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Getting through customs.

Discussion in 'IC [In-Character]' started by cazboab, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. cazboab

    cazboab Member (phrasing)

    Nov 30, 2017
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    Transcript of interview 16/09/2156 0147 ref Buran03

    Agent Leclerc: "Interview commencement zero one forty seven, sixteen nine fifty seven, present are myself Agent in command Leclerc and susp.. Subject Ariadnan Expeditionary Force Commander Strachan, O12 designation 'cazboab' also present is aleph transcription aspect DNR4.

    Commander, you stand accused of orchestrating and executing an illegal overreach of "

    Subject interups:"Not according to your citation."

    AL:"That one typo is not enough to absolve"
    S:"it's not a typo, you can see from the serial number that it was issued by an official and validated by an aleph aspect, so the man you want is 'cazboaz' a man who is currently retired from service in the AEF, we tried to contact him, but it seems he's taken employment with the Varangian Guard"
    AL:"and I suppose that if I open your diplomatic bag I won't find documents and accreditation proving that you were instrumental in the commission of operation Buran?"
    S: "six cans of IrnBru and a handful of personnel reports on the troops deployed here to man the battery."
    AL: "well that's easy to disprove"
    *hollow thud caused by bag landing on table* "we've detected a power source in the bag, and under regulation 74b subsection 6 of the Novy Bangkok customs charter I have authorisation to open any diplomatic package that I reasonable suspect contans explosive devices"
    S:"Well if I suspected a bag to contain explosive devices I probably wouldn't thump it down like that, but you do you...

    Of coarse I'd also point out that under bureau Aegis directive number 84 dash 3 no diplomatic bag may be opened without prior notice to the nation of origin and "
    *scraping noise as Agent Leclerc opens the bag*
    "... And the power scource is probably the 8x6 holo photo of Wild Bill. "
    *several seconds of silence*
    "My mother is a fan, and she heard he's around here... Personally I prefer DogBowl, but I I have to pick an Aristo I really liked the way Maximus blocked for Gata last season, as unpopular as that opinion is on Dawn..."
    AL:"For the benefit of the audio and transcription, the bag contains six cans of orange and blue colour containing a soft drink, a folder of personnel reports in standard format, and one 8x6 Holoprojector with a customisable Nano plate for an autograph."
    S:"I don't think there's much more to say here is there?"
    AL:"Interview terminates, zero two hundred."

    Filed as evidence, disciplinary, Agent Leclerc.
    Copy sent to the Ariadnan Diplomatic Corps.
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  2. cazboab

    cazboab Member (phrasing)

    Nov 30, 2017
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    Commander Strachan dumped the small pools of liquid on top of 5 of 6 orange cans into the Barrack room sink. He pulled the end off the first revealing a folded revolver frame that sprang into form when removed from the lined aluminium contaner.
    “Oh we’ve got to check your credentials sir step this way” he mocked in a falsetto imitation of a Concilium accent.
    the second can revealed a side plate, trigger and hammer, springs held in place with black plastic tape.
    “oh aye sure son, I’m daft enough to walk into an O12 checkpoint with my own service record in my passport”
    he pealed off the tape and sat the assembly in the frame, snaping the side plate on with his free hand. As the side plate screwed itself to the frame the third can emptied out a barrel and extractor rod.
    “We have this warrant we’ve been trying to serve for 600 days that we filled in wrong…”the mock-Concilium accent with its short vowels continued.
    The barrel nano-welded itself into a pre set tenth of a micron precise(at least the Nomad who sold the kit claimed) position in the frame. The fourth can revealed a cylinder that barely fit inside the diameter loaded with 8 Tessium tipped rounds that slotted into the frame.
    “Sure Pal, and when you admit in court under oath that Aleph’s transcription is capable of a cock-up like that you’ll overturn how many convictions?”
    the fifth can opened to reveal 16 more rounds and two black plastic slabs that formed perfectly to the handle of the frame, soft nubs swelling out,fitting between the commander’s fingers nearly perfectly.
    “Duuh, Okay” The false high pitch returned. "let me just break international law here and oh it's just Irn bru.” the commander holstered the revolver and grabbed the last can.
    “Aye well done ya choob, just Irn Bru, probably the only can on this rock…” the Commander Grinned as he popped the tab. the Can sprayed it’s contents into the face of the Caledonian. The grin faded. “…the only can that you shook up when you dumped my bag on the table. Prick.” Strachan drank the rest in one gulp, wiped his face dry and slotted the 18 shells into his belt.
    “Oh, I really hope I don’t have to go anywhere dark with no cameras” the mock-Conciluim accent muttered…
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