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The StarCo. Field Manual

Discussion in 'StarCo' started by Tourniquet, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Tourniquet

    Tourniquet TJC Tech Support

    Feb 18, 2018
    Likes Received:
    For the last three to four months I've been exclusively playing StarCo, and figured I should put some of my thoughts to "paper".

    A few quick thoughts before the the massive word dump going through most of the faction;
    - The Brigada link is insanely good, my primary list runs it and has been able to handle pretty much everything I've thrown it into and come out on top(I'll post the most used Iteration in a follow up comment).
    - The T2 Cateran is worth the weight of his kills in gold, in that he solves a lot of problems that are preventing me from advancing into areas I need to, whilst giving my opponent a headache.
    - The KHD Bandit feels like a must have piece though this may be due to my reliance on the Brigada and with more frequency the Anaconda.
    - The threat of Emily being in the list tends to be more beneficial than actually having her in the list
    - Jaguar excel at as defensive pieces, mostly as point defence road bumps.
    - The much maligned Anaconda has been a real MVP whenever it's hit the table, though it does need to treated more like an an oversized taskmaster as well as exercising a lot of restraint in how you use it.

    The following is very much a first pass, incomplete, could do with a bit more depth and editing. Any input/criticism/peer review would be greatly appreciated. This is opinion based on anecdotal evidence and your mileage may vary. I will try to update and revise this when I can.

    What is StarCo and why should I play it?

    StarCo is a Nomad centric, primarily Corregidor Non-Aligned Armies sectorial, that borrows pieces from Haqqislam, Ariadna, general Mercenaries and Bakunin with a large focus on powerful toolbox characters. StarCo. can quite easily handle most playstyles and approaches to the game and of the original run of NA2 sectorials of which it is probably the most well rounded and feels like a complete sectorial unlike something like Druze which is very much built around one idea. If you like messing with other people’s fireteams while being relatively safe, applying scalpel pieces, toolbox generalists and great support characters as well as the idea of being the “Ethical” mercenaries then StarCo. Is probably going to be a good fit for you.

    Pros and Cons of StarCo;


    Strong Fireteams – While not the main strength of the faction StarCo’s three main Fireteams (Riot Grrls, Mobile Brigada and Algualciles) are incredibly strong with their mixed options.

    Access to all forms of LOS blocking – StarCo is one of if not the only sectorial that has access to all forms of LOF blocking through smoke, eclipse smoke and white noise. Though running all 3 in a list is rare the fact that you have access to all of these options means that you will often be able to circumvent most dedicated and obnoxious ARO pieces such as the MSR Kamau.

    Emily Handleman – Let's be honest Emily is the main reason you’re here.

    Strong pieces that support and complement each other – StarCo is less about picking that one model or fireteam and force feeding it to your opponent with the rest of the army there to provide orders and cover. It prefers to take multiple mutually supporting pieces that scalpel out something in order to provide space for another to operate. A common example is having a Cateran take down something watching a part of the table, so that Raoul or a Hellcat can come on to remove a few more pieces so that something else can do its job.

    Raoul Spector – Raoul is also the second reason you’re here.

    Tools – Once you move past the obvious stuff in the sectorial you will quickly notice that StarCo has answers to pretty much any problem, unlike a lot of other NA2 armies that tend to miss a key piece in their line-up, like Dashat and KHDs.

    Great at punishing fireteams – StarCo is great if you loathe the existence of Fireteams, or play in a meta that is rife with some of the more obnoxious fireteams as the sectorial has many tools for ruining their day.


    Your LT options suck – While this is a running theme with NA2 it is very noticeable here in StarCo with only 5 options, one of which will never get used as it is on an AD trooper. This leaves you with a WIP 12 0SWC Brawler, not great but usable, an Algualcile that costs 1SWC and two Mobile Brigada profiles (Multi-Rifle Light Flame Thrower and Boarding Shotgun) which while solid options can be awkward to fit into a list. All of these are also super obvious which is a problem if you know your opponent like headhunt.

    Restrictive fireteams – While strong the fireteams in StarCo are incredibly fragile in that they often require specific models to make up the composition of the teams with them being characters more often than not. Meaning that unlike a lot of other sectorials it is incredibly difficult verging on impossible to refill a team when it starts taking casualties this problem is further exacerbated by the next con.

    Super limited AVA – This is going to be the first issue that you are going to notice in this sectorial and that is that the majority of the entries are availability 1, and some fireteam options cap out at AVA 4 meaning if you want to go to a full core you will need to take the filler characters and often have no spare models to refill it in the event of casualties.

    No real solo Rambo pieces - In StarCo there aren’t any real solo heavy assault pieces, with the closest being the Anaconda, a solo HMG Brigada, Raoul, and the Multi-Rifle Brigada. All of which work better when used to scalpel stuff out as opposed to being used as a big old beat stick to be thrown up the table fueled by a bunch of orders.

    Low BS – By this I mean you have a hard cap at 13, nothing in StarCo has a BS higher than 13 which can make some engagements difficult as you will be back down to at least 10’s if you want to engage anything with a vis mod and cover.

    The Army;

    One of the best doctors in the game, durable with NWI also allows for the “doctor dodge”(Move + doctor self while in NWI while being shot), fast, can defend herself really well with a WIP 15 flash pulse. If put into a list you will need to make the decision on whether you allow her to be more flexible and cover a greater area by having her solo with Zond bots and let her leverage her speed to press buttons and do objectives. Alternatively, Avicenna can be embedded in a riot Grrl link to make that link much harder to crack by doctoring fallen members on 18’s. On that note if you only want to run the Grrl Haris Avicenna is your only option.

    A cheap(ish) swiss army knife unit that typically gets relegated to ARO duty with the Haris team due to its good stat line for line infantry and are one of the few LT options in the army that don’t cost SWC. Brawlers can anchor a fire lane or two really well, even with their base loadout of Rifle+LSG but as previously stated what will be more likely is Haris consisting of one to two multi sniper rifles/HRLs depending on meta and player preferences. The MSR profile comes with MSV2 at 28/1.5, and tends to be the profile most people gravitate towards as it pops most things in ARO on the other hand you have the HRL at 18/1.5 and also packing an assault pistol this profile allows you to mess with both link teams and multi-wound models equally by throwing around fire templates fairly reliably.

    Next up are the specialist loadouts, Brawlers come with doctor, engineer and assault hacker profiles. The doctor profile isn’t really going to see the table often due to a mixture of being WIP 12 (talk to your local Pano player about trauma docs), while it is 7 points cheaper than Avicenna with better weapons, if you are wanting a doctor in your list you are either going to spend the 7 points for Avicenna or saving 7 points by picking up the Daktari. The engineer falls into a similar spot in that you have the clockmaker and Irmandinhos in the army and they are both more effective and cheaper engineers. This leaves us with the assault hacker, at 17/0.5 it is the cheapest hacker in the army, the WIP 12 isn’t great but it is serviceable, and carrying an SMG makes it a half decent gunfighter if needed. the biggest downsides to the Brawlers are that they are only AVA 4 and the WIP 12 neither of which are huge deal breakers.

    Bakunin Clockmakers;
    Not much to really say here they are your standard dirt-cheap line infantry engineer with their biggest upside being their WIP of 15 and a weapon capable of suppressive fire.

    Corregidor Algualciles;
    Alguaciles are the definition of what constitutes vanilla line infantry 10 points, BS 11, WIP 13, 1 arm. They will get the job done when needed but don’t expect much of them. The things that makes them really interesting is their fireteam options which will be covered later. While most profiles are what you would expect for line infantry, they do have 2 stand out profiles, the hacker a reliable, cheap standard hacking device and the forward observer. The FO makes for a great addition to a team or as a solo operator, in addition to the standard FO kit he also brings a deployable repeater which is what makes this profile shine.

    CSU, Corporate Security Unit;
    A solid standalone piece that can get a lot done on the scenario side of things, BS 12 meta chemistry and sixth sense level 1 make it a solid midfield short range gunfighter. As far as list building is concerned, you’re only going to take one of the specialist operatives to press a button or two then enter suppressive fire in the mid field somewhere. As far as it’s fireteam options go it can Duo with another CSU which is useful as you drag 2 of them up the table to be used as road bumps, and they can be a part of a brawler Haris though aside from saving a handful of points there isn’t any real need to do so.

    Daktari are your standard WIP 13, combi rifle wielding, line infantry doctor. They aren’t anything special except for the fact that they are necessary to enable one of the strongest fireteam options in the army.

    Emily Handleman, Intel Agent;
    Emily is one of the big draws to the sectorial, she is an incredibly strong solo piece that get that lethality cranked up to ridiculous when you embed her in a fireteam. Emily has a handful of roles she fulfils in the army first being bait, the second being a troubleshooter/scalpel piece to make space for the rest of the list to operate in, the third as a scenario monster depending on the mission and finally to punish the existence of enemy fireteams. Emily’s stat line is about where you expect it to be for a character at BS 13, WIP 14, arm 1 and BTS 3 and it is backed up by a varied toolbox of weapons, skills and equipment. For 35 points and .5 SWC you get access to an X-Visor, chain of command (largely useless in StarCo), Mimetism, forward observer (which means access to a flash pulse), Dogged and the ability to duo with Uhahu. As for weapons she carries an assault pistol, knife, Nanopulsar, and Combi+Light Grenade Launcher (with both standard an E/M grenades). Most of the time a majority of this kit will go unused as she will just be carpet bombing your opponent’s army from cover with 4 friends (either 4 Alguaciles or 4 Riot Grrls).

    Emily is an interesting piece as she warps the game and your opponent’s thinking from the second you say to your opponent “I’m playing StarCo”. They will alter their deployment, most likely take turn initiative over deployment despite it being the better choice, and then it turns out you’re playing a non-Emily list and get to start messing with them. If you are playing an Emily list there is a good chance, they will rambo a key piece up the table in an attempt to assassinate her and pass or fail you have gained an extra turn to play the scenario, taken out a heavy hitter they would have overextended with all because of the perceived threat of that one piece. I say perceived in that no-one remembers the 15 games where either she does nothing or fails every shot but they will always remember that one game when she tables their entire army, so to prevent that from happening they will go to great lengths to remove her from the table. Emily is hands down one of the best bait pieces in the game.

    Offensively speaking you can use her to bombard all of the opponent's army or as a solid point-woman to a core fireteam, though frequently lately I’ve found she excels as a troubleshooter to scalpel out annoying pieces that are preventing your main assault or mission pieces from advancing into areas they need to, to accomplish their goals.

    Highlander Caterans;
    Highlander Caterans excel at knocking down something (usually a TR bot or other ARO piece) and making sure it stays down. As a marker state sniper, it can trivially apply a –12 mod to an enemy to ensure it either can’t return fire or that is does at extremely low odds for success, though you will only be able to do this once as caterans only have limited camo. After it has revealed itself you have the choice of either hiding it to use as an active turn trouble shooter to hang out on ARO duty which with mimetism and cover on a long fire lane means it will give your opponent headaches on how to deal with it if they can’t ignore it. Unlike a lot of snipers who tend to stay in their nests until everything they can see is dead or they are, caterans are extremely mobile thanks to climbing plus and can be easily relocated to another vantage point. The Cateran is one of those models will see a lot of play in the sectorial due to their ability to create space for other elements of the list to maneuver and little to no cost. I have found that the cateran is a great reserve piece to counter deploy a high threat piece your opponent has and if it dies you don’t really care as it only costs 24 points and losing an irregular order doesn’t really impact much.

    Knauf, Outlaw Sniper;
    Knauf sits in a rather annoying spot in the sectorial’s line up, in that he isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination and is a better face to face gunfighter than his two competitors (being the MSR Brawler and Cateran) but doesn’t bring any real utility to justify taking him over them. The combination of marksman 1 and the MSR is interesting in that it allows for shock+DA or shock+AP which can ensure that somethings will go down and stay down, however the T2 on the cateran is cheaper and arguably better and is backed up by the marker state for an extra -3 when it matters but after this like knauf only has mimetism. The MSV1 on Knuaf is great especially if you play on tables with a lot of low vis terrain zones, However the MSR Brawler is cheaper and has MSV2 and can Haris.

    Like I said annoying spot in the lineup, but I don’t think he’s bad either it just comes down to what role needs to be filled and whether or not he can fulfill it better than his competitors.

    Raoul Spector, Mercenary Operative;
    For all intents and purposes Raoul like Emily only has one profile, the AD4 one, and also like Emily Raoul ios the other major draw to the sectorial. Raoul is an incredibly lethal solo operator in CQC and an average button pusher. He will brutalise anything he can get into CC with as he can elect to turn off opposing martial arts before hitting something with an E/M2 ccw though you will need to keep in mind how crits work with E/M and to know when you’re better off to just start pistol whipping something.

    Raoul’s “ranged” combat kit allows him to bully the area of the table he is in and again like Emily punish fireteams especially ones that have grouped up because of the old mine, (drop bear) on a corner trick+ Boarding Shotgun in template mode. As Raoul has NWI he can pick riskier/ more exposed landing zones tank a single ARO then get to work which makes his deployment option much more open. I’ve found he works best if he working in tandem with a hellcat who goes in first, and any other pieces that have been discussed that are good at making space for him to come on in.

    Uhahu, Hacker for Hire;
    Uhahu is THE hacker for StarCo and can be favorably compared to a Reverend Custodier, and if you can fit her in a list you really should. The Hacking Device plus is quite possibly one of, if not the most versatile and useful pieces of equipment and once you attach an upgrade to it (Icebreaker in this case) it becomes a real headache to deal with which becomes worse with the solid repeater coverage that can be brought to the table through REMs, pitchers, and deployable repeaters on models like Bandit, Alguaciles, and Hellcats. A comprhensive repeater net allows Uhahu to hide out way in the back under Cybermask and be incredibly safe with the only threat being enemy killer hackers, which she can fight effectively with either Suckerpunch or breakwater, and in the event that Uhahu fails the f2f she can go NWI (providing they aren’t using trinity). Realistically speaking the KHD bandit should have probably dealt with the token enemy killer hacker before it gets anywhere near close enough to threaten Uhahu.

    The rest of Uhahu’s kit is interesting but seldom used, the D-charges are super niche, the pitcher is nice to help set up the repeater net, and the combination of Cybermask and assault pistol means that if she needs to clear out a random model that has gotten into your backline she can though at BS it wouldn’t be my go to option. Uhahu can also Duo with Emily but this rarely happens as Emily has far more useful and impactful options.

    It’s a warcor, everyone knows they’re good, stick it somewhere annoying and frustrate your opponent with it’s laser pointer.

    Hellcats are incredibly versatile but need to have a clearly defined role at list creation and a plan to use them on the table. Hellcats are a pretty standard looking MI AD troop when looking at their statline and skills with the only real thing that stands out is AD5 which has gotten incredibly useful in ITSX.
    They have a wide variety of profiles all of which (except 2) are very useful. The two “dead” profiles are the Lieutenant profile and the base combi rifle for the reasons of no one wants starting in loss of lieutenant so it’s a waste of SWC, and that there are 3 other profiles with combi rifles that bring much more utility for a miniscule increase in cost.
    • HMG, E/Mauler: This model excels at coming down near an exposed fire lane and then ruining your opponent’s day only to drop an E/Mauler to cover his back and then go into suppressive fire. Additionally, if you play in a meta where the board edges DZ’s are incredibly open this Hellcat will make an absolute mess of your opponent’s army.

    • Boarding Shotgun: BSG AD troops exist purely as guided missiles whose job is to kill one thing/ a clustered group of things then fall over dead. Being as cheap as they are and the ability to get anywhere one the table makes this a very appealing option. Though Raoul fills this role more effectively and can keep doing it but you do ay the extra points for it.

    • Combi, Adhesive Launcher: At the cost of an extra point and .5 SWC, this profile outclasses the base Combi profile. It is a great go to annoyance piece and depending on the scenario, a great scenario piece especially in hunting party where they pick up a second ADHL.

    • Spitfire: While being a Warcor cheaper than the HMG and not having a deployable weapon this Profile fills a similar role to it’s big brother but tends to focus more on clearing out a DZ.

    • Assault Hacking Device: Standard AD AHD profile, bring on behind a TAG, REM, or HI, turn them into a statue, then isolate them and just empty combi rounds into them until the go away or ignore them. In StarCo this model also provides the benefit of being able to get into a good position to play spotter for Emily so she can shell a target off the table at better odds thanks to spot light.

    • Deployable repeater: Providing you already have an AHD or HD+ in the list this model can fill the same role as the last one but cheaper.

    • Paramedic: The Paramedic is the other profile that 2 points more is generally just more use than the base combi Hellcat while filling the same role as a somewhat competent flanking shooter on the cheap. While you may never take him to revive something (as paramedics are Infinity’s most prolific team killers), they are reasonably effective at pressing buttons either in the middle of the table or on your opponent’s side of the table.
    Mobile Brigada;
    These guys and girls are the main line beat stick heavy infantry of the sectorial and are fairly durable, versatile and one of the few BS13 models we have access to and the only non-character veteran models. The Brigada fireteam that consists of three Brigada, a Daktari and Massacre is a super effective offensive fireteam that can accomplish well over half of the hidden objective deck and can make use of two of the most common mission bonuses with a hacker and doctor embedded in the link.
    • MULTI Rifle + Light Flamethrower: This profile comes with both an LT and non-LT option, and is the closest thing we have to a Rambo LT, and is reasonably effective at doing so. This one will most likely be run unlinked as the open slots in the fireteam are usually already taken by other better suited profiles.

    • HMG: At 42/2 the HMG Brigada works great solo as a cheaper version of the Anaconda just without the extra toys, but more often than not it be used as the pointman in the fireteam. It’s a fairly straight forward piece, point big gun at thing you don’t like and watch it go away.

    • Boarding Shotgun: Like the MULTI Rifle+lft it has both an LT and Non-LT options and both are 2 of the few SWC 0 LTs in the sectorial. In StarCo this profile doesn’t hit the table as often as it does in CJC due to there not really being a good spot for it in most lists.

    • Combi Rifle: You can pretty safely ignore this one.
    • Combi Rifle and Tinbot B: This profile makes the table nearly as often as the HMG and is always the first Brigada to make the core team and will often be the one that Duos with the Anaconda. The reason why is that applying a –6 mod to any and all incoming hacking to whatever it’s linked to is worth it’s weight in gold especially considering that the hacker Brigada is also tagging along in the core team to help protect it from KHDs. Also, a BS 13 combi in a full/partial core will get work done, but unlike the previous entry this profile brings a key piece of utility with it.

    • Missile launcher: The missile launcher is either a solo ARO piece hiding out on a fire lane being hard to dislodge and giving your opponent headaches, doing this as part of the core team in place of the HMG.

    • Hacker: The hacker is the only specialist profile for the Mobile Brigada and like the Tinbot profile always makes it’s way into the fireteam and occasionally the Anaconda duo as a specialist to be dragged around to press buttons.
    Riot Grrls;
    Riot Grrls are the CQB assault HI from Bakunin whose role is to run at the enemy, make a mess and generally be a headache and their kit reflects with MSV1 to combat the midfield camo, and enemy mimetic gunfighters, Hyper-Dynamics 1 to dodge mines, grenades, chain rifles and generally anything you can efficiently face to face with a gun, and stun grenades on most of the profiles to mess with anything that gets close. They also have frenzy which is something you only need remember in the rare chance you are running them unlinked or when you’re down to the last one. Grrls have a couple of fireteam options; a special core of 4 Grrls and Avicenna or Emily (this is the only way for them to core in StarCo), and both a Special Haris requiring Avicenna and a native Haris. Both the Boarding shotgun and Combi rifle profiles tend to get ignored in favour of the Tinbot B and Specialist Operative profiles respectively for a negligible increase in points. The MULTI Rifle is useful in the core teams if you can justify the spot but the loss of a Blitzen and increase in points over the specialist operative profile can be hard to do.

    Anaconda, Mercenary TAG Squad;
    The only TAG available to StarCo, the Anaconda is an interesting that benefits a lot from pre-planning and will either carry a game or fail miserably depending on how well and how far ahead you planned for it. In addition to this it will require the standard tag support of KHD’s, Engineers, screening troops and if possible, it prefers to operate under the cover of repeaters. Given the Anaconda’s more fragile nature covering it with smoke when you need to relocate it and can’t engage an enemy piece like a MULTI Sniper, Missile launcher, etc. Is often necessary. At 64(62)\2 the Anaconda is dirt cheap as far as TAGs are concerned and sits more in line with premium HI so adjust your expectations accordingly.

    At BS13 the Anaconda is a competent gunfighter with either it’s Spitfire, HMG or Panzerfaust, and has the ARM and BTS of what you would expect for a light TAG. The Anaconda has a handful of things going for it; firstly, it is one of the few manned TAGs with courage, it has Evacuation Device level 1 meaning when it loses it’s last structure the operator bails out and hides in the smoke that has now been generated, the operator counts as the full points of the TAG for scoring and is a half decent gunfighter herself, and being not only is the Anaconda one of the better gunfighters available to StarCo but it is our only TAG. One the other side of things it’s lower speed (4-4) and lower structure count for a TAG (2) are two things you need to be constantly cognizant of. The choice of which profile you wish to run largely comes down a handful of factors, what do I expect to see on the table, what kind of terrain/ terrain density can I expect and how aggressive do I want to try and be. On more open tables and in a purely fire support role the HMG should be the go-to profile, on denser tables and especially if you want to use it as an assault piece you should be taking the Spitfire profile, but in the end, it is largely player preference.

    When using the Anaconda there are two things you must keep in mind at all times, it is extremely fragile and exists pure as fire support for the other assault pieces in the list, you can't really rambo the Anaconda up the table the same way you would a Tikbalang, Sphinx, it’s primarily there to make a hole somewhere up the table for something else (like a Bandit) to exploit the hole that was just made. Though keep in mind you still need to pick your fights carefully, engaging anything that can force multiple armour saves can often death sentence for the Anaconda (more so than other TAGs) same with engaging any fire-team with more than three members. Ideally when you are running the HMG profile you don’t want coming any further forward than the forward deployment line, sticking to cover and just shooting into the middle of the table, picking off random pieces and models in suppression. While not advised you can have sit on a corner in ARO if you desperately need to threaten a fire lane and given it has a Panzerfaust a significant number of opponents will choose to ignore it over engaging it. The Panzerfaust also makes for a nasty surprise for anyone that seeks to engage a suppressing Anaconda outside of 24”.

    At deployment you need to have in mind the movement lanes and where you want it to fight and how this helps it cover other elements of the army so that they can carry out the mission. Sticking to that plan will be the main way you keep it alive, that and restraint (knowing when to pull it back behind friendly troops), and don’t be afraid to just not use it at all, especially if there are other better options available.

    Lunokhod Sputnik;
    The first of the combat remotes, quite possibly the best one available to StarCo, it will quickly become one of your frequently taken pieces because it is cheap, mobile, durable and most importantly annoying. The Lunokhod is one of those pieces that excels in both an offensive and defensive role thanks to it’s load out, heavy shotgun, heavy flamethrower (or akrylat-kanone), repeater and crazy koalas make for some top tier area denial that will make any enemy’s attempt to move through it slow and costly. On offence it can get anywhere and trivially avoid lines of fire and get into an optimal position to template down a fireteam, pop some AP slugs into a hard target or if the scenario requires it stick d-charges to something and blow it.

    Reaktion Zonds;
    It’s a total reaction REM, stick it on a corner and have it be your opponent’s problem, But don’t dismiss it as an attack piece, a 6-4, climbing plus, HMG with marksmanship level 2 on it will shred most targets.

    Salyut Zonds;
    Salyuts are either a dirt-cheap order that’s hard hard to hide or the EVO hacker. The EVO hacker while bringing a lot of utility to the table is often hard to fit into most lists unless you are trying to force it. Mostly due to StarCo not having the hacking presence normally to warrant Kaeldescope and Reset, the REMs for Overclock or to bother with Coordinating hacks. Most of the time whatever purpose you need this for can be done with a combination of Tin Bots, KHD’s and standard HDs whilst getting more use out of those pieces in other aspects of the game.

    Stempler Zonds;
    The Stempler is the faction’s toolbox bot with it’s primary purpose being as a super fast climbing plus specialist, it’s secondary is to sensor important areas of the table and it’s tertiary as a trouble shooter using either triangulated fire or getting to obnoxious flanking positions then opening up with a marksman level 2 combi.

    Transductor Zonds;
    Transductors are the cheap flash pulse bot available to StarCo. See Warcor. The only downside this model has is it’s availability of 1.

    Tsyklon Sputniks;
    The other variant of combat remote available to StarCo carrying, X-Visors, 360 Visors, pitchers, in built repeaters and climbing plus and user's choice of either Feuerbach or Spitfire, and like with the Lunokhod each profile has a preferred role. The Feuerbach is a solid ARO piece especially when either enhanced reaction or overclock are up. The visors make it incredibly difficult to flank it or to –12 it by getting into it’s -3 range band (with an X-Visor a Feuerbach has no –3 bands). The spitfire is a solid choice as an assault piece being a higher burst version of the lunokhod with more flexible range bands, and with the 360 Visor it makes for great midfield turret in suppression. Additionally, if you are running hacker heavy being able to stick a repeater next to a hackable model you want to shoot to IMM-1 it so you get to shoot it unopposed is incredibly useful.

    Vertigo Zonds;
    Vertigo Zonds are the generic 18 point/1.5 SWC guided missile bot. For the most part it doesn’t spot in the list due to Emily superseding it. Though if you find yourself under cap on SWC and with a spare 18 points and no better options, it could make for a half decent ARO piece to sit on a fire lane and dumb fire missiles down it at anything that pokes it’s head out.

    If it weren’t for one really interesting rules interaction I would have skipped Zondbots. They are your standard helper bot and nothing special. Where they get interesting is when you attach them to an Irmandinho because it means they get to tag along with it (even during the impetuous order) to do either helper bot things or give the Irmandinho extra burst in CC as well as make the target make the choice of do I face to face the warband and eat the electric pulse or not.

    Al Hawwa’ Unit;
    Al Hawwa’ are a pretty straight forward infiltrating specialist profile with their biggest draw being the WIP 14 and the two relevant profiles (Forward Observer and Assault Hacker) also carrying D-Charges allowing them a bit more flexibility when it comes to handling classifieds and missions. The Hawwa’ have a Sniper Rifle profile and while solid it is often out performed by other snipers in the sectorial.

    Corregidor Bandits;
    Bandits are supreme midfield hunters with most profiles having a halfway decent tool to engage any target they need to, the KHD exemplifies this in having a shotgun for most low armour chaff, adhesive launcher for hard targets, KHD for enemy hackers and Martial Arts L2 with a DA CCW for anything else. All of these aspects are elevated from completely average to actually useful through leveraging it’s marker state to get into optimal positions and the surprise attack bonus. Also, you should always keep in mind that Bandits have the scavenger skill, this can quickly upgrade them from midfield headache to monster.
    • Combi Rifle, AP Mines: Not really worth the time or points.

    • Boarding Shotgun, E/Mauler: a fairly useful profile, especially as the second Bandit in a list.

    • Light Shotgun + Adhesive Launcher: Same as the BSG profile.

    • AHD: Both the AHD Brawler and Al Hawwa’ are cheaper and often better profiles.
    • Forward Observer: A good, cheap and reasonably reliable midfield specialist, a good choice for the second Bandit slot.

    • Deployable repeater: Same as the BSG profile.

    • KHD: The KHD bandit is the best profile in the list and the only KHD available to StarCo, and as such it will see play in a majority of lists. While the WIP 12 is often quoted as the defining disadvantage for the profile and often the reason stated for why you should never take it, isn’t as huge a deal as most people think. It is almost always hidden under a marker, can stealth up to any target and engage it on it’s terms with surprise shot and a significant burst bonus, especially if you choose to use Trinity instead of Redrum. KHD bandits are also great at revealing enemy hackers in a marker state, as odds are when the bandit goes to take out an enemy AHD, HD or KHD, they are likely to pop their camo hackers to dogpile the bandit and melt their brain. This reveals threats to your hackers (normally Uhahu or the Brigada hacker) and allows you to either shell them with Emily or delete them through other means and there by clear the way.
    Hardcases, 2nd Irregular FRONTIERSMAN Battalion;
    Hardcases make for excellent guided suicide missiles for dealing with enemy Fireteams, TR bots, lone snipers or just generally being a pain in your opponent’s ass. While they can be used as glorified mines in the midfield waiting to blast anything that walks past, this isn’t the best use for the model as more often than not your opponent will just ignore them and go around or drop smoke on them and cut them down.
    • Tactical bow, Light Shotgun – At 12 points it absurdly cheap and the better of the two profiles for being a guided missile and ruining somethings day without you caring overly much if it succeeds or fails on whatever you task it to do.

    • Tactical Bow, Rifle – While not bad by any stretch of the imagination this profile tends to lose out to the LSG due to it not having a template to help it punish tightly packed models.

    Corregidor Jaguars;
    Jaguars are the main warband troops for StarCo and are excellent for filling the role of close up point defense, midrange ARO, smoke bots and road bumps. Jaguars tend to be used as your cheap filler piece at 10 points and regular for the base profile and it’s almost always useful to some degree. If you are intending to use Emily as bait using these guys to cover the avenues approach to her so as to make most assassinations runs incredibly costly in either models and/or orders, and with dogged the latter tends to be more likely. At CC 21 and MAL2 with a DA CCW they can also deal with enemy assault pieces that are traditionally hard to dislodge through shooting (like a Hac Tao) by running up and stabbing it.
    • Light Shotgun, Smoke Grenades – Not a bad profile just not as useful as the other two.

    • Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades – At 10 points this is the go-to profile and multiples will make it into lists on a regular basis.

    • Adhesive Launcher, Panzerfaust – 13 points and .5 SWC make this profile incredibly interesting, it can effectively cover a fire lane 8-32" for minimal investment with weapons lethal to everything and thanks to dogged unless they are packing shock or land multiple hits will stick around for a while. Also coordinating these guys to just delete something on the other side of the table is always worth keeping in the back of your mind.

    These are the other warband StarCo has access to and only at AVA1, between Booty and Scavenger they can get some hilarious equipment combos, but tend to just be used as either conventional warbands, aggressive button pushers or just use the free orders to follow the HI and TAG up the table and provide smoke support. One cool trick is assigning them a Zondbot for the CC bonuses.
    • Rifle, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades – At 14 points this one is a little hard to justify at times when stuff like the Hardcase and Jaguar exist.

    • Chain Rifle, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades – This is the default profile that will see the most table time.

    • Light Shotgun, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades – This profile is in the same place as the rifle profile.
    Senor Massacre;
    Lastly, we have the merc with the mouth, Senor Massacre. He’s cheap, doesn’t die to shock, shoots well enough, and punches stuff well with dual wield, natural born warrior with an E/M and an AP CCW. In addition to this Massacre also brings Eclipse smoke and is necessary to form the Brigada core fireteam. When it comes to the table Massacre is a fairly straight forward brawler with very few tricks outside of his E/M grenades which are more situational than anything else but will save you if you don’t forget about them.
    • Breaker Combi-Rifle, E/M Grenades, Eclipse Grenades – Solid combat piece, this profile is about a warcor more expensive than the other profile and is better suited to if you are running him as a solo piece or already have a warcor and don’t want the BSG.

    • Boarding Shotgun, E/M Grenades, Eclipse Grenades – Of the two profiles this is the one that compliments the Brigada fireteam better as he allows for some close-quarters protection in his E/M grenades and shotgun.


    This Section is going to cover the main non-standard fireteams.

    Mobile Brigada Special;
    Requiring up to 3 Mobile Brigada, 1 Daktari, and Senor Massacre, this team is relatively cheap, has great hitting power all the way up to the 32”, is surprisingly durable, and can cover well over half of the classified objective deck and will often beable to take advantage of mission bonuses. One of it’s best strengths is also biggest weak point of the fireteam, in that it has an embedded doctor, which increases its capability to carry out objectives and add extra resilience to the team, but being worse than an Alguaciles in a firefight it is a real easy way to have the 5 model bonus knocked off the team meaning that you will need to be super cognizant of your positioning and covering the team’s flanks.

    Roit Grrl Special;
    The Riot Grrl fireteam is similar to the Brigada team but exchanges mission versatility and smoke for a varied weapons loadout per model especially if you run the team with Avicenna. The Grrl and Emily team is great way to keep Emily safe if you want/ need to get her up the table and if you want to run Emily in a limited insertion list. The other popular configurations are the twin missile launcher and Avicenna team which will lock down a fire lane and be near impossible to dislodge, and the spitfire, Avicenna Haris to just murder it’s way around the table and press buttons.

    Algualciles Special;
    This fireteam exists purely to give Emily +3 BS, a place to hide your LT, and point guns around your DZ so you don’t get flanked.

    Anaconda Special Duo;
    There is a couple of viable options for this one, all of which center around purpose of the Anaconda and how you want to compliment it. The first and most obviously good version is the Tinbot Combi Brigada to give it some extra protection against enemy hackers and a gun to help support it in CQB firefights. Both the Boarding Shotgun and multi rifle Light flame thrower profiles provide great close quarters defense as well as allowing you to sling shot a LT HI up the table while shooting at things with a FAT1 HMG. The final useful option is the hacker for two reasons, the first is as a specialist that can press buttons as the Anaconda shoots it’s way around the table, and secondly gives it some protection against hackers.
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    The Brigada list mentioned above.

    MBHC 4.9
    GROUP 1[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]9 [​IMG]1
    MOBILE BRIGADA HMG / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 42)
    MOBILE BRIGADA Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 43)
    MOBILE BRIGADA Combi Rifle + 1 TinBot B (Deflector L2) / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 37)
    SEÑOR MASSACRE Boarding Shotgun, E/M Grenades, Eclipse Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW, E/M CCW. (0 | 26)
    DAKTARI Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14)
    CLOCKMAKER Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 18)
    BANDIT Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Light Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 25)
    REAKTION ZOND HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 26)
    ALGUACIL Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10)
    JAGUAR Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 10)
    GROUP 2[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]1 [​IMG]3
    HARDCASE FRONTIERSMAN Tactical Bow, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 12)
    ALGUACIL Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 10)
    CATERAN T2 Sniper Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 24)
    WARCOR (360º Visor) Flash Pulse / Stun Pistol, Knife. (0 | 3)
    6 SWC | 300 Points
    Open in Infinity Army
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    Well done! Thanks, looking forward to the rest of it!!!
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    Great writeup!
    I'm playing starco exclusively as well lately! Coming from PanO its a breath of fresh air, but I've never tried the MB link and used Anaconda once or twice without too much success... Once the whole writeup is up, I'll share my play style as well :)

    And yeah, everyone seems to remember that first turn Emily crit on the LT... :D
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    but never the one where dakini dodge every single one.
  6. Tristan228

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    Since I'm doing quite the same -writing an oversight/tactica - for a bit longer (life distracts me all the time) I'd like to provide you with my insights within the next weeks.
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    By all means, more points of view make for a better and well rounded article.
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    Yes! Great!! :)

    Starco subforum was dormant far too long!
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    I ended up with the same net lists for a tournament (Emily + Alguaciles and Emily + GRRLS) but I did play the Massacre + Brigada link in a half dozen fun games and it was absolutely great. I found it worked better without the ARO missile launcher as you want to be hyper aggressive with them and that type of fluid, movement heavy gameplay was really enjoyable.
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    Next section is done.

    While I have played everything in the sectorial I tend to run fairly REM light so that part is going to be somewhat anaemic, and I need to edit back the Anaconda section, I got a bit too rambly there.
    There was an article I read that went in depth into Anaconda tactics that was incredibly useful when it came to fielding the TAG. If I can find I will link it here.
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    All done for now.
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    Great writeup! Really enjoyed it :)
    Was really curious about Anaconda, since I had limited unsuccessful experience with it.
    I'll definitely give her another go!
    The 4-4 move is my biggest gripe with it...
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    I definitely appreciate the Anaconda write up. I've used the Anaconda as a merc and recently for Druze and have had great success with it. People underestimate it, but it's usually my MVP.
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