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Combined Army in N4

Discussion in 'Combined Army' started by psychoticstorm, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Leviathan

    Leviathan Hungry Caliban

    Feb 6, 2018
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    Now I'm imagining an Oznat variant (not an actual Oznat but something else in the same sort of family), with forward deployment and a pair of baby Gakis that work as krazy koalas.

    As an aside, really wish Aida had a specialist or FTO profile in shas. Either that or an inferior impersonation variant. I love her model and her troop profile but it's a serious struggle to fit her into lists for ITS missions.
    #141 Leviathan, Dec 1, 2019
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  2. deltakilo

    deltakilo Bear of Butcher bay

    Apr 26, 2017
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    its a hard question to answer without knowing what the basic changes of N4 will bring. If i were wishlisting for CA. These would be the things id like to address.

    Redress combined army line infantry. It appears that there is a design choice that CA line infantry must cost 14 points. If that continues to be the case i recommend something to make them worth that more often. Morat and shasvastii line infantry tend to go from very average to fine depending on the mission they are in (shas) or the opponent they are playing (morat)

    Ideally id like to see their factions rules be more consistently useful across every profile that pays the points for it.

    This is more a core thing but i think combined would be one of the primary beneficiaries of it.

    I would like to see an improved design philosophy when it comes to points cost of units. It is fine that there is a formula that is cobbled together to get the cost of a unit. However I would like to see more frequent use of designers going in and manually adjusting for units that have skills that dont gel well together. A morat yaogat sniper having higher phys is almost irrelevant but he pays the points for it. price the unit appropriately and for that one in one hundred time that he needs it consider it a small unit bonus.

    For shas the biggest thing I want to see is tweaking units to take advantage of shell game. As it stands your ambush camo mentor doesnt shell game because its the only one in your deployment (unless you waste another camos forward skills) so for instance giving mentor FD would instantly make the rest of the camo units better. This goes across all their marker state pieces. For a sneaky army with so many options for camo it is actually staggeringly common for an opponent to know exactly what is under what. I hope for that to be fixed.

    For morats, their whole schtick is they are a disciplined warrior race. Valor skills, close quarters dominance and strong leaders is what id like to see emphasized. For an army that should be able to take advantage of ignoring LOL I agonised over a decent LT option. The Sogarat feaurbach full auto for instance, not having lt at least in morats feels criminal. As it stands you either take a nobody in a link ( who doesnt get his lt order wasting the morat rule) or you take kornak doesnt spend his LT order anyway. Solo and great LTs or a change to link rules allowing the LT to spend the order in link the way tac awareness can be.

    Onyx. its mostly a good army. a reprice of units that dont see use is all thats really needed.

    In general id like a look over units again, a malignos is borderline unplayable ( i dont say that lightly) outside of the KHD profile. But heres the thing, CB knew that malignos was poor so they put the bandaid on of using the formula to make one useful profile by giving it a SMG. But if they decide to nerf SMGS the entire profile is useless again. CB knew the malignos was poor, So fix the unit dont game your own system.
    #142 deltakilo, Dec 23, 2019
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2019
  3. Hecaton

    Hecaton EI Anger Translator

    Nov 23, 2017
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    The radio silence on this topic has been deafening. I'm worried this is only going to increase in N4.
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  4. Natsymir

    Natsymir Well-Known Member

    Dec 18, 2017
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    There's little I can add that haven't already been said, but my main concern is this:

    When I play Onyx, I never take Umbras, even though I love the models.

    When I play vanilla, I never take Morats (Except Zerat with Red Fury), even though I love the models.

    So it seems there's something wrong here. Umbras and Morats just seem lackluster compared to all the robots and Shasvaasti.
  5. DaRedOne

    DaRedOne Morat Warrior Philosopher

    Nov 23, 2017
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    If you never take daturazi or krakots then you really need to start to :D

    But in all honesty, there are few Morat profiles that feel like they even have a place in vanilla. That is true.