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Looting and sabotaging in OSS

Discussion in 'ALEPH' started by Nenyx, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. RecklessPrudence

    RecklessPrudence Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2017
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    Okay, in that case D-Charges, CC19 and Bioimmunity is 8xp, leaving you 4 left. That doesn't leave you enough for Mimetism, but gives you just enough for either Forward Deployment L1 and a random 1xp thing, or HyperdynamicsL2 and either PH12 or BTS6. You're probably better off with HyperdynamicsL2 and BTS6 so you can damn well dodge on the way in and have a chance to tank a few shots when you're CCing the objective which apparently you have to for some damn reason.

    That leaves you immune to one-shots, dodging at 17s on the way in, and CCing the objective at on 16s while praying they use Shock or Viral ammo against you so you're tankier than an Asura. Does that sound like it'll work?

    ...I guess the other option instead of PH12 or BTS6 would be Minelayer? Leave some presents for people when you're getting close, so they have to choose between shooting you while you're CCing the objective or dodging the mine? Might be worth a shot...
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