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Discussion in 'FanFic' started by QuilichQora, Oct 28, 2019.

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    Oct 15, 2019
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    I am writing some content to go along with my Dahshat Company subsidiary - Zumarroda Securities Consulting -

    It is a multi-part story to help flesh out some details about the function of this company and hopefully grow into a small narrative. I hope to make the fluff feel vibrant after some hard work an a little trial an error.
    Thank you for your time, if you are interested I wrote some other stuff on my website that fleshes out my mercenaries a little more.



    // Paperwork //

    "Thank you for filling out our client interest form. Your patience please as I submit the information to our Officer of Client Relations. You may rest yourself in the waiting room and further steps will follow should our OCR deem it.
    Thank you for beginning the contract process with Zumarroda Securities Consulting."

    The front desk agent waived her hand to the left to indicate where to proceed.

    Wu Jiang put his hands in his coat and stepped towards the door in front of him. Inside was a small room with an air of professional sterility. The room was grey walls with a row of office recliners in a pastel emerald green. There was a glass table with some simple reading material, The Zumarrodan Harker - a pro-Boylik Corp newsletter that was effectively a 30 page advertisement magazine, and a small Com-feed showing recent highlights of the Zumarrodan Emerald Knights recent win.

    Wu Jiang was always a man of direct action. He rarely chose to go the circuitous route, his old Lieutenant Fa Mei said that was his major flaw. "Never able to see the bigger picture". Fa Mei was wrong, his prowess in tactics had made him a rising star quickly in the Emperor's army. After this chore he was asked to do he hoped to be made an ISS agent soon. He was sure of it.

    He didn't understand why Imperial work needed to be done by a mercenary company. We have the agents, we have the specialists, hell we even have the Mo Wang to crush hard resistance. Still he was told very specifically that this task must fall to these mercenaries. He followed orders, got promoted, and so the world turned.

    The door to the waiting room opened and in walked a Woman of medium build. She wore a suit with a small lapel on her left chest. It had the ZSC crest on it and she held a small datasheet in her hand.

    "Hello, lets go and discuss some specifics."

    "Hi, and you are?"

    "We are not at the point of using names, nor will we ever be. Suffice it to say I am your interest ticket issuance officer. The process today will be a few more procedural steps and then I will issue you and interest ticket and proceed with next steps."

    "Alright, what do you need to know? I have an encoded dossier abou-"

    "You will not discuss your contract with me here, that is for when you meet with your Officer of Client Relations associated with your interest ticket. I will need a sample of your blood, and an additional form filled out."

    "MY blood? why? What purpose is that?"

    "In our line of work we trust two things, those that we traffic in. Money and Blood. Your money will secure our contract should we get to that point in the process, and your blood culture will secure our trust that we can track you should we find issue at any point of this process. It is only a simple prick.
    The form is a commonplace discrete disclosure contract. Read the fine print please, we are very specific about what occurs should you break the stipulations."


    Wu left the office feeling somewhat powerless like he did back as a Zhanshi. A cog, no ability to empower his actions, just follow orders, thats it. This mission had led him to this Office, and now they had a sample of his blood and a contract to kill him if THEY felt he broke protocol or exhibited a "Lack of Discretion". He didn't like it, but he did what he needed to do.

    His interest ticket they had handed him made a subtle 'bleep' sound and faintly illuminated. The text on the ticket changed and gave him a location, as well as a date and time to arrive. It also referred to needing more information and that prerequisite forms will need to be submitted before the meeting.

    "Great, more paperwork." He shrugged, walked off to get some noodles and report back to command.
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