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Finishing 12th with O-12 -Sattelite report from Lyon

Discussion in 'O-12' started by ZlaKhon, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. JollyGreen

    JollyGreen New Member

    Jan 20, 2020
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    I'd love to hear a summary of what you brought and how it went.
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  2. ZlaKhon

    ZlaKhon New scale enthusiast

    Nov 27, 2017
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    Thanks! These are the lists I brought:

    I originally ran these lists in a tournament with Countermeasures, Looting and Sabotaging and Supremacy. I didn't like the lists too much, but I did not have time to write or print out any other lists before the sattelite so I simply went with them.
    In hindsight, I would choose a Lambda Doctor and one Yudbot over the Monstrucker and two Yudbots. I also ran into plenty of situations where I would have liked to have either an HD+ or an AHD, but I don''t see an easy way to incorporate them into my lists.
    In general both of these lists are very much all comers lists to me. The only difference is that in one list Kendrat and Hippo do well in Looting and Sabotaging (Kendrat being important to deal with Jammers) and the other list being build to cover a lot of classifieds for Countermeasures.

    Not a full write up, but here is a rough overview of the sattelite games:

    Game 1: Unmasking vs. Onyx
    My opponent had the first turn and ramboed a single Umbra Samartian into my weaker flank. He got glued by a madtrap and then got engineered by Doc Worm from the second combat group and continued. He ate a Gangbuster in CC going to 3 W + NWI sitting on a rooftop close to my DZ and in CC with my Epsilon. I fixed this situation by jumping Hippo up and killing him in CC. That was a bit risky, since she was my Datatracker, but worked out really nicely. He played well, but the mission forced him to move pieces up the board that don't really want to be there such as a Unidron link. I spotted his obvious Nexus LT and killed him, which very much contributed to him not being able to turn the game around. Final score was 9:0

    Game 2: Countermeasures vs. Acon
    I played a very strong opponent here and we both managed to score a lot of classifieds. In the end, it pretty much came down to single dice rolls and I finished with 4 classifieds, one done with my Datatracker (Sirius FO) and him with 5 classifieds, one with his Datatracker (Montessa Paramedic). So a 6:10 loss. Sidenote: the exclusion zone is really annoying for my lists, not sure how to remedy that yet.

    Game 3: Quadrant Control vs. Tohaa
    This game pretty much came down to how awesome it is to glue Tohaa like the Rasail Team or Nema down and then obliterate them with the Gamma Feuerbach. I was more efficient at killing his units, Cho CoC kept me in game once a Makaul killed my Gamma LT and I ended up winning 7:1.

    Game 4: Custom Mission vs. Bakunin
    Here I played my good friends @Tristan228 's Bakunin list with Riot Grrls. It was a bit of a rough match up for me since most of my units don't like to engange Riot Grrls and the mission was very killy. In the end, with a decent amount of luck, I managed to end this one with a 5:5 tie, but it certainly felt like a loosing game for most of the way.

    Game 5: Looting and Sabotaging vs. Varuna
    This one I played with my other travel Buddy. I won the LT roll and picked a side that was pretty advantageous for me. His list didn't really bring tools to deal with my glue and I managed to not engage his Kamau Sniper, Fusilier ML link the entire game. In the end, Hippo destroyed his ACC and mine stayed intact. I'm not completely certain on the result, but it was roughly 9:0.

    So overall I think all games went well and even the lost game didn't really reveal downsides to my lists. Only the Riot Grrls make me wonder if another tool might have helped me out. I still eyeball the Razor AHD, but the cost is just too much I feel.
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