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Tiny Traders and Undertown Tiny Traders

Discussion in 'Antenocitis Workshop' started by Antenociti, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Antenociti

    Antenociti Well-Known Member

    Jan 8, 2018
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    Tiny Traders 2.jpg
    Hot and fresh out the workshop. our latest Infinity release, Tiny Traders!

    Colourful little kiosks, perfect for adding a little scatter terrain or covering the edges of the board. There's 'Wiggly Derms': a marijuana dispensary, 'Mnemonic Electronic': a bio-mod and cybernetics upgrade stall, and 'Double Taps': for all your firearms needs.

    Each Tiny Trader has a removable sliding roof, hinged door, cigarette machine on the side and a good counter loaded up with relevant items. The sign at the top of each has been designed to provide a different amount of cover, a wide viewpoint on one, to a sneaky side shooting vantage point on another.

    They're relatively cheap and great for bulking out scenery on a table. Get them here: https://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/product/tiny-traders/
    Tiny Traders 3.jpg Tiny Traders 4.jpg Tiny Traders 5.jpg Tiny Traders 8.jpg Tiny Traders 9.jpg Tiny Traders 16.jpg

    And because it was asked for, I've made an alternate version that fits in well with our Undertown range. They are essentially the same, but just following the Undertown aesthetic. They have grey exteriors with panel lines, a rectangular back window with an armoured shutter, and an armoured shutter for the door too.

    Get the Undertown versions here: https://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/product/undertown-tiny-traders/

    Undertown Tiny Traders 1.jpg Undertown Tiny Traders 2.jpg Undertown Tiny Traders 5.jpg Undertown Tiny Traders 7.jpg
    Happy gaming!
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  2. Sangarn

    Sangarn TRIUMcorp CEO

    Mar 3, 2018
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    Antenociti your are the best !
    we have three table at the club of your stuff all is great ! keep up the good stuff :)
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