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Infinity CodeOne - Army Update [November 10th]

Discussion in 'News' started by Koni, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. Koni

    Koni BanHammer
    CB Staff

    Jan 25, 2017
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    Here you have the log of changes included on the Infinity CodeOne Army Update of November 10th:

    Nøkken: Added option with Specialist Operative
    Vargar: Added option with Specialist Operative
    Boyg: Added Dodge (+2.5 cm)
    Knight of Justice: Added Forward Deployment to the Spitfire option
    Added Specialist Operative option
    Aquila Guard: removed simple Marksman option
    Croc Men: Sniper option Cost drop (from 3.5 to 3)
    Lieutenant option removed
    Gunnar Lundmark: Added (+1 Dam) to the MULTI
    Shona Carano: Troop added to the army.

    Yu Jing

    Zhanshi: Added Dodge (+2.5 cm)
    Zhanying: ARM drop (from 2 to 1)
    Added Dodge (+2.5 cm)
    General Cost drop (0.5 points drop)
    Removed Chain-colt from Shotgun option
    Tiger Soldier: Removed Lieutenant option
    Zuyong: MOV change (from 10-10 to 15—5)
    Shang Ji: Dodge change (from +2.5cm to +5 cm)
    Added AP to the HMG
    Removed Regeneration option
    Yan Huo: CC increase (from 15 to 18)
    Heavy Pistol added
    Hsien: Added Specialist Operative option
    Guilang: Drop SWC cost for Lieutenant option (from 2 to 1)
    Added Dodge (+2.5 cm)
    Added 2 new options: MULTI Sniper Rifle & Specialist Operative
    Ninja: Hacker option have now SMG instead of Combi Rifle. Also CC AP Weapon. Cost drop (from 3.5 to 3)
    Zhanshi Yisheng: Added Dodge (+2.5 cm)
    Mech-Engineer: Added Dodge (+2.5 cm)
    Lei Gong: Added Nanopulser to all his options
    Adil Mehmut: Added Dodge (+3) & Dodge (+2.5 cm)


    Kappa: Cost drop in Sniper option (from 2 to 1.5)
    Delta: CC change (from 14 to 15)
    Épsilon: Added Marksman Rifle option
    Gamma: General Cost drop (from 5 to 4.5)
    Gangbuster: Added new option with Combi Rifle
    Cuervo Goldstein: Added CC DA Weapon to all options
    Hippolyta: CC Change (from 23 to 24)
    Casanova: CC Change (from 21 to 22)
    Change in Martial Arts level (from L3 to L2)
    Added CC Attack (-3)
    Cost drop (from 3 to 2.5)
    Psi-Cops: Added Specialist Operative as a base skill
    Removed Specialist Operative from Combi Rifle option
    Katherine Cho: Added Specialist Operative to the Combi Rifle option

    Combined Army

    Nox: CC Change (from 15 to 14)
    Tensho: CC Change (from 14 to 13)
    Mentor: CC Change (from 15 to 16)
    Jayth: Martial Arts level change (from L2 to L3)
    Victor Messer: CC Change (from 15 to 14)
    Removed “Hackable”
    Removed Nanopulser (+1B) in Boarding Shotgun option
    Noctifer: Added Pistol (+1B) to the Missile Launcher option
    Caliban: Added Dodge (+5 cm)
    Gwailo: CC Change (from 15 to 14)
    Nourkias: Name & ISC change (added “Kai’l Rank”)
    Sheskiin: Martial Arts level change (from L3 to L4)
    Sargosh: Martial Arts level change (from L2 to L3)
    Removed Light Flamethrower, now have Light Shotgun
    Ko Dali: Martial Arts level change (from L1 to L2)
    Added Protheion
    Upgraded CC Weapons to DA CC Weapon or AP CC Weapon
    Added Infiltration option
    Added Parachutist to the Combat Jump option
    Change in Forward Deployment (from +20cm to +10cm); Cost drop (from 3.5 to 3)


    Oktavia Grímsdóttir: Troop added to PanOceania, Yu Jing, O-12 & Combined Army
    REM Racers: Troop added to PanOceania, Yu Jing & O-12

    Link to the Infinity Army: https://infinitytheuniverse.com/army/codeone
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