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Best Freight Rates on the Circular

Discussion in 'IC [In-Character]' started by Aspect Graviton, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Aspect Graviton

    Aspect Graviton Friendly Alien Overlord

    Nov 24, 2017
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    Looking for cheap, reliable and discreet and secure shipping?

    Talk to Dark Star shipping for a low cost quotation today!

    We handle each and every package like it contains our own cryostatic children.

    Apply for a credit account with us now with only a few details:
    • A recent holograph.
    • A home or business address.
    • A DNA coding sequence.
    • Your height and shoe size.
    • A simple security question answer such as the names of family members or close friends.
    • A polygraph of your voice for creating your secure account.
    One of our Specialist Agents will be happy to visit you at your chosen location any time day or night to get to know you and your requirements, and to add that personal touch that really distinguishes us from the competition.

    Dark Star Shipping: the human logistics network.
  2. bloodw4ke

    bloodw4ke Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2018
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    "Liberty Cargo's courier service caused us nothing but headaches. We switched to Dark Star and couldn't be happier!"

    -Hugh Mannley
    Director of Logistical Services
    Shasworth Financial
  3. Veonix

    Veonix Member

    May 30, 2018
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    This service sounds trustworthy and safe due to all the encryptions. There seems to be many good reviews from lots of users under the name of
    "Hugh man". Which is strange but this land is strange to us.

    I would like to use this service to ship my entire squad around the Asteroid if possible.

    -Veonix 208th Unit Command of the FMR raptors.
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