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Bonsecon 2018 (Birmingham UK, Feb 16-18th)

Discussion in 'Events & Tournaments' started by ijw, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. ijw

    ijw Wargaming Trader, Freelance Editor (UK)

    Apr 25, 2017
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    Infinity and Aristeia! at Bonescon

    A quick update with some details of the events. Note that the TAG Deathmatch and Fat Yuan Yuan events didn’t get enough registrations to run.

    Aristeia! and Infinity demos all day.
    Friday evening - Infinity: Friday Night Firefight (details to come soon, but each player will get a Fireteam of three troopers, with multiple players per table)

    Aristeia! demos all day, depending on volunteer coverage

    Infinity TAGLINE Tournament:
    300pt standard format
    09:45-11:45 Acquisition
    12:45-14:45 Capture and Protect
    15:00-17:00 Show of Force (Tikbalang and Overdron cutouts provided)

    Saturday evening - open gaming, and potentially a casual Aristeia! tournament.

    Aristeia! demos all day, depending on volunteer coverage

    Infinity ITS Tournament:
    300pt standard format
    09:45-11:45 Supremacy
    12:45-14:45 Frontline
    15:00-17:00 Decapitation

    Tournament registration - due to the drop-in nature of Bonescon, the tournaments will be submitted to the ITS afterwards, but you will need an ITS PIN to enter!
  2. ijw

    ijw Wargaming Trader, Freelance Editor (UK)

    Apr 25, 2017
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    Friday Night Firefight

    (Inspired by events run at several US conventions.)

    Each player brings 3 troopers that can form a legal Fireteam: Core, Haris, Triad or Enomotarchos, with a limit of 2SWC. There are no Lieutenant or Command Token rules in place.


    Each table will contain 6 Spawning Points and 6 Panoplies.
    Property destruction rules will be in play, but Spawning Points and Panoplies cannot be damaged.
    Each players’ three troopers will be deployed on a random Spawning Point but will then get 2 free Orders to reposition, these Orders can only include movement skills and don’t trigger AROs.

    Turn order of players will be randomised each Game Round.
    Each player gets 3 Regular Orders per turn, regardless of how many troopers they have left.
    ALL reactive players get AROs!
    Fireteams can be reformed for free in their player’s turn, without use of Command Tokens.

    At the start of a player’s turn, each of their Dead troopers gets an attempt to respawn. To do so, the trooper makes a WIP Roll with the following MODs:
    Light Infantry +3
    Medium Infantry +0
    Heavy Infantry -3
    TAGs -6

    On a successful Roll, the trooper reenters the table on a random Spawning Point. This does not generate AROs.
    Each trooper only gets one attempt to respawn.
    Players can choose to remove their Unconscious troopers to Dead state.

    Teleporting Spawning Points
    At the cost of a Short Skill of an Order, a trooper (and any other members of a trooper’s Fireteam) on or touching a Spawning Point can teleport to a random Spawning Point. They will appear on the destination Spawning Point at the end of the Order, so won’t trigger AROs from the new position.

    As per ITS missions, any trooper in base contact with a Panoply can make a WIP check to use the Panoply. Troopers with Booty or Scavenger do not need to roll. A trooper can access Panoplies as many times as they want, but must choose a single item to keep.

    Players get one point per Wound/Structure inflicted to enemy troopers (up to Dead state). Anything that removes a trooper from the game (Monofilament ammo etc.) counts as causing the maximum number of Wounds/Structure.

    Game Length
    When only 1 player has non-Null troopers left on the board, game play ends and the player who scored the most points wins.
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