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Building out from collector level Defiance

Discussion in 'Combined Army' started by D_acolyte, Nov 5, 2020.

  1. D_acolyte

    D_acolyte Well-Known Member

    Aug 6, 2018
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    With Defiance around the corner, I have questions for the Evolved Intelligence. For me who does not play Combine Army what do I need to round out either a CA army or a SEF army on a budget? Can you make a viable army from this?

    For those that do not know a collector level pledge get you the following:

    Boarding Action Sheskiin with Red Fury

    Charontid HMG

    Gwailos, I think the AP Spit Fire

    Aida Swanson

    Victor Messer

    2 Speculo Killers

    2 SMG Caliban

    2 Jayth (one with red fury and one with chain rifle)

    6 Taigha

    3 seed soldiers (one has a pistol so probably a paramedic)

    3 cadmus (1 bs, 1 pistol, 1 other with I think a combi)

    6 nox (2 HMG, 2 pistols, 2 combi rifles)

    Which depending on how you do the profiles is about 600 points in SEF.

    I have Cadmus hacker, Oktavia Icebreaker Harpooner, and Sargosh from collecting some O 12 but I feel the building out from Defiance is a better topic.
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  2. Pipboy

    Pipboy Member

    Jun 11, 2018
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    I'd say that you are pretty much good to go, the only really important things that you need are Ikadrons, Imetrons and Remotes, 2 Ikadron blisters (which also come with the Imetrons) and a box of remotes and you are set. In the future I would aim for Daturazi and some of the EI aspects if you want to play Vanilla CA.
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  3. 0rph3u5

    0rph3u5 TAG, you're it! :3

    Dec 26, 2017
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    As @Pipboy said, the most important would be 2 blisters of the ikadron + imetron because the former is applicable to both vanilla CA AND all the sectorials while the latter is mainly for vanilla and Onyx. Make sure to also grab 1 box with the Medtech Obsidon Medchanoid (Dr. Worm Ph.D Esq.) and 2 CA remote boxes (1 is fine, but 2 would be really good). Those are all you REALLY need and with those, you can build solid SEF or Shas-heavy Vanilla CA lists.
    If you want more variability, I'd recommend seeing if you can get your hands on the Shas action pack for the gwailo HMG, malignos, shrouded, caliban MSV spitfire, mentor and non-boarding-action sheskiin (although you could honestly just proxy the gwailo and sheskiin). Also the upcoming Shas booster pack for the noctifer spitfire and the tensho you can wildcard into nox links or just proxy as anything else. It may be difficult to find, but you can also see if you can find the old noctifer duo blister with both the old missile launcher and spitfire sculpts as they, while dated, are the best noctifer profiles by far. The sphinx TAG that's coming out this month is also a whole bundle of murderous fun. Who doesn't love a TAG with climbing plus, TO camo, 6-6 movement, a +1 damage spitfire, and 2 +1 damage heavy flamethrowers???

    I know you didn't ask, but I can't help myself. Other recommended purchases with good value would be:
    The aforementioned malignos, shrouded, and noctifer
    Avatar... You know you want him... 118 points of pure, Raw, SEXUAL power.
    Splitting the Daturazi box with someone else (I usually take 2 at most)
    Rasyat (Van zant but arguably better in many ways)
    Whatever other TAGs you want
    Ko Dali
    An umbra samaritan to run as itself or proxy as a legate or nourkias
    Greif operator
    Bit & Kiss

    The aforementioned malignos, noctifer, and sphinx
    Start collecting CA box (use the legate as is or proxy him for a samaritan or nourkias)
    Unidron SWC box
    Mr. Nexus-7 Tablet Kerr Nau
    Nexus Operative
    Greif Operator and Ko Dali again
    Overdron batroid... again
  4. D_acolyte

    D_acolyte Well-Known Member

    Aug 6, 2018
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    Thanks. I do love the Umbra and Sigma. If there was just a force of them I might play it but currently Onyx plays a little close to my Aleph, SP and OS.
  5. Mustachio Furioso

    Apr 1, 2019
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    Just a small correction; the nox in Defiance aren't combi rifles but Grenade Launchers as far as I know.

    Otherwise, what's already been said is all that needs to be said :)