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The Adventures of Qapu Khalqi Task Force 29

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by theGricks, Jul 22, 2018.

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    Dec 15, 2017
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    Hello fellow adventurers! The following are the tales of Task Force 29 on Novy Cimmeria!

    Chapter 0: Aid to the Nomads - End of a Service (vs. Combined)
    The beginning to Major Aafah's unit transfer to Qapu Khalqi, and the ending of her Service to the Old Man in the Mountain.

    Chapter 1: Disappearances and Revenge (vs. Ariadna)
    With the wounds of Ariadna's backstabbing at the Wotan Blockade still fresh, Aafah and her team strike harder than necessary at an Ariadnan incursion into the Kommstadt.

    Chapter 2: Miscommunications (vs. JSA)
    When IFF signatures do not respond, and a JSA Special Operations team treads across Aafah and her unit at Zhan Hou, fire is traded with disastrous consequences.

    Chapter 3: Insurgents (vs. Combined)
    Continued engagements with the Combined Army and Task Force 29 bring back memories of the defense of Wotan. The Combined Army becoming increasingly hostile and violent at Zhan Hou.

    Chapter 4: The Hunt (vs. Combined)
    Revenge against the Combined Army is swift as the Hunted become the Hunters at the Duban Operations Hub.
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