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Dear Druze, you almost made it...

Discussion in 'Druze Bayram Security' started by antox717, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Cannon Fodder

    Cannon Fodder Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2017
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    Can you elaborate?

    From my perspective the 19 profiles are just not enough to keep a sectoral as a primary faction. Every faction has access to generic profiles, if you eliminate them (Brawer, Clipper, Fugazzi, Kameel, Nasmat, Pathfinder, Sierra, warcor) you are left with 11 profile options that make the faction unique. Even then the DBS is missing the generic HI profiles other factions have access to . While the Brawlers are a step up from the usual starter grunt they still basically used to give the sectoral access to all the required skills. In the 11 profiles, we have 6 Unique/Character/Tag profiles (Gromoz, Arlsen, Armand, Anaconda, Scarface, Saito). I personally find Arlsen ,Armand, Anaconda don't add much, and are fairly superfluous. Of the rest I find the ABH & Bashi, to be filler. I was interested in the ABH duo options & full regular order, but once on the table, didn't really bring much.

    While there are some fun list options, and the selection of infiltrating specialists are strong. I should not be cornered into using the same basic lists over and over. When list building the fact that the Starter grunts (Brawlers) have AVA4 should not be a serious limitation, forcing you to take filler models.
  2. jfunkd

    jfunkd Rebel Myrmidon Graffiti Artist

    Feb 21, 2017
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    I'm only going to write this out once, and I'm not going to debate or argue, the recent unwarranted negativity on these forums has my tolerance for unsubstantiated criticism at a low point.

    First of all I'd like to point out that Caledonia took Rumble and several other large events in Season 8 and came in second I think at Rumble in Season 9. CHA has fewer profiles than DBS, and little outside of the classified deck has changed in a way that makes flexibility any more important in Season X. Druze were also in the top four at Rumble in Season 9 and third (corrected) in the Las Vegas Open, I belive. EDIT: I think Mr. Parcell placed with DBS at something else in season 9 as well.

    As I have said in these forums before, why does flexibility matter if you have the tools you need to win games?

    I will concede to you that DBS has fewer list options than other sectorials, and I will also concede that I am not playing them this season because I found that I was mostly playing the same list comp time and time again.

    Lack of flexibility is not the same as being bad on the table, and the assertion that fewer overall profiles make them unplayable is just flat out wrong.

    DBS' strengths as I found them in season 9 were mostly in starting reactive, fireteam core redundancy, midfield strength, Saito, non-traditional solutions to on table problems, and the efficiency that is Scarface.

    DBS' core firteam can take the MSV-2 brawler who is a significantly tough ARO to beat. Combined with a a Clipper and DBS' midfield presence and repeater net with a SSL2 hacker; opponents that start active versus them are generally forced into playing a predictable game on your terms. Opponents find themselves mired in msv-2 sniper, AP+DA template, shotgun, flash pulse (Fugazi too!), hacking, or mine/repeater placement AROs and then stall out only to find the work they did undone in DBS' first active turn.

    If the linkteam is broken by your opponent, then it is easy for Druze to rebuild it with nearby troops. I frequently ran 6 or 7 potential members to maintain 5-man fireteam bonuses. Few sectorials do this as well as DBS and the units that fill in are units that are not just there for filler, they have kit or skills that give them a specific roles for the scenarios you are playing.

    With Hunzakuts (these guys are rockstars), FD1 on Druze, Peacemaker, Saito, and even Le Muet DBS is capable of a midfield that is nearly unrivaled by any other sectorial. Combine Hunzakuts with a Peacemaker and you basically own the midfield in such a way that your opponent has to spend an inordinate amount of orders to take care of them while under fire from your core link, because if they leave the midfield alone those units can reinforce, disrupt, score, or assassinate much more value than they are worth.

    Saito is a special case, but contrary to popular belief he's not an auto include. Aside from the obvious reasons to take him, there are a few scenarios that Saito just dominates like Rescue, Capture and Protect and Looting and Sabotage. Him being a specialist and a very competent assassin has him relevant in a lot more. Don't underestimate his value in DBS, along side the Hunzakut he's a sectorial defining unit.

    Between the Repeater net established by the remotes and hunzakuts, SSL2 hackers of all flavors, relativity good ability to establish Targeted and a linked EM grenade launcher; DBS can solve camo/odd and stealthed but hackable problems in non traditional ways. EM nade spam is generally a bad idea because the success rate is pretty low, but when dealing with bad modifiers then it is sometimes the best way to solve a problem. My favorite example is the Avatar, though in season X I think were going to see a lot of Cutters too. DBS may not have HI, but they handle them easily enough.

    Scarface is way better than his stat line reads. He is best thought of as a fast HI that is too big, but can do TAG things. Having a pocket engineer and a template ARO makes him one of the more efficient TAG choices in the game. He is a major unit for DBS in some scenarios and a great data tracker. Other factions would kill to have him, and when he was available as a merc unit to everyone many players took him over more expensive, better TAGs even without his new fireteam duo.

    Sorry to counter point you when I'm not willing to continue a debate, but I'm going to touch on the units you cited: Arslan, Armand, and Bashi. I've never used ABH or the Anaconda, so I will not comment on them.

    Arslan is not an auto include for most scenarios, but he is a durable DT in DBS; and if you need a tough LT he's your go to guy.

    Armand is also a tough DT for DBS and one of the few solo models in the game that can take on a fireteam on their terms. I find most players mistake him as an ARO unit, and even though he's good at ARO, that's not where he shines. He's a decent hunter who needs only avoid engagements where he's facing MSV or DTW.

    Bashis are amazing honestly. Even if they didn't have AD they have great kit for their points. I frequently deployed them on the table instead of walking them on. Almost all of the profiles can Supress, and that skill's synergy with holo2 alone makes them all a bargain. They are also one of the only AD units that can walk on into enemy AROs and have a high survival rate because opponents cannot split ARO fire and if they guess correctly, bashis have decent armor.

    "Unplayable" must mean something different to you then it does to me, since DBS has everything it needs to win games and place well at large events.

    If "unplayable" means "I don't get enough list variety from event to event to satisfy myself" then, well.... that's a solid criticism of DBS. They do have fewer list options than other sectorials, although I think DBS has more "builds" than most give it credit for; myself included.

    DBS' flexibility is something that is present on the table though, if not in the list building. DBS offers robust options through extensive but, point-heavy kits on Druze Shock Teams, versatility of the hunzakut, modestly durable units, fireteam redundancy, delivery system of no-risk EM damage, cheap but effective hackers that can be linked with a fantastic repeater net, and a comprehensive unit synergy that few other sectorials have.
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  3. oldGregg

    oldGregg Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2018
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    I wish I could like this post 100 times. Thank you.
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  4. TheDiceAbide

    TheDiceAbide Thank you for your compliance.

    Nov 23, 2017
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    @jfunkd very well said, but sadly I only came in third at the LVO with the Druze, not second (by 1-2 OP), haha.
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  5. atomicfryingpan

    atomicfryingpan Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2017
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    Yeah this post literally made start painting my druze and I typically never paint my guys. This got me fired up to play them.
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