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N3: The Morat Manual

Discussion in 'Combined Army' started by gamma ray, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. gamma ray

    gamma ray Well-Known Member

    Feb 22, 2017
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    Original thread posted by Derfeonidas

    STOP PRESS- with the advent of Human Sphere 2- there will be many changes to the MAF. This thread is N3 PRE HS2.

    Having read a few threads recently- and seen a fantastic Tohaa guide- I thought it would be beneficial to start a Morat Discussion thread for N3.

    Much thanks to TheMatsjo for inspiring me... and yes- I liked the format so much I plagiarised it unashamedly!

    This will never be completed or definitive... Update as needed!



    1. Thread Rules
    Welcome to the N3 Morat Sectorial faction guide! This thread is a resource for new and experienced players to get familiar with the basic outline of the Morats.

    I have played Morats almost exclusively for N2 and have learned many lessons... painfully. I am not an authority on everything- but I suggest to the forum that the collective wisdom of the Morat players on this board is somewhat of an authority on everything Morat.

    The intent is to produce a living guide that will be completely open and subject to change as new models are introduced and new concepts debated. I will update this accordingly.

    Everyone is free to chime in and add their 5 cents- everything is worthy of discussion!

    2. Morat Playstyle
    The Morats are an unabashedly aggressive race. Ferocious and unflinching- they are the assault troops of the Combined Army. You will trudge your Morats forward and rely on firepower, smoke grenades and cold steel to wrench the enemy free from their positions.

    This complete lack of subtlety is demonstrated in that Morats have one infiltrating unit- the Zerat- and no form of camouflage or hidden deployment.

    Be warned- if you want fancy tricks and mind games- this is not the faction for you. If you like mowing down enemy figures in a hail of HMG fire... you are most welcome to join the illustrious Morat Supremacy.

    3. Specific to the Morats
    On the face of it- Morats don't seem to do anything particular better than any other faction. This fact, coupled with the almost empty bag of tricks (no TO, no hidden deployment, no ODD), it may seem crippling.



    The flipside of this coin is that the Morats have typically good PH meaning they can dodge better than most- and even throw smoke with a good chance of success.



    Also, with the MORAT SPECIAL RULE (all your Morat troops are Veteran Level 1 and all your Morat troops are Religious) the Morats will stay on the board until every last one is killed and most won't budge from being shot at (unless you want them to by passing a WIP roll). And with WIPs of 13, they'll take cover- grudgingly- but usually they will.

    Whilst Morats were punished by high priced units in N2 (attributed to their Religious ability), N3 price drops have made them more competitive.

    How this translates into the ITS2015 environment and beyond.... we will see.

    4. Unit Discussion and Army Composition
    This could be an encyclopaedia on its own so I'll preface this section with my own pre-amble.


    Army Core
    The back bone of a Morat force will vary depending on points values.

    In low points games- 150-250points- there is a general consensus that you will be fielding a 5 MEMBER LINK TEAM of either Daturazis or Morat Vanguard Infantry.

    How you flesh out that link team will be up to you to decide (see the unit discussions below).

    There can also be the (once ubiquitous) Oznat plus 4 Hungries link team. It's utility is being able to bring in 5 regular orders at very low cost (when linked) allowing you to bring in specialists and other tougher units. It has been quite rightly pointed out that linked Hungries can be killers in their own right- and at low points games they won't be running into the feared enemy Heavy Infantry much.

    In high points games- 300- 400points- there is now the option of bringing 5 MEMBER LINK TEAM of Yaogats or the much feared 4 member Sogarat Link team. (Suryats- the cheaper Heavy Infantry- are also an option- but I haven't seen any evidence of their efficacy over the Sogarats nor experimented myself).

    Offensive Support
    Having picked out your core units- you must factor in a second element for attack. Ideally it will work in tandem with your Core- covering up for their inherent weakness- though as we know in life, that's not always possible.

    Yaogats- with their MSV2, Q-Drones, Rasyat drop troops and solitary heavy infantry are some commonly chosen examples.

    Defensive Support
    Now those two elements are sorted, you need to consider objective grabbing, button pushing and general force maintenance.

    I am a firm believer that you should bring a Doctor, an Engineer and a hacker. It's a philosophy I clung to in N2 and I believe it holds true in N3. There might be times you'll leave one at home- but think carefully about it because you may rue that decision!

    We have a few good options- Dr. Worm being the most famous- but honourable mentions go to the Kurgat Engineer with Mk12 and the Vanguard Infantry Hacker.


    4.1.1 Morat Vanguard Infantry



    They are an excellent line infantry unit. Reasonable BS and good PH means that they can either shoot or dodge with some success.

    I personally run a 5 member link team with a HMG. It is in fact a staple of my low points games- Burst 5, +3 BS HMG fire is godlike and makes supposedly woeful line infantry an absolute menace in the active turn.

    They are also a cheap(-ish) source of specialists. The hacker being a very important one. But more on that later in the hacking section.

    Special note: if you bring a Vanguard Hacker do NOT include him in the link team. Long skill gagdet programs will drop him from the link. Until that part of the rules is FAQ'd or Errata'd- just don't.

    4.1.2 Kurgat Assault Engineers



    These combat engineers are a good source of specialists as well- coming in Boarding Shotgun, MK12 and Autocannon versions.

    The Kurgat with the Mk12 is probably the most famous of the three. And the most useful. Being light infantry- he can move 4-4 to an objective, seize it and then lay mines around it. The Mk12 is also a great weapon in its own right and the Kurgat can be relied on in a pinch to serve as an assault unit.

    The autocannon version- despite being a great model- is of limited utility (versus cost per unit). The autocannon is a great weapon against tough enemies but it is only good when it hits. The Kurgat- with BS11 will often be using this big weapon against particularly tough units who will (more often than not) have a much higher BS. And at B2, you're going to lose those face to face rolls a lot more often than you think.

    4.1.3 Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid



    Affectionately known as Dr. Worm, he is the best value specialist in the Combined Army.

    He is a Doctor as well as Engineer and he has a WIP14 to boot! With such a high WIP, most of the time he will repair and heal on command... mostly.

    Add to that fact that he has 6-4 movement, is on a S2 base (so easier to hide) and can have some slave drones to help him out he is almost always included in my armies.

    Dr. Worm comes highly recommended!

    4.1.4 Treitak ANYAT



    A Dire Foes specialist, she is almost an auto-include. For 25 points, she is a specialist, linkable with Vanguard infantry, has climbing plus, E/M grenades, smoke, a chain colt and a K1 Combi-rifle.

    In my experience she is most useful linked with Vanguard infantry- leading to a B4 K1 combi-rifle and extra +3BS to hit- making her a reasonable anti-armour option. Also, her B2 smoke grenades in ARO also make her more survivable.

    (Be aware that all members must have the same ARO or be dropped from the link team though!).

    Her utility is using the link team as a vehicle to deliver her onto target and then she utilises her climbing plus to get to her target- or peek up over a wall and gun her target down. E/M grenades are great for remotes or TAGs around corners but now that speculative fire is a long skill that will boot her from the link team- it had better be a great payoff or you'll regret it.

    She can be run solo rather like a homing missile but she is fragile so be careful!


    3.2.1 Yaogat Strike Infantry



    I will admit that I am totally biased for these guys.

    On the face of it- with no linkable specialists and MOV4-2 and relatively expensive- many players would ignore them.

    However- they are the only models with MULTI-SPECTRAL VISOR LEVEL 2. TO/ ODD/ Mimetism are an absolute pain to deal with- and seemingly prolific in the Infinity battle scape (PanO and ALEPH especially). Without any visors you will be frustrated beyond belief by the added modifiers to hit! And with template weapons being much easier to dodge these days- trusting in flame throwers and chain rifles may prove unfounded...

    MSV2- coupled with linkable ability means you have a fire team that covers the biggest weakness of the Morats... no camo. The basic Yaogat also comes with Panzerfausts which can serve as (admittedly limited) anti-TAG, anti- Heavy Infantry weapon.

    Using Yaogat MSV2 with either Anyat to throw smoke (or Daturazis) goes some way in covering our inherent weakness against ODD. And it makes TAG hunting with panzerfausts a little bit safer.

    I typically run a link a team of 5 members- 4 with combi-rifles and panzerfausts (four panzerfausts are never enough!) and a spitfire. The B2 Panzerfaust can be a powerful deterrent in ARO! The downside is that it costs a LOT of points and is actually quite fragile. Being PH12, ARM3 and 1 wound... be careful with them. They can die like flies....

    If that kind of link team isn't your flavour, it could be viable to use a Yaogat sniper (armed with a MSR) as your defence in depth. The MSV2 is a godsend for a well placed sniper because the rampaging units of the enemy will usually have ODD or mimetism- and a DA round to the face can stop them in their tracks.

    3.2.2 Rasyat Diplomatic Division



    The Morats' only choice in Aerial Deployment units... when they drop in the right spot they can be pivotal.

    If I do run a Rasyat- it's usually the combi rifle option. Why? Because of cost- the Spitfire version is costly!

    They all have zero-V smoke and coupled with a PH13 that is *very* useful for keeping a solo unit alive when on its own on the other side of the battlefield.

    Two versions also have MA3- granting them Stealth- and CC21, meaning that landing behind someone without alerting them and then running up and gutting them is now a real option (or sticking D-Charges on them- thanks for that Paulfuscious)! (Note: this doesn't grant Surprise Attack- you need Camo to benefit from that). The ones with Natural Born Warrior (until the human sphere rewrite happens)- don't have stealth.

    He can be used a suicide/ distraction unit with some success or as a tie breaker mid-game. You decide.

    3.2.3 Raktorak



    Much maligned... and perhaps rightly so.

    The stats aren't anything special and they benefit from 'Jungle Terrain'- fluffy- but not that useful for most Infinity battlefields. The weapon load out is interesting- combi-rifle + heavy flame thrower OR Vulkan shotgun- but in utility versus other infantry he is less valuable.

    The only benefit I can see from this model is that it can link with Suryats to make a cheaper 5 member link team.

    Apart from that, I would rather spend those 22 points elsewhere.

    There is a big discussion on his utility here:

    3.2.4 Kornak Gazarot



    Now this guy is definitely value for money.

    Strategos Level 1 (if he is your Lieutenant)- meaning the Lt. special order becomes a regular order in the pool.

    I would bring him just for this trait! That extra order can be pivotal.

    The rest of him is great as well. Armed with a Mk12- he is good at range. With Berserk and CC22 and kinematica Level 1, he is a close combat monster as well. He has fantastic BTS. And then to top it off, he has No Wound Incapacitation (just beware of shock ammo!).

    He can also be teamed up with Heavy Infantry to make the fabled 4 man Sogarat link team (and the less famous 5 man Suryat link team)- who are beasts in assaulting the enemy base line.

    I cannot recommend this guy enough. The only limiting factor is that at 41 points- I wouldn't be able to take him at low points cost games (< 200 points).

    I tend to be quite conservative with him, believing that Strategos Level 1 order being worth keeping him out of the line of fire.

    But hey, if you want to unleash the monster... go for it.

    3.2.5 Rodoks


    With no models yet released there isn't a lot of data out there- just snippets from one line battle reports.

    They have linkable specialists- fantastic! And have super jump- which improves their mobility- though they are still MOV4-2. I can imagine situations which make it easier for them to leap over a building rather than laboriously climb or go around it so that helps a bit- but.....

    The mimetism helps- so a Rodok in Suppression Fire in cover is at an impressive -9 to hit!

    I can't get a good grasp on what they do until I take them out for a game.

    As soon as the models are released and played with we will have a better idea.

    UPDATED!!!: Better discussion here: http://infinitytheforums.com/forum/topic/29258-what-do-with-rodok/

    Cliffs: Mimetism and link bonus and mines = being a pain.


    3.3.1 Sogarat Tempest Regiment



    They are ARM6 and 2W and PH15 with an automedkit.

    Repeat those stats because that is the selling point of these beasts. The best thing about these guys is when they get knocked unconscious (more like if they get KO'd- ARM9 in cover is godlike)- & they drop behind a parapet- hidden from sight, most likely they'll get back up and back into the fight next active turn.

    You have a Feuerbach option for armour hunting and a HMG for flesh hunting. The lower burst feuerbach is great for ARO.

    They can serve as a Lieutenant too- but I'd advise against it. Heavy assault units with firepower (like Sogarats) will be hunting prey that is just as deadly (like TAGs) and they aren't invincible so I'd be careful.

    Some people would disagree re: Sog Lt being a bad thing. "Morats all have veteran lvl 1, losing their LT means nothing to them. That means is advantages for Morats to pick a super aggressive LT since they have little to fear by his lost. Not to mention the Sogarats are the toughest LT you can take."


    That being said what really makes them legendary is... LINK TEAM WITH KORNAK! The fabled Sogarat link team is something of Infinity folklore- horrendously expensive- but horrendously deadly tough to put down too.

    NOTE that being Veteran Level 1- they are immune to isolation. Yes, that's right, they might be statued by a hacker but they'll contribute their order to the pool until an Engineer fixes them.

    A discussion on their value can be found here:

    3.3.2 Suryats



    The other, less glorious, heavy infantry unit.

    I don't have a lot of experience with these guys- but multirifles in a link team should make TAG hunting a real possibility.

    They are ARM4- which is good in cover... but really... compared to ARM6?

    I'll experiment with them when the new models come out and report back with results....
    Suryat discussion here: http://infinitytheforums.com/forum/topic/31703-a-discussion-on-suryats/
    Paulfuscious- who clearly has had some fun with these guys adds:

    As for why a Suryat link may be chosen over a Sogarat one, the +3 BS for a 5 man link becomes incredible in that link. Kornak goes to BS: 20 with his Mk12 if in optimal range and no modifiers and the Suryat vulcan shotgun goes to an amazing BS: 22! If you've never fired a burst 3, BS: 22 vulcan shotgun into a room of enemies, I highly recommend it. It makes people cry.

    3.4 TAG/ REMOTES

    3.4.1 Raicho TAG



    I like the model. And as a unit- it serves as a reasonable assault model.

    I'm not in favour of its cost, low-ish BS (versus other TAGs) and the fact it stocks no other skills or abilities. It is also hackable. Yes.... like the aliens in Independence Day, the humans have finally cracked the code and us Morats will have to live with it.

    It doesn't suit my play style- and the arguments over link-teams vs. TAGs, and TAGs in N3 notwithstanding- but it may suit yours.

    Don't rambo it, make sure it is supported with an engineer.

    And before anyone tries the AVA2.... I've done it and I wouldn't recommend it.

    The critical weakness of the Morat Aggression Force is camo... all it takes is one Swiss Guard with a missile launcher in an elevated position and 180 points will be paste.

    So don't run two of them. Just don't.

    3.4.2 Remotes



    I love this model. 360 visor, Total reaction, mimetism and 6-4 movement. And then you can toss GADGET programs on top. A fantastic defensive unit- especially with Marksmanship level 2- and also a great offensive unit with it's mobility and mimetism.

    The choice of whether to use plasma or HMG is a debated one, but since I veer on the side of using it defensively, I favour the HMG.

    I consider it a must.

    I can't comment on the other drone options as I have never used them! LoL! Feel free to chime in.

    Pierzasty notes that the Sensor Drone is a cheapish specialist, a fast mover and has handy tools like Sniffer. Making it a useful adjunct to getting rid of the always irritating camo enemies.

    M-DRONE: 17 point MOV6-4 specialist (Forward Observer) with WIP13. If there was a cheap, quick, button pusher- here it is. It also has 'Deactivator'- for mine clearing (once discovered), 'Sat-Lock'- useful for lighting up Camo markers and TARGETING them. It also has 'Sensor'- good for discovering nearby enemies (WIP +6 roll!). And should you feel up to it- you can risk this drone in a triangulated fire attack on a particularly annoying ODD figure. Be warned: that is a long skill, which means you have to move into position first... and ODD troops are notorious for being good in ARO....

    R-DRONE: Repeater and sniffer. And 8 points. Useful for those annoying Hidden deployment figures I suppose, but I'd personally pay a point more and take a batroid.

    3.4.3 Ikadron Batroids



    They are cheap order generators. Double light flame throwers makes them useful flank protectors and the 'baggage' ability may prove situationally useful for some scenarios.

    Did I mention they were cheap order generators?


    Don't forget that batroids with the baggage skill can now re-load weapons with limited ammo. Running out of panzerfausts doesn't really need to be a 'thing' anymore, altho I'm unsure if reloading gives full ammo for it or just one shot as it's not clear and I can see an argument for both sides. Either way, if you need one more shot, a batroid following around the Yaogat link (or lone yaogat) is actually a decent option!

    3.5 WARBANDS

    3.5.1 Daturazi


    A staple of the Morat army. Cheap, smoke throwing close combat monsters. With Mimetism.

    They also have an impetuous order to help get you closer to the enemy (and probably shot at too!). Never fear, with a PH14 and smoke grenades (that's a 'dodge' roll on 17!) they have a fair chance at survival. Not fantastic- but hey....

    They are also linkable- and getting one of these shotgun wielding maniacs into firing range (+6 range band, +3 link bonus) and B3 means a lot of pain for the enemy. This tactic- discover/shoot- with such a unit has been suggested as a way of dealing with Camo/ODD.

    The other use for the combi rifle wielding Daturazi is to remember to put him on suppressive fire in a useful close ranged environment. With mimetism and the extra -3 to hit from suppression- that's a -6 to hit on the enemy.

    CC is where these guys really shine. CC21 and MA level 4 means you will most likely kill your enemy in hand to hand. Especially if you toss smoke to cover the enemy figure and charge in so they can't shoot at you. Daturazis are often underestimated by opponents... but only before encountering them in hand to hand.

    Many players swear by Daturazis the same way I swear by Yaogat MSV2... use them and be convinced.

    3.5.2 Oznat



    This unit's claim to fame is being able to link with Hungries and thus producing a cheap source of regular orders. This can be absolutely key in getting your 10 regular orders in a low points game.

    With the rehaul of points costings- she's seen less action as part of my army in 300 point plus games.

    However- linkable hungries are still deadly- and she has a smoke grenade launcher as well- which can help with survivability.

    In N2- she was a necessity- usually run in a separate combat group with her team of Hungries and sent on suicide charges across the board. The link would eventually break and I'd reallocate the Link to my Vanguards (or Yaogats).

    I have to see if this still works in N3... I suspect it won't as the command token to deduct 2 orders would be spent by a canny opponent on the Combat group with the Hungries- making them trapped in no-man's land with no orders to charge home.

    Splod summarizes this change in the meta from N2 to N3 brilliantly:

    "In N2 the 4x Preta and Oznat link was popular as it allowed a cheap source of orders for the much more expensive Morats, and suppressed the impetuous nature of the bugs. With the price of Morats reduced with N3, and the Pretas increasing to 7pts each, their value seems somewhat dimminished. Especially when compared against the option of a link team of Vanguard and Anyat

    Having said that, I'm yet to run the Oznat & Hungry link in N3, but I feel we will be seeing less of the brood linked on our tables."

    3.5.3 Hungries


    They are dross. Cheapish suicide units that *might* do something useful. They all have Kinematica 1.

    Firstly- Gakis. 4 points. Extremely impetuous and Irregular. 6-6 MOV and climbing plus. AP CCWs. And they explode when they go unconscious. Expect nothing from these critters and they might do something useful. Put them well forward of your main line so that when they explode there are no friendly casualties.... Good enemy positioning will mean that most of them will die miserable deaths to ARO shots... but....

    ... should they reach the enemy line- CC and explosions galore!

    Secondly- Pretas. 7 points. No more biomines. But they are dogged still and the trusty chain rifle 'spit' is still there (admittedly less effective now with new Dodge rules).

    I think Pretas are too expensive for a suicide unit but if you had a stray 7 points and wanted to pump orders into a chain rifle wielding, climbing plus, dogged critter... with the possibility of taking out some cheerleaders.... why not?

    Key point for Hungries- they are there purely for nuisance value.


    3.6.1 Zerat Special Mission Regiment



    This unit is quite special as it is the only infiltrator in the entire Morat army.

    Throw in the assault hacking device and it is the only infiltrating specialist the Morats have. And in ITS land... that is very important. It is by this fact alone that Zerats are seen in my army.

    They have mimetism- which helps with survivability (a little bit)- but they really should be kept out of the line of fire.

    The vanilla Zerat is useful by virtue of a LFT and mines- very helpful if you've infiltrated her forward and you want to play havoc with the enemy- but to be honest, I never use her- choosing the hacker variant instead (for objective grabbing purposes).

    The sniper unit is generally poo-poo'd due to combination of average BS, no camouflage nor any visor. Many would recommend that you spend your SWC and points elsewhere.


    I will update as threads emerge.



    Link here:

    If you haven't been properly taken to the cleaners by a TO Sniper or HMG- then you haven't properly played Morats. The MAF clean up against light infantry- but against the tricksy ODD figures of advanced armies you will suffer.

    And suffer a lot.

    There has been much discussion but essentially it boils down to three things:

    1. VISORS and linked Yaogats (Sixth Sense Level 2).

    2. Daturazis- discover/ shoot/ smoke. Intuitive Attack is included- though I must stress that since it is a Long Skill (attack)- it WILL break your link team. This has definitely taken the shine off DTWs run by Daturazis but hey... if you're close enough to chain rifle, you might as well charge in and give them the taste of cold steel... right?

    3. Sensors. I haven't tried it to be honest- but it strikes me as a laborious process- and doesn't negate the actual -9 to hit against an ODD figure in partial cover. (Unless they're TARGETED perhaps?).

    Death adds, "Also, sensors have access to triangulated fire (ignore all modifies and take a flat -3 to BS instead) which gives Morats another way to deal with enemy TO/ODD. Taking one M-Drone might be a good idea."

    What M-Drone's can also offer- if you dislike exposing yourself for triangulated fire- is "SAT LOCK." They just need to be in the sensor area and they can SAT-LOCK target people after discovering them. It reduces the typical -9 to hit (-6 for ODD and -3 for cover) to a more manageable -6, and if you're in a positive range band, that's reduced to a decent -3 to hit. Just roll lots of dice when you do it....


    The summary is that your active turn is going to be not enjoyable. Roughly half your orders will be discover and the majority of them will fail. How's that for order efficiency? That's essentially the crux of the problem: your either build to discover/kill or build for the objectives in the mission. Trying to do both is going to be really hard. That being said there are a few ideas...

    A special section just for this problem...



    Aside from ODD/ TO- these will be the other thorn in your side. You have a few options for dealing with these units.

    High burst HMG/ Spitfires and hope that something sticks. This is why we bring link teams- and preferably of 5 to get that extra +3BS to turn mediocre light infantry (or even medium infantry) to compete against hard targets. B5 with +3BS will usually put the odds in your favour against an ARO-ing Heavy Infantryman.

    Hitting is one thing- but armour in cover will usually be saving on at least an 8. So a lot will bounce off... leaving us with....

    Carried by Yaogats and preferably linked in a team of 5 for extra +3BS.

    Even so you are only rolling one or two dice against the enemy ARO who will be (usually) shooting back on quite high BS. A basic TAG usually touts a BS15 and with +3 for optimal range- that's an ARO on an 18 with EXP ammo. Yes, that's right- 18!

    To stack the odds in your favour- I'd suggest tossing smoke to cover the Yaogat who's taking the shot (and make sure he's in partial cover too. That's a -9 to hit just to start with, it's almost like our version of ODD (and like ODD- if your target has MSV you'll have to grit your teeth).

    It's not a free for all though, Yaogats are fragile and they usually miss with at least one Panzerfaust- keeping it a tense experience. But that's why we love Infinity....

    Paulfuscious comments:

    ... the proliferation of d-charges on Morat troops. Rasyats, Kurgats and Zerat hackers all are equipped with these making it fairly easy to sneak secondary objectives, but also are brutal as an attack in melee against very heavy armed targets such as tags. A rasyat in melee with a TAG, planting d-charges on it is actually a pretty effective way to deal with a large threat. The combination of CC:21 and MA: 3 means the odds will also be in your favor to tie up that monster for longer than your opponent wishes. If the rasyat falls, your kurgat can safely detonate the d-charges (or do that anyway while the Rasyat still lives!).

    Carried by a lowly Vanguard infantryman... and is there if you have no other option.

    He has some strong downsides: no visor, BS11, 1W and 1ARM. And since he is unable to stack the odds in your favour- it's a tough ask to get this guy (even in a full link team) to face down an Aquila Guard in cover.

    I think it has its place but it's even more dicey than any of the other options.


    If hacking is your thing... you've come to the wrong place! Morats trust in their guns more than their hackers and this is evidenced by the paucity of hackers- and their relatively low WIP compared to ALEPH/ Nomads.

    ... OK, perhaps I've over exaggerated. For straight up hacking, it's true- the Morat stat line and unit choices aren't the best in the business... BUT... sometimes it's a great way to burn the enemy order pool if they're running HI/ Hackers. How? With M-drones (the FO, sensor and repeater!) and with Ikadron batroids (also repeaters!). Admittedly I don't think it's a good active turn trick to pull considering how squishy these units are), but having that coverage in reactive turn (and whilst they can hide in total cover) can really upset enemy order efficiency.

    I usually run a Vanguard hacker (EI hacking device) and the Zerat Hacker (Assault hacking device) in ITS button pushing missions and letting the two of them ARO (Blackout, Carbonite, Sucker Punch- EI HD only) almost with impunity when HI or hackers walk into range of a repeater is a novel and enjoyable experience!


    Link to CA/ Sectorial Hacking discussion here:

    Your choices are:

    A. Morat Vanguard Hacker (EI Hacking Device).
    B. Zerat Assault Hacker.
    C. Rodok Hacker- (no model released yet)

    Knowing this you can either:

    Infiltrate the Zerat Hacker and "Stop!"... I'll Shoot. It can be feasible (provided you pass your PH -3 roll) to get close to the enemy deployment zone and assassinate quick moving hackers (Aragato biker hackers are a good example) before they run rampant. Admittedly you'll need to hold her in reserve to do this which might not suit the overall battle plan.

    Vanguard Hacker- Marksmanship level 2 on a Q-Drone. I cannot emphasise how frightful this turns a lowly TR remote. It was golden during the active turn AND reactive turn. Most enemies- if they survive the hit- will go prone or move to total cover- clearing the way for your forces to advance.

    Apart from that, walk up into the ZOC bubble and try casting... Though I'd rather trust in my guns- WIP13 trying to IMMOBILISE a WIP14/15 heavy infantry is fraught with potentially wasted attempts). As free AROs however- they are excellent. "Sucker Punch" is a great anti-hacker ARO for someone trying to hack your hacker. D16, Double Trouble ammo... why not?

    Paulfuscious has a very good approach on hacking support for Morats (emphasis mine):

    The Vanguard Hacker I think is actually one of the most useful hackers in N3 now. The assisted landing program to get your Rasyats to land on a PH:16 roll is spectacular. That's only one less than a Cascuda used to land on! They also shine as hacker killers. For 22pts on what is essentially a 'throw away' troop, they can hunt down enemy hackers and be fairly comfortable with having a better chance of winning a hacking duel. One of the more important traits on the Sucker Punch program is that the target is at -3 WIP to oppose you. So you will be on WIP:13 v's most likely 11 or 12. If they lose, DAM:16 DT will kill all but the most lucky targets. Outside the EI basic hacking devices, Hacking Plus is the only place to get the sucker punch program, so I think it's well worth taking!

    Editor's note: You Can Go Via a Repeater (Ikadron) and get the Firewall bonus!!! The penalties it applies to hackers trying to hack back in defense (-3 WIP to them and +3BTS to you) may make that Ikadron much more useful than you think.

    Also, the Rodok and Zerat are both equipped with assault hacking devices, so if you want gadget programs to buff things, you will HAVE to take the Vanguard. On the assault hacking devices, they both gain access to the very potent 'STOP!' program which is brilliant for turning off enemy hackable troops. The Rodok hacker also having a boarding shotgun makes a fairly brutal combo for turning off HI troops from behind a wall, then safely jumping over with his AP damage shotgun to cause much pain.


    My thoughts are that you should go first if you can.

    The lack of TO/ Camo/ Hidden deployment troops means that you'll taste the enemy's guns at full power. And you don't want that! Try to go first and deplete the enemy order pool (and maybe bag an objective on the way?).

    There may be one or two scenario dictated situations (Supremacy) where going second may confer special advantages but for the most part- go first.

    Those command tokens? Look after them- eminently useful (and beyond the realms of this talk. However- our links are our lifeline- save those tokens for Link reformation or shifting warm bodies into the main combat group.


    So you've got the starter set and you're wondering where to go with it?


    Just get playing- you'll pick things up as you go. That being said, if you like planning things out there are some good suggestions here...


    And here for a quick run down on for a reasonable 150point list

    Some 200 point discussion:


    Some 300 points ITS lists:

    Link: http://infinitytheforums.com/forum/topic/30947-its-with-morats/

    Link: http://infinitytheforums.com/forum/topic/31210-maf-300-first-its-attempt/

    And some further discussion about ITS orientated Morats:


    And here is an interesting discussion about Order Spam Morats...




    For everyone just starting out in Infinity- be aware that errors in the rules do turn up in battle reports. Pay attention the comments in videos and editorial comments in the written batreps. Infinity is a complex game and we try to do our best!

    > Total Reaction 3: 2014: 250 points: http://beholdtheomega.blogspot.com.au/2014/09/tournament-total-reaction-3-return-of.html
    > MAF vs. NCA 300 points: http://beholdtheomega.blogspot.com.au/2014/08/aar-infinity-300-points-maf-vs.html
    > MAF vs. ALEPH 250 points: http://beholdtheomega.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/aar-infinity-maf-vs-aleph-250-points.html
    > MAF vs. ALEPH 300 points: http://beholdtheomega.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/infinity-aar-300-points-maf-vs-aleph.html
    > MAF vs. Caledonians 300 points: http://beholdtheomega.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/infinity-aar-300-points-morat.html
    > MAF vs. QK 300 points: http://beholdtheomega.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/infinity-aar-300-points-maf-vs-qapu.html
    > MAF vs. Nomads 300 points: http://beholdtheomega.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/infinity-aar-300-pts-maf-vs-nomads.html

    Micky Ward
    > MAF vs. Yu-Jing 200 points: http://youtu.be/m9sqL80ei50?list=PLsqPkhhckIKrYwgP-8OzApm01xxsKuxpG
    > MAF vs. ASS: 200 points:

    > MAF vs. QK: 300 points:


    > MAF vs. ALEPH: 300 points:



    > Morat vs. Corregidor: 200points:




    > MAF vs Yu-Jing 400 points:


    > MAF vs. PanO 200 points:


    Frontline Gaming

    > MAF vs. ALEPH:


    > MAF vs. ALEPH: Starter vs. Starter:


    Learning Infinity Batreps:

    > https://youtu.be/ZwDkXSYrtc0

    > https://youtu.be/LseV8XJUDcE

    Guerilla Miniature Gaming
    > http://youtu.be/BabFs4nh8Co

    Infinity Forum

    > MAF ITS: Link:


    10. MISC.

    CA Unit Profiles and QRS:

    And if someone could teach me the spoiler function... that'd be great! -Thanks, Pierzasty!
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    Will need an entry for Bit & Kiss. Also, no mention in the Hungries that the Oznat is required in your army to unlock them - ala Hacker/TAG and REMs
  3. DaRedOne

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    This guide seems very outdated, and is missing some key points of the changes that came with HSN3 for morats. With the authorization of the Thread Author I would like to try and update it based on the changes MAF suffered recently.
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    I copied it over in the hope that the author would come and update it, @derfeonidas you interested or want to hand it over to @DaRedOne ?

    Edit: Just looked and his last login was 8 weeks ago. I'd give it a day or two to see if he has an opinion, but as they haven't been here in so long go for it.
  5. Wolf

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    @gamma ray @DaRedOne @derfeonidas

    I picked up Morats as my second faction - because I love the models (surely the Sogarat Tempest is a contender for Best Model in the Game?) and I wanted something very straightforward to play.

    This manual (with respectful nod to the articles at 1D4chan.org) is my touchstone for playing the faction and Im very keen to see it annotated, updated and improved; the sooner the better.
  6. DaRedOne

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    I'm going to start with some model by model analysis and annotations, then go on to link teams and stuff.



    In one word: yes. They pair well with a E-Drone to allow even the MAF to play the hacking game as well as other factions do, and give us a very nice edge against armies with lots of link teams like Tohaa or Steel Phalanx. I'll talk more about this specific combo at the E-Drone. But for Bit&KISS themselves, it's important to consider the positives and the negatives.
    Positives: Extremely good repeater range, versatile weapon loadout and not too shabby specialist for only 19 points and 0,5 SWC.
    Negatives: Not a Morat. This means than when/if your Lieutenant buys the farm, she goes irregular. It might not be such a big deal if you plan for it, though.

    Krakot Renegades, Morat Fugitives:

    Another huge yes. They bring a host of skills to the MAF, and pretty much surpass the Daturazi as a simple warband to protect your deploy zone or even play agressively on second or third turn. Pay attention to three profiles in specific: The basic chainrifle bloke is excelent at deploy zone defense; the shotgun bloke can push for midfield firefights once your enemies have advanced, and the dual smg bloke will turn most targets in this game into so much pureed meat if he can get there.
    Read up on chest mines, they have some cool interactions (namely the fact they go off when the model goes unconscious in CC, which can act as a last 'Fuck you!' to the model that killed your Krakot) and remember the chainrifle dude doesn't get them, but does get grenades at PH13 or even 16 if you roll well!
    Also, these guys are berzerkers with a DA CCW. Do not be afraid of sending them to fight other enemy CC specialists or warbands as they might die, but if they do so shaving 2 wounds off Achilles, it's a fair trade. Do keep in mind Natural Born Warriors, as they will cancel the Berzerk skill and make the Krakot a lot less scary in CC.

    Kurgat Regiment of Assault Engineers:

    Now we got to the real Morats. Kurgats are basically Vanguards with the engineer skill tacked on, and that's it. The Autocannon dude looks good, but at BS11 with no link bonuses he is still a bad take. The other ones aren't though. MK12 with Haris skill will allow your engineers to move upfield and trade some shots, while the BSG dudes are cheap and useful.
    All Kurgats have mines, so don't forget to crap them around objectives to make it even harder for enemies to take them back from you. There's even an option to use a Command Token for multiple mine crapping, but I feel Rodoks do this better. That being said, these guys are pretty solid, just remember they are not gunfighters and even with that big gun they shouldn't be doing active turn killing.

    Med-Tech Obsidion Mechanoid:

    What is there to say about Doctor Worm that hasn't been said before? He's solid, at wip 14, MOV6-4 and with both Medic and Engineer skills. Don't send him out to cap objectives unless it's turn 3, though. With his large footprint he will most likely be shot off the board the moment he leaves his position in the deploy zone.
    He is also not a Morat, so if/when your Lieutenant dies he goes irregular. You were probably going to spend an order on him bringing your LT back up anyways, so who cares?

    Morat Vanguard Infantry:

    Okay, these guys look good on paper, and one could argue that a pair of Missile launchers makes for a good ARO piece when it's on a 5 monkey team for BS14 and two shots each... But I still don't like them. Expensive, kinda meh in statline, and most of the things they can do can be done by other teams in the MAF, I generally pass these guys, with a few important exceptions:
    The Vanguard hacker is the cheapest regular hacking device in MAF, and can be so useful for his cost. Don't try to use him to cap objectives early on, he can do that, but that's not why he's here. He's here to buff your Q-drone, guide your Rasyat and ocasionally deliver a sucker punch ARO if you brought Bit&KISS or are using lots of Ikadrons.

    Treitak Anyat:

    She makes a Vanguard team worthwhile. Anyat is a huge bag of tricks, with smoke, chaincolt, E/M grenades and a K1 rifle, she can deal with most problems, but she needs to get close. However, at 25 points you really have to wonder if that bag of tricks is worth it.
    Now, if you do use Anyat, it's better to commit. Full 5 man team, one or two big weapons, everyone else is a specialist. This might make for a good second punch once you exhaust your big guns, but MAF has so many more toys to play with nowadays, I find Anyat staying home more often than not.


    Kornak Gazarot, Superior Warrior Officer:

    Old Ironguts is a badass. Highest BS of the whole army (tied with the Raicho), big guns, big attitude, a whooping armor 3 and BTS 9 with No Wound Incapacitation, Strategos and Berzerk. Kornak is a beast. He is also a big trap.
    On his own he will seldom do much, as he has a gun that needs to get to mid range to be effective, and anything with Shock or DA ammo will punk his ass hard. Also, a lot of new players use him as a 40 point cheerleader, which is just sad, really. But there is one thing Kornak does that brings him into AWESOME mode: He can Haris with any HI in the sectorial.
    The cheapest Option is a single Suryat, one Raktorak and Kornak for a small team packing one long range gun on the Suryat, a specialist and your monster for close encounters. This is my favorite version of the team, but nothing is keeping you from dropping the Raktorak for another Suryat or mixing it up however you see fit. It's a good team, bringing both utility, decent ARO and good active turn fighting prowess.
    The Full Ape mode is getting two Sogarats and pairing them with Kornak. This will cost half the points of a 300 points army, and will not die. Sogarats are already stupidly resistant, and when they're AROing 2 shots with those feuerbachs or HMGs they're deadly both in active and reactive. However, this team will attract every big gun in your table and every table next to you too, so play with care.
    ITS10 gave Kornak the Advanced deployment lvl1 skill for free. This doesn't make him a good solo option, but does give you plenty more options of deployment when using him linked.

    Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major:

    In the past people badmouthed these dudes. And those people were wrong. Sure, some profiles are dubious (the Red Fury one) but the other two are solid. They can add a Specialist to a Suryat core or Haris, and they're cheapish MI that moves at LI pace.
    ITS10 made these guys all kinds of useful. Now that they have forward deployment lvl1 they are even useful running solo! A raktorak isn't expensive, at 22 points for a vulkan shotgun or 23 for combi+heavy flamer. They add some defense against camo tokens, can suppress, and can push buttons too. All in all, these guys are in a really great place now.

    Rasyat, Diplomatic Division:

    Oh, these guys are fun! They get a lot of profiles, but there's little reason to use anything but the BSG ones, the reason being these guys love to get in people's faces and chop them up. The other profiles aren't bad, but they are harder to hide from your opponent, especially the Spitfire one, and half the fun of the Rasyat is telling your opponent that yes, you do have a model out of the table.
    At PH13 that can be boosted to 16 with an E-drone or hacking device, they can be very reliably dropped in with AD:Combat Jump, and with Natural born warrior granting stealth they can usually go around shanking people in the back unmolested. D-charges make them good at breaking stuff too.
    They also come equipped with Eclipse grenades that they throw at an realiable 16. Eclipe can block enemy MSV troops or set them up for the Rasyat himself move in and shank them in the back with his DA CCW.
    ITS10 turned these guys into boogeymen. Think about it: Stealth+High CC is an uncommon combination for AD troopers, and to make things worse, unlike Oniwabans, Speculos or Fidays, Rasyats stay off the table until you want them to come in! If there's any corner, any nook you can deploy this guy out of LOF from your opponent, he will wreck shit in their deployment zone.
    Don't forget NBW can give you a +3 to hit, boosting your diplomat to CC 24 against models that don't have CC abilities. And against those that do, a Rasyat cancelling them will make them sweat too, although I would rather avoid that scenario as the Rasyat is a bit on the expensive side when compared with most MA sporting warbands.

    Rodok, Armored Imposition Detachment:

    These guys are the newest Morat unit added to the army, and they come packed to the gills with tricks and stuff. Mimetism makes winning FTF rolls more easy, they get a couple options for big guns, a paramedic and an assault hacker. Both specialists have Boarding Shotguns, and anyone carrying a Boarding Shotgun also gets mines to drop around. SuperJump also makes these guys able to take some very interesting routes to the enemy.
    Oblique attack tactics is the name of the game with the Rodoks, using your superjump to get better angles, firing from rooftops, abusing cover and range bands to the max. Remember the best range for combi-rifles ends where the best range for the HMG starts, so that can make a difference between getting a -3 or a +3 in a firefight. Also, don't get caught using SuperJump all the time, make sure the route you're using is the fastest or the safest first.
    Finally, Rodoks can be Lieutenants, but putting one in your fireteam keeps you from abusing the Morat rule to really use that Lieutenant order, so I would recommend against it.
    ITS10 made these guys utterly ridiculous. Forward deployment on a short range, mimetism and super jump fireteam? HELL YEAH! Rodoks were already good, this buff is just a cherry on top.

    Yaogat Strike Infantry:

    These guys are cool. Kinda expensive for what they do, but this is MAF, so everything is a bit more expensive than it should. However, with MSV2 and the ability to link, these guys are golden. You get a Spitfire rather than an HMG, making them better at pushing up the midfield, and also a MULTI-Sniper when you need to fuck shit up at range. Oh, and they get a Haris option!
    One important point: The Haris skill for Yaogats only costs 1 point. I know the model pays 0,5 SWC, but he's paying that for his Panzerfaust, not the Haris skill. So yeah, you get a 3 monkey fireteam with an expendable big gun that can be used to smoke trick or ARO something large out of the game!
    ITS10 made the Haris around a spitfire quite useful. You can start them up the board with Foward Deployment, already on the Spitfire's good range, and drag up a shotgun to fuck up camo tokens in the mid field too.
    There's a lone specialist option for these guys in the Hacker, but he is so damn expensive! Adding a weakness to the team is seldomly justfiable, so most people will not use the Yaogat Hacker unless they have a very good plan for him.
    Yaogats get the core fireteam skill too, but generally speaking they're better served as a haris, as their core team is very expensive, encroaching on the territory of Suryats, while being less resistant. Besides, ask yourself: do you really need 5 guys with MSV2?


    Sogarat Tempest Regiment:

    These guys used to be the best Super Heavy (S5) infantry in the game. Now they're 'just' the hardiest. In any case, put this guy in cover and he will take ungodly ammounts of firepower before going down, and most likely will get up again in your next turn. The reason is: ARM6, PH15 and Automedikit. As long as the Sog can fall behind total cover when unconscious, he has 3/4 chance of getting back up next turn with only one order spent.
    This guy is one of the best Lieutenant options in the army (tied with Kornak and a Suryat) because he can abuse that order to hell and back. And if he goes down? Who cares?! The best use of the Sogarat is finding a juicy piece of cover in the midfield and dropping into suppressive fire to make sure the enemy will sweat to take him off the table. And if anyone smokes or shoots at you with ODD or TO Camo? Dodge! PH15 will give you a good chance of just dropping into total cover so you can get up and shoot their asses off the table next turn.
    Another good use of the Sogarat is as a data tracker in missions where your data tracker needs to survive. Killing a sogarat is ridiculously hard to do, and if your oponent sinks 10-14 orders doing it, you're already at an advantage. Do remember which of your models are Morat and which aren't, though.

    Suryat Assault Heavy Infantry:

    The no frills HI, with standard stats, but not so standard weapons. Sure, they got the usual Combi/MULTI-rifle+flamethrower combo, the HMG with tinbot one, and the Rocket Launcher. But they also can pack vulkan shotguns, and one of them has the Haris skill. Weigh well whether to use the Suryat haris (paying 1 SWC) or Kornak (for 0 SWC) either way, these guys will surprise you with their performance.
    A single Suryat is a good LT choice, even if you're just using the LT order to drop into supressive fire, he is pretty solid doing that, but with an HMG he can shoot at some targets without ODD/Camo, and does so at a respectable BS13. The MULTI-Rifle will have him hunting models near your deployment zone.
    In a haris, two B13 shots in ARO are fairly respectable, and can put the hurt even in models with high defensive stats if they choose to shoot at someone else. Also, remember that you can always dodge. PH13 is also respectable and generally doesn't get affected by enemy skills.
    These guys can core with themselves, Kornak and/or a Raktorak. Save this team for large points games, or you risk having 200 points shot off the table by a lucky shot from a missile launcher or something.

    Tactical Armoured Gear:

    Raicho Armored Brigade

    A standard TAG with standard skills and average WIP. First of all, 'standard' is not a bad thing. ARM8, 3STR, B14 on a str16 gun that can fire Shock, AP or Explosive rounds is pretty good. The Raicho is a little pricey, though, so there are as many reasons to take it as there are not to.
    However, one very good change was the pilot update, that gave the Raicho pilot dual Heavy Pistols and D-charges on a specialist operative profile. This allows her to cap objectives, blow up things for classifieds, and even put a few rounds on unsuspecting enemies' backs as she has BS12 out of the TAG, higher than most TAG pilots!
    ITS10 turned the Raicho into an ungodly monster. It still has standard stats, and even has a standard loadout that's fairly cheap at 89 points. However, for 5 points more you get a hulking monster packing a mine dispenser and exchanging the flamethrower for a HEAVY SHOTGUN. This gives you the only Strength 16 shotgun in the game, and with the Raicho's respectable BS, she can fire it at 20 if you get close enough. This profile is all kinds of badass, with no bad range up to 32 inches, and can even lay down mines for cover while advancing.
    Oh, and don't forget that some missions give an extra order to the data tracker. Take Kornak and make your Raicho the data tracker in missions like that. Enjoy your 12 orders on your murderbot.


    First of all, one important point about all the Remotes: They are not Morat. This means they are affected by Loss of Lieutenant, but not by Retreat as they all have either Remote Presence or Autotool to negate that effect. Try to include Remotes in your list that you'll want to spend at least one order on for any reason, this way if/when you go on LoL you can still play at near maximum efficiency.


    Oooh, boy! These guys are so cool. For starters, our EVO hacking device is mounted on a regular drone chassis, so it is faster, smaller and has a gun, making it way better than the Human Sphere EVOs, but also more expensive. Additionally, the EVO packs a nifty extra program that is extremely rare otherwise: Exile.
    Now, weigh your options between an E-drone and a Vanguard Hacker. If you just want passive hacking buffs, you should pick the Vanguard hacker, as he shares all pros of the E-drone, plus is a Morat and can go prone to keep himself safe. Only bring the E-Drone if you have a good reason, but do consider the following tactic: Bit can put up an amazing repeater net, and Exile allows you to isolate any model in a fireteam AND break the team to boot. If you're facing an opponent with lots of Fireteams, bringing both Bit and an E-drone will allow you to funnel their movements as any smart opponent will rather stay away from your repeaters than risk losing their team and one model to a simple ARO.
    E-Drones also remove the -6 penalty for the Sat-lock skill, which allows for some more precise shots and safe camo token removal with the help of the M-Drone too.
    Oh, and don't fear killer hackers either. Remeber the E-drone can both Breakwater and SuckerPunch and Bit can Maestro in ARO, putting their chances at more or less 50/50 against anything less than a Hac Tao Killer Hacker

    Ikadron Batroid

    Ikadrons are awesome. 9 points for a regular order with Baggage, dual Flamers, Flash Pulse and a whooping 6-2 move is already pretty good, but then you remember the number of disposable weapons in this army and how expensive some of our stuff is, and these guys become life savers. Ikadrons can do a lot, they can watch your deployment zone, they can reload your Panzerfausts, Mines and Pitcher, they can run in and torch a fireteam that got too close. These guys are great, there's very few reasons not to have one or two in the list.
    With the buff to the Raicho, Ikadrons became even more useful, and keeping one of them close to your TAG to reload its mines and allow your hackers to exorcise if someone tries to possess it is a very good idea.


    The usual sensor drone mounted on the usual Combined Army drone chassis. It's good, it's reliable, and can fuck up camo spamming armies from total cover. It is also a repeater for Bit&KISS or E-drone shennanigans. If you need a suite of skills on a model, the M-drone is good for you.
    M-Drone really has a neat interaction with the other models in the army, using Sat-lock to remove camo tokens and targeting models for shots and specially speculative fire with grenades adding more utility to the force and using the high average PH of the Morat.
    However, most Morat players favor a more direct approach, which is why this drone tends to stay at home. Do give it a try some day, it might surprise you.


    This guy is a killer. Seriously, this guy is pure murder in an S3 silhouette. Give it Assisted Fire, put it on a position where it can move around slicing pies and taking brutal BS14 (on 16-32 range, you get +3 to BS, but with Assisted Fire you get to ignore the enemy cover penalty, so the drone BS11 goes to an effective 14) shots with Strength 15 and Shock ammo on people. If you need something to brutalize your oponent on turn 1, this guy is the best bet, as it is very inexpensive and causes untold damage for something so small. The best part is since it's got remote presence it takes 3 wounds to kill it off for real, and even if it's at unconscious 2 only one roll will bring it back online for more murder.
    Oh, yeah, it has Total Reaction and 360º Visor for ARO duty too, but generally speaking it's not as good a move leaving it out in the open for ARO duty. Mimetism sure helps, but if you start to think of this guy as an active turn murderbot you can extract so much more of it. The Total Reaction is great, yeah, but you don't want someone smoking or surprise shooting this guy out of the table on turn 1, that's just sad.


    The only reason for taking an R-drone is the cheap 8 points order. Sure, it has MOV 6-6 and is both a repeater and a sniffer, but no guns, not a Morat and meh defenses means this guy is going to die fast. Weigh against taking another Ikadron for only 1 point more.

    Slave Drone

    These baby worms allow Doctor Worm to be in two or three places at once. Remember that you can't heal two targets at once, and can't move two little worms at once either. However, having a Doctor or Engineer everywhere in the field is useful to keep your murder monkeys and bots alive more.
    There is a certain Zen of healing models, though. Weigh how many orders it will take to reach them and attempt the roll vs other uses of these orders, such as killing enemy models and achieving objectives. If you focus on keeping your guys alive too much you might lose the game because you just didn't score any points


    Eh. It's good. The main use of these blokes is to slingshot Missiles at enemies from out of LOF, and at BS 12 plus 6 from guided shot he is landing the templates on a 18. Not too shabby. However, MAF has few Forward Observers and orders come at a premium, so this tactic might not be so sound.
    You can make it happen with extensive use of Repeaters, Hackers and the M-Drone too, but by this point you might as well be playing Vanilla Combined army for the sheer number of non-Morat models on your list.


    Zerat Special Missions Regiment

    I wanna like her. The model looks nice and her statline is okay for a skirmisher, with the only issue she's only got mimetism instead of camo, so you can't move around on enemy fire lanes daring them to discover you, and you also don't have Surprise Shot. She does have a few good profiles though
    Basic profile packs a Combi-Rifle with Light Flamer and Mines; it is good for a little flanking maneuver, but there might be better options in the army for fire based murder or mine crapping on the mid field. The hacker profile brings D-charges and while it's only an Assault Hacker, she can still ruin the day of TAGs and HIs in her hacking range, and doesn't cost that much more than a Vanguard. The FO profile is probably the best, though: Boarding Shotgun means her BS11 isn't such a problem, Mines can secure objectives and Grenades can be rolled on top of enemy heads with speculative fire.
    All in all, the zerat is not a bad choice, but more often than not she will be passed by only because you've got other stuff in the army to do the same job now. ITS10 shook up these girls a lot. With the way Classifieds work now, they aren't as useful as they were in the past, but on the other hand they make excellent data trackers in some missions too. Plan with care where to place them.


    Daturazi Witch Soldiers

    Oh yeah! Extremely impetuous Smoke throwers with PH14 and Mimetism, these guys are good. 14 points is expensive for a Warband but cheap for a Morat, and they come with Martial Arts 4, Grenades and a Chainrifle base. Daturazi used to be the premier deploy zone defenders, but Krakots beat them at that area. What they don't beat them in, though, is landing smoke. Daturazi can land a smoke throw on 17 and with Mimetism enemies will be at -3 shooting at them even in the open, allowing you some more risky plays.
    These guys can also form a Core Fireteam, usually around the Boarding Shotgun profile and several of the Chainrifle ones. This team will be purely for aggressive assaults, so you might want to invest in another Core team, maybe Rodoks or Vanguards, to form up once your monkey monks either die or get close enough to go Impetuous on the enemy. Stay away from the Combi-Rifle profiles, though, they're all kinda meh, even if they add mid-range firepower to the team.

    Oznat Hunting Regiment

    This lady is the weirdest model in the army. Look at her profile: it sucks. No really, it's too expensive, loses to Daturazi in everything but MOV value and doesn't really bring anything to the table on her own. Now look at the equipment: Hungries Control Device. This little thing will make the Oznat go BEAST MODE.
    At the least expensive, you pay 34 points for 5 orders, averaging 7 points per order for 5 regular orders! That in itself is already good, but if you're a Morat you don't want to just have 5 guys sitting around doing nothing. At the most expensive it's still 48 points for 5 orders, so you're still paying very little for a lot. You can choose between two Oznat profiles, or even have two of them join up with 3 Hungries for a more robust fireteam.
    Combi-Rifle+Smoke Launcher is the passive profile, she will hang out at the deploy zone providing reliable smoke cover to your troops firing at BS 11 if spec-firing or BS 17 if shooting normally. That's pretty good. But the Vulkan Shotgun profile is made for hunting stuff, firing at BS 20! at best range and throwing smoke at 19 too. MOV 6-4 on the Oznat means she can reach out and touch your enemy with a vengeance.
    If you want to use these guys aggressively, save them for turn 2 or 3 push, though. You don't want them exposed to big guns, but they are perfect for dismantling dug in enemy forces.

    The Hungries

    Both versions of Hungries are Irregular, Extremely Impetuous and have Climbing Plus on MOV 6-6. This allows them to run in and reach enemies in many otherwise unreachable places, and when linked they become Regular and non-Impetuous. Beware LoL, though, as these guys are not Morat and will go Irregular, but not Impetuous, if they start the turn linked but in Loss of Lieutenant.
    As Stated above about the Oznat, the sum is bigger than the parts with the Hungries, as individually they aren't really special, but linked up they can be all kinds of awesome.


    These are the cheap order filler dudes for your Oznat links. They're a mixed bag, though, as they can explode and if they do so near the link they can take 2-3 other members out with them too. However, they're awesome if you can send them running into the middle of the enemy forces. They have MOV6-6, so if you can reach them with a single move, you can take a swipe at them with CC 19 and PH14, cause some hurt, and if they land a single ARO on your bug it explodes and causes MORE damage! Win-Win. Be wary of taking too many AROs, though, If you suffer 2 or more wounds you go straight into Dead state and no Kaboom happens.


    For the less crazy commander, Pretas are Dogged and have a Chainrifle, making them less about stupid in your face aggression and more about controlled, in your face aggression. I like them, and mixing and matching them with Gakis and Oznat will give you a nice little team of killer bugs led by an angry half naked monkey lady. Chainrifles allow them to Intuitive Fire against Camo tokens or enemies in smoke, and the template is large enough to cover several enemies with a single blast, or two if they are linked.

    Basic Morat Tactics:


    Morats have decent to high PH, so don't forget to choose a Dodge ARO if things aren't going your way. Sure, it's not as good as killing the enemy back, but if it keeps your monkeys alive for one more turn you might as well turn around and kill them harder in your active turn. Besides, dodging doesn't suffer penalties when you're being shot at from smoke, so there's that.


    There are several models on the army that have Grenades, and PH ranges from 12 to 16 in MAF, so they are all either okay or really damn good at throwing them. This means you can try to use your Grenades to Speculative Fire over a wall, or roll them down to try and catch more enemies in the blast. Remember that Spec Fire has a -6 modifier though, so try to get as close as possible before doing this
    When using Grenades for Speculative fire, try to bring in an M-drone for some Sat-lock tricks. You can use Sat-lock over walls without LOF to the target, and can even target Camo Tokens to automatically remove them if you pass the roll. Sat-lock usually has a -6 penalty for the roll, but an E-Drone will negate that penalty and with WIP13 the M-drone is efficient enough in passing the roll. If you use Speculative Fire on a targeted model within ideal range, you're basically doing a normal roll on the base PH value of the model, which as mentioned above can range from decent to very good.
    Another important use of Grenades is in Active Turn shooting when you have a Chainrifle+Grenades Impetuous dude moving around a corner. Turn around, then wait for the enemy ARO. If they fire back, Chainrifle their ass, if they Dodge, throw a Grenade. This ensures you either autohit with the Rifle or force a FTF roll that you will most likely have higher chances of winning.

    Dealing with Camo

    Now, the MAF has ONE MSV2 troop, that is actually a very good one when linked. However, you won't bring Yaogats on every mission. What you will most likely bring on every mission is Smoke and Template weapons, though, and these are how you deal with camo. If you Smoke then Intuitive Attack through the Smoke the Camo token will have a -6 to fire back at you, which is already bad enough, but can be made even worse if you're doing it with a Flamer from a Suryat, Raktorak or Ikadron. WIP 13 on most of our troops means this will fail about 40% of the time, though.
    The above mentioned stuff about Grenades and Sat-Lock can also help with the Camoed enemies too, so read up on that too.

    Take it on the Chin

    The Morat rule means your guys and gals don't care. Being shot at? Normal day. Isolation? Screw the orders, I know the battle plan. Lieutenant died? Screw him for taking a nap in the middle of the fight! This allows you to be very agressive and treat every model as expendable, even the more expensive ones, because everyone is going to be there until the end of the fight anyways.
    Now, Expendable doesn't mean Wastable, this is extremely important. Yes, you can and should use the Lieutenant Order if possible, but that still doesn't give you an excuse to go out of cover with Kornak/Suryat/Sogarat and definetely doesn't mean you can try to shoot at an Intruder Sniper in cover 40 inches away with your HMG. Play smart, learn when to gamble, and the Morats will have your back.

    The Right fireteam for the right problem

    The MAF has one of the highest number of fireteam options in this game, so look at all of them before you make your list. Do you need orders? Hungries. Do you need an agressive midfield push? Rodoks. Do you need to play defensive? Rodoks or Yaogats and so on. You also have a lot of Haris options, so mixing and matching is always a possibility that shouldn't be disconsidered.
    Some people even bring a cheap core, like Hungries or Daturazis, and use them as a turn one missile before reforming a more expensive one, Rodoks being the most common team for this trick, to push midfield. There are many tactics you can do, and it all depends on your personal preference and mission

    That is is for today, I hope this helps future MAF players get some wins against the smelly humans. Da Red One is out!

    Edit 03: Added considerations about ITS10 and fixed more typos.
    Edit 02: Corrected some typos and capitalization issues, and explained the bit about grenades better.
    Edit 01: Added a few more common tactics and a point about smoke on the Rasyat; also added an explanation to the Q-Drone having BS14 with assisted fire.
    #6 DaRedOne, Feb 23, 2018
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  8. Sabin76

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    I would change only one thing on the Q-Drone: "BS 14 shots..." --> "effectively BS 14 shots..."

    It took me several months of playing before I realized that Assisted Fire did not actually give you +3 BS due to comments like this.
  9. DaRedOne

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    Changes were made considering the input. Thanks!
  10. Styx

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    Can you add this: as an unusuall MAF tactics added with all of your description about their normal tactics.

    Grenadiers combo: M+EVO+hand grenadier (Zerat, Anyat, Daturazi&Krakot) = Satlock+especulative fire.
    Comms Equipment

    • Allows the use of SWORD L1, SHIELD L2 and all GADGET programs.
    • In addition, allows the use of the following GADGET-EVO programs:
    • This piece of Equipment allows players to enlist REMs in their Army List.
    • The EVO Hacking Device allows use of the Tactical Support Systems, a series of automatic and simultaneous Bonuses:
      • EVO Hacking Device allows the use of Hacking Programs in a Coordinated Order. It is not mandatory for all the Hackers in the Coordinated Order to use the same Hacking Program.
      • This piece of Equipment allows players to spend a Command Token to re-roll a single failed Normal or Face to Face WIP Roll when declaring the use of a Hacking Program. The player may re-roll just one die, no matter the Burst value of the Hacking Program he used.
      • The player who has the second Player Turn may spend a Command Token to deploy one troop with the EVO Hacking Device with one GADGET-EVO Supportware Hacking Program active. During the Deployment Phase the player will place the corresponding Supportware Marker with the EVO Hacker Device bearer on the table. This action is not considered a Strategic Use of the Command Token.
      • This piece of Equipment automatically provides a Bonus that nullifies the -6 MOD to the WIP Roll for the Sat-Lock Special Skill for any friendly trooper.
      • An EVO Hacking Device automatically provides a +3 PH Bonus to the Airborne Deployment Special Skill. This Bonus is not cumulative with the Controlled JumpSupportware Hacking Program, nor with the Bonus provided by other additional EVO Hacking Devices.
    Comms Attack, Comms Equipment, Optional, No LoF, Zone of Control.
    • This Special Skill allows its user to declare a Comms Attack with a WIP-6 Roll against a target within Sensor Area.
    • This Roll applies no further MODs (for Range, Cover, CH, ODD...) or bonuses unless otherwise specified.
    • Upon a successful Roll, the target enters the Targeted state, signified by a Targeted Marker (TARGETED).
    • The user need not have LoF to the target.
    • With this Special Skill, the Comms Attack may be declared against an enemy Camouflage or TO Camouflage Marker. In that case, a successful Roll not only tags the target as Targeted, but also Discovers him, replacing the Marker with the target's model.

    With that playstyle its so expensive to do with some orders, but works very good and adds a great potencial on MAF grenadiers. In a single profile without fireteam bonus (only for that +3phy), you rolls on 18s with especulative fire on an marked target against their -3phy for AoE negative (maybe on 7s in an 10phy profile, without sixt sense bonus), but that Daturazzi's core in a 5 members, they can go in a especulative on 23s 1 dice roll, Krakot with "Super-Physique (+3 PH) + Regeneration" as 16phy basic bonus, turns to 22s in a single profile without fireteam bonus, also Zerat with hand grenades or that Anyat with E/M can deal more frustation to the enemy.
    You can go with this:

    .Zerat assault hacker: Spotligth on 10s bcs that -3 WIP. Problem: she are weak against KH, but you need to cover her with that 2sncd Zerat and Krakot and maybe with Q-dron.

    .M-dron+EVO: Satlocks on basic 13WIP bcs their syngergie. Problem: REM and vulnerable to infiltrated H.assaulters, you need cover him with Bit(out of range of Kiss "on disconected mode") + EVO + Anyat, runing in coordinated order; move+smoke/move+reset/move+hackattacks on Bit and breakwaters from EVO. Maybe adding a Zerat H.assault whitout M-dron on your list can carry this same order.

    "added grenadiers team" as Zerat(FO/or normal profile)+Krakot+Anyat.

    They are a pretty and awesome grenadier team with that combos and 3(4) types of hand grenades: normal grenades, smoke and eclipse if you carry 1 Rasyat too and finally the E/M to isolate all enemies and plus if they are HI/REM/TAG's and adds the INM-2 state, the problem if you add 1 single daturrazi, bcs they are extremly impetuous and dosen't works fine if he can survive. This playstyle its very unusual but hell... its very strong mode if you don't choose to do any firefights. If you play on a hard table with a lot of cover like an urban city or something else, make a hard list with full orders and synergies with all of your playset and profiles list.
    [​IMG] MAF - Guerrilla mode.

    GROUP 1[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]5 [​IMG]4 [​IMG]5
    [​IMG] OZNAT Vulkan Shotgun, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 20)
    [​IMG] GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4)
    [​IMG] GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4)
    [​IMG] GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4)
    [​IMG] PRETA Chain Rifle / AP CCW. (0 | 7)
    [​IMG] RASYAT Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges, Eclipse Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 28)
    [​IMG] Q-DRONE HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 26)
    [​IMG] IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0 | 9)
    [​IMG] IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0 | 9)

    GROUP 2[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]9 [​IMG]1
    [​IMG] MORAT Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 14)
    [​IMG] ZERAT (Forward Observer) Boarding Shotgun, Grenades, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 22)
    [​IMG] ZERAT Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 21)
    [​IMG] KRAKOT RENEGADE 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades / Pistol, DA CC Weapon. (0 | 14)
    [​IMG] ANYAT K1 Combi Rifle, Chain-colt, Smoke Grenades, E/M Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 25)
    [​IMG] Bit Hacker (UPGRADE: Expel) Submachine Gun + Pitcher, Deployable Repeater + KISS! / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] KISS! Adhesive Launcher / Electric Pulse. (- | 4)
    [​IMG] E-DRONE Combi Rifle / Electric Pulse. (0.5 | 28)
    [​IMG] M-DRONE Combi Rifle, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (0 | 17)
    [​IMG] MED-TECH OBSIDON MEDCHANOID Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 23)
    [​IMG] SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (0 | 3)
    [​IMG] SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (0 | 3)

    3 SWC | 300 Points

    Open in Infinity Army
    a heavy and powerfull rushers profiles; Q, grenadiers, hungry party and that Zerat with flamethrower, all can do benefits in active turn from the targeted bonus, also if u can run with a single Zerat sniper she works pretty fine too on that spam list as a cheap profile.
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    Sticking this in too..

  12. DaRedOne

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    Thanks for the input. I have added some of you considerations to the guide, but the whole strategy and list I think it's too advanced for the scope of this guide, which is to help new players get started.


    That is a very good quality video, but I particularly don't like it. While I do agree with some of the positives and negatives on it, I think the overall tone is too negative, and focuses on one specific playstyle. This game is played all around the world, and different people will have their fun in a different way. Besides, it is also missing the TAG update from season 9 as well as the Bit&KISS release.
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    Just passing by, @DaRedOne do you want to make a separate post with your Morat analysis that you posted to be stickied? It seems unlikely that the OP is even around anymore.

    @psychoticstorm if DaRedOne agrees, wold you be able to stick and unsticky the threads as appropriate please? Also the Kurage Crisis thread can probably come down too.
  14. DaRedOne

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    @gamma ray I would prefer if it was just stickied. No sense in making a separate post as I just built up on something that was already said before.

    I did just update the post, as I feel this way it is much better than what I had before. Thanks for asking me.
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    No problems ^^
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    In Anyat's section you mention long order speculative fire would break the vanguard fireteam, however long orders don't break fireteams. Suppressive fire specifically breaks a member from the fireteam, but otherwise with long orders the other members will just idle/support like a normal attacking skill.
  17. DaRedOne

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    @Toalpaz The original post is from before HSN3, when any long order would break a fireteam. Things changed a lot since that post was written, including several models getting new rules or being resculpted.

    My post is the most up to date one, but if you have any ideas on how to improve it, I would love to listen.
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    I think it might be worthwhile to copy your post into a new thread, and switch which one is stickied. Not meaning any disrespect to @gamma ray 's work, but the tactica threads are a lot easier to use if the first post is actively kept up to date.
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    There's no work to disrespect on my behalf, I just copied the OP from the previous forum in the hope that the author came here and gave it an update :)
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    So, it seems we're getting another update for MAF coming in soon. As in 3 or 4 weeks from now soon. My suggestion is when that drops we do a new thread and sticky that one instead, as whatever comes in next will surely make the earlier posts, including my own, quite outdated and without the OP to keep updating the first post it will be hard for newcomers to find their stuff.
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