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Let's look at Yu Jing units in C1

Discussion in 'Yu Jing' started by Scutarii, May 1, 2020.

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    I've played N3 on and off for a while probably about 10 games total over a few years and never seriously. I am however very excited by C1 as a more lightweight way to play Infinity. So, in these early stages of the game I wanted to look through the units available to Yu Jing and see what I can work out about them on paper. Probably from what is closer to a noobs perspective than many of you mighty veterans.

    Light Infantry
    Mech-Engineer, Zhanshi Gongcheng:
    Not particularly exciting but the Engineer skill cancels several states and is relevant for some missions. At 1 point and 0 SWC there is no reason to take a basic Zhanshi when this option is available and you have the AVA.

    It does take a slot in your combat group though so likely not much use once you start going above 15pts if there are other Engineers you could select instead.

    Basic troopers here with a CC15 as their stand out stat and a mix of weapons and special skills all for fairly cheap. CC15 is not good enough to waste time trying to use aggressively but if you can dodge into a combat with a passing line trooper it's not a terrible option, especially if you can do it around a corner so they don't ever get LoF on you.

    Can have an Lt for cheap to hide. This is not always useful however as it means you can be wasting those Lt orders on a model that can't use them efficiently. I would not recommend you make a Zhanshi your Lt and instead choose a model that has more useful ways of using those orders, either as a fighter or as a way of controlling objectives. Not sure why I would spend any SWC on special weapons for BS11 troops in any but the most point starved lists (so maybe at 15pts, unlikely at 25-30pts).

    The Hacker is slightly more appealing but without any way to deploy further forward they'd have to walk up to get their hacking area contributing. There might be some deployment zone defensive use but IIRC the Parachutists are not hackable so you'd be spotlighting someone at best reactively. I'd only take the hacker option if I had nothing else to carry a hacking device for missions.

    Overall none of these are appealing. For the same cost you can take Engineers or Doctors. I think if I was using these it would be simply to use up the last points in the group or to squeeze points for something else in the list.

    Zhanshi Yisheng: It's a Zhanshi with a useful skill for the same cost as a Zhanshi. Take this before taking a Zhanshi. Likely take a YaoZao to make maximum use of the smaller board size at lower points and keep your models standing.

    Zhanying Imperial Agents: A strange unit here. Equipped to be strong in CC with a CC18 and a PARA CC (-6) but without MA. It will not outfight or even really stand up to the proper close combatants out there but it shoudl scare and bully most everyone else.

    Not sure what to make of Breaker, a lot of units with good ARM also have good BTS but adds to the bully ability against lighter troops.

    The Chain-Colt is interesting, making them pretty good as corner guards with slightly better armour. They are redundant with their shotgun profiles as they have the same template but better damage stats.

    The special weapon options of Missile Launcher and HMG are at odds with their CC bully stats and PARA weapon but otherwise have a better ARM and BS to make use of the more expensive weapons.

    The Lt option might work. Double the cost of the Zhanshi for the combi-equipped one but the improved ARM and addition of the Chain-Colt makes them a bit better able to defend themselves.

    For me the standout profile is the Boarding Shotgun. Only 0.5 more than a Zhanshi but with good template weapons, good shooting at close range and a CC statline to scare anyone who isn't a CC focused model. They look like a more resilient much more prickly way to build your order pool than Zhanshi and make good guards for your deployment zone against anyone dropping in.

    Medium Infantry
    Hundun Ambush Unit:
    Good quality sniper or gunfighter depending on the weapon you choose, deploys in the DZ but otherwise has the kit needed to countersnipe or lock down a firelane.

    The MSV1 Marksman Rifle trades the sniper ability to mix things up on the ground floor. Combined with someone hacking from midtable with Spotlight AROs the presence of this unit can potentially deter some enemy from even trying to get past midfield.

    It's not particularly exciting but feels like the prime example of what a good sniper should look like in C1 while also able to switch up to a much more active role in the midfield if equipped with the marksman rilfe, especially for dealing with enemy Mimetism equipped units. Surprise shot, Mimetism, good range, BS13, potentially an MSV and a Camo state to hide in again.

    3pts is too much to use both AVA in a small 15pt game but I could see them both on the table for a 30pts one.

    Adil Mehmut, Imperial Agent, Special Division: CC murderer extraordinaire who bypasses ARM is almost every way. Hunt down the most powerful armoured targets and once he gets into CC he should finish them very quickly. The risk is the order efficiency to do this as the safe approach s to first win a CC with the PARA then another order to use the monofilament.

    Then all the orders to actually get close enough to CC with no special deployment or Camo or Mimetism tricks he probably won't make it through much fire.

    The high burst Nanopulsar may be his best tool. Run up to the midfield and bunker down somewhere central and threaten a wide sweep of the board with the BTS targetting templates, breaker combi for FtF rolls and then zone out with the CC threat. For 2 pts and 0SWC he seem a great denial piece, especially with Specialist Operative so he can take an objective and then defend it.

    He probably won't survive if played as a big game hunter though.

    Jing Qo, the Shadow of Huangdi: A whole suite of skills to both get around the board safely (and the Dodge bonus plus increased distance and ability to dodge and move in your Active turn makes them really able to move and keep moving. Climbing Plus for alternative routes and reaching the hardest places, high MA and the DA weapon to win fights and push up the PH13 to higher damage...

    High BS, Mimetism, decent gun and a template gun as well.

    Kinda like a better version of Adil really. Could be used in the same way to grab an objective and lock it down but the increased mobility, armour, dodging and mimetism make them a better fit for the hunter role. For 3pts they'd be an either/or with Adil but I'd probably favour Jing Qo as they cover both roles and coudl switch to either.

    Lei Gong, Invincibles Lord of Thunder: Very fast MSV1 short to mid range gunfighter with decent armour. For 2pts I don't see why I wouldn't want to take them. Able to push up to midfield and beyond and fight the enemy in their backyard.

    Not a lot to say here. A fast but otherwise fairly plain gunfighter that is a straight upgrade compared to the LI options. WIP14 and the MSV1 makes them a good choice for Discover rolls as well.

    Tiger Soldier: The designated aerial drop troop for Yu Jing that can be equipped as a close range brawler with a boarding shotgun, a gunfighter with Spitfire or an interesting Hacker option. Plus it can be your Lt for...some reason?

    The Parachutist skill is more reliable for getting further up the board and provides both a template weapon chassis with Mimetism and BS13. Then add your options to spice. A lot of the power of this skill comes from how your table is set up, is there somewhere safe to appear touching the board edge that is also far enough up the table to be worth it?

    The temptation to use the Combat Jump skill is lessened on the smaller tables because the width means you can still reach and threaten across it fairly well even with a boarding shotgun (appear on table edge, walk 4 inches and shoot up to 8 inches for 12 inches (plus your base width) of threat range which is half the table of the small game size and over 1/3rd of the medium game size. Otherwise it's a 60% chance of success to land where you want.

    The Hacker is interesting, predicated on how good hacking turns out to be in Code One. It's a Wip14 hacker who can appear mid way up the board and move+move into the middle using their full 8inch ZoC to cover a swathe of the table with Spotlight and Immobilise AROs. Plus complete objectives. The low BTS is a risk here though as it opens them up to being hacked themselves.

    Ye Mao Infantry: A good mobile gunfighter with high quality weapons, Mimetism and MSV1 to let them compete really well. Also bringing a template weapon in the chain colt and specialisms in Engineer and Hacking (which pairs with the BTS6 nicely).

    Probably want to push up out of your DZ and into midfield quickly to drive out the enemy forward forces while the Missile Launcher profile can use the Mimetism, BS12 and MSV1 to help suppress enemy snipers/ARO pieces. This role as anti-sniper is potentially the most useful to Yu Jing so far as there are quite a few units that can already get to mid field and fight their way through/zone it out in the faction but as a way of keeping the enemy sniper's heads down it's here or the Hundun (the Hundun Sniper has Mimetism for the gunfight while the Ye Mao has MSV1)

    Heavy Infantry
    Daofei Tactical Section:
    One of the signature units of Yu Jing (theoretically at least) with Camo, Infiltration, great fighting stats and good weapons. A real monster in the mid field against the typically lighter units that occupy that space, able to either clear it of the enemy or to get into posiiton to pin down the enemy in their DZ.

    That second role though is pretty tough with only B1 and no option to go into Suppressive Fire. If you stick your nose out you'll expose yourself to many enemy units with higher B and similarly good stats and weapons. The LI style of Code One means as a percentage of forces the nastier troops are more likely to see the board as points simply won't be used up if you take many cheaper units.

    A potentially good choice for the Lt (probably with the Spitfire) as the extra order as they can really use it and being able to start Infiltrated further forward in a Camo state cuts down on spending orders to make your way up the board in the first place. Paired with a Guilang or the Marksman Hundun they should be able to clear midfield by suing those MSV1 to counter the mods and let the tougher Daofei take out the other type of fighters. Just beware enemy CC specialists, they will ruin you.

    I'd be tempted to have them push a flank and try to end each turn back in marker state to maximise their ability to remain a threat in the enemy side, especially moving into their half of the table.

    There's a Hacker profile and starting midfield means you can immediately begin in prime position to ARO people with it. But that seems like an expensive way to use such a good offensive piece especially when there's a Guilang option with it who also has better Wip.

    Hac Tao Special Unit:
    Very costly (double average model cost in 30pts games) but with some good weapon options, high BS14, high PH14, Mimetism-6, marker state, good armour and BTS, 6-2 movement and template weapon...scary stuff.

    Heavy beatstick who can dash up and outfight most anyone your opponent has on their team but will themselves be a prime target for their big game hunters. I'm not sure this big a beatstick is needed when the offensive capability is available elsewhere in your unit options but damn if they don't look appealing. Prime task will be cracking your opponent's half of the board and spearheading the attack. With 6-2 movement they can probably manage it without burning too many order either.

    Hsien Warriors: Another heavy armour beatstick but this time better at fighting your enemy Mimetism and Camo units with their MSV2. Also a Lt option and a good one with the HMG, Nanopulser and competent CC paired with very high stats across the board.

    Basically another flavour of doorkicker. Start on ARO duty to keep your enemy honest if you don't go first and otherwise push up and focus on fighitng the enemy so your other units can complete the objectives.

    Lack of Suppressive Fire as an order though can leave you unable to frighten the more powerful enemy models with only B1.

    Jujak Regiment, Korean Shock Infantry: New unit here bringing a template with every profile including the large one for the heavy flamethrower. A couple of options with rifles, a spitfire and a shotgun/engineer.

    Otherwise it's a Zuyong armour with improved movement speed of 6-2 and the increased dodge distance (which is fun if it dodges as the second half of an order as it moves 9 rather than 8).

    An Lt option to make the flamethrower more mobile and active and the option for a spitfire (which I feel would be better elsewhere) and a missile launcher for explosions.

    With an AVA of 2, and a cost of 2 for the barebones profile the presence of many midfield units and other fast 6-2 heavy infantry in Yu Jing these guys really add to a feel of the faction jamming up the middle of the board with armoured bodies that tank hits and template weapon anything lightweight. Any light 'big game hunter' type units will have a tough time getting past these and they can make a sacrifice play to break a defensive line in the enemy table half by guaranteeing hits with the flamethrowers.

    Shang Ji: Upgraded heavy infantry armour with fantastic PH14, good armour, dodge movement bonus, BTS6, decent weaponry options, a few specialist options, a template weapon on every profile and the chance to be the Lt. There's a lot going on here and for 3.5-4.5pts you're barely paying above the average pts cost per model. On paper these look attractive, especially for a list that jams the field with heavies and templates.

    Basic trooper with a multirifle is appealing as a specialist that can threaten fairly well in ARO with DA ammo or the chain colt and can burst things down with AP in active. The AP I suspect will be more relevant in Code One due to the greater ease with which heavier troops can be brought but the chain colt ignoring the cover bonus is often going to be more impactful.

    The stand out profile though is the AP HMG with Regeneration on PH14. 70% chance of healing a wound every turn, fast and very dangerous with the big gun. I am looking forward to playing with this model and seeing if they live up to expectations.

    Utilising the 6-2 to get up the board early to start causing problems is going to be a big deal and with PH14 and a bonus to dodge movement these troops can risk running through a bit of enemy fire to get there.

    Yan Huo Invincibles, Fire Support Heavy Regiment: Bringing massive guns on a very sturdy (and not slow) platform these really want to stay at range and fight in the Active turn. On ARO duty they're vunerable with on B1 and no mods or mod cancelling of their own, to win they're relying on BS14 and high burst which is only an option during the Active turn.

    From the abundance of 6-2 heavy infantry in this list (and some gunfighters like the Hundun at 4-4) that want to rush forward you may be concerned about enemy ARO pieces shooting them as they make their way forward. The Yan Huo early on gets to stand up from prone, burst 5 something off the table and then duck down out of sight again, clearing routes for the rest of your team to rush up the board.

    I am not convinced they're a particularly appealing unit considering the other ways you could do this in Yu Jing and their high cost is tricky to manage with all the other fun stuff you could be taking instead but they are far from a bad pick and will probably fulfill their role effectively.

    Because I don't think they want to be involved in AROing the enemy I do not find the AP HMG (with explosive ammo) attractive over the HRMC but the maths could prove me wrong on that. 1 shot on likely BS11 (your + for range cancelled by their cover, then they likely have Mimetism) vs whoever they have braving a shot at the Yan Huo probably thinks they'll win it.

    The twin missile launchers with +1B however (I think) get to use B2 in ARO and so may be the better ARO piece if you want one while remaining plenty capable in the Active turn.

    Zuyong Invincibles, Terracotta Soldiers: Very cheap spammable heavy infantry with a lot of weapon options and good all round stats. Slower than some HI with 'only' 4-4 move these really help you fill up the table with armoured bodies.

    Everyone carries a +1 burst pistol for laying down close range fire and - I believe - will have Burst 2 in ARO making them good at winning F2F rolls once stuck in amongst the enemy.

    HMG Lt with Regeneration for discounted SWC and only 3.5pts is very appealing.

    Chaiyi Yaokong:
    Dirt cheap (0.5pts) and lightning fast 6-6 movement with Mimetism and no ARM. It can't fight to save itself but can dodge and if stuck in CC the PARA CCW (-3) might buy it an order or two.

    It's a cheap way to get an order and a scoring unit into a quadrant or just a few final points to flip a zone. Otherwise it's a sacrifice unit to trigger mines.

    It has some interesting interactions with average point costs in a list though. In a 30pt game for 10 members of a combat group the average cost would be 3pts. Taking 2 of these though makes the remaining 8 members get 29pts between them which leaves about 3.5pts per model so you can start skewing your combat groups towards having 6-8 big power pieces and 2-4 cheap chaff units.

    Husong Yaokong:
    Total Reaction, 360 visor and an HMG on a BS11 unarmoured platform. First look makes this seem to be a great ARO suppression piece. The enticement towards more expensive power pieces in Code One (and cost efficiency stuff like the Chaiyi above pushes that even higher) makes these limited stats a bigger liability though.

    The maths may pan out differently but an elite trooper with a long ranged gun (potentially an HMG of their own) and BS13 doesn't seem like an uncommon unit (how many have we seen in just Yu Jing's roster!). A unit with a sniper rifle or missile launcher and mimetism also has a decent match up with the Husong, especially with surprise shot.

    Dice are dice however and 4 dice even on 8s (against someone with mimetism, assuming range bands and cover cancel out) is not inconsiderable. At the very least it's a low cost way of making your opponent spend some orders dealing with it if you perch it up on a good position with a good view of the board.

    Alternatively it can stay lower down obscured from some angles and act as a way of locking down a firelane or keeping Parachutist/Combat Jump troopers away.

    For 2pts and 1SWC I think it's definitely worth trying out and as a meta emerges and evolves may come into and out of fashion as the kind of troopers it has to face changes over time.

    Son-Bae Yaokong:
    Cheap missile launcher platform with BS12, 1.5SWC and 1.5pts. No ARM, larger silhouette and great movement speed at 6-4.

    It doesn't really excite me but it gets you an order and an ARO piece. It does risk dying quickly due to no way of dealing with Mimetism and low ARM if used as an ARO piece though and losing you that order.

    If I wanted a missile launcher I'd look elsewhere (like the Zuyong missile launcher if cost allows) but the high speed and low cost makes it worth considering in a more point starved list. Definitely not a first pick unit, I'd more likely be downgrading other stuff to this because of points constraints and it may well shine once TAGs get added to the game in a few releases.

    Weibing Yaokong:
    This thing laughs at Zhanshi. It's a very fast 6-4 specialist with the same ability to shoot to defend itself and is probably better in CC despite not having CC15 due to the -3 mod on the PARA weapon.

    If you just want bodies for an order pool I would look here because they can switch up in the later game to go and grab objectives with specialist operative and their high speed while spending the early stages of the game in hiding just providing orders. ARM0 means it's about 5% less survivable than a Zhanshi in exchange for being better in basically every other way.

    A helper bot for your Engineers and Doctors that doesn't take up a space in your combat group, is small and easy to hide and very fast. With the 15pt and 25pt game tables being smaller their high speed combined with having the controlling specialist elsewhere means you can cover a lot of the table with the ability to fix states or recover from unconscious.

    They are also helpful for removing things like mines.

    For 0.5pts I would want to take both available to me to pair with my specialists.

    Another iconic Yu Jing unit and one that lets you fight for supremacy of the mid-field, deal with mimetism and keep itself safe while also bringing untility tools with mines and the potential to place a WIP14 specialist hacker right where you want them to be at the start of the game.

    The basic profile is a close ranged gunfighter with a boarding shotgun, mimetism mods in their favour, potential for surprise shot, and MSV1 to ignore at least some visual mods of their own. They can also fall back on the template to auto hit and ignore cover mods to save and trust in surprise shot, cover and mimetism to put -9 on the enemy returning fire with their (likely B1) normal roll. I think a lot of my lists would start with 2 of these and may only vary to swap in the Hacker variant.

    If I were taking a more aggressive Lt I would not be taking the Guilang for it. They are still low ARM and at SWC2 and only a combi-rifle for their trouble I am not sure what they would offer over something better able to use the order. It can hide under Camo state though to keep them alive in Lt-Kill missions and is a way of getting them onto certain portions of the board for area capturing or potential future mission triggers.

    The Hacker looks fantastic for simply slowing down the enemy. Hidden in the midfield with their 8 inch ZoC and the ability to trigger Immobilise or even only Spotlight is strong for Yu Jing, especially considering the amount of stuff YJ can start or then move into the middle of the board. Do you get your opponent to spend half an order resetting a Spotlight off? If they do then they might fail anyway and even if they pass they haven't progressed their actua goals. And if they don't reset the Spotlight then they're going to be trying to push forward into a potentially stacked YJ midfield (or past to attack your DZ) carrying a mod that makes them way more vulnerable. Worst comes to worst it's a WIP14 specialist who can Camo state to remain safe unti they need to go and press the button. The only real concern is the BTS0 making them very vulnerable to being counterhacked.

    Kunai Solutions Ninjas:
    An AVA1 stealthy, mobile and well equipped for shooting at range unit that comes with good CC skills and MALv3 but only a CC weapon. The damage bonus from MA helps out but probably not a CC big game hunter. The Camo state, Mimetism, Climbing Plus and 4-4 movement makes you highly mobile and able to take almost any position on the table to optimise your range bands.

    If I wanted a Ninja type unit these would not be my first pick in Yu Jing but may well be by second or third for a camo heavy list and the ability to deploy further up with Forward Deployment on the Marksman Rifle profile lets them be near to the action as well.

    With Mimetism -6 and Surprise shot the BS11 on the multi-sniper is not as much of a concern for sniper duels either, your opponent will need a good MSV to really get dice mods to end up in their favour despite the average BS.

    Basically the same package as the Kunai Ninja except swapping Climbing Plus for Infiltration, allowing you to bypass the need to walk around in the first place, start where you need to be rather than spending orders to get there!

    They also have a higher CC stat and options for DA or AP CCWs so are better able to make use of it to kill tough targets.

    SMG is a good gun for close range work and they're likely to be in close with their skillset letting them infiltrate just shy of half way. While the Hacker option gives similar opportunities to the Guilang Hacker but with slightly lower WIP it lets you put another threat into midfield to hack with that is able to dash out and complete objectives. It's also a decent points cost for sneaking into a quadrant and sitting there safely to control them.

    These being AVA2 combined with the Guilang, the Daofei and the Kunai (forward deployment) really lets you saturate the midfield with units, camo, mines and close range weaponry. There's definitely an 'all camo' list available in Yu Jing that has a variety of weapons, skillsets, mobility and toughness.

    Liang Kai, Wandering Shaolin Monk:
    A cheap, mobile, hunter killer that can forward deploy and dodge incredibly well and has Mimetism to make the dice odds all the more in their favour.

    Opponent shooting at -3 in ARO with B1 while you dodge on 16 is not bad odds, especially as you get to move that little bit further on a dodge. Once you do get close you're carrying a DA CCW with a base PH13 that gets pushed higher by MALv4 on top of a CC23 you should be able to reliably cut down most things you face in CC.

    Both profiles come with a chain rifle while for 0.5pts you can get a CombiRifle instead of a shotgun. With only a BS11 and a Dodge on 16s while being very deadly in CC I would be unlikely to want to shoot in the Active Turn (though there will be times when you'd want to) rather than moving closer and in the reactive a BS11 B1 shot with the combi at mid range is not appealing (plus the shotgun still lets you do that only with a +0 range mod). While at closer ranges (note: forward deployment) the +6 mod from the shotgun is more useful than the combi.

    For their points cost and potential killing power they're very appealing but vulnerable to enemy template weaponry as their only way to stay safe is to not get hit. Once hit it's ARM1, BTS0 with 1W.

    Now the units are briefly assessed I plan to come back and look at some list options. Not necesarily full lists but looking for what kind of building blocks are on offer.

    One thing I've noticed is there are a lot of template weapons on the Yu Jing units. PanO doesn't have the sheer abundance of templates as sidearms like Yu Jing has with those Chain Colts, flamethrowers and such everywhere. Shasvastii has a load of unique one off units and a good variety of nanopulsers in there but it doesn't feel at first glance to be quite the same saturation as Yu Jing can get by just incidentally taking units.

    Going through these units I get the feel that Yu Jing will want to have an early game plan that involves movement on turn 1. Have one or two troops whose job is to get rid of enemy ARO pieces in an order efficient way. Then have the remaining orders spent rushing multiple 6-2 heavies up to mid field and have their templates and good close range weapons positioned to saturate enemy routes of approach. If needed hide behind corners to shoot only once they expose themselves around it rather than eat enemy AROs. Ideally this will stymie the enemy and give you the advantage in midfield as it takes so many more orders to remove each of your HI.
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  2. Mcgreag

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    Why would you want to hide the LT when there is no Loss of Lieutenant rule?
  3. Scutarii

    Scutarii Active Member

    Aug 5, 2018
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    I thought some missions cared about Lt kills but doublechecking the only one that does in the C1 book also forces them to be open information.

    Otherwise there might be some cases where you want to keep the Lt Order available for later in the game to suddenly have a model get an extra order that your opponent did not expect. Is that worth as much as just using the order? Game context will decide that.

    Edit: In a 3 turn game your maximum possible orders is 33 (10 regular, 1 lt, for 3 turns). Killing the Lt early because it's too obvious means you can strip up to 6 orders for 6/33 ~18% of their total order pool. The value of killing the Lt declines as the game goes on as they spend those orders.

    So being non-obvious is helpful mostly around retaining your order pool and having the ability to suddenly have someone be able to perform one more order. So a basic unskilled or underequipped trooper is probably not worthwhile as the Lt in the same way they can be in N3. However being super obvious puts almost 20% of your order pool at risk to an early alpha strike. There is probably value in finding an Lt who can do something useful with those extra orders whilst also not being too easy to take out early on.
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    Annihilation also gives points for killing the lieutenant. That being said, disagree with hiding it. I get where you're coming from with it being a substantial part of your order pool, but you also have to consider who spends it. Is having three orders that you have to spend on a zhanshi worth more than one or two you have to spend on a daofei or hsien? It's also important that, once you spend the order, your opponent knows who the lieutenant is. In that situation, I'd much rather have a big chunk of my order pool tied up in a heavy infantry model than some line trooper. Between that and not having loss of lieutenant, I think Code One favors active lieutenants over hidden ones a lot more than N3 does.

    There's also the tiger soldier lieutenant ro consider. If you're looking for a model you know you'll want the extra order on, your AD troop is a viable option. The tradeoff is that you'll probably only get one turn with it. Personally, I probably wouldn't take it, but it has some merits.

    I think the best lieutenants are durable models you would reasonably be spending orders on every turn. The daofei, hsien, and yan huo are standouts in that regard.
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  5. Scutarii

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    Yes, that was my conclusion at the end of my response to Mcgreag. I also edited the initial post a while ago to point out that a hidden Zhanshi Lt is maybe not that useful anyway.
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