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Squiddly Diddly, Squiddly Tables and Squiddly Bins

Discussion in 'Antenocitis Workshop' started by Antenociti, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Antenociti

    Antenociti Well-Known Member

    Jan 8, 2018
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    Squiddly Diddly 1.jpg
    Introducing 'Squiddly Diddly', the new building for Infinity. Squiddly Diddly is a hexagonal shaped seafood and sushi hut, complete with tentacled hex-dome roof. It is highly detailed inside and out, featuring fridges kitchen worksurface and fish tank on the inside. Complete with a 3D printed squid on top as a freebie, this squid 'Chubbs' can be used to remove the roof easily.

    The door has been improved from previous buildings, making it more compatible with playing Infinity, and the front service hatch is tall enough to provide partial cover to S2 silhouettes.
    Squiddly Diddly 2.jpg
    Squiddly Diddly 3.jpg
    Squiddly Diddly 7.jpg Squiddly Diddly 11.jpg Squiddly Diddly 14.jpg

    We also have some themed scatter to match Squiddly Diddly, first up is Squiddly Tables. A set of 4 brightly coloured tables, these can be used to liven up the battlefield, while also providing partial cover Squiddly Tables 1.jpg Squiddly Tables 5.jpg

    Lastly we have Squiddly Bins, because every restaurant needs a place for rubbish. Squiddly Bins are tall triangular shaped scatter pieces, tall enough to cover a model and provide cover, with a wide base to give total cover when models are prone. Like the tables and Squiddly Diddly, these Bins are bright and well detailed. Squiddly Bins 13.jpg Squiddly Bins 15.jpg Squiddly Bins 16.jpg
    Used together, Squiddly Diddly and the scatter items can be used to create a little restaurant area within a city, and create a little bit of story of the battlefield. Happy gaming!
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