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LI or MI or both?

Discussion in 'Infinity Army' started by East of Irem, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. East of Irem

    East of Irem Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2018
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    When I build lists of army I frequently search by unit type to pick out the units I want to add to my list, this works well because most factions have a lot of unit icons and it conveniently narrows down your search for, as an example an evo hacker remote on REM search is now a search of 1 in 8 icons rather than 1 in 30odd...

    So Im searching for MI in ikari and Ive just noticed that in the non-aligned factions Le Muet only shows up as MI. A search for LI in ikari does not bring up Le Muet (in his LI symbio armour inactive profile).

    I vastly prefer this to what we have with the other factions:

    A search for LI in tohaa brings up everything with a sybio inactive profile in the entire line making that search function pointless as it doesnt narrow down your options to just the LI profiles. Le Muet shows up as both MI and LI in every single vanilla faction as well. From a practical user point of view changing the labelling on symbioarmour units to only be tagged as what their starting profile unit type is might be a good change.
    Is this just me or does it bug anyone else?
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  2. ijw

    ijw Ian Wood aka the Wargaming Trader. Rules & Wiki
    Infinity Rules Staff Warcor

    Apr 25, 2017
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    Although it's not a solution for the actual bug, you can order the unit entries by Troop Type.
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