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Yu Jing: A Call to Action!

Discussion in 'IC [In-Character]' started by Shiwen, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Shiwen

    Shiwen Commissar, Yu Jing General Political Department

    Dec 31, 2017
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    Citizen-subjects of the StateEmpire, the time for action is at hand!

    Recent events have revealed the extent of alien infiltration throughout the Human Sphere, from the disruptions of the Backdoor Crisis to the Japanese insurrection, to their assault on the Daedalus Gate, all clearing the way for their advances in the Third Offensive.

    Their actions have sought to hobble those they see as greatest threats to their plans, but their efforts have failed: where they have seeded chaos the StateEmpire has maintained order, where they have sown disunity the people of Yu Jing have come together. The ranks of the Invincibles stand shoulder-to-shoulder, unbowed before their onslaught and ready to give their all in the service of Humanity.

    Now, a crisis looms in Human Edge, where the invaders might seek to take advantage of disorder, of those who put their petty interests above those of the whole. And once again they will find their plans thwarted, for when our StateEmpire calls we answer as one, and together strike down the enemies of Humanity, as rightful leaders of the Human Sphere!

    AB YJ.jpg
  2. Borlois

    Borlois Yu Jing Imperial Service Agent

    Jan 4, 2018
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    Imperial Agent Fang Kuo "Borlois" ready and willing to investigate and punish the enemies of the Empire State and the Human Sphere!!
    Loyalty, Duty, Pride.
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  3. Knauf

    Knauf Transhumanist

    Mar 3, 2018
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    Requesting additional funds for our judicial watch units. The leopards shall strike with renewed determination!
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  4. Sedral

    Sedral Invincible Officier

    Nov 28, 2017
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    The 12th Heavy Division of the Invincible Army, "Fánghù shān", stands at the ready.

    Ready to free the japanese people of Novy Bangkok from the tyranny of the Kuge Aristocracy.

    Ready to flush out the aliens hiding in the shadows, and kick them back to the void they crawled from.

    Ready to, once again, fight back to back with the proud people of Dawn against the so-called Hyperpower and its decadence.

    Ready to show the Human sphere that despite the struggle and the treachery the State-Empire stands, stronger than ever.

    For We Are Invincible.

    And the stars belongs to us.
    #4 Sedral, Sep 6, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
  5. ObviousGray

    ObviousGray Frenzied Mushroom

    Nov 27, 2017
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    Duty calls, Citizens of Jade Empire!

    We recieved intel from Yanjing about clandestine military actions against StateEmpire sovereignity in Novvy Bankok. Casualties were reported.

    General Hui urgently addressed the deployment of nearest StateEmpire military forces.

    Our brothers and sisters in service would arrive soon, but until then we are on our own.

    252th regiment of Invincibles, the Beacon Fire [烽火] battalion!

    I want no more Yu Jingese blood spilled in vain.

    We shall be the people's barriers, a thin jade line!

    Associate with local Imperial Services company,

    Save our citizen,

    Drive back the attackers.

    For that is our duty.

    Commensing tactical drops on Ji Yuan site, ETA 180 seconds!

    - Tactical transmissions from the bridge, Command barge 'Aloof Lion'. Source unknown.
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  6. darthchapswag

    darthchapswag Shandian Strike Team

    Oct 20, 2018
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    Captain Tao Ji reporting in.

    This latest threat by the alien menace must be stopped.

    The time for division is over. Either the other nations of mankind will stand with us behind the Jade Throne, or they stand against us!

    Due to the latest offensive on Paradiso, my team and I have been deployed at Shuidong Base for the last 7 months. Unfortunately, this means we shall miss the initial phase of operations on Novyy Bangkok.

    I trust the resolve and might of our brothers and sisters in the StateEmpire Invincible Army to hold the line and only ask that you save some glory for us when we arrive.

    For the Party. For the People. For the Emperor.

    Your faithful servant,

    Captain Tao Ji
    Officer Commanding 1st Strike Team
    Shǎndiàn [闪电] (Lightning) Company
    4th Commando Brigade
    Invincible Army
    "Lightning never strikes twice"
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  7. Stuffist

    Stuffist Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2018
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    Faction: Yu-Jing (Invincible Army)
    Armed detachment: 援助部隊 / Yuánzhù Bùduì / Assistance Force
    Leader: Dōngxī "Stuffist" Quán​

    I have been waiting for this since a long, long time.
    Out of officer school, I could not join the previous crisis on Kurage - headquarters wanted more experienced leaders to handle the situation and limit damage caused by those filthy separatists terrorists.
    It was an honor to be assigned to the protection and defense of food production units far from the noise of the canons, though I wanted to move closer to the front and participate more actively to the action. But I know the High Command was right: I wasn't ready. Yet.
    But today we have been gathered in the emergency briefing room. All the new officer of the past year are here. We are not sure yet why, but I heard that some of the Jade Empire assests are threatened again. If my contact in the Control of Information Department is correct, something huge might be in preparation in the border of our realm - Novyy Bangkok is in danger and needs protection from us.
    I am definitely ready this time, no place for doubt nor weakness. Yu Jing citizens will not suffer any loss because we are the wall that will stand behind them and whatever is coming for them.
    We have the best trained soldiers.
    We have the best designed power armors.
    We have the best intelligence services.
    We have the best strategical officers.
    We are the best shot the Humanity has to survive out there.

    A senior officer steps in the Emergency War Room. All younger agents immediately freeze in a respectful and determined stance, waiting for him to tell them what to do.​

    "- Agents of the StateEmpire... The time has come.
    We have been training you for years now. And most of you have been deployed for over a year in the rear guard regiments or have seen minor operations until now.
    But it is time for you to prove that all this investment is not pointless!
    Aliens forces and infiltrators have been spotted at our borders. The Human Edge is under threats of invasion and we cannot tolerate such things. The Jade Empire has promised to protect civilians there as any other; and there are some assests we cannot loose to the enemy.
    So far the situation is under control but our specialists foresee a huge change in the status-quo there in the coming hours. We cannot count on any other foreign army, as we suspect Shasvastii infiltrators to have taken some key positions in all of the headquarters of the other factions.
    Each of you have been observed and controlled closely along all of those years, and after final biometric and medical exams you will be assigned to your first large scale operation.
    You have received a copy of the dossier on your trans-com equipment - read it and don't waste time. Novyy Bangkok needs us, each second wasted is a potential death on our hands.
    Departure is due in 3 hours, I expect all of you to be ready in much less time though."

    Quán is the first to move as the base commander leaves the room. He opens his copy of the briefing materials and starts reading:​

    Quán was already packing is stuff and requisitionning some hand-picked soldiers he knew to be the best.​

  8. YueFei23

    YueFei23 Durian Inspector

    Nov 29, 2017
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    The ISS Durian Inspection Unit has already been following up rumours of Shasvastii Seeds concealed in durian shipments. The strong smell of some genetically modified varieties of the fruit can fool Antipode units and incorrectly configured sensor equipment. We have tracked several of these shipments back to Novyy Bangkok and sent a task force supported by Invincible Army units.

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