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The Acamar campaign, short stories by Azard.

Discussion in 'FanFic' started by Azard, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Azard

    Azard Well-Known Member

    Jan 17, 2018
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    Good evening everyone (or whatever time it may be where you are) I've decided to write several short stories based on a conflict between haqqislam and the combined army. This is my first time writing fan fiction so please forgive me if it comes off as amateur. I love infinity so much, but I just wish there was more lore to help the theatre of mind, so I figured I may as well write some!

    We are going to start with a little framework then our first short story will be from the perspective of two hakim medical units as they expiriance combat with the combined army for the first time.


    The following is an account of the heroic actions undertaken by earif* first class Malik Daher, and earif second class Sa'id Servashian, serving in the 5th Hakims special medical assistance unit attached to the RNTFV* At-Ta'ir. These event unfold during the 89th day of the siege of Aljadid Rabat city on the planet Acamar. Before we can delve into the combat logs, we will cover some of background for the few who do not know about the Acamar campaign.

    Acamar was terra formed by the corporate government of haqqislam 40 years before the morat forces of the combine army invaded in full. A lush planet, similar in climate and scope to earth, if generally more temperate. The lush rainforests and barren deserts gave way to the development of sprawling urban centres growing ever larger as the haqqislam government and numerous satellite corporations moved in to begin harvesting resources for their ever expanding empire.

    Along with industry, hundreds of thousands of colonists flocked to the ill fated planet. When the morat expeditionary force arrived the planet was home to 5.3 billion spread amongst over 125 major urban prefectures. The largest of these prefectures was Aljadid Rabat, sharing it's name with the capital of the historic state of Morroco in humanities past.

    Aljadid was the cultural center of Acamar. The architecture mixed traditional Arabic themes with ultra modern high rise structures, a testament to the prosperity and ingenuity of the haqqislamite people. Statues commissioned by the most famous artist in the human sphere littered the city Centre, the buildings gleamed in the sun reflecting from glass and bright white walls, as Spartan as it was beautiful. On its outskirts, the largest spaceport on the planet was a revolving door of corporate trade vessels and silk merchants.

    With such a bounty, there is always the risk that others would seek to claim it for their own. On October 18th, 2195, the hassassin society relayed an urgent message to the planetary defence force. A hassassin strike team tasked with despatching a morat chieftain aboard his cruiser in a far away star system uncovered disastrous news when they hacked into the morat battle network. The combined army was en route to Acamar with a full invasion force. 20 full size morat cruisers and 48 frigates were 5 days from making planet fall.

    The orbital defence platforms wouldn't be able to hold them back for more than a few days at best. There was an immediate call for the civilian populace to evacuate, but calculations evaluated that only 1/2 of the population would be able to escape before the planet was blockaded. As the evacuation efforts began, the Ramah task force was put into action. They were to send a full counter invasion force to relieve the planetary defence force, assuming they weren't entirely overwhelmed by the time they arrived. If that were the case, they were to retake the planet at all costs.

    The PDF would need to hold out for almost 3 months before the first block of the counter attack could arrive from haqqislam space. They were a reasonable number, around 3 million regulars supplemented by an additional 1 million reserves and militia. On paper it may seem substantial, but the PDF were spread thin over the planet, and consisted mostly of ghulam infantry and the occasional outdated and poorly maintained jannisary unit. The armoured corps and remote corps were undersized, under maintained, and under funded. In the future Acamar will be looked at as an example to corporations, all the way up to Giants like panoceana and yujing, of investing correctly to protect your assets.


    February 21st 2196
    RNTFV At-Ta'ir
    Ramah task force flotilla
    In orbit over Acamar

    The sounding of an alarm jerks awake a man reclining in one of the ships multiple hanger bays. He makes an effort to correct his disheveled dark, cropped hair. For almost three months he has had little to do but train and wait while the tedium of long distance space flight set in. They had only entered orbit an hour ago, he was hoping to get some rest before the landing shuttles were ready to disembark.

    "5th hakim medical personnel, report to staging facility B4, priority alpha."

    A monotonous voice chimed over the sound of the alarm. Earif second class Sa'id Servashian jumped to his feet.

    Priority alpha.

    This would be the first time he was ever called on to save a life, the task he had trained for years to do. On his khaki fatigues was a patch embroidered with a circle, 3 lines extending from each side akin to a cross. The words "hakim special medical assistance team" framed the border. Underneath the unit patch, a double chevron designated his rank of earif, the lowest rank admitted into the hakim program. The uniform itself was slightly ill fitted. The quartermaster wasn't equipped to outfit the unusual proportions of genetically modified individuals. Fortunately his combat gear could accommodate his over developed frame.

    Sa'id hurried out of the hanger into one of the bustling halls of the ship. To make the confined quarters more bearable during lengthy journeys the interior was designed to mimic modern haqqislamic arcitecture. Everything was as minimalist and sterile as a high tech intergalactic transport could allow. Large glass panes offering a glimpse into various facilities, metallic white walls concealing the nervous system of the immense vessel. Combat groups of ghulam infantry lead by the occasional Zhayedan in full combat dress made their way to the hangers to prepare for planet fall. Engineers lead lines of Kameel remotes, tapping away at diagnostic Holoscreens running systems checks.

    "You missed the briefing 30 minutes ago, where the jahannam were you?"

    A stern voice bellowed from behind Sa'id. He turned around to see Shawish first class Malik Daher, his superior, mentor, and partner. Malik was already wearing his combat gear. Bright tan ballistic weave high collard body armour was visible underneath the heavy, padded brown leather overcoat trimmed with muted green and ochre orange. Across his waist olive drab ammunition pouches housed several varieties of shells, and slung over his back were bags full of medical equipment, as well as his life support system. A standard issue MK III boarding shotgun dangled idly in front of him from a single point sling, it's drum magazine removed. The burden and heat from the equipment would be immense for the average soldier, but for the biologically enhanced hakim it was little more than a minor inconvenience.
    Nano machines and genetic engineering implemented in all hakim program graduates ensure that they are the best combat trauma doctors in the human sphere. Temperature regulation, muscular enhancement, increased reaction time, and rapid wound regeneration. A short list of the perks biotechnology can afford. Unfortunately the cost can be high, 1/10 of the graduates who undergo bio manipulation procedures will not survive the process. Another 2/10 will be irreversibly crippled and unfit for active duty. With the evident risk one might assume that it would be difficult to recruit for the program, but such is the prestige of the Hakims unit that many accept the potential dangers in exchange for a chance to serve with some of haqqislams best and brightest.
    "Briefing? I didn't hear anything about it on the comms. Arnt we a few hours out from planet fall?"

    Sa'id responded, glazing over the fact that he had been taking a unsanctioned break in the hanger bay.

    "We don't have time to get into it, we need to be ready in 15 minutes, were dropping into Aljadid city center hot. The PDF are under full alien assault in multiple key defensive positions, casualty reports are disastrous. We need to get down there and hold things together until our primary ground forces can make landings."

    Dropping in hot.

    That meant they would be embarking in drop pods, not landing with the rest of the relief force. A key component of the Hakims training is tactical orbital insertion. The ability to provide medical assistance to almost any combat zone on a planet in under 30 minutes. It is dangerous and impossible for the untrained and unenhanced.

    Malik didn't wait for a response as Sa'id's face fell.

    "Get your gear and meet me in B4 staging, we are pods 11 and 12. Oh, and be sure to grab a Nasmat, there aren't enough to go around so we will have to share one between the two of us."

    To be continued...
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  2. Azard

    Azard Well-Known Member

    Jan 17, 2018
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    Next section added to the top. C&C welcome!