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Do you ever name your units?

Discussion in 'Access Guide to the Human Sphere' started by Abd Al-Azrad, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. chromedog

    chromedog Less than significant minion

    Nov 24, 2017
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    I don't know, I think "Trevor" is a fine name for a TAG. Toni Macayana named hers something like "Edward". I call my geckos "shitkicker #1" and "Shitkicker #2" or just " 'kicker" officially. (got the name from an old Aliens novella)
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  2. AdmiralJCJF

    AdmiralJCJF Heart of the Hyperpower

    Feb 21, 2017
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    NCA Response Teams Alaris and Baast - And associated PanOceania military assets

    Auxilia Sarah, Auxilia Mark, Auxilia Luke,
    Fusilier Hacker Benjamin, Fusilier Gunner Alexa, Fusilier Hunter David, Fusilier Sniper Blake
    Fusilier Lt Ethan, Fusilier Lt Edward, Fusilier Jonathan, Fusilier Clair
    Hexas operative “Louise", Hexas agent "Landry"
    Machinist Nicholas
    Trauma Doc Monique
    Aquila Lt Christopher, Aquila Fire Support Officer Matthew
    Swiss Guard Seek and Destroy Officer Robert, Swiss Guard Fire Support Officer Ruth, Swiss Guard Infotech Specialist Rupert
    “Croc Man” Hacker Areta,“Croc Man” Observer Hare
    Nisse fire support Sergeant Alfred
    Bagh-Mari Sniper Abhay
    Guarda de Assaulto Tomas
    Acon Regular Indigo Operative Matias
    Acon Regular Minelayer Cornelio, Acon Regular Minelayer Maria
    Pathfinder #09579, Pathfinder #96510
    Dragao Remote Operator Stephen
    WarCor Graeme Thompson
    Locust Kirk, Locust Leonard

    * in the aftermath *

    “Lieutenant Evans I presume?”
    Lieutenant McGinn glanced around the Command and Control Center, noting that most of the troopers inside were still holding weapons despite the majority being seriously wounded.
    “Indeed, and you must be Strike Team Alaris”. The tall man was still in uniform, although several plates from his Fusilier armour had been removed, clearly damaged in the firefight.
    “Yes, I’m Lieutenant McGinn, but you can call me Ethan”, he proffered his hand to shake, while instructing his Geist to do the same with Lt Evans comlink.
    “And I’m Edward”, Lt Evans accepted both handshakes, transferring his combat reports and supplemental data even as he pressed the flesh.
    Ethan glanced outside, at the charred corridors and plazas surrounding the Command and Control Center “you and your team have done a job of work”.
    A wry smile crept across Edward’s lips “yes… well… they would keep coming into our line of fire”.
    The two Lieutenants stood together as PanOceanian troops moved around them, watching as the reinforcements prepared for whatever else would come.
    Their duty was done.
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  3. Golem2God

    Golem2God Just a Kooky Kumotail serving others.

    Nov 25, 2017
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    I have alot of named characters. Most of them don't have a current CB model to represent them or I haven't converted one of them to be them. I think naming/creating characters/models is one of the joys of miniature wargaming and the hobby in general. I'll post a few character summaries a bit later since I have to head out to town today. Hopefully I'll get to posting a few of them tonight.
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  4. Golem2God

    Golem2God Just a Kooky Kumotail serving others.

    Nov 25, 2017
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    Ok I think I'll post a recent one that was created in a conversation:
    The man that would later become known publicly only as "Zato-No-Ichi" was originally a part of the Kempeitai organization. Fiercely loyal to the Kempeitai's cause, he did his part to bring their vision/goals into reality up until the JSA Uprising when he lost his eyesight. During his time in recovery "Ichi" begins to develop a change of heart concerning his previous thoughts & actions. The families, relatives & friends lives who were hurt/destroyed because of his work and the bitter hatred that he used to accomplish these tasks. He mused that not every Yu Jingese was or is like the government that they serve under. While some are similar the majority of the people aren't. Because of this "Ichi" refused to accept a replacement for his eyes as a sort of penitence for his past and retired from the organization and military life shortly thereafter.
    Over time "Ichi" grew accustomed to being blind. He tested & honed his skills in gambling houses while continuing his military training regiment. Learning how to walk & perceive with a cane took time but he eventually got the hang of it. However, he would realize that the feeling of guilt never left and in order to atone for his crimes he decided to take up the life of a wanderer. After using a few connections and pulling a few favors, "Ichi" was bestowed with a custom cane sword of very high quality craftsmanship among other things. After modifying his old Kempeitai outfit he set out into the Human Sphere.
    Throughout the years the blind wanderer has picked up many skills along the way. From massaging, playing instruments, wrestling and a few martial art forms including better swordsmanship. His tales & escapades have grown over the years which in turn have caused the bounty on his head to rise. Still many people across planets have "Zatoichi" to thank for helping them in times of dire need and his reputation among the common folk, some officials & some criminal elements is nothing short of praiseworthy. Though he has made just as many enemies during his travels which vary from Imperial Service agents & Hexa operatives to the Druze & Yuan-Yuans. Even former Kempeitai comrades have become enemies due to his interference in their affairs.

    MOV 4-4, CC 19, BS 12, PH 10, WP 14, ARM 1, BTS 0, W 1, S 2,
    Sixth Sense L2, Martial Arts L2(Surprise Attack, Stealth, V:Courage), Duel Wield,
    Weapons: Assault/Stun Pistol, DA CCW, Knife, Electric Pulse
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    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
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  5. Karthor

    Karthor Member

    Mar 19, 2018
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    Imho even the lowest grunt deserves a name! Hell, he or she risks his or her life for me.
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  6. Alkasyn

    Alkasyn Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2017
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    The only unit that I have acctually named is the Barid, who I allways use as my Lieutenant and my "Avatar" in the game.
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  7. Dark Mage

    Dark Mage Member

    Mar 1, 2018
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    Not yet, but I have been thinking about building a Military Order army and naming each figure after an Arthurian knight or Charlemagne paladin.