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Decapitation: Naming a new lieutenant

Discussion in 'ITS' started by Erbent, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Erbent

    Erbent Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2017
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    So, I've had an interresting discussion in my local infinity chat today about how the Reinforced tactical link works in Decapitation mission. The question is: which models can become lieutenants in this mission? After some digging around the wiki and an ITS PDF, I came to the conclusion that basically any model can become a lieutenant in this mission, if the original one isn't a LT anymore. Let me explain:

    1)The Reinforced tactical link rules specifically says that the Loss of Lieutenant rules do not apply, and in its wording on choosing a new LT it reads as follows: "If the player lacks a Lieutenant during the Tactical Phase of their Active Turn because this trooper was not deployed or because it is in an Isolated or a Null state (Unconscious, Dead, Sepsitorized...), then the player must name a new Lieutenant, without Order expenditure." emphasis mine.

    2)The only part in the rules which seems to be prohibiting Irregulars and REM's from being the army's Lieutenant is the Loss of Lieutenant rules, specifically the IMPORTANT! red box, which reads as follows: "Troops with the Irregular Characteristic or the REM Troop Type on their Troop Profile cannot be appointed as Lieutenant." again, emphasis mine on the differnce in wording compared to Reinforced tactical link.

    I'd guess the wording difference and the fact that the mission specifically says that the Loss of Lieutenant rules do not apply, but as it is not the only case of RAW and RAI being quite different, I'm curios if perhaps in the spanish version of the rules there is no difference in wording, or perhaps I missed someplace else where the Irregulars and REMs are prohibited from being LT's in some other way. Also, there is a precedent of REM's and Irregulars becoming LT's around the Loss of lieutenant rules, namely the G: Mnemonica "transfer" of LT skill.
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