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N4 Battle Report - Acquisition - Nomads vs. Spiral Corps

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by OrphanOfToast, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. OrphanOfToast

    OrphanOfToast Heated Bread

    Dec 24, 2018
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    N4 is finally here!

    Nimlothautle and I decided to play a classic mission, a not-so-classic matchup and a brand new ruleset. I brought a mixed bag of nomad tricks, while Nimlothautle brought a triple-triad/double impersonator list that I'll have nightmares about.

    Lessons were learned, abilities were tested and I can't wait to play N4 again.


    Nomad - Game One - 300pt | 6 SWC

    Group 1 - 9 Regular | 1 Irregular

    (Lieutenant, Hacker, Hacking Device Plus) | Combi Rifle | 24pt, 0.5 SWC
    ZOE & PI -WELL
    • Zoe (Hacker) | Combi Rifle | 25pt, 0SWC
    • PI-WELL | Combi Rifle, Flash Pulse | 19pt, 0SWC
    BANDIT | Light Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher | 22pt, 0SWC
    ZERO (Forward Observer) | Combi Rifle, Shock Mines, Flash Pulse | 20pt, 0SWC
    HECKLER | Red Fury | 24pt, 1SWC
    JAGUAR | Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades | 10pt, 0SWC
    • Puppet Masters | Submachine Gun | 12pt, 0SWC
    • Puppetbot | Red Fury | 16pt, 1.5SWC
    • Puppetbot (BS Attack [Shock]) | AP Marksman Rifle | 14pt, 0SWC
    TRANSDUCTOR ZOND | Flash Pulse | 7pt, 0SWC
    TRANSDUCTOR ZOND | Flash Pulse | 7pt, 0SWC

    Group 2 - 4 Regular

    | Heavy Machine Gun, Zapper | 37pt, 1.5SWC
    KNAUF | MULTI Sniper Rifle | 32pt, 1.5SWC
    ZERO (Hacker, Killer Hacker Device) | Combi Rifle, Shock Mines | 22pt, 0SWC
    MODERATOR | Combi Rifle | 9pt, 0SWC

    Spiral Corps - Acquisition - 300pt | 5 SWC

    Group 1 - 8 Regular

    TAAGMA (MSV2) | TRIAD | Viral Spiral Rifle | 24pt, 1.5SWC
    CHASKA AUXILIAR FTO (Sensor, Baggage) | TRIAD | Heavy Flamethrower (+1DAM) | 10pt, 0SWC
    CHASKA AUXILIAR FTO (Sensor, Baggage) | TRIAD | Heavy Flamethrower (+1DAM) | 10pt, 0SWC
    JAAN STAAR | Light Shotgun, Shock Mines | 31pt, 1SWC
    CLIPSOS (Forward Observer) | Combi Rifle, Flash Pulse, Shock Mines | 40pt, 0SWC
    DRAAL (Minelayer) | TRI-CORE | AP Marksman Rifle, Shock Mines | 40pt, 1SWC
    KAELTAR | TRI-CORE | Light Shotgun, Flash Pulse, SymbioMate, SymbioBomb, SymbioMate | 15pt, 0SWC
    TAAGMA (Tri-Core) | TRI-CORE | Breaker Combi Rifle, Nanopulser | 20pt, 0.5SWC

    Group 2 - 6 regular | 1 Irregular

    KRIIGEL (Lieutenant, T. Pheroware [Eraser, Mirrorball]) | TRIAD | Breaker Combi Rifle, Smoke Grenade Launcher | 20pt, 0SWC
    REEX | TRIAD | Boarding Shotgun, Contender | 13pt, 0SWC
    REEX | TRIAD | Boarding Shotgun, Contender | 13pt, 0SWC
    GREIF-OP (Surprise Attack [-3], Impersonation [IMP-2]) | Combi Rifle | 20pt, 0.5SWC
    HELOT MILITIAMAN (Camouflage [1 Use]) | Submachine Gun, Light Rocket Launcher | 9pt, 0.5SWC
    IGAO | Boarding Shotgun | 26pt, 0SWC
    CLIPSOS | Boarding Shotgun, Shock Mines | 24pt, 0.5SWC

    Check out the battle report here:

    It's going to take a few games to form a true opinion of N4 but thoughts after the first game:
    • Lists can get really crazy with the points and SWC adjustments. For most factions 15 orders means the best of the best shoved into one list. I really dig it.
    • So. many. direct. templates. Hidden deployment boarding shotguns or shotguns on a roof specifically seem really nasty to deal with. Knee-jerk reaction is that I don't like it all that much but it may just need to be taken into account when building lists and no doubt I'll figure out ways to dispatch those sort of units easier as time passes.
    • Knauf is finally playable! +1bs on his MSR means that he can do a hurting on the active turn if he can outrange his targets. No more collecting dust in my closet.
    • Simplified cover rules means less cover arguments, which I really like. Helps the game go by quicker.
    • I like the 15 order limit so far, the gametime was much more reasonable without a crazy long impetuous phase followed by 17-18 orders.
    • I faced an opponent who didn't bring anything hackable but I still got to make rolls with my interventor. Targeted doesn't have a huge impact (unless you build around it), but it's always fun making rolls on the reactive.
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  2. Nimlothautle

    Nimlothautle Well-Known Member

    Nov 5, 2018
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    I want to add to what Orphan said about the obvious advantages of a hidden deployment BSG template.

    The Changes to shotguns seemed potent and I brought a lot of them: Igao BSG, Jan Staar LSG, and Clipsos BSG. All three of these models paid off, being able to ARO with a template to force the opponent to waste that order attempting to dodge move, or to trade in their active turn is usually great. In your active turn, forcing the classic warband decision of ARO dodge or ARO shoot is again very powerful compared to N3 BSG. I except the value of 'cheap' BSG's like the Igao (25 points) and Clipsos (24 points) to go way up this edition .

    Orphan should fear the day I bring the 2xStrelok FO BSG, 2x Strelok Minelayer BSG TAK list. "Here be templates" warns the map.

    Another plus not mentioned by Orphan for Spiral Corps players. If there was any argument end of N3 whether the new Sybiomates were better or worse than old mates... They are definitively better in N4. The new crit mechanic just adds another armor roll rather than a free auto wound. This means a combi crit against a unit with a 'mate in cover forces just two ARM rolls on ARM 9 + 3 for cover. This means that you are very likely to shrug off a crit with your Symbiont Armor for no loss. Yes the floor is now lower and you could technically now take 2 wounds, whereas before a crit was only assured 1 wound (don't roll double '1's!!!) . I think you will just have to tank that very rare unlucky game for the insane long term statistical power of the mate.
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  3. Teslarod

    Teslarod The Squeeze has not been Sqouze

    Nov 23, 2017
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    This is the highlight of the game:
    Jaan Staar Impersonating a Hsien

    Leading to Interventor Cybermask:
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  4. OrphanOfToast

    OrphanOfToast Heated Bread

    Dec 24, 2018
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    Thanks Teslarod! I was looking for an impersonation marker to user and we were both like...
    ...Wait a second, where's that Hsien?
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