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Mercs with Perks: A DBS Tactica

Discussion in 'Druze Bayram Security' started by Q.A.I., Mar 31, 2018.

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    "Welcome Chief! A new arrival from Bourak? What brings you to our humble Caravansary? Let me guess; was it the freedom? A nose for money? They all come here following the scent. Chief Arslan will be with you in a moment. Heads up: he's gonna ask what's the same between the law and the soul; asks all the new kids ... The proper response, is that they're both straight make-believe."

    Bully the weak and cheat the strong, that's the way of Druze Bayram Security. While we can't secure equipment on the same level as PanO or have the same level of manpower as Ariadna, we can teach them what grit and a lack of compunction can do. This Tactica will help guide you through the tools, the muscle, and the tech that makes DBS the first stop if there's a problem that needs solving... for the right price of course. We're bad people, but we could be worse.



    (1.0) General Overview
    (2.0) Unit Profile Guide

    (2.1) Light Infantry
    (2.1.1) Authorized Bounty Hunters
    (2.1.2) Bashi Bazouks
    (2.1.3) Brawlers
    (2.1.4) Valerya Gromoz
    (2.1.5) Warcors
    (2.2) Medium Infantry
    (2.2.1) Armand Le Muet
    (2.2.2) Druze Shock Teams
    (2.2.3) Security Chief Arslan
    (2.3) Skirmishers
    (2.3.1) Hunzakuts
    (2.3.2) Saito Togan
    (2.4) Remotes
    (2.4.1) Dronbots
    (2.4.2) Kameel
    (2.4.3) Nasmat
    (2.4.4) Peacemakers
    (2.5) TAGs
    (2.5.1) Anaconda
    (2.5.2) Scarface & Cordelia
    (3.0) Special Fireteam Guide
    (4.0) Tips and Tactical Considerations

    (4.1) Tips
    (4.2) Tactical Considerations

    (1.0) General Overview

    Toolboxes, toolboxes, toolboxes, we are a sectorial of toolboxes. Hacking, guided, speculative, surprise shots, viral, templates, you're bound to incidentally have the majority of those options in any DBS list, which is both a blessing and a curse. The more options you have, the harder you are to contain, and the easier you can surprise the enemy, but DBS is a rules heavy faction. Its easy enough to pick up and play, but to get the most out of the army, there will be a bit of a learning curve. I'll get into that in section (4.1). That said, once you get the hang of it, you'll be amazed by the sheer versatility of the force, feeling like there's no problem you can't solve.

    Quick Rundown:
    :2:Midfield: Saito, Hunzakuts, Peacemakers
    :1:Anvil: Druze, Brawlers, Arslan, Clippers
    :3:Ambushers: Saito, Hunzakuts, Bashi
    :Q:Rambo: Scarface, Anaconda, Peacemaker
    :T:Support: Valerya, Druze, Brawlers, Pathfinder

    What we're good at:
    • Versatile, diverse fireteams
    • Resilient, hydra-like links
    • Toolbox units
    • Great repeater web coverage
    • Powerful midfield capabilities
    • Tons of support for Smart Missile lists
    • Linkable EM/LGL + x-visor
    • Linkable missile bot
    • Strong handling in retreat and LoL situations
    • Great Specialists
    • Bargain bin TAGs
    What we struggle with:
    • Obvious LTs
    • No warbands
    • Only one MSV2
    • No heavy infantry
    • Limited unit variety
    • Core unit (druze) has slower movement
    • Limited rambo pieces

    (2.0) Unit Profile Guide

    (2.1) Light Infantry
    When you need someone caught, the Bounty Hunters are your men; though they aren't equipped to take anyone alive. They've worked enough with the Druze to coordinate and lose those irregular orders, being fully fledged regulars. Though somewhat overshadowed, they make a great duo team in a pinch, or an extra sniper to lock down a lane. Each brings along a surprise piece of gear that you shouldn't rely on, but can end up being worth far more than you bargained for.
    • 16/0 Combi Rifle - Basic Combi Rifle, good if you're in need of a cheerleader who can defend itself, or if you just want to gamble on that ODD or Motorcycle
    • 15/0 Boarding Shotgun - Great corner defender, or a fantastic partner to bring along for an upfield moving duo. Stealth and 4-4 movement will help him sneak around the back of some units and blow them away
    • 21/.5 Sniper Rifle - A great ARO piece, cheap enough that you don't care if you lose it but deadly enough to be a threat that your opponent has to waste orders dealing with or moving around
    • 22/1 Spitfire - One of your two high burst options. Has a longer range than your combi options but eats SWC. That said, one of the most lethal weapons available to ABHs
    • 21/.5 Red Fury - Your other high burst option. Less damaging but more lethal against light infantry. It turns off dogged and NWI

    Corsairs and opportunists, the Bashi Bazouks are here from the sky to parachute into your flanks. Irregulars equipped with Holo2 and equipment to punch above their weight class, bashi are designed to come onto the table at unexpected angles and lay down as much hurt as possible.
    • 16/0 Rifle + Light Shotgun - A basic load-out, but with the Haqq under-barrel shotgun. Useful for coming in, getting some work done near enemy lines, then going into suppressive fire
    • 15/0 Boarding Shotgun - For when you encounter tight terrain, or think you're going to be eyeballing a link team. With surprise shot, you can get some brutal templates on an area for a small cost
    • 17/0 AP Rifle - Losing the light shotgun and paying 1 point more gets you a bump in lethality vs. armored targets
    • 17/0 Combi Rifle, E/Mauler - For when you want to be a giant pain in the neck to tech units. Run through their backfield limiting the movement of hackers, heavy infantry links, and TAGs with the mine + shoot combo
    • 12/0 Submachine Gun, Chain Colt - When you want AP capability and a template weapon for spec fire or unit clusters. Loses out on that 16" +3 mod of the AP rifle, but you compensate with shock and a 5 point discount
    • 17/0 Specialist Operative - Now able to push buttons! A good surprise specialist to come in on the sides and Holo2 to help him to get to the objective

    "Violence is the solution." This is the motto of the Brawlers, so they fit right in to Druze society, Literally. They're the glue in our link teams. They're the cogs to our machines. They're the Brawlers. One of our two bread and butter units, they're basically whatever you need them to be to support the muscle, having 8 different profiles. I'm sure you'd see whole links of them if they had fireteam core and higher AVA.
    • 16/0 Rifle + Light Shotgun - Basic load-out. Good for hiding LTs, cheerleading, filling links, and guarding corners with the light shotgun
    • 18/1.5 Heavy Rocket Launcher - A cheap, yet deadly, ARO threat that can still do work with templates during the active turn. Assault pistols mean that they can defend themselves at close range and have a burst 5 option in a link
    • 28/1.5 Multi Sniper (MSV2) - Our only MSV2 in the sectorial, the sniper is beloved by players for preventing the opponent from simply smoking up the midfield and charging through. Additionally, this is one of our best options against ODD and TO Camo. For a healthy investment we can pull off the smoke trick with Saito
    • 17/.5 Fireteam Harris - If you want a support link. Usually paired with a HRL or Multi Sniper to be a deadly ARO threat while letting a main link team specialize
    • 17/.5 Submachine Gun (Assault HD) - A hacker you can put into your links or fly solo. Remember that SSL2 (provided by 4 man link) will allow you to counteract stealth through repeaters to threaten heavy infantry with martial arts
    • 20/0 Engineer - Great to have in the special mixed link with the Clipper, can also run solo to utilize a nasmat for a REM heavy link. Also, they have D-Charges to blow up walls and objectives.
    • 20/0 Doctor - Our best healer in faction. Good with ARO specialists that will fall behind cover if wounded to pop them back up again. Can also be utilized with a nasmat like the engineer
    • 16/0 LT. - One of our three Lts and the easiest to hide, if suspecting you'll be going up against Oniwaban or Fidays

    "They say, 'Born an Atek, die an Atek' ... but we make our own fate."

    Valerya is our little protégé who hired Bayram Securities to help get her off Earth. Now she runs with us and sells her skills to the highest bidder. Gromoz knows our operations enough to link with any fireteam in DBS; she helps recreate fireteams and keep 5 man link bonuses, or create entirely new fireteams depending on the situation. Her WIP 14 is phenomenal for her hacking and objective capabilities.
    • 21/.5 Combi Rifle + Pitcher (HD Upgrade: Expel) - Equipped with a pitcher, Valerya can help extend our repeater network. With a standard hacking device she can also buff up our rems. Don't underestimate her linking ability, as it allows you to determine which fireteam you want on during deployment

    Warcors are hacks proclaiming to be journalists of the free press... at least, that's the public story. Coerced by the military, or in our case, paid off to show a one sided story, these simple 3 point troops can put in more work than their meager cost implies; with a blinding flash pulse and stun pistol.
    • 3/0 Flash Pulse (Sixth Sense lvl1) - After risking their life on the battlefield, this warcor has honed his senses to sneak attacks within his zone of control
    • 3/0 Flash Pulse (Aerocam) - Their nifty camera helps them maintain eyes on the battlefield and not miss any of the action. A useful man to have to slow AD units

    2.2 Medium Infantry​


    The Mute is quiet, as you'd imagine, but a great man to have at your back. He's expensive and doesn't work for cheap, but he's a talented sniper to bring to our ops. He's got some nuances to get used to, like ODD that burns off with his symbiont armor when he takes a wound, but what do you expect from a tricky artichoke who wears two pairs of skin? He makes a great datatracker, and in an entrenched position, can be nearly impossible to remove without the right tools.
    • 42/1.5 Multi Sniper, Nanopulsar, Antipersonel Mines (Minelayer) - This load-out brings Armand with a pre placed mine to try to foil assassination attempts 1st turn. With forward deployment you can even opt to go pistol hunting and try to use your sniper for lateral shots across the board, but this takes practice
    • 45/1.5 Multi Sniper, Nanopulsar, Antipersonel Mines (MSV1) - Stacking visual modifiers even further, or should I say, preventing them, helps Armand fight counter-snipers and skirmishers who try to deal with him

    So you want to be one of us? And who are we? Anyone we want to be. Shock Teams are how we can have limited unit variety with high link versatility with, count them, 11 different profiles to choose from. So what makes a Druze? Viral pistols, veteran soldiers, fatality, ARM/BTS 3, and whatever load-out we care to carry that day, usually sporting x-visors. Keep 'em at arms length and if you can't beat them in a fair fight, kick their legs out from under them.
    • 23/0 Combi Rifle, Chain-Colt (X-Visor) - The basic Druze load-out. Let's unpack this. You have a rifle that shoots out to 32" on a 0 doing extra damage or 24" suppressive fire without penalty. Your chain-colt can intuitive attack and stop an enemy from bleeding out your link team when you need guaranteed hits. You have viral pistols for close range, enemies with low BTS, and enemies with special abilities like dogged or NWI. That's basic?
    • 1.5/29 HMG, Chain-Colt - So what happens when you give a heavy weapon to a soldier that can push any weapon just a bit further? An answer to nearly anything in the active turn. Don't play games and burst them down with linked high damage shots. They're gonna want a lot of visual mods if they have any hope against this hail of fire
    • 25/1 Combi Rifle, Chain-Colt, DEP (Harris, X-Visor) - For two points extra you get Harris and a DEP. The Harris ends up in an awkward point value from a list building standpoint but the DEP can see some use against EM'ed enemies, except...
    • 25/0 Combi Rifle + Chain-Colt, Panzerfaust (X-Visor) - ... That this guy exists. An extra weapon to use and longer range. Also, did anyone ever say they wished panzerfausts hit harder? I don't think they did but we threw it in anyways. If you want a link filler and don't want to bother with a more permanent ARO piece, this is a rather explosive solution
    • 27/.5 Combi Rifle + (EM/Nimbus) LGL (X-Visor) - I'm sure you heard about him before you started reading this tactica. 24" EM grenades on 15s with a full link is nothing to joke about, and neither are spec fire templates at that distance on 9s. Bane of TAGs, Heavy Infantry links, REMs, Hackers, and anyone that doesn't like the isolated state (everyone). The Nimbus is more niche, but shouldn't be forgotten either. It's the solution for full defensive links, making your life miserable. Lower their burst, lower their mods, and try to burst them down with a high ROF weapon
    • 32/1.5 Multi Sniper (Mimitism) - Jethro, is that you? Sadly not quite. A lot of players default to the MSV2 brawler, but for 4 points you get an extra point of arm, more damage, and mimitism, instead of MSV. While most would think it's crazy to give up MSV in a list, Hassassin Bahram and Ariadna shows us that you can get by just fine by using your templates and shotguns wisely... speaking them, those factions are the favorite targets of this multi sniper. Mimitism is a proactive tool that works against all targets without MSV, while MSV2 is a reactive tool, granted a very powerful one. This isn't to dissuade you from using the brawler sniper, but don't write off the Druze Sniper just yet
    • 27/0 Shock Marksman Rifle, Chain-Colt (X-Visor) - The other Druze "sniper". A Marksman rifle with x-visor and lethality is like the strange hybrid between a combi and a sniper. More effective than the HMG at 32-40", but weaker inside, this is a SWC light like weapon with no SWC attached. Great duo partner or just a gun for every distance
    • 25/0 Combi Rifle + Pitcher, D-Charges (KHD) - Want to knock out the hacking game? Well now you can extend your repeater web with pitchers on the same stats as the LGL and take down enemy hackers. Once that's done, he's a specialist with D-Charges that can go into a marker state (IMP-1) to complete objectives. Can't argue with that
    • 28/.5 Combi Rifle + Pitcher, D-Charges (AHD) - Hackers are down and you want to terrorize Heavy Links, TAGs, and REMs? SS2 lets him stop stealth heavies in their tracks as well
    • 25/0 Paramedic - A specialist you can throw into a link. For if you're scared that your KHD will get KHD'ed but still want a Druze specialist. For healing, I recommend going with the Brawler doctor instead
    • 23/0 LT. - Our second LT option. Brings us a point of armor, willpower, and the Druze weaponry package for 7 points over the brawler. Despite the veteran status of the Druze units he doesn't quite have the outfit to be an aggressive LT, but never say never

    "The soul is a lot like the law... Straight make-believe!"

    Thought you were done with Druze, eh? Well here's our very own chief come to give you a 13th and 14th profile himself. He's a Druze that can fit in any of their links and loves sniffing out rats in the midfield, tough enough to soak a wound, and fast enough to dodge a chain rifle. You think you helm Bayram Securities by being soft? The chief is a veritable superhuman, and we know superhumans; Aleph rubs them in our faces all day on Maya.
    • 36/0 Multi Rifle, Light Shotgun - With MSV1 and Hyperdynamics lvl 1 Arslan is Anti-Armor and Anti-Skirmisher. He's a point of debate among the community and your mileage may vary. I think he's great, but his point cost makes him a bit awkward to fit in lists. I think he was originally vet lvl2, but proved too potent, so they toned him down and threw on bloat...
    • 36/0 LT. - ...but he's still the most durable LT we have and certainly has the stats to aggressively use that free order. Arslan doesn't bring any leadership skills with him, he's more of a lead by example sort of guy, and what an example he's setting...

    2.3 Skirmishers​

    Guerrilla warfare, infiltration, and ambush specialists, Hunzakuts learned their camouflage and multi-terrain from hunting jaguar, (and enemy patrols), in the mountain regions of Bourak, which is probably why Arslan picked them up. They're one of the most beloved and hated skirmish troops in the game; irregulars with a toolbox of options to make your opponent's day worse, they're a prime example how Arslan's recruiting is gonna take us to the top.
    • 18/.5 Rifle + LGL, Antipersonnel Mines (Deployable Repeater) - A midfield skirmisher that makes a mess, crisscrossing the battlefield with mines and repeater webs. If you're able to get an enemy targeted (with say ... a surprise shot flash pulse), you can spec fire grenades on 17s within the proper range!
    • 21/.5 Sniper Rifle, Antipersonel Mines - Wanting a mimitism sniper but aren't willing to break the bank for a Druze specialist? Look no further than one with a marker state and infiltration to hopefully get in reach of that sniper nest that was just out of deployment
    • 18/.5 Rifle + Light Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines (Deployable Repeater, Forward Observer) - The reason both those other options are often slept on. A midfield skirmisher that can surprise shot shotgun, flashpulse in ARO, lay mines, lay repeaters, target enemies, and complete objectives? Is there anything they can't do? Lets slap on WIP 14 for good measure. This profile is why Hunzakuts have such the fierce reputation

    "... Need a contract?"

    You won't see him around here until it's time for a job; he's a dishonored ninja with a mysterious past, Saito now takes refuge in the safety offered by the Druze Canivarsary. An elite ninja, who brings the talents associated, appearing from nowhere to execute an enemy and slip back into the dark.
    • 39/0 Combi Rifle, Smoke Grenades - Absolutely Lethal in CC, Saito brings both an art not familiar to DBS as well as smoke grenades. With his infiltration, TO camo, and grenades, he can earn back his points without ever having engaged the enemy. If he so chooses, Saito can assassinate light infantry with his Combi and slay heavy targets with his EXP CCW
    • 40/0 Specialist - ... And for a single point more can do all of the above while completing objectives under the cover of smoke. Druze didn't have a lack of specialists, but Saito ensures a job worth doing, is a job that gets done

    2.4 Remotes​

    Dronbots come in all manner of different capabilities, despite being the same chassis. Different hardware and software change the stats around slightly and their weaponry (or lack thereof) gives them a special place in many lists. Treat 'em right though, just because we don't have to regrow them from a cube, doesn't mean they come cheap, even if we pirate the software off Arachne.
    • 18/1.5 Clipper (Smart) - Ah, the Clippers. We love them so much that they're part of the family. We allow them straight into our special fireteam. This variety is useful to take advantage of our infowar capabilities to rain death from outside line of sight. Keep in mind that you can only spend 5 orders firing guided missiles and if you're planning to heavily rely on the tactic it might be best to put it into a second order group. They're no slouch in auto-aim mode either, with no negative range-band and a positive range from 24-40", DA + AP impact templates will make a mess of things, especially on burst 2
    • 17/1.5 Clipper (Dumbfire) - But what if you don't care about fancy tricks and just want EXP death? Pay 1 less point and downgrade to a simpler armament and a higher yield payload. Both are fantastic ARO pieces in a link and will actually average down the cost of the link
    • 8/0 Fugazi - Simple bots with mimitism, sniffers, and flash pulse; they make great cheerleaders, blistering fast repeaters, and ARO pieces. When paired with a pathfinder, they can help sniff out camo units en masse
    • 16/0 Pathfinder - Fast specialists with sensor and sat lock. When upgraded with a GADGET program through their repeater they can utilize their combi rifle to harass a flank. Sensor allows Triangulated Fire to improve odds on hitting an enemy with lots of mods, or to shoot into CC, with no risk of hitting your own trooper
    • 25/1 Sierra - Total Reaction 360° HMG. You love them or you hate them, but you can't deny their impact. A fast HMG can't go amiss and there's already a wealth of resources and discussion on how to best use and deal with them

    Baggage bots that's useful for holding down quadrants, resupplying disposable equipment, and to casevac troops. Kameel are support REMs typically associated with hacking support, backfield duty, and cheerleading.
    • 8/0 (Minesweeper, Repeater) - A cheerleader who can turn enemy mines against them. A good choice if you're looking for a cheap order battery, but the Fugazi competes in a similar role with a flashpulse for self defense, so bring the Kameel only if you're going against a mine heavy force
    • 25/.5 (EVO HD) - Making an infowar heavy Druze list? Consider taking the EVO Kameel. It will allow you to use a command tokens to coordinate hacking attacks, re-roll hacks, and start the game with a GADGET program enabled on your REMs. It has a unique suite of support programs to help you in the infowar game or reboot troops. Lastly, it removes the -6 mod from sat-locking pathfinders
    • 21/0 Rifle + Light Shotgun (TR, Repeater) - One of the best quadrant contesters with their increased point value and high burst ARO, they'll help secure a zone then defend it

    Nasmats are G:Servant bots that help extend the range of your doctors and engineers. Their mimitism will help them dodge shots, but as a REM, they still won't dodge very well.
    • 3/0 Nasmat - No offensive weaponry makes this purely a support unit. They offer no orders but can allow doctors and engineers to be two places at once.

    Amazing what you can buy from the PanO military with the right contacts and a few missing crates, isn't it? Peacemakers are mechanized deployed REMs that come with an Auxbot and repeater to turn up the pressure midfield. Auxbots are the closest DBS gets to a warband; able to move up and use a heavy template flamethrower for asymmetric trades, while the Pathfinder is an excellent defender or alpha striking unit.
    • 21/0 Heavy Shotgun + Auxbot_3 - Excellent road-bump for enemy warbands and infiltrators who must get past both a large template weapon as well as a close range heavy shotgun, all for an affordable cost and no SWC. It can take advantage of GADGET programs and, both because it can deploy anywhere within the first half of the table as well as its 6-4 movement, has the potential to flank unit clusters and give them a pile of deadly templates
    • 27/1 Spitfire + Auxbot_3 - No longer overshadowed by the bulleteer from PanO, the spitfire peacemaker takes some careful consideration. Hunzakuts help cover the role of midfield speed-bumps and corner guards, so the spitfire helps bring a new capability that Hunzakuts lack: A lethal high burst weapon

    2.5 TAGs
    The Anaconda is Nomad tech, not that fancy Tunguska stuff either. You know what I like about Nomads? They know you don't need bleeding edge tech to dominate the battlefield; just a fire support platform, tenacity, and a cache of ammo. The Anaconda is more akin to a scaled up heavy infantry than a MBT, but isn't without its tricks. After it receives two structure damage, the operator is deployed with a spitfire, in a cloud of smoke, so they can fight another day ... after you kill the kalb who wrecked your TAG, of course.
    • 62/2 Spitfire + Light Flamethrower, Panzerfaust - This variant is for tearing up the midfield and burning camo markers to a crisp. The main use of the Anaconda isn't transparent at first glance. It lacks the stats to be a dedicated Rambo, but it's threatening enough that your opponent won't want to ignore it. If they engage it conventionally, armor 9 behind cover isn't trivial. Because of the panzerfaust, your opponent will be wary to engage without a high burst option. If they don't get wounds through to the operator they'll usually need a different troop with MSV2 to finish the job. Both of these factors together can make it an order sink akin to a gecko. If they choose to ignore it, then its costed so that the rest of your list is more robust than typical TAG lists and you can punish them in ARO, then wreck havoc with it when it swings back to your active turn
    • 64/2 HMG + Chain-Colt, Panzerfaust - This variant is for when you're less concerned about camo units and prefer a longer reaching, higher damaging gun to reduce the need to reposition and target the back lines

    "You can say a prayer, but it better not be a long one"
    "Joe! Don't jump from there! ... You're an idiot! Thanks brother!"

    When we need a tip of the spear, Joe's the man we call. When you're working in the REM bay and you feel a tug on your leg? That's Cordelia. Paying 6 more points than you'd find for the team elsewhere, Scarface comes equipped with duo to keep him from flying off the handle and upgrades his panzerfaust to a HRL, removing his disposable limit to his ranged ARO option and allowing him to place flaming impact templates across the board.
    • 57/1.5 Scarface 2 Mk12, HRL - Ready to rampage across the battlefield, Scarface comes equipped with his custom Ramhorn TAG. This is a true TAG with 3 STR, but not the armor to match. He's likely to do as Scarface does: Charge across weak points in the enemy line before the enemy burns his TAG way like sawdust, much to his sisters ire. Akin to a very advanced gecko, Scarface bullies enemies weaker than himself, and can be an order magnet to take down. He can either burst things down with the equivalent of a spitfire ranged HMG, or threaten unit clusters with flame templates from the HRL. Without Cordelia holding him in check, he'll lose his armor bonus from cover as he becomes impetuous and receives free orders to chase the enemy. His assault skill is useful for moving while engaging REMs, or weak CC TO camo troops after they've been revealed, but CC19 isn't your go to choice against anyone who can put up a fair fight. As a specialist operative, Scarface can leap from his TAG and complete objectives, or continue the fight with a boarding shotgun after his Ramhorn inevitably breaks down
    • 17/0 Cordelia Combi Rifle, Chain-Colt, D-Charges - Scarface's little sister and talented mechanic, here to keep her older brother from getting himself in trouble. She helps hold back her brother's self destructive tendencies, preventing him from going impetuous and repairing him after he takes damage. She's a talented specialist that can be dragged upfield with duo or spend her time repairing REMs and her brother. She can handle herself with mimitism, a combi, and a chain-colt and she's not above a little sabotage as well, with her D-Charges to blow up terminals and crates.
    • 74/1.5 Scarface & Cordelia - While they can't be taken separately, the team together is greater than the sum of its parts. You may duo if you wish Scarface to take a more restrained role, but beware his wrath if the enemy targets his little sis. When Cordelia is busy elsewhere and can't stick to her brother she sometimes calls Valerya to complete the duo instead

    3.0 Special Fireteam Guide

    How can DBS have a low variety of units, but versatile, diverse fireteams listed as one of our strengths? Firstly, fireteam core Druze Shock Teams has 11 different profiles to choose from, but that's not to mention our two special fireteams! Once you mix 11 profiles of Druze with 8 profiles of Brawlers and 2 profiles of Clippers your core link can look however you want for your playstyle and mission!

    We have two special core teams:
    1. 2 Druze and up to 3 Brawlers
    2. Druze core, can include 1 Brawler and/or 1 Clipper Dronbot
    With these core links, you can sub any Druze for Arslan and any character for Valerya Gromoz. This gives you a dizzying array of options, so this section is aimed to help you make the most of them.

    There's no way to tell you what units to use because the link is completely dependent on what you want that link to do, which can, frankly be anything. Instead, I'm going to list off roles and you pick and choose troops you may want. Keep in mind you have 5 slots, but if you bring extra members you can reform the link in case of casualties or alter your link on the fly in response to your opponents deployment.

    Hammer troopers are identified by either high burst or ability to manipulate mods, as well as high damaging and particularly deadly ammo or templates. For those unfamiliar, Hammer & Anvil tactics are when you have a driving force, the Hammer, crush the enemy against an unyielding wall/defensive force, the Anvil.
    • Druze HMG
    • Druze Shock Marksman Rifle
    • Druze Multi Sniper
    • Arslan
    • Brawler HRL
    • Brawler Multi Sniper
    • Clipper
    The Shock Marksman Rifle is great when you know you're going against forces with prevalent dogged and NWI. Armies such as ISS, Steel Phalanx, and Hassassin Bahram. It's also a 0 swc weapon and slightly stronger than the HMG in the 32-40" range.

    The Multi Sniper may seem like an odd choice to have as a Hammer unit, but I believe it's more than warranted. Snipers are often compared against HMGs, but the sniper Druze has four factors going for it:
    1. Mimitism. Conventionally HMG vs. multi sniper debates assume that all stats are comparable. Sniper Druze have mimitism; that makes a huge difference, especially in the active turn when you can bully units without MSV since you get to force the engagements in active.
    2. Ammo: Even though you'll be burst 3 in a link instead of 5, stacking mods can make your shots more accurate and threaten 6 wounds. Against units without MSV, that makes the chance to wound much higher with the sniper, while keeping chance to be wounded very comparable (Less than 1% higher in my tests). If you're up against an opponent that reaches up to 9 ARM the AP ammo becomes more effective than DA, but that's rare except vs. TAGs.
    3. Range. Even though the HMG has a long enough range for most scenarios, the sniper will have the same range-bands with a longer +3. Also, the less moving your link has to do the better. Notice a trend? These first three reasons are all mods, mods, mods.
    4. ARO. While the HMG is a brutal active turn piece, the multi sniper can be comparable, if not superior, but then switch over into being a deadly reactive piece.

    Your defensive ARO wall. These troops help create a major obstacle for your opponent to get through, with long range and highly lethal burst 2 AROs, that can stop even heavy infantry in a single hit.
    • Druze Multi Sniper
    • Druze Panzerfaust
    • Brawler Heavy Rocket Launcher
    • Brawler Multi Sniper
    • Clipper
    The Brawler Multi Sniper is unique in that it can see through smoke. The rest of the options can be limited by blocking line of sight with smoke, allowing the enemy to either shoot through it with their own MSV2 troops, or allowing warbands and specialists into the midfield.

    Infowar specialists allow you to participate in the hacking game. DBS is particularly adept at this, not because we have the very best hackers, but because we can get repeaters anywhere we want in a moment's notice. Usually, the hacking game starts with trying to eliminate KHDs to avoid your hackers being picked off one by one. After that's done, or if your opponent neglected the infowar altogether, you can proceed to buff REMs and establish a hacking net, trying to hit hacking vulnerable troops with immobility and isolation in ARO whenever they try to move through your zones.
    • Druze KHD
    • Druze AHD
    • Brawler AHD
    • Valerya Gromoz
    Don't forget that a 4 man link affords you 6th sense lvl2 and that hacking zones are an extension of zone of control! That means that stealthy troopers can't sneak through your repeater net in a large enough link, but don't forget that nets are double edged swords.

    Utility troops are troops that bring something unique to the link. These are the most diverse options as they are only bound by the fact that they give you capabilities that other troopers lack.
    • Druze EM/Nimbus LGL
    • Arslan
    • Brawler Multi Sniper
    • Brawler Engineer
    • Brawler Doctor
    • Clipper Smart Missile Launcher
    I'd like to emphasize the utility of the Druze LGL option, even against low tech armies. Though EM is non-lethal, remember that the isolated state prevent troopers from receiving orders from the order pool, as well as breaking link teams. This means that even if they wont be immobilized they can still be prevented from rambo-ing off or completing objectives. Get enough troopers isolated and it can hamper the opponent's strategy enough that they might as well be dead.

    Filler troops are when you're aiming to create a larger link but you're already satisfied with the troops you brought along or you want backup troopers to fill in during the case of a casualty. Fillers are identified by limited or no swc and lower cost. They don't have to be the teeth of a list but don't have to be toothless either, depending on how much you want to invest.
    • Druze Combi
    • Druze Panzerfaust
    • Brawler Rifle + Light Shotgun
    • Valerya Gromoz
    Unless attempting to hide your LT, I would highly recommend spending the 2 points to upgrade to the combi Druze to the panzerfaust. Even though the x-visor can extend the 0 range of the combi, the +3 from the panzerfaust can make the difference in a game. Able to knock out even heavy infantry and TAGs, you make your opponent unable to rely on their ability to soak a wound. All othis for 0 swc.

    4.0 Tips and Tactical Considerations

    While a blast to play, DBS is a rules heavy faction, thus not very beginner friendly. You can get overwhelmed with choices, especially if you aren't familiar enough with your weapon options. Section 4.1 is aimed at lessening the learning curve and 4.2 is for general thoughts.

    4.1 Tips
    General rules interactions you should be aware of because they're instrumental in DBS. This isn't comprehensive, and doesn't substitute a look at the rulebook/wiki to get all the nuances, but should help you identify and utilize certain troops and synergies they have with our brothers (and bots) in arms.
    1. Hunzakuts are useful for their infiltration, specialist, and deployables. Camouflage helps put them over the top. Camo allows you to deploy in a marker state that can only be attacked by intuitive attacks before being successfully discovered. To discover it, troops must use a short order or ARO to make a discover roll, which helps Hunzakuts to be an order sink before you begin considering its disruption capabilities. Camo also brings the full benefits of the mimitism mod when you aren't in a maker state, as well as its weaknesses. If you lose your camo state you may spend a full order to recover it to utilize surprise shot, survive the reactive turn, or deliver yourself safely to an objective.

      Surprise shot is a skill afforded to any unit that can play in a marker state, which includes camo. Surprise shot is how Hunzakuts add to their lethality. Between surprise shot and camo you can give an opponent a -6 mod to shooting back. If you can get in range of the light shotgun, the +6 mod combined with the -6 to the enemy can swing your BS 11 into a deadly threat. The negative mod is severe enough that even just the rifle at 8-16" can do work!

      All of this applies to Saito as well, with the key difference being TO:Camo. In deployment, he can deploy in hidden deployment; Saito stays off the board with his position written down, appearing when you decide to utilize orders on him. Keep in mind, he generates an order that isn't in the order pool and can only be utilized on him when deployed this way. Additionally, he becomes a TO marker instead of camo, doubling the bonuses a camo marker would provide. Truly a fearsome opponent indeed.
    2. EM is a nasty, nasty ammo type. When hit with an EM weapon you must make a BTS save with half your value (remember, ARM and BTS round up). Should you fail, you'll be placed into the Isolated state, which makes you Irregular, unable to receive orders from the order pool, and disables Comms equipment (Hacking devices, Repeaters, etc). If this wasn't bad enough it will kick members out of link teams, break link teams if you hit the leader and, if you hit the LT, sends them into Loss of Lieutenant! Lucky for us we'll likely be the ones using this ammo, and our Druze are immune from isolation (Tip 3!).

      We're still not done yet. EM can send HI, REMs, and TAGs into IMM-2, which prevents units from doing nearly anything until an engineer gets to them.
    3. You see that Veteran skill that keeps popping up on all your Druze and Arslan? It prevents all those nasty effects from Isolated, (Tip 2!) as well as your troops from becoming irregular in Loss of LT. They'll refuse to become disorganized and turn tail during Retreat! Druze fight until there's no fight left to be had.
    4. Suppressive Fire is a useful full order that, if your weapon allows it, lets your units shoot at burst three in the reactive turn in a new range-band and hands a negative mod to the soldier they're shooting at. Stacking the mod with mimitism, camo, or TO: Camo can also go a long way into making a hard to remove roadblock.

      X-Visors are equipment you see all over your Druze. It turns -6s into -3s and -3s into 0s when a weapon is outside their usual range-band. Because suppressive fire has a -3 on its 16-24" range-band, and Druze ignore this with their x-visors, we are extra proficient at handling out covering fire.
    5. Hacking might be one of the hardest parts of infinity to learn. That shouldn't intimidate you; it's just that half the battle is fought invisibly in cyber. So what is hacking?

      Hacking does a number of things, with different hacking devices specialized for each specialty. They can disrupt enemy HI, REMs, and TAGs (AHDs), buff and support ally troops and REMs (EVO HD), counter other hackers and attack them through their neural interface (KHDs), or be a jack of all trades with the standard HD.

      You can hack through your hacking area, which is an 8" radius around your hacker, as well as 8" around all your repeaters which you saw being mentioned all over the rest of the guide. Druze are great at hacking, not because they have the best hackers, but because they can absolutely litter the board with repeaters, extending their hacking area and protecting that extension with firewalls, which penalizes other hackers (besides those with KHDs) for utilizing your hacking web.

      Once an opponent is in your hacking area, you may ARO or actively hack at them if its your turn. You do this by choosing a program, which is dependent on which hacking device you have. To a beginner, your list of possible programs might be dizzying. I recommend looking up http://www.captainspud.com/n3hacking/ to help you sort out your options and learn how the hacking game works. Actually, just bring it to every game.

      A few things to know about KHDs: KHDs are immune from firewall mods. When using a KHD and in doubt, use Redrum. There's a program called Cybermask that allows you to become an IMP-2 marker; the marker state allows you to move in safety like a camo marker except you don't give -3 to opponents discover rolls. On the upside, you're pretending to be an opponent's ally so their troops can't intuitive attack you or splash you with templates. Hiding in plain sight!
    6. Repeaters are routers with an 8" radial area that acts like an extension to all your of your hacker's zones. We have tons of options to deliver them: Many of our REMs come equipped with them, deployable repeaters from our Hunzakuts, and we can even shoot or spec fire (Tip 8!) from pitchers with Druze and Valerya. They're double edged swords, as repeaters give enemy hackers a route to attack your own hackers almost as easily as you can attack theirs. (They suffer a -3 Mod when not using a KHD, due to firewalls). When an infowar is inevitable, assassinate their hackers with Saito, Hunzakuts, Peacemakers, or Druze KHDs. Remember, you control when the net deploys and spreads, so don't extend yourself until you've eliminated threats.

      Sixth Sense L2 is a skill we get from having a 4 man fireteam. It lets you fire back at an enemy outside LoS without the usual -6 penalty, as well as ignore surprise shot mods. It also comes with the benefits from SSL1. Stealth doesn't work against any level of SS, so hackers in a link can hack at units trying to sneak through repeater zones!
    7. Our SMGs and Marksman Rifle both come equipped with shock ammo, and our Druze all come equipped with a deadly Viral pistol. These ammo types have the same side effect but different ways to do damage. The shock is a regular armor save and turns off the abilities of Dogged and NWI. This is useful because those are tenacious soldiers that will keep charging after they've gone into an unconscious state when we'd rather they be in the dirt. The viral works similarly, except it causes two BTS saves instead, making it useful against a huge variety of troops.
    8. Targeted is a state we can give to enemy troopers through forward observers (Use what you learned about Hunzakuts in tip 1!), hackers (Tip 5!), or Sat-lock (Tip 10!). It has three effects: Giving a +3 mod to BS attacks, allowing Guided strikes, and removing the -6 penalty on Speculative Firing.

      Guided ammunition can be found on the Smart Missile Launcher Clipper and allows you to spend up to 5 orders each turn launching attacks from outside of LoS, so long as the opponent isn't in any sealed areas. A nifty option when you're already bringing along a clipper in a link, and you'll likely have Hunzakuts. If you're going heavy on this tactic consider putting it into a second order group with an order battery (Fugazi and Kameel).

      Speculative fire is an indirect template attack that you make at a -6 mod. Risk Free, but difficult ... that is until you have a targeted state swinging the BS chances by 9! It both removes the -6 penalty and adds the +3 bonus. Use this with the Hunzakut LGL or the Druze EM/LGL to make link teams miserable.
    9. Smoke blocks line of sight both to your troopers as well as to enemy troopers unless you have MSV2. The Brawler Multi Sniper is our only unit with this option, and can prevent the enemy from freely moving upfield after deploying smoke. If you pair Saito Togan up with your sniper to lay your own, you can do what the community calls, "the smoke trick.", You shoot at enemies through smoke to give them -6 for no LoS, -3 for range, and -3 for cover to give them a total -12 to strike back. Sometimes, this is enough that shooting back isn't even an option for some troops.
    10. EVO Repeaters are great for a multitude of reasons. They allow you to spend command tokens to start the game with buffed REMs, coordinate hacks, and re-roll hacks. Additionally, it passively removes the -6 penalty to Sat-locks on our Pathfinders.

      Sat-lock follows the same function as sensor, except it works at a -6 instead of a +6 mod and puts the hit/revealed target into the targeted state. Without the penalty, you're aiming at a WIP check of 13 to target enemies, without exposing yourself to counterattack.

      Keep in mind that the Pathfinder is a repeater and the Auxbots G:Synchronized makes it receive the same buff as it's coupled partner. This means that assisted fire adds shock to your fire and overclock/enhanced reaction gives you a burst 2 flame template in ARO!
    11. Fire Ammo, such as from the Auxbot from the Peacemaker or the spitfire Anaconda, automatically downgrades Camo and TO:Camo to mimitism, regardless if it causes a wound or not. If you target someone with ODD, Holo, or Impersonation, (if they aren't in the marker state), you disable those pieces of equipment. Keep this in mind when intuitive attacking markers or going up against Steel Phalanx, as our MSV options are limited.
    Part of the learning Curve about Druze is they're more about execution than list building, so nothing substitutes for experience. Learn to love your units and how to make the most out of them will start to come naturally. None of your troops have more than one wound, save Arslan and TAGs, so beware warbands trying to trade-up on your elite MI and try to manipulate your enemy's engagements.

    4.2 Tactical Considerations
    Possibly the strongest aspect of DBS is our link flexibility; our units can can sub in and out of the link to keep it full or adapt to ongoing circumstances. It's so potent in fact, that some players have begun to adjust by removing doctors in favor of simply leaving troops to die. Its certainly an option if you don't mind the command token expenditure!

    You're going to want to learn to make the most of your REMs because they can be extremely potent with the proper GADGET support. An assisted fire clipper in a link gets BS 18 (Base 12 +3 range +3 link bonus) in optimal conditions, ignores cover, and adds shock to their EXP template! Ouch!

    The other part of why you want to learn to make use of REMs, is that Druze are a centerpiece to all our lists and have a 4-2 move. This slows down the link and since x-visors make the natural inclination to fight at range your link may never move upfield in some games. We make up for that with fast units (REMs and Scarface), as well as infiltrating specialists (Hunzakuts and Saito), and a mechanized deployment option (the Peacemaker).

    Because most of our REMs come with repeaters, you cover the field in a hacking zone both to your benefit and your opponent's. They can try to hack through your net, so the beginning of the game is often our midfield units and KHD hunting enemy hackers with prejudice so that we can dictate the infowar game.

    If the infowar game is won, we can play a powerful control game; making your opponent juggle through mines, repeater zones, and potent AROs as the Druze link acts as a slowly encroaching anvil. DBS are very in your face, turning up the pressure unrelentingly until they box you in; then blow up that box with high explosives and machinegun fire.

    We have limited Rambo options: Scarface and the peacemaker for their speed, armament, and ability to template link teams, Anaconda if you're utilizing it as your main assault piece. We don't rely on rambos often, as even our basic troops can be a threat without a swc weapon. We may pay for our medium infantry, but this allows us to have threat saturation. Besides the hacking, spec fire, and guided game, the hardest art to learn of the Druze is the Chain-Colt. Most Druze profiles come with it standard, allowing you to trade pieces. Druze are heavy pieces to trade, so often we don't aim at asymmetric trades like Haqq, as much as strategic trades. Losing Druze hurts, but trading pieces can make the difference between victory and defeat.

    Leaving troops to die on the field and trading away valuable troops for victory? I told you when we started, we're going to show the Sphere what grit and a lack of compunction can do. Bully the weak and cheat the strong, that's the way of DBS. We're bad people, but we could be worse.

    "Heading out? Don't forget your viral pistol; it may save your life by ending someone else's. Go meet the crew and enjoy the drinks. By the way, if you ever meet a man named Knauf ... put a bullet in his back and drag back the corpse. Arslan has a price on his head you wouldn't believe."

    Credit to @oldGregg for his assistance with editing and quality control

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    Loving the flavour text style!

    Keep it up.
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    Absolutely love it! Let me know if you would like any help.
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    Well done! Looking forward to the tipps and tactica! Keep it up!
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    Love this! Extremely well written and thought out!
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    It only reduce Camo and TO down to Mimetism (in the case of Camo this means keeping the same -3 MOD but not able to revert to marker state).

    In the case of ODD it turns it off completely, it also turns off Impersonation and Holo.
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    Thanks. I'll be done with the last section in a few hours. I haven't gone through and edited the whole thing yet so expect a bunch of minor changes and corrections
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    If we could also please sticky this thread, it would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    aaaaaand done! Thank you everyone for your kind words, and a huge thank you to @oldGregg, both for the quality control, and for stopping me from spelling "surprise" and "utilize" wrong half a thousand times haha
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    You've done a fantastic job!

    Now, if anyone is feeling ambitious, I would love to see some ideas for visuals that could be included with this tactica. I'm thinking along the lines of what @daboarder did with his PanO tactica ...
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    very solid analysis and definitely a lot of effort. I highly reccomend it gets stickied to the forums.

    However if I may offer some advice, if you do want to take it to the next step in terms of demonstrating how to actually use units like I do in my primers, I would suggest waiting until you've been playing druze for 6 months or so first, that should give you the time to build the ideas and test them fairly extensively.
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    Sounds like solid advice. I don't play PanO, but I absolutely love the tactica you've written.
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    thanks, theres a caledonia one as well now
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    This is great! It's fun to read AND informative. Thanks ! ;)
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    Great tactica!

    One thing I find unique in DBS is the ability to have a Brawler engineer and a Clipper in your core. If your opponent want to get rid of the bot he has to spent multiple orders shooting the Clipper until it blows up.

    After playing some DBS games I found the doctor superfluous: If one man (or bot) goes down simply spend a comand token and move on with BS15. Your oppunent might be supprised if you still have a full 5 men link in your last turn.
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    Okay, so let's discuss the "don't write off" factor of the Druze sniper, since there's been a lack of discussion about it and I think it's continued to be a hidden gem. Since I don't want to sound too biased (I love it) I wanted to throw out a little math out there from the dice calculator.

    All tests assume cover for both parties. I chose to use corregidor units because they're straight forward with no frills. Also, this argument is strictly for 5 man fireteams. I haven't gone through the math, but that +1 burst bonus really helps the sniper out more than the HMG. All tests are against targets without MSV as philosophically I'm arguing for the use of the sniper as an active turn piece so you may dictate target acquisition.

    This test uses the 16-24 range for all Druze to not give the Sniper an unfair advantage. AP armor is superior to DA at 9+ armor, so in all cases of these tests we're using DA. I also assume all nomad pieces are in a 5 man link team because it benefits the HMG more than the sniper. Combi rifles are chosen for nomad pieces to save alt weapon tests to Test 2: Range.

    Druze Shock Teams - HMG vs. Alguaciles - Combi Rifle
    Active Player
    81.52% Druze Shock Teams inflicts 1 or more wounds on Alguaciles (Unconscious)
    57.71% Druze Shock Teams inflicts 2 or more wounds on Alguaciles (Dead)

    10.55% Neither player succeeds
    Reactive Player
    7.93% Alguaciles inflicts 1 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Unconscious)
    0.23% Alguaciles inflicts 2 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Dead)


    Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) - MULTI Sniper Rifle (Anti-Materiel Mode) vs. Alguaciles - Combi Rifle
    Active Player
    83.94% Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) inflicts 1 or more wounds on Alguaciles (Unconscious)
    69.49% Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) inflicts 2 or more wounds on Alguaciles (Dead)

    7.21% Neither player succeeds
    Reactive Player
    8.84% Alguaciles inflicts 1 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) (Unconscious)
    0.25% Alguaciles inflicts 2 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) (Dead)

    To summarize for those that don't care for numbers, you trade ~1% chance of failure for ~2.5% higher chance to wound, and a ~12% higher chance to kill by taking the sniper.

    Druze Shock Teams - HMG vs. Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit - Combi Rifle
    Active Player
    75.45% Druze Shock Teams inflicts 1 or more wounds on Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit (Unconscious)
    46.53% Druze Shock Teams inflicts 2 or more wounds on Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit (Dead)

    16.00% Neither player succeeds
    Reactive Player
    8.55% Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit inflicts 1 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Unconscious)
    0.29% Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit inflicts 2 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Dead)


    Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) - MULTI Sniper Rifle (Anti-Materiel Mode) vs. Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit - Combi Rifle
    Active Player
    79.86% Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) inflicts 1 or more wounds on Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit (Unconscious)
    61.33% Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) inflicts 2 or more wounds on Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit (Dead)

    10.61% Neither player succeeds
    Reactive Player
    9.53% Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit inflicts 1 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) (Unconscious)
    0.32% Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit inflicts 2 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) (Dead)

    Summary: ~1% higher chance of failure for ~4.5% higher single wound chance and ~15% higher chance to kill.

    Druze Shock Teams - HMG vs. Mobile Brigada - Combi Rifle
    Active Player
    70.44% Druze Shock Teams inflicts 1 or more wounds on Mobile Brigada (1 W)
    37.91% Druze Shock Teams inflicts 2 or more wounds on Mobile Brigada (Unconscious)
    13.29% Druze Shock Teams inflicts 3 or more wounds on Mobile Brigada (Dead)

    21.01% Neither player succeeds
    Reactive Player
    8.55% Mobile Brigada inflicts 1 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Unconscious)
    0.29% Mobile Brigada inflicts 2 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Dead)


    Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) - MULTI Sniper Rifle (Anti-Materiel Mode) vs. Mobile Brigada - Combi Rifle
    Active Player
    75.93% Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) inflicts 1 or more wounds on Mobile Brigada (1 W)
    51.91% Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) inflicts 2 or more wounds on Mobile Brigada (Unconscious)
    26.28% Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) inflicts 3 or more wounds on Mobile Brigada (Dead)

    14.54% Neither player succeeds
    Reactive Player
    9.53% Mobile Brigada inflicts 1 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) (Unconscious)
    0.32% Mobile Brigada inflicts 2 or more wounds on Druze Shock Teams (Mimetism) (Dead)

    Summary: ~1% chance of failure for ~5% chance for single wound, ~14% higher double wound, and 13% chance for outright kill (roughly doubled)

    So against units without MSV you have a slightly higher chance to lose your unit for increased lethality that trends more favorably as the enemies gain more armor. This is before considering the 3 points also buys you the potential larger range to abuse, possibly giving the opponent another -3, or the fact that the mimitism (slightly) helps him vs. drop troops and rambo pieces. You also have a potentially devastating ARO piece as a switch hitter later into the game and AP ammo for extreme cases (heavy TAGs in cover).

    In my guide I mistakenly compared it to the brawler sniper, but I think I'll amend it to compare to the Druze HMG. Later tonight I'll do Test 2 to illustrate ranged ARO killing. Link team HRL, Snipers, TR bot and the like are all common threats and in some preliminary tests the sniper actually becomes more survivable while maintaining its lethality vs. the HMG. I'll also give a suggestion list of when the sniper is a poor choice and why the HMG certainly still has its place

    Edit: small note, I defined failures as taking a wound instead of no result. This is at odds with the infinity calculator definition so I wanted to clarify
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    Recheck the rules aspect you highlight concerning Sat-Lock in section 10. It’s only a single target. Also third paragraph replace pathfinder with Peacemaker.

    Solid tactica. Well done.
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    Truly fascinating, really.

    Good thing I checked this thread too.
    What with my plans on collecting Ikari somehow finding themselves accidentally containing enough to access DBS in due time as well.
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    One thing to add, perhaps, is that all the base regular line troops can form Duos. That's a surprising effective way of spreading your thin line to cover all approaches, and maximise movement efficiency.
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    A lovely tactica. I love reading these for fun. But you forgot our shiny new abh with a smg.
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