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EIC 2018 - Sea, Sand and Suppressive fire.

Discussion in 'Events & Tournaments' started by WhelpSlayer, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. WhelpSlayer

    WhelpSlayer Member

    Mar 13, 2018
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    Here begins a report on a rather unique Infinity experience : The European Infinity Challenge.

    Unique in its genre it is (as far as I know) the only Infinity event to mix a major competitive event (a Satellite tournament) with a 4 star Resort and Spa. I think everyone here has played in their fair share of back store gaming areas or stayed in hastily arranged accommodation for an out of town event. Going from that to an event where the gaming hall is one flight up from the bar and two flights up from the spa, well, it's an altogether different experience.

    But let's start from the Beginning. Majorca is the largest of a series of Spanish islands that reside just off the country's west coast.


    Travel wise it has quite a spacious and modern airport that seems to connect to most European hubs through a variety of airlines including budget ones. I used a standard airline and got a return ticket for €150 which is pretty decent for a 2hr flight. Upon arriving in Majorca the event staff were on hand to pick myself and a friend up and off to the resort we went!


    The event took place on the northern part of the island, a vey picturesque sea side area called Pollença and the resort; Playa Mar, certainly came as a shock. None of us were used to dealing with such places when attending wargaming events! The Rooms are bright, spacious and well furnished with comfortable beds, blankets and pillows and I believe a good night's sleep was had by all. The grounds boast an outdoor pool area which, despite looking incredibly tempting, is slightly too cold in this season. If you were looking for those kinds of activities however you could always head to the spa below the main bar which boasts an Olympic length pool, Jacuzzi, Saunas and everything else you'd expect.


    Above the Spa was the main bar area where you could get drinks at almost any hour of the day and the restaurant across the outdoor area served a high quality and plentiful buffet morning, noon and night. The price for all this came to...270€ All food, drink and facilities included. Now I stayed an extra 3 nights so as to make the most of all this but if you just wanted to stay for the event that figure drops down to a paltry €150, an absolute steal if you ask me.


    Now why do I make a big deal about this? Because trust me, you're never going to feel more ready to face a tournament than this one. You can walk from your bed to the gaming hall in about a minute, you can get a meal quickly and easily with your friends and, of course, instead of mulling over your games on your way home, you can jump in the sauna and debrief with your fellow commanders. Trust me guys, THIS is how you want to be playing Infinity ;)

    Outside the confines of the resort the island has a LOT to offer too. If you're a cyclist or a hiker then you're going to be in heaven. There's also a huge range of things to do from Caving to water sports and everything in between. As you may have guessed, the island is a big tourist destination in the summer and in the off season it seems like you can get some very good deals if you're interested. As I mentioned we stayed a day extra either side of the event or spent a lot of it Hiking and exploring the area around the hotel and we were certainly not disappointed. Another place to visit, which I did so before scooting off to the airport to return home, is Palma which is a beautiful place with museums, cathedrals and all manner of shops and restaurants to discover in its serpentine alleys.

    (Also I'm pretty sure Ariadna is inspired by the Majorcan countryside and antipodes by the goats)​

    You'll notice you've already read quite a lot of this now and I haven't even started to talk about the event itself. Once again, half the draw of coming to this event is the unique atmosphere it places you in. If you're looking for a pseudo holiday/gaming getaway, look no further. If you're looking for a gaming getaway where you can take the wife and kids, look no further. If you're looking for an Infinity experience unlike any you've had before, once again, look no further.

    So the stage is set, and it's a pretty good stage if I haven't insisted enough upon that already, let's talk about the event itself:

    The event was about 80 players, the majority Spanish of course yet even with a knowledge of the language on par with the average British tourist (ie speaking English to people but louder) I still almost never had an issue communicating with my opponents as luckily the majority are rather good at English (or at least better than I am at Spanish, which isn't hard).

    The crew behind putting all this together ran a tight ship, despite having to not only organise the event but everything that went around it. The gaming hall was above the main bar area in a cool yet bright room that had plenty of space for all the tables and some to spare. The rounds ran on time despite the larger format (400 points) and there was always a judge to hand when we needed one.

    The format itself was interesting with a variety of missions requiring your two lists to cover a wide range of requirements: speed for supplies, tough LTs for hunting party, not too many specialists for Fire Fight but enough to cover the other missions. 400 points was definitely an experience too. There's a LOT you can do with those 100 points and I personally found list creation a bit more challenging than just “tack 100 more points onto my standard 300 point list”. There are new synergies you can put into place and more shenanigans you can indulge in. It does require you to be able to manage big combat groups though (so Ariadna players will feel right at home) if you want to stay within the time limits. Even as a Pano player with all my toys I was still running 17 orders.


    The tables were...special. They looked great and there were some fantastic pieces of terrain but some were a bit too much. To be honest I think this is the only gripe I have about the event. If you consider that a good table is a balance between theme and practicality, then some of these tables were far too slanted towards the theme. Now this is coming from someone who was running 9 remotes (6x 40mm bases and 3x50mm base) so my view is perhaps a bit bias but frankly some of the tables bordered on the frustrating with one being of them making it nigh on impossible for me to break out of my deployment zone with my medium bases. Another had a high wall across a deployment zone that just allowed you to pour fire down onto the rest of the board whereas another basically forced you to deploy on one flank if you didn’t want to run a coverless sniper’s gauntlet.

    I do get the want to create interesting boards, I really do but I think that that it needs to be toned back slightly for future events. Once again though, that’s just my personal take on it. We discussed it a lot and some agreed with me, others may not, but such is the nature of a conversation ;)

    Both days ran smoothly and when the final ceremony rolled round we were greeted with a treasure trove of prize support. I placed 27th and walked away with 2 blisters and some other swag. This was after having gotten a welcome pack loaded with markers, tape measures and patches! Those that won awards got cool stone plaques for their trouble too, a very nice little touch!

    All in all guys, it was a great event, as most Infinity tournaments have the fortune of being. As I said before, the thing that makes the EIC so good is it’s unique setting that just makes it so exciting and relaxing at the same time.

    Needless to say I will be going back, I will be playing more infinity there and I will be visiting more of the island. If this modest write-up has peaked your curiosity, then I encourage you to do the same come next March.


    However there is one thing I cannot explain out of all this:


    This. I just don't know what this is.
  2. sparco_sj

    sparco_sj Comandante Supremo del DPRK

    Apr 25, 2017
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    Muchas gracias por venir al evento. Fue un placer conocerte. Y me alegra que te haya gustado tal como era. Sé que hay muchas cosas que mejorar, pero eso nos motiva a hacer que el EIC 2.0 sea un evento mejor.

    PD: el próximo año prometo tener un mejor inglés;)

    Thank you very much for coming to the event. It was nice meeting you. And I'm glad you liked it as it was. I know there are many things to improve, but that motivates us to make the EIC 2.0 a better event.
    PS: next year I promise to have a better English;)
    #2 sparco_sj, Mar 14, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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  3. Blindside

    Blindside Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2017
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    Thx a lot for that report, so awesome!
    Damn, boy, i hope i can participate next year.
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  4. van_falen69

    van_falen69 New Member

    Nov 24, 2017
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    Genial post. No tuve el placer de jugar contigo, pero si vi tu ultima partida reñida contra mi primo. Espero verte el año que viene un abrazo, se bienvenido!

    Buena publicación. No tuve el placer de jugar contigo, pero vi tu último juego cerrado contra mi primo. Espero verte el próximo año un abrazo, ¡bienvenido!
  5. Savnock

    Savnock Nerfherder

    Nov 25, 2017
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    WhelpSlayer nailed it with his description. This was the best tourney I've ever been to, and the organizers already mentioned that they have plans to fine-tune the gaming side for next year (and maybe bump up the attendance numbers to 100 or more, which they could easily and comfortably fit in the space they have). There were about 5 of us foreigners there this year (UK, USA, Denmark, Italy, and Lithuania). I think once word gets out about how good this year was, we'll probably see between 10 and 20 next year.

    Getting to play with the Spanish guys really shows a different side of the game, definitely different from what we tend to see in the US where most players are fairly recent converts from other games that have a more I-go-you-go structure (cough WarmaHammer cough cough). Play tends to be more cautions, less alpha-striking and a more chesslike approach in the guys I played (including the Tohaa player who beat me like a drum in the last round by drawing all my fire onto nigh-unkillable but unignorable 'mate-protected ARO pieces watching the Unmasking terminals with MSVs... uncounterable 'mates that can soak 4 HMG hits on a Symbiont-armored trooper are broken). As a fun aside, after playing Unmasking I was praising the mission to one of my opponents, and he turned out to be the guy who wrote it!

    If you can travel for a tourney besides the Interplanetario (or if you can't make the Interplanetario), definitely come to this one. It's also during that part of the year where it has just turned t-shirt-weather in Spain, giving a nice break from the cold if you live in the north part of Europe or most of the US.

    Next year I'm bringing my girlfriend, and coming a few days early to do some hiking, climbing, and caving in the amazing mountains that run up the middle of the island.

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  6. UNDRHiver

    UNDRHiver 2154-HWLL-SFPM-3677

    Nov 29, 2017
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    ...now you know it...
    you can only forget it

    As a reminder: Reserve the 2nd weekend of March 2019.

    this year, we got warm, sunny and then windy days,
    excellent location and accommodation,
    all inclusive formula
    plenty of funny people
    quite an amount of gaming
    lot of fun
    (WARN: extremely InfinitytheGame oriented)

    @WhelpSlayer nice, effective and colorful summary of those days. Pleased to be there too!

    @Savnock smart consideration about foreign players; I am quite sure about the increasing number of foreign players in the next years (same formula available possibly helping).

    @sparco_sj pleasant tournament, very enjoyable event, diffuse friendly attitude, opportunity to meet I:tG players, tactical location/ accomodation/ offer (ALL/INCL) formula; definitely to be repeated.

    The Ones not directly cited and the @SpanishBoys thanks for the great time and hospitality
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