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Fireteams and Special Fireteams

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Benio, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. Benio

    Benio New Member

    Apr 13, 2021
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    Hey there,

    How does the Special Fireteam work with the normal Fireteam rule?

    a) Special Fireteams are only Fireteams that a unit can make (Special overwrites). For example, a Rafiq Remote can only form a duo of Rafiq + Al Fasid or Rafiq + Maghariba.

    b) Special Fireteams are the Fireteams that a unit can make, next to the possibilities the unit already has (Special adds). Rafiq could then form a duo of Rafig + Rafiq, Rafig + WildCard and any of the Special Fireteams options.
  2. JoKeR

    JoKeR HAWZA Instructor

    Nov 26, 2017
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    Hi @Benio welcome to the forum
    b) variant is correct.
    but you should always check a sectorial fireteam charts here
    For example (by current actual charts):
    Rafiq remote have DUO fireteam in Ramah task Force & have Special. so can form both Rafiq+Rafiq Duo or any mentioned special variant.
    In QK same Rafiq have only Special so can in base form only this special despite having a skill Fireteam:Duo. it cant be Rafiq+Rafiq Duo in QK, but Wildcards still works & can swap Azrail from Special team.
    & in Hassassin Bahram Rafiq have NO fireteams alowed at all.
    #2 JoKeR, Apr 15, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2021
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