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Fellow Members of the Human Sphere

Discussion in 'IC [In-Character]' started by bloodw4ke, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Thandar

    Thandar Dedicated Aconteccan Supremacist

    Nov 27, 2017
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    Maybe I will, dear Mr. Shasworth, and maybe I would take half of the XXth Reserve Regiment along, so we might properly evaluate your extraordinary services and have all the benefits of Shasworth Financial together.
  2. Aspect Graviton

    Aspect Graviton Friendly Alien Overlord

    Nov 24, 2017
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    I for one welcome this call for whistle blowing.

    These are uncertain times and as head of a corporation with jobs and lives on the line I would like to see more transparency on these matters. My company Dark Star Logistics has at this moment a ship in drydock undergoing maintainance at our berth inside Pakngein Nbis. The facility is the represents hundreds of millions of new yuan investment in Novyy Bangkok and thousands of jobs yet we have to deal with intrusions of armed thugs from Panoceana and Yujing "customs officials" attempting to enforce juresdiction in a freeport where they have none, they are little better than general Ikari's thugs, who also plague this facility I might add.

    These "visits" are slowing down maintainance work to a crawl and costing this company hundreds of thousands per day.

    Haqquislamite authorities have been asked to do something about this and impose the rule of law as is stipulated as their duty in contract and yet we see no action, we receive no guarantees. They are damned by their own inaction. Perhaps they would like to answer to the Corregidor Unions in our stead when we begin laying off our workforce.

    In an effort to rectify this matter ourselves we have our own ship security staff whom we have graciously offered as additional security but who's hands are tied by beuarocracy, however a few more days of this and our attourneys have advised us that Haqquislam will truly be in breach of contract, whereupon we will be allowed to act on our own behalf and with extreme prejudice.

    - Darius Darkstar
    CEO of Dark Star Logistics
  3. Captain927

    Captain927 Shotguns and Scotch Runs.

    Dec 15, 2017
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    @oldGregg Of course my ego is inflated! When you survive as many battles as I have, you can't help but feel yourself invincible. And keeping my eyes open to what is so obviously an alien threat, ensures that that I don't end up with a knife in my back while a shapeshifting copy of me heads back home to lay eggs in the peat.

    Haqqislam may help folks find peace or knowledge or anything else someone is looking for, but if you keep your head in the sand, you'll find yourself in your Kingdom of Heaven faster than you anticipate. My words may hurt your feelings, but at least for now, you have feelings to be hurt.

    @Thandar seems to be the only one here with his head on his shoulders.
  4. Danger Rose

    Danger Rose Sand Cats Tactical Security LLC

    Nov 23, 2017
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    Oh come on! We just settled our last lawsuit! *sigh* Where's the card of that Tunguskan lawyer...
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  5. Lauinav

    Lauinav JTF 713 - 'Ironclad'

    Mar 9, 2018
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    The good one or the bad one?
    If I recall correctly, you frightened the good one off with your... well... lets just say 'The strength of your character.'
    And the bad one, you threw in the bin... several days ago... well... more like 'weeks' now, but whose counting?
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  6. bloodw4ke

    bloodw4ke Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2018
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    Mr. Thandar, we would love to take on your assets. However, please note that due to your own data privacy laws (and by your own, I mean PanOceanian) Shasworth Financial may only process new accounts one at a time, and from within a secure, visually-restricted office. However, we have *very* special deals for military members, combined with a generous referral program...

    Captain, please reconsider your words. We have many Tohaa under our employ (even at the Novyy Bangkok branch) and they are a wonderful people. There is no need for this xenophobia.

    Mr. Darkstar, it saddens us to hear of this dreadful state of affairs. A shame that the local garrison seems to have thrown its lot in with common criminals instead of enforcing order. That said, we have reason to believe that the situation will improve: local port improvement projects are estimated to be seventy percent complete.

    Shasworth remains a grateful client of yours; we would not have been able to establish this branch office without your facilitation and would be pleased to return the favor. Specifically, I believe we can expedite maintenance if you can make room in your cargo manifest. An affiliate, Teshanii Heavy Industries, has a shipment of construction equipment (stabilizers, etc.) in urgent need of transfer, and they would be willing to cover all necessary fees.
    #26 bloodw4ke, Sep 18, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019