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Anyone use HMG or Sniper Fusiliers? & How do Acont Regulars work?

Discussion in 'PanOceania' started by Golem2God, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Riquende

    Riquende Well-Known Member

    Feb 20, 2018
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    I don't tend to use link teams so much but when I do it's usually a cheaper 3 man one for a defensive B bonus or to move a few guys quickly somewhere. Regulars are one of my main exceptions, I will always make sure that sapper starts with all the bonuses. Usually I don't have SWC to spare for the spitfire as Acon is such a guzzler but even just 4 combi guys will turn a strong MSR profile into an almost godlike defensive piece.

    The HMG fusilier is an interesting solo piece if I have that sort of points and SWC available at the end of list building but I'm struggling to think of the last time I used a fusilier core to be honest.
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  2. colbrook

    colbrook Black Fryer

    Nov 23, 2017
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    I don't play Fireteams often as prefer Vanilla but I've always gone with the following theories:

    HMG - Most useful in the active, but not terrible in ARO and the cheapest in SWC so easier to fit in.

    Missile Lawn Chair - Best ARO, able to destroy entire enemy Fireteams and Tags like nothing else, but it suffers when enemies get close more than the others, very vulnerable to infiltration/MechDep troopers starting in it's +0 band, cheapest points-wise.

    MSR - better in the active turn than the ML due to better burst and range, better than the HMG in ARO due to ammo types and range, joint most expensive in both active and reactive but also the most flexible.

    For a flexible team I'd take the HMG and ML.

    If I'm short on SWC then just the MSR for the flexibility to attack or defend .

    For a defensive focus I'd go ML and MSR

    For aggression I'd take HMG and MSR (probably the least useful option as NCA and Varuna will have better aggressive options).
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  3. Golem2God

    Golem2God Just a Kooky Kumotail serving others.

    Nov 25, 2017
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    From what I have been reading, it sounds like I was wrong to view the Fusiliers and Regulars I mentioned in a bad light.

    Since it seems that I'll be keeping & using the Fusilier & Regular models I wonder if any of you can help me pick out a color scheme for each unit. I've been having trouble thinking up colors for them and the sectorials (NCA & Acont) that use them as links. Perhaps some great ideas will come from this discourse so please feel free to help me out in this endevor.
  4. Make PanO Great Again :P

    Make PanO Great Again :P Varuna, with the deadliest reptiles in the sphere

    Dec 4, 2017
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    Hello dude, have to say, we have a really opposite reaction to Fusiliers.
    Moving them out is something i do ONLY when they are unopposed or a suicidal mission run, and the HMG as a solo i just cant imagine. So you got me in that department.

    What i can tell you is about the SWC options, and lett me tell you they are GOOOD.
    The HMG, BS12 with no mods is not that impressive, but R5 BS15 is another matter, most stuff in the game cant deal with it, in the good range with sufficient orders you can even kill Tag´s, but its only for active turn usage.
    The ML on the other hand is ARO supreme, but thats in big part because of the template.
    The MSR is expensive and unimpressive in active and cant stand a chance compared to the ML in reactive, it´s just a waste, get an Hexa MSR instead and you be much happier.

    That´s just my 2 cents.
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  5. barakiel

    barakiel Echo Bravo Master Sergeant

    May 5, 2017
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    This was mentioned, but the reduced SWC cost on the Fusilier HMG is really helpful for overall list building.

    If I bring the following, I won't have room for 2x missiles, or a missile and a sniper rifle. I have to bring the HMG:
    -Swiss Guard HMG
    -Hexa MULTI Sniper
    -Fusilier misile
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