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An address from the Ambassador of Haqqislam...

Discussion in 'IC [In-Character]' started by theGricks, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. theGricks

    theGricks Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2017
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    OOC: Original posted in Haqqislam thread. This is a copy.

    At this moment, brave men and women of the Qapu Khalqi strive to safeguard the last orbital elevator on Paradiso. At this moment, our agents work tirelessly to prevent the Combined army from fully restoring the functionality of the second orbital elevator on Paradiso. At this moment, much of our defense fleet in orbit lays shattered and floating in the empty void. At this moment, our doctors treat the refugees and survivors of all nations.

    The nation of Haqqislam has sacrificed much in the name of Humanity, and in the defense of that ideal. The ideal that we may better ourselves and our neighbors, to see a brighter and happier future, where we need not fight over meager resources, or withhold a happy, and healthy life to only those of privilege.

    Our diplomats are running out of ink though, in trying to strike bargains, and garner support. Their lexicon of language nears expenditure in trying to persuade the other nations into a unified front, and to end these shadow conflicts. We strove to remove the idea of revenge, and an eye for an eye from the other nation’s leaders, here on Concilium, and have proven unsuccessful. Personal gain and nationalism invariably won out, even to the detriment of Humanity, and even in the face of alien invasion.

    Haqqislam has long offered the olive branch first, proffering the left, and leaving the right back as a secondary option. No longer. The Sword of Allah shall now be wielded first and foremost. The Search for Knowledge is now threatened in a way unlike any other time save for its initial beginnings. The infighting of Humanity is now a danger to our national security, and we shall therefore respond in kind. Wherever Haqqislam soil is found, our agents shall listen for insurrection and hostility in its neighbors.

    We will no longer remain idle in unnecessary and pointless interpersonal disputes between Nations of the Human Sphere. It is time for petty differences, greed, and squabbles over land to be put to an end. These efforts would be best done in the Oberhaus as we would wish them to be, but we will now respond first with military might. The Sword of Allah will now be wielded fully, and without reservation to immediately and violently end these minor disagreements of Human Sphere nations. The pen is available, but no longer proffered.
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  2. Husker34

    Husker34 Member

    Mar 29, 2018
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    The green light has been given to give our threats the red.
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