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Give this new sculptor a chance ;)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic English' started by Estetioeslahostia, May 11, 2023.

  1. Estetioeslahostia

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    Dec 14, 2017
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    Hello friends!

    Perhaps a few of you know that, as a result of loneliness and having too much free time during the pandemic, I started doing digital sculpture under the Apache Studio brand xD.

    Jokes aside, I've been learning about it, practicing and improving every day to try to open a gap in this world... and although I still can't say that it's my livelihood (hopefully that time comes), I've already done three! projects on Kickstarter!

    So without intending to spam and as the "old glory" of the forum, and taking into account that all beginnings are difficult and that any help is little xD, I share with you my latest project that is currently open on Kickstarter.

    Tons of Skeletons: it is a set of miniatures for 3D printing (STL) of the undead compatible with 28/32mm scale. If you at least take a look at it, you do me a great favor :)


    PS: Someday I would like to sculpt a Taqeul Tohaa to give life to this abandoned profile xD (of course sharing it for free and without the desire to make a profit with it)

    PDD: Posting promotional links on the forum is not allowed, my apologies. If anyone is interested in the project, they already know where to find it... thanks once again :)
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