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Massive Morat Force by Zicobang

Discussion in 'Miniatures' started by ObviousGray, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. ObviousGray

    ObviousGray Frenzied Mushroom

    Nov 27, 2017
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    Hey all, greetings from Far East Asia.

    From our South Korean local Infinity group, we present you

    a FULL AVA, Full-Painted Morat Force!


    Overall shots of Morat Aggression Force,

    owned by Zicobang (https://www.twitch.tv/wlgma94 )

    This guy started Infinity in 6 months, and well that escalated quickly;

    until now, he's the only guy in our club who got a full painted Morat sectorial army.


    Aaaaand yes, you want to see this more closely..


    Fancy theme, a bit dark-colored, but still looks awesome when they all form up into a brigade.


    From the left, there's Daturazis with bulky biceps, and Rodoks.
    (Yes he bought 8 daturazis. True moratbro)


    Center's been dominated by Raicho! Big mech with a Big gun, every Morat's Heavy Lifter.


    Yaogats, Rasyats, Zerats. He bought Yaogat, but rarely fields them.

    I strongly agree with his decision.


    HMG pickup shot. Rodok / Suryat / Raicho / Sogarat / Morat Vanguard.

    Neat airbrush made their gun rather glowy.


    "Heavy" Morats, Suryat. Strong enough to fit any rosters.

    I like their Big Gun policy, though.


    "Heavy Heavy" Morats! Sogarat's always been his main pick, regardless of weapon.

    Think every Moratters love this model, I'll say.


    MSR snap-shots, Zerat/Yaogat/MV. Great models, hope they'll be great in next ruling.


    "Trust me, I'm a Hacker" shots. Zerat/MV/Rodok, glowing hands give them a lot of swagger.


    "Lil" Morats, Introducing old-sculpted Morat Vanguard! Still, well-painted.


    Every Morat uses Kurgat, but not everyone uses them again.

    Like their BIG guns. Did a said about Big gun? Then one moar time, Big gun.


    Pretas & Oznat. Easily distinguishable. Yellow-back pretas are a common view, right?


    A grand battle to earn a slice of Pizza.


    And "Don't-take off-your-masks" edition. Every female morats here!

    Thanks for looking.

    If you like his painting, visit his Instragram(https://www.instagram.com/zicobang/).

    Recently he's collecting CA vanilla army. And they look cool!​
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  2. jherazob

    jherazob Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2017
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    One of these days i hope CB makes a mini (or at least artwork/dossiers) of an unmasked female Morat
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