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Discussion in 'ITS' started by archon, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. archon

    archon Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2017
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    I found no forum category for campaign questions ect. so I put a thread here (the letters are very similar ;-)

    We run a paradiso campaign the military specialities on Page 208 of the Deadalus Falls book are wrong for the last levels of Immediate Deployment and Intelligence. In the following explanation on 209 DF you can find the correct explanations. Is there a way that there will be an official announcement? Apart from that, the text on 210 DF list a Oniwaban in in a exampel ...

    If you ran a Paradiso campaign there is no way to get a correct campaign sheet except to create your own.
    The sheets in the book on page 222 are too small and hard to copy without risking damage for your expensive hardcover book. Apart form that, the military specialites listed with the same error as above.

    The download section of the website only offers the old campaign screen form 2016 :anguished:so you have the choice of an outdated campaign screen as a pdf or you have to try to copy the new and good looking, but tiny and wrong campaign screen in the DF book.

    Please help:slightly_smiling_face: