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Ideas for the next campain (or the one after that)

Discussion in 'Access Guide to the Human Sphere' started by Arkhos94, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Arkhos94

    Arkhos94 Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2017
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    Last campain was, more or less, a free for all with Yu-Jing and Nomad as the main target phase 1 and 2 then Yu-Jing and CA phase 3.

    Mission results had little influence on some events (ex : La Forja being destroyed when nomads didn't loosed it, CA breaking blocus despite having loss its sector...).

    So here I suggest we pool our idea on how to improve the next campain (or the one after that if it's too late for the next one).

    Here are my ideas :
    - Asymmetrical objectives : each faction has its own objective(s) reflecting on the political agenda of the faction. Objectives would change time to time. Mercenaries would win victory point by helping other factions and winning money for it. Some example : JSA objective could be propaganda (reach 50 % wins on transmission matrix on specific location to broadcast Yu-Jing propaganda to the Human sphere), Ariadna objectives could be pillaging (reach 50 % wins on supplies against 3 differents factions of high command choice to steal technology)....

    - secondary objectives : each faction would be offered 2 or 3 secondary objectives. One would have to be chosen by high command of the faction. Realising it would bring some in game bonus (a little SWC or points bonus for the next campain phase) or a campain bonus (little victory point bonus, increase result on a specific location.
    Example of secondary objectives : Saving Loyalist for Yu-Jing (rescue mission played on JSA location, effect would decrease JSA result on its objective)

    - objectives should not be on number of battle report but on percentage of win. This way more numerous faction wouldn't be avantaged against smaller one

    - true impact of objectives : failing/realising objectives would have a true impact on the fluff on the next phase

    - change report grading/commandation system : last campain we had good report with few commandations and 7/8 stars grade while we had average report with 9/10 stars and a lot of commandation. The system should be change, with more objectives criteria and maybe by forbiding to grade report from your own faction

    - some ELO system should be implemented to prevent good player to "farm" beginner for easy win for their faction. It should reduce the impact of a win on a player with much lower ELO than you and increase the impact against a player with a much better one

    So here are my idea, please gave yours and hope CB find some of them helpful to make next campain better.
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  2. theGricks

    theGricks Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2017
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    We need to see what changes they implemented for this upcoming campaign which starts in May. At this point, the campaign is probably entering its final phase of getting ready. I am hesitant to suggest and discuss any changes until we know what they do.

    One take away was that CB has a set story line that we the players are playing through though. This was not entirely clear to the player base. I think moving forward the big thing CB needs to do is communicate what is expected, and what players should expect. I think that would go a long way towards smoothing out a lot of the problems.
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