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TORONTO Tabletop Gaming Expo - Two Days of ITS Events!

Discussion in 'Events & Tournaments' started by Achilles1, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Achilles1

    Achilles1 Well-Known Member

    Dec 1, 2017
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    It's time once again to get ready for the BIGGEST Infinity Event of the Summer, the TGX.

    With last year under our belt, Corvus Belli is now sponsoring TWO DAYS of Events at the Toronto Gaming Expo. This year will have;

    - Our own Tournament room on site with breakouts
    - A dedicated breakout room off the Tournament room for recording or streaming games.
    - Prize support from Corvus Belli.
    - TWO ITS events - a Four Round Tournament on Saturday, July 20th and a Three Round 'TRIPLE THREAT' (see below) format ITS on Sunday.
    - An ARISTEIA! AGL event on Satuday Night for those staying at the Hotel!
    - Bar Service at the event.
    - Raffles and painting contest.

    Ticket Pre-sales are up HERE: https://www.tabletopgamingx.com/

    Make sure to REGISTER for the events on the ITS site HERE...

    SATURDAY ITS - No Extras

    SUNDAY ITS - (OPTIONAL) Triple Threat (See below), Limited Insertion

    We will expand table count for those as it fills up but space will be limited and this is THE big event of the summer. My goal for this yearly event is to make it Canada's INTERPLANETARIO Qualifier and get Carlos out to the event. If they can get one hundred Infinity Gamers together in New Mexico I KNOW we can do it in Toronto.

    Saturday - Joint Action - Mid Tier
    Acquisition, Transmission Matrix, Unmasking, Supremacy

    Saturday Night AGL - Koorie Queen Mod
    Assault, Scorched Earth, King of the Hill

    Sunday - *Triple Threat (See below), Limited Insertion
    Firefight, Frontline, Looting and Sabatoging

    *OPTIONAL Triple Threat Format
    This format requires each List's Combat Group in Limited Insertion to consist of three of the following; Heavy Infantry, Medium Infantry and Light Infantry. The tenth 'wildcard' slot in the Combat Group may be used for any Trooper type (Skirmisher, Warband, TAG, REM, etc) or another of the previous three. Any models that do not take up a Combat Group slot (G:Sync or Servant for example) do not count in any way for these requirements or limitations. There will be additional prizes for people playing as a TRIPLE THREAT!

    The only alterations to these requirements for Combat Group building are for Druze, JSA, Onxy CF, StarCo, Steel Phalanx and Shaasvastii.

    Druze are required to take three each of Medium, Light and REM type models with a Wildcard slot as normal.

    JSA are required to take three each of Heavy, Light and Skirmisher type models with a Wildcard slot as normal.

    ONYX CF are required to take three each of REM, Light and Medium type models with a Wildcard slot as normal.

    StarCO are required to take three each of Heavy, Light and Skirmisher type models with a Wildcard slot as normal.

    Steel Phalanx are required to take three each of Light, Medium and Warband type models with a Wildcard slot as normal.

    Additional Raffle Tickets will be awarded to anyone Fully Painted at the event! Prize Spoilers inbound!
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  2. helsbecter

    helsbecter Ultrademocratic subSenator, #dominion Module

    Dec 28, 2017
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    Are these one or two lists each, for ITS events?
  3. Forbino1

    Forbino1 Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2017
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    ITS rules are 2 lists, so I would assume 2 list, or they would be non-its events. I could be high though.