (place will be provided closer to event day).

    10.11 - Sunday
    10:00 - 12.00 – Fifth Mission - The Armory
    12:15 - 14.15 – Sixth Mission - Supplies
    14:30 - 15:30 – Prizes for participants and painting contest winners. Planned end of all ceremonies and tournament around 16.

    We leave ourselves disclosure that there can be any other changes to the regulations.

    5. Policies and general approach:

    Each player is obliged to prepare for the event:
    • register the roster at OTM and register to Arounauts app https://www.aronauts.com/tournament/SMlm3fK7#info – this must be done no later than 01.11.2019, 22:00.
    • need to print courtesy and non-courtesy lists – using ARMY application
    • need to have full Classified Deck.
    • need to have measuring tape (in inches), D20 Dices (amount, minimun is the maximal Burst value of Player’s lists), templates, markers, etc. LOF should be marked on the bases.
    • It is good practice to mark all relevant information regarding Camo, LTs, etc on the non-courtesy list..

    B). PROXIES:
    • It is allowed to proxy, but only with officially released models from Corvus Bell – there is no possibility to play with other models than officially released (only exception is if converted model has few parts from other producers). Model used as proxy must be of more or less same size and silhouette than original model, and there is no possibility to proxy Motorbike for Baggage REM or vice-versa.

    C). PAIRING:
    Players cna issue challenge, but only in first round and with players from different communities – example Czech Player can issue a challenge to Polish or Latvian Player, but Latvian player cannot issue challenge to other Latvian player).
    Next rounds are made in swiss.

    see/can’t see.
    If there is no LOF marked – it is ruled always for disadvantage of that model’s owner. .
    If LOF is marked and players cannot agree (like 3mm) – then you can decide by rolling a dice..
    Stalling the game
    Each player has a maximum of an hour to deploy the army and playing three turns. The player who stalls the deployment phase for more than 10 minutes will be awarded a penalty.
    If both players are not able to play three turns in 2 hours, then both of them will be penalized.
    Each new rules, profiles and changes will be official at the tournament unless they were release within last week before the scheduled start of the event.

    If general rules and regulations won’t be obeyed like throwing the dices through whole room or other unsportsmanlike behavior will also result in penalties.
    If main judge is called to the table to resolve the ruling issue, or LOF or other tense situation, his decision is final and not negotiable. The judge will try to make decision based on written rules of the game and the purpose of final decision won’t be to harm or create disadvantage to any player. If the given players will disagree with the final decision of the judge, they are advised to conclude the issue by themselves, but all grudges or grievances after such resolution will be useless and won’t be listened to. That is why it is advised to resolve all the issue between both players, right at the table. Remember this is a gentleman’s game, and it is up to you to have fun!
    At the tournament two judges will be selected from the players – one from outsiders/internationals, and other from local players. They are first line of judges to resolve the issues.

    The tournament will have a special mini-game called KonuCrits (created by konuhageruke, our local warcor). Each player will recieve at the registration, 10 tokens. Every time when F2F is with critical roll, we give one of our tokens to the opponent. At the resolution of each mission, each player is obliged to count the remaining tokens – after each round the player with most tokens will recieve special prize. Additionally, at the end of the tournament players with the most and least tokens will receive another prizes.

    The penalties are cumulative:
    1. Verbal warning.
    2. -1OP
    3. -3OP
    4. -1TP
    5. -2TP
    6. Next bad behavior results in -2TP for each other instance of such situation.
    7. If unappropriate behavior continues, the player may be expelled from the tournament.
    Penalties will result in order for prizes and not for ITS ranking, unless player is expelled.

    G). PRIZES:
    Awarded based on final standings.
    Few special prizes draw randomly between all players.

    In cases not included in this regulations and rules, common sense should be applied and final decision made by organizers or judges..

    Divided in 4 categories:

    1. First Category – The Best Army
    Every contestant can register his army to that category. The miniatures must from lists from the tournament (from both lists). Army must be fully painted (including bases) and must be from both lists. If one list is fully painted, but other not then such participant won’t be allowed to take part in this category.

    2. Second Category - The Best Formation
    Every contestant can bring one of his formations. This includes any fireteams (if duo, participant should bring at least two of such formations), Antipodes, Chimera, Proxy Team, etc. Participants can register only formation found in their lists.

    3. Third Category – The Best Heavy Weapon
    Every contestant can register one heavy weapon to this category. This includes TAGs, HI’s, miniatures S6+, or REMs (S4), etc. Only the ones included in the lists.

    4. Fourth Category - Avengers, the best Character:
    Every contestant can register on Character. Few examples are: Hippolyta, Joan of Arc, Achilles, etc. Also, must be one from tournament list.

    In the last two categories two different miniatures must be selected! In all categories, it is not allowed to bring models which are not part of the tournament lists. Aristeia! Miniatures can be only used if such model is part of the roster.
    In case of draw between the contestants, the winner is the one who did not win in other category! One player can win in maximum two categories!!

    The players, judges and guests will vote in each category!

    Corvus Belli
    Urban Matz
    Marek Mi
    Micro Arts Studio