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Variant - Franchise Mode for League Play

Discussion in 'AGL' started by akaijc, Jan 17, 2019.

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    Nov 24, 2017
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    Not sure where is an appropriate place to place this, but I got this idea from reading the AGL Season 2 Final Boss Mod...so please move this if this is not in the appropriate place.

    I have been running customized card game leagues for my 4 nieces/nephews at home. I thought to change things up, I might try to run an Aristeia! home league for them. They enjoy the idea of previous games having consequences to future games, so I thought I would add a "Franchise Mode" to their games. The very rough first version of "Franchise Mode."

    At the beginning of the league, each participant gets to sign/draft from the current pool of 24 Aristos. So each participant will have 6 Aristos for the first season. At the end of the season, each participant is awarded an amount of points that they can use to spend on Aristos (1st Place gets 12 points, 2nd Place gets 14 points, 3rd Place gets 16 points, and 4th place gets 18 points).

    In the off-season, the players can try to sign away other players' current Aristos rosters or sign Aristos that were not on anyone's team the previous season (new expansions, hopefully for many years to come, etc). When two or more players bid the same amount of points for an Aristos (maximum payment of 6), the priority of who obtains the contract of that Aristos are:

    1) current manager of that Aristos
    2) player that finished last in previous season.
    3) player that finished first in previous season. Each team can have 4-8 Aristos. If you have no points to spend and do not have the minimum of 4 Aristos, you will wait until everyone with points remaining have purchased Aristos before filling in Every Aristos after the 4th requires at least one point.
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