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Downtime: Hunter-75627

Discussion in 'FanFic' started by Skiatrii, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Skiatrii

    Skiatrii Member

    Jan 20, 2018
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    This is a short piece that follows the battle report i wrote for Kurage Crises. It follows the continuing life of the Authorised Bounty Hunter and looks at him going through his life and job.

    75627 sat looking out of the window of the motel room he was sitting in. The rain poured down on the neon lit city-scape. The window was ajar and he looked at the slow movement of the people in the streets below. It had been well over a month since his actions as part of operation Gorgon and he had not taken part in any other operations with the task group. As he looked out the window he raised the rifle in his hands and checked the scope alignment. The Sniper rifle was a relic from his times in a mercenary company. A youth that was spent being a disgrace to his family. 75627 chuckled as he thought of the dinner with his older brother. His com-link chimed as the calibrations completed and he set the bi-pod on the window sill. As he put his eye to the scope he made sure that the cameras were recording as that all of his data loggers were running.

    He zeroed his sights onto the target. While The task group had paid him well the jobs were infrequent and he still had to eat and there was an endless amount of scum that people want dead….

    Walking through the streets 75627 cut an imposing figure with his combat armour and the trench coat. His helmet made him faceless but he did not mind as his face was a mess of scars. The rain was not an issue thanks to his military grade optical software and hardware that was part of his helmet, Has he walked into the bounty hunters association offices in this city. The offices were small and dim and there was a single adjutant aspect behind a desk looking at him expectantly.
    “Licence Accepted, Welcome Hunter-75627” The Aspect was deliberately left less human than many other he had encountered and this was mostly made this way to prevent vandalism and theft. “What Business do you have with the Association?”
    “Completion of a contract. Here is the weapons data and the weapon used.” He handed over the gun case to the adjutant and then waited for the evidence to be reviewed. The target was some Gang member and was not particularly subtle about his power. IT was an easy kill, however the rifle that was used was not originally acquired legally initially however he would just surrender it to the association as collateral.
    “ Evidence reviewed, Thank you for your work” The adjutant closed the case and placed it under the desk. 75627`s com-link pings as his pay arrives as well as a message.

    **************Message Received**************
    To: Hunter-75627
    From: [Redacted]
    ***************Message Body******************
    I here you have been working in this sector. Meet me at the ramen place across from the Motel you were staying in.
    **************Message Ends *****************

    75627 sighed. -707- was the tag that was used by the post-human from the task group so that meant that either he had a large job in his future or the post-human got board will plant side. He chuckled well the future looked busy and lucrative.

    (Comnents and Criticisms Please)
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