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The Red Raven Company

Discussion in 'FanFic' started by Asreon_, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. Asreon_

    Asreon_ Confused bardic artist

    Jun 23, 2018
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    All hail everyone, after having being silent for a long time, I hope to get around being more active here again. I start with some background and the first character descriptions (more to follow) of my brand new TAK. For tomorrow a battle report and pictures are inbound as well.


    Unit Name: The Red Raven Company

    Symbol: A Red Raven, A written KB (Krasnyy Voron – Red Raven) in Kyrillic

    Motto: Official: Incoming R & R, Unofficial: Fire does not burn a Raven

    Leaders: Olga da Myera, Chiara Bianchi, Victor Kersnost (Main Field Officers)

    Manyesha Parla Paradfashan (O-12 Bureau Aegis Officer)

    Deplyoment: Mainly Paradiso and Novy Cimmeria

    The Red Raven Company is the brainchild of Manyesha Parla Paradfashan, an O-12 analyst and logistics officer. Some call him rather a fixer than an analyst, but he doesn´t care, he fights for the security of the Human Sphere, illegally if need be. With the onset of more CA infiltrators and unreliability of human cooperation he wanted a task force to patrol not only the perimeters of the Human Sphere but also able to fight inside enemies. Taking the threat of the Sepsitor in account he turned to the Stavka. The Stavka is aware of the usefulness of being in the good graces of Bureau Aegis and went along with the idea. Manyu (as Mr. Paradfashan is called by the members of the Ravens) got the license to recruit his team and was pointed towards Krajstnow Pavlonovski a seasoned Scout to assemble his crew. Pavlonovski knew just the right people to collect for this endeavour.

    In battle cant they refer to each other as numbered KB, as it made for an easier understanding with other forces, and the inherent pun, they started to refer to themselves in English. Especially the pun on the motto was well received.

    Before sent off to Paradiso they took part in some training manoeuvres in Novy Cimmeria with the Nipponese army.
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  2. Asreon_

    Asreon_ Confused bardic artist

    Jun 23, 2018
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    Chapter 1: Beginnings

    Krajst knew the man was trouble from the moment he entered the dinner. By reflex his hand went to his shotgun, but he quickly retracted it. Whoever he was, he would not be immediate trouble at least. Not with his bearings. His outfit was hilariously out of place, he surely was new on Dawn, he also surely was rich. Krajst hoped that no muggers tailed him. He didn´t like shooting on an empty stomach. Heartily he threw in some fries. As sure as dawn the man came to him, Krajst kept eating and looked at him expectantly. “May I sit Sergeant Pavlonovski?” His accent was heavy on the Indian side, but his Russian was clean. With a sigh he gave him a nod. “Much obliged. Manyesha Parla Paradfashan, I work for the O-12, the Bureau Aegis to be exact.” “That´s a mouthful.” Krajst leaned back a bit, before putting some fries in his mouth. The stranger remained silent, obviously unclear how to proceed. Krajst decided to bait him out and took a good bite out of his burger. He saw Roger peeking in their direction, getting ready to move. Krajst gave him the eye to discourage the Hardcase. Roger shrugged and took to his beer. The whole atmosphere in the dinner relaxed as he did that. Still nothing came out of the Indians mouth. Krajst took another bite and decided to cook him a little longer. Still nothing. He took a gulp from his Coke relieved the man.

    “Allright. Who do want me to shoot and why should I shoot them for you?” The stranger looked startled. “Don´t act so shocked, there is nothing out here, but farms and trouble, and as you know who I am, you were looking for me. The only things I do good is killing things and blowing stuff up. So, who do you want me to shoot.” A smile appeared on the strangers´ face.

    “Sergeant Pavlonovski, you are right I was looking for you. You are a hard man to find, but then Matr has a long border which you patrol. I was told my chances were high around here.” Krajst leaned in. “The best fries along the USAriadnan border.” With glee he ate one and took a swig from his Coke. “And then there is this stuff.” He emptied the bottle and kept eating. The man took a look over his shoulder, before turning back to Krajst.

    “Sergeant I have permission from O-12 and the Stavka to recruit a task group for internal security purposes. I also was told to locate you to begin in this matter.” Krajst gave him a quizzical look. “Internal security? I ain´t no spy.” “Well you are a Scout of some reputation.” Once more he looked over his shoulder, Roger gave him a look.

    “Could we have this conversation somewhere else?” Krajst sighed, nodded and wolfed down the rest of his burger. Soon later they were on the empty streets of the border town, in the middle of some evening rain.

    “Thank you. As stated I have the permission of your superiors to recruit you for this.” Krajst waved away his attempt to show him the documents. “You can show me this crap later. Keep spilling.” The task force would be utilised as part of the AEC, with their main deployment to Paradiso.” “Yeah, I heard of that place, full of deadly wildlife and off-worlders who try to kill you too. So pretty much like here.” He paused. “And aliens who want to rip your guts out. So yeah, exactly like here.”

    “In a way yes, especially the inner human relations are somewhat delicate. A situation you certainly can understand, as your primary mission is to secure peace between the Ariadnan territories.” Krajst gave him a nod.

    “So fighting the aliens is one thing, keeping the human locusts under control another.” They met some Grunts on patrol, dawn was setting in. They passed them without being challenged.

    “Why do you come to us? Why Ariadnans?” They stopped, he looked around nervously, the Grunts were nearly out of sight. “A good and fair question.” He hesitated, clearly uncomfortable with the next sentence. Krajst had time.

    “There is a problem with the Cubes.” Krajst didn´t flinch, but the Indian obviously awaited a reaction.

    “Your immortality chip?” “That´s one way to name it. You see the aliens have a weapon to attack the Cube, subvert it, basically reprogram it.”

    Krajst spat out. “So…?” “Yes, they can control people that way, turn them into traitors.” “Shit, that is bad. I thought it was bad enough that this shiny blockade is unable to confine the scum to Paradiso, but that…shit.” He looked at him. “So you need us, because we are not immortal.” The man looked stricken, but nodded. “Exactly. You are well acquainted with filtering human scum, no offense, are good at, quote: blowing stuff up, unquote, and are immune to the enemies´ greatest weapon.” They started walking again.

    “Makes sense. And the Stavka throws me under the bus because they want better relations with O-12. Also defending mankind seems like a good idea.” The rain kept pouring over them. “I know some people who might be good for this, not all of them sane though.” “Leave that to me to worry about.” “Who´s supposed to be the boss?” The Indian looked questioningly.

    “I know people, but I am no Commander.” “Well, I am an analyst and logistics officer, no tactician, so not me either.” Krajst looked at him gauging him, then renewed his stride. “I have some ideas, but first we need a name.” “A name? What for?” “You ought to give the people more than some straight ideal, we need a motto. A slogan. A symbol. Something we can wave around and people start to respect at some point, to build reputation.” “I see. Any ideas?” Krajst smiled at him. “Where is your chopper?”

    The landscape outside flew by under the speeding dropship. Soon the hills gave way to more fields, steppe and savannah. “Nice chopper. We should be there shortly.” “Whom do we seek exactly?”

    “The Fyodorov siblings, there are four of them. You´ll like them.” The man projected a hologram into the air before him and waved through it several times. “I assume we are bound for the posting of Lt. Anastasiya Fyodorov, who is stationed close to the exclusion zone.” Krajst whistled through his teeth. “Not bad, that thing seems useful. Just don´t call her by her rank.” “Why not?” “Just don´t.” Krajst leaned back, closing his eyes to end the conversation. Soon later a voice crackled into the passenger department. “Fire in the landing zone.”

    “What? Who and why?” The Indian seemed startled. “Can you give me a visual?” Nodding the man projected a hologram into the cabin. Krajst whistled. “Oh, some PanO paid mercs.” “How to you now that?” Krajst gave him a look. “Come on, you are the analyst here.” The man looked at him, then slit his eyes and scanned the picture.

    “They are clearly well armed, all weapons are obviously surplus, they mainly destroy property and this is land with Yu Jing mining rights.” “Not bad. I just saw this ugly face there. This is Hans Brunner, officially unaligned mercenary captain, but it is an open secret that he mostly takes six money.” “Oh, well, yes, I am acquainted with him, but how do you know it is him?” Krajst smiled. “Come on, you can read his signature, right? I looked at his left hip. See how he shivers a bit when stepping with his left? I blew out half his ass once at close range, since then he has this problem.”

    The man smiled. “Now I see, why I was directed to you, Sergeant Pavlonovski.” He looked at the picture again, where a fuel tank was bursting into flames and a huge frame running straight towards it. “My, what is this Ratnik doing?” “That´s her. She is taking the short way through the flames, to cut off their retreat.” The man looked shocked and relieved when she emerged at the other end. Swinging her hammer at a surprised merc, she hit him squarely in the chest. His remnants cluttered the landscape, the others quickly surrendered. “Seems you can do some good while you here and have this bunch deported.” Krajst expected a harsh reprisal, but only got a nod.

    Soon later they sat down and half a dozen nervous Ariadnans trained their rifles on them. Krajst jumped out and everyone eased up. “Francesca? What in four nations name are you doing here?” “Hey Dimitri, you guys are having fun without me as I see.” The man spit out and looked at the Indian. “Who is this suit?” “He´s O-12, we are here to talk to Anastasiya. If you want you can shove all the paperwork for these suckers on his plate.” Krajst took a look at his companion. “He´d love to do that.” “What, these are our prisoners, on our territory.” Krajst raised his hand interrupting the answer. “Come on Dimitri, shove the in there and call it a day, have a nice drink and watch the match.” Krajst held Dimitris stare. The other man relaxed. “Ngyeah, curses, take the shit bunch, they are not worth our time. See you around Francesca.” Krajst returned the firm handshake. “You too, don´t loose to much on the bets tonight.” Dimitri just snouted at that and left.

    “Thank you, Sergeant, that went much smoother than I thought.” “Yeah, figures. You really don´t know how to behave. Do you?” Krajst left the man standing and went over to the workshop. It was small and busy, voices and creaking sounds came out. Krajst waited outside and took out a box of chewing gums, picking one he waited. The voices turned into shouts and the sounds into thuds, before both returned to their original form. As his companion reached him he entered. The partly melted form of the Ratnik took centre stage in the small room, before it sat a small figure, with brown hair, and already covered in grease and soot. Obviously busy welding something on the armour. Another figure with a bruise on his face noticed them first. “Hey, visitors.” ”Yeah, I´m busy.”

    “Busy fixing your mistakes?” She stopped, rose and turned around. Her face split into a wide grin as she jumped at him. “Francesca, good to see you.” He hugged her heartily. “How are you doing Khaleesi?” She took back a step. “Fine, you saw what was going on.” “Indeed we did. That was quite courageous and somewhat reckless. We were worried.” She appraised Krajst companion and shrugged. “Fire does not burn a raven.” “Please what?” “Francesca, who is this clown?” “Let me introduce myself Lie…, well myself, I am Manyesha Parla Paradfashan of the Bureau Aegis. It a pleasure to meet you.”

    She looked at the offered hand like it was on fire. Krajst chuckled a bit, before coming to his aid. “Yeah, that is his name. He wants to assemble a strike team.” He slightly tilted his head. “Whew, and you want me in it? Cool, who do we trash? O-12? You fight aliens right? And the Computer thingies? And, whew, that is awesome. I have to tell Mikhail.” She ran towards the door, right in it she turned around and came back. “What was your name again? Wait, don´t say it. It is too long. Is Manyu fine? I started with M and A right? Cool, deal.” She gripped his hand and ran off again.

    His companion looked at Krajst. “Ahem, you are sure that we want her in this?” “Da, you´ll see it will bring us a lot of clout.” He saw the disbelief in the other mans face. “Don´t worry, she will not lead anything.”

    “Manyu. I like it. Can you stick with it?” The man sighed. “I... guess so, yes. By the way. Francesca?” “A tale for another day. Let us find Viktor.” “Kapitan Kersnost?” “Da, you start to look competent Manyu, maybe you are useful.” How should I understand this comment Sergeant?” “Just as I said it.”

    Krajst left him standing there and went outside again, right now the bar was the biggest source of noise in the encampment. Krajst ignored it and ventured to the barracks. The soldier on guard recognized him and did not challenge them as they entered. Inside everything was well arranged and neatly cleaned, except one bed and table, which were cluttered with pads, paper maps and pieces of paper with obscure markings. In front of this heap sat a young soldier, who did not notice their entering. Krajst gave Manyu a wink to try it. “Kapitan Kersnost, I presume?” The man jumped up and around, going for the gun at his waist, which was not there. He looked crestfallen for a moment, before he obviously recognised Krajst. “Um, yes, that is me. Sir?” Not sure whom he was facing he saluted just in case. “There is no need for that Kapitan, I am not military, I am an analyst from O-12.” “I see. And Francesca brought you here because you are assembling a team to enforce O-12 regulations. Probably with blessing from the Stavka to make friends. Not here most likely. Rather off-world, Human Edge or Paradiso seem fitting lots of trouble there. Francesca helps to cherry pick the right people. But why us? Why not a coordinated effort? Endemic interests of the other nations? Unlikely. Specialised skill set or capabilities? More likely. Who do we hunt and why does it have to be Ariadnans?” During his monologue the young mans eyes whirled around, his expression staying still. Now he looked expectantly at Manyu. Who was a little dumbfounded. Krajst was, again, amused.

    “See Manyu, that is why Viktor will be one of the brains of your locust and bug hunt.” “Yes, indeed I see. Thank you very much Sear… Francesca. You already have been more valuable than I anticipated.” Krajst laughed. “And I see you are learning the ropes. I leave you two to it to plan it out. I get a drink and check who is still alive to come along.”
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  3. Asreon_

    Asreon_ Confused bardic artist

    Jun 23, 2018
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    So finally put up a little bit story. I don´t know where I am going with that, but we´ll see. I´ll try to make a chapter for every game and tie them together.
    Also now I put some background for some of them here, not everyone is already written though.

    Important Members:

    Krajstnow Pavlonovski „Francesca“ - Scout

    Krajst, as he likes to be called, comes from a family of service, his parents and his grandparents served as border guard for Rodina. So does he. Krajst is a real believer in cooperation between the Ariadnan people and seriously tries to make everyone get along, the depth of human depravation he witnessed during his duty mar that outlook somewhat but couldn´t break it. He rarely stays in the same place for long and is at home on the road, fighting for what he believes. Some say he believes in having a woman in every border town and that some girl trouble got him banned to the fringes of Rodina and Ariadna, but you will not find him comment on that. His nickname stems from a long standing fling with a Merovingian girl, whose name he never revealed, so his comrades picked one and slapped it on him. He might punch you for using it, but he will pull your ass out of any fire any day. Just as his ancestors did.

    Anastasiya Fyodorov „Khaleesi“ - Ratnik

    Anastasiya Fyodorov might be called unhinged, most would use stronger terms though. Despite that she is a charismatic, energetic figure with a trigger happy attitude. A career soldier from the age of 15 she always liked to shoot things. Her parents were handymen and they helped build stanitsas all over Tartary. Her father died to an Antipode raid, her mother somewhat later in the hospital after giving birth to her cursed brother Mitrofan. Her older brother Mikail got leave from his training to take care of his siblings. Anastasiya was 14 at the time and buried her head in old earthen literature to forget. Her favourite was a broken old e-book that belonged to her father, it was somewhat garbled and passages were mixed or missing, still she read it over and over. For some reason she took the female lead character as her heroine, also she wanted to put her affinity for shooting to good use. She begged her brother to take her with her to the army. Not wanting to deal with a rebellious teenager he complied and she was well received. Lacking in discipline but not in aptitude she was soon kicked out of any infiltration training, but remained in the Kazak corp. At some point she stumbled over a broken Ratnik and repaired it herself, suiting up just in time to repel an Antipode attack. During the attack she walked into a burning refinery to kill everything inside it, mostly as a side effect she saved all the workers, but was engulfed in flames all along. Miraculously she survived almost unhurt buried under the corpses of several Antipodes. Most agree that was the time she finally snapped and her battle cry – Fire does no burn a raven! – emerged. With all her faults she is a terrific solider and a nice person to be around- when you can ignore the in between fits of crazy.

    Olga da Myera “Tight Beam” – Frontovik/Vassily Lt

    Olga grew up as remotely as it is possible and on Dawn that means truly remote. Her family was the only one around within an almost hundred mile radius, basically inside what O-12 calls “Antipode Territory”. They were hunters and scouts so Olga learned to survive and fight for herself at a young age. The day came when she and her parents had to leave their home – the Stavka followed through on accepted O-12 regulations and relocated people living in Antipode lands. Her parents were crushed, Olga was relieved. She relishes all the things she now has access to inside a city. She loves things, you could call her a material girl. In order to pay for the niceties she enlisted in the army, though not in the Spetsnaz Skola for Scouts as her parents had hoped. She was fine being part of a normal unit and not being forced to fend for herself, but do exactly this in a group. She quickly found conflict against other Ariadnan nations and foreign invaders as well as even more Antipodes. Early on her whole squad was killed and she had to finish the mission alone, just as she had absorbed to do from her parents. She is a hardened veteran but prefers company over solitude any day. That brings her often into any social event nearby and in almost as much trouble. Olga is especially fond of everything off-world – they have just nicer things. Like her rifle, which is a Haqqislamite piece that uses a tight beam to hone in on her target. As she never parts with it…

    Chiara Bianchi – Tank Hunter/Vassily Lt/CoC

    Chiara grew up on the road. Her parents were merchants, mostly they dealt in food, but basically, they sold everything that someone would buy. Because of this Chiara came to see a lot of Dawn before her 16th birthday. From an early age on she had been into learning, always trying to get her head around local customs, hearing local stories and acquiring local literature. As she matured into a handsome young lady local folks also became very attracted to her. Her parents didn´t like that very much and decided to get her out of the way. So off she went to a boarding school in the heart of Matr. She never reached that school, as her trek came under attack from a detachment of Druze terrorizing the local population. It was a brutal attack and many died, she herself was trapped in a crashed truck unable to do anything. She was rescued by a Kazak counterattack and carried to the next safe haven. There she was mended but remained shaken. Krajst, who had pulled her out of the wreckage took care of her and helped her understand what was going on. That day Chiara recognized that her own world was crumbling while she tried to understand other ones. She joined the military basically the same day Krajst put her under the tutelage of Mitrofan Matrara, who became a mentor to her. Soon her battlefield intelligence was noted by her higher ups and she ascended into command positions. She demonstrated good command skills over the years, being a hard ass Tank Hunter helps getting respect from the men under her command. When the Red Ravens joined the AEC she was chosen as the liaison officer to coordinate with the other forces, thus opening her the door into the tactical trainings of other human powers.

    On a private level she relishes peaceful activities and kept her penchant for tea, a topic she can talk about for hours.

    Lindsay Blue – 112

    Lindsay hails from the central parts of USAriadna, not to close to the Wall to be in peril all the time and not close enough to Rodina to be peskered by internal border conflicts, her youth was basically serene by Ariadnan standards. In addition she was blessed with astonishing good looks which did not exactly complicate her growing up either. All this left her only wanting of two things – getting the hell out of her boring home and becoming a doctor. No one knows why, but she is attracted to blood and misery, as well as everyone involved in it. Whenever she could she worked in the hospital to help out and tried to learn what she could from the local medics. But that only would bring her so far and she managed to scrape together the funds for a nursing school in Matr Her parents weren´t keen to see her leave to the Russians but couldn´t stop her. At the school there even were Haqqislamite doctors who taught classes, Lindsay smelled her chance. Seducing on of the doctors secured her a medical scholarship on Bourak. She aced most of her classes and made many friends while being there, afterwards she worked on two corsair ships before returning to Dawn. She found a posting at a border station between Rodina, Merovingia and USAriadna, before she was drafted for the Red Ravens.

    Anatoly Antonov “The Mean” – Autocannon Tank Hunter

    Tank Hunter training is gruelling, very gruelling and not a small number of recruits deserts, gets sick, maimed or commits suicide. Those who emerge are proud of being alive and having beaten the training. Anatoly Antonov entered the training as a solemn, quiet young man, he left it as a solemn, quiet older man. Not once during his training he moaned or complained, he endured everything thrown at him with a silent, stoic calm. He did as told, when told. End of story.

    As a side project during training he started to assemble an old large calibre gun he took from a destroyed APC. During his downtime he lovingly repaired and modified it until it had a size he could carry. His instructors said, as long as he was no hindrance, he could use it. It took some effort and some bar brawls to persuade his comrades, that he was not a liability. But when he took down two T.A.G.s with it, the arguments stopped.

    Off the battlefield he is quiet and reserved, even to the point of solitude. On the field his eyes shine with an almost unholy shimmer, especially when he can set up a vicious ambush for his foes. His superiors know that he follows commands unquestioningly, but they also learned that it is best to give him free reign, because then he becomes a true terror for the enemy.

    Ramona (Rastanjevski) Andrews – Carmen Johns

    Ramona was born on NeoTerra, but has hazy memories of that place at best. Her parents were very successful businesspeople who got into some trouble with the authorities for “amoral practices”. The natural course of action was immigration to Tunguska, spelled: forceful extraction. Money can buy anything on Tunguska. So Ramona grew up somewhat rich, her parents integrated very well into the crowd of shareholders, as a consequence working was not really a necessity. To the dismay of her parents she was not interested in financial actions, but in dolphins. Ramona became a high regarded and well paid dolphin trainer. Somehow she had a natural connection to the animals and as an result had a lot of friends in the fleet. Her life changed one day, when one of her friends was euthanised for old age, as he was not profitable enough anymore. She attended the vote as a shareholder, but was voted down and he died. Ramona lost faith in a system only motivated by money, took most of hers, got herself a new body (a Lhost resembling her heroine Penthisilea – despite her being a Nomad) and left the fleet. She easily was smuggled out, with all her friends backing her. The rest of her funds she put into accounts of fleet members. Her parents were not amused, after all her daughter also had been an investment. Ramona had some problems adapt to life outside space, except for her penchant for riding bikes, she loved the racing on Tunguska, yet her parents always had enforcers at hand preventing her from partaking.

    Ramona finally ended up on Dawn, where she almost blindly stumbled into Antipode territory. Her first encounter with one went surprisingly well though. Instead of being eaten by a lone wandering Antipode, she somehow connected to it, just as she did with the dolphins. This is how she emerged from the territories again, with an Antipode as an escort. Francesca was the Scout who had been sent after her to save the dumb foreigner, he was surprised when he found the unlikely pair and soon recruited her for the Ravens.

    Victor Kersnost – Line Kazak Lt

    Victor was aptly named, even though his parents would not have foreseen that. Born and raised in the centre of Matr territory he had access to things most Ariadnans do not. Especially as his parents were well-off and wanted their son to be well educated. They died when he was seven years old and so he inherited everything, his cousin Jeznin took care of him and became his steward. Jeznin was a military man and often on the road so Victor effectively became a military brat. He was a shy boy and never really into physical confrontations or activities, instead he rather read, observed and learned. As he grew up his trove of knowledge did not go unnoticed in the military command and he was offered to join up. The military had been his family for most of his life by then and he indeed did join. Victor just barely made it through basic training, but excelled at all simulations and in all tactical matters. Because of that he was transferred to the tactical department at a much younger age than usual, but so far it has worked out well for him and his men. Victor likes to stay among his comrades in the barracks and not in the command centres. He is still jumpy, sometimes forgets his weapons and he hardly cleans up after himself. Despite that his comrades gladly pull his ass through the mud and out of the crossfire, as he does it the same for them regularly, just not as literal.

    Mitrofan Matrara – Vet Kazak

    Grisha Dimitri Kamasha – Doc

    Susanna Lagounov – Female Doc

    Anastasiya Kruschtchow „Mantis“ – Controller

    Pietr Kurasky “Vlad” – Spetsnaz

    No one knows much about the past of Pietr Kurasky, except that this is not his real name. His records are not only sealed, they are non-existent. He first appears in records of the Commercial Conflicts as a grown man and murder machine. He seems old, when you look at his grey hair and hard face. He surely is, but his well-trained muscles easily do jobs for younger men. He rarely talks as well, adding to his haughty aura. On the battlefield he is cold blooded and systematic, some say he drinks the blood of his enemies as no one ever saw him eat out in the field. He will not comment on any of these things, he just shrugs and challenges you to a bout of whatever physical contest one of you can think of. Vlad is reliable and efficient, the best comrade anyone could wish for in the field. When not in battle the intensity of his stare unsettles most people, so generally no one notices the pain beneath it.

    Mikail Foka “Fokker” Fyodorov – HMG Tank Hunter

    James Caspar Naumov – Scout/Intel

    All his life James has been running. First, he ran away from the USAriadnan farm, where he was raised, after he had killed his psychotic stepfather, who just had killed his mother. Having no idea where to go he found himself chased by Antipodes, having run from them he ended up in a border town. There they did not trust Kazaks, as his ancestry is clearly visible and he soon was running from the townsfolk, after he started stealing in order to eat. He was picked up by a roaming 112 and brought into the next shelter. There it was determined that his next of kin lived in Tartary, so he was sent there. He was put into a school, he did not like it and ran away a week later. He made his way into Merovingia, where he was swooped up by an old Loup-Garou who took him in. For the first time in his life James stopped running away, at least for a while. He stayed for some years and learned from the old man, but James was restless and that one day took his things and went off again. He was surprised to find a letter in his backpack, the old man knew he would run and advised him to apply at the Spetzsnaz Skola for Scouts, there he would find what he sought. James was guilt ridden and awe struck but did as advised, it took him some time, yet he was allowed into the skola. There he learned to put his running shoes to good use and temper them with patience. The old man had been right, this was the place for him to be. It gave him purpose and no one asked to many questions when he runs away and is lost for some days or weeks.

    Matrona Lena “Dancer” Andreev – Strelok/Uxia

    Matrona Lena Andreev was born to be a dancer, your mother will tell you that. As she did tell Lena, every day of her childhood. Lenas mother was obsessed with ballet and classical dance and her daughter was to make a career off-world. Lena took heartily to the physicality of dancing, not to the way of dancing her mother envisioned though. It was not a rare occurrence that she was brought home by private muscles, who “freed” her from “places of depravity”. Still she would not stop venturing there. One day on the dancefloor she met Lenka Kasparow, who just had moved into town. They instantly liked each other and evaded Lenas pursuers together this night. This friendship gave Lena the courage to finally revolt against her mother and join the military, in order to get as far away as she can. Her mother pulled some strings and Lena was posted close to Dynamo, still she could not get her out of the military again. Lena loves her dancing to release her stress, which mostly still stems from having to deal with her mother and not from being under fire. Part reason for this is her tendency to wait patiently before attacking and generally she is going for the sure kill. With the draft for the Red Ravens she also managed to get off of Dawn.

    Mitrofan Fyodorov – Dog Face

    Being a Dog Face is hard enough in Ariadna, the amount of prejudice and straight out racism is still high. Being a Dog Face who killed his mother is even harder. With an already deceased father and a mother dead due to his birth Mitrofan was left with two older siblings to take are of him. His sister basically snapped due to their mothers death and his brother was quite overwhelmed by the situation. He tried to treat Mitrofan as a normal kid, but that didn´t work very well. His bouts of rage and early tendency to turn into a werewolf saw him incarcerated many times during his puberty. If not for the intervention of his brother he would have been executed twice during this time. At first he hated his brother for constraining his life and his sister hardly acknowledged his existence at all, so he lived a life of solitude. That changed when he met “Old Dog” at a bar. “Old Dog” was a Dog Face who made it all the way to military retirement, something rather rare, due to the high mortality rate of Dog Faces in the line of duty. First he gave Mitrofan a beating, then they had a drink. Losing to such an old man was an eye opener for Mitrofan, who then for the first time in his life tried to control his urges instead of simply following them. A reckoning with his siblings followed where he apologized for his behaviour. Now he tries to find a place among his Kazak brothers and sisters, in order to make it to old age as well. Besides that he has not much of a plan, yet.

    Atiom Namaraov – Line Kazak

    Ladies man, always smiling and attentive

    Igor MacGregor – Line Kazak

    Pablo Sanchez – Irmandinho

    Fuerto Paolo – Irmandinho

    Krystina Kurasky – Line Kazak

    Lenka “The Sidhe“ Kasparow – Dynamo

    Lenka likes to dance, she likes to dance because it was the only physical activity she could perform indoors. Raised in the northern strips of Caledonia, as the daughter of a Tartary envoy, and cursed with albinism she could rarely venture into the strong sun of these parts. Her pale countenance and tendency to venture out at night an bad weather earned her the Caledonian nickname she still carries today. When she was 17 her parents moved down to Dynamo and she left the only home she ever knew. In a club there she met Lena Andreev, who liked to dance as well and even looked somewhat like her with her red mane. The two became friends fast and so Lenka wanted to join Lena in the military, the Light Cavalry was the solution to her skin problem. Though warm and clingy, the motorbike gear protects her well from the sun, enabling her to be close to her friend and fighting for her people. Lenka dislikes conflict between Ariadnans to a high degree and always tries to funnel such aggression towards outsiders when possible. She is of course not short on dishing out aggression herself, even though she always does it in a well-controlled way. Patience is a legacy of her condition and she puts it to good use in order to assure as many of her comrades make it home in one piece as possible.

    Boris Petrovan - Dynamo